The jungles had grown since the last time (will be explored in future chapters), he thought as he looked through the forest. The earth nation had been silent and the other nations decided to ignore the spreading corruption. He stopped as he looked at his companion, a woman with black hair and red markings on her cheeks.

She looked through the trees. "Something has followed us here," She pointed and the man in red created a whip of fire, pulled the amphibian-like spirit into the open. The spirit turned dark and ran at the fire bender and then used the man in red used his whip to slam amphibian into a tree.

The man in red looked at Uvs. "Thanks Uvs, you're a life saver" he then said in a commanding tone to the spirit. "Spirit! Leave this place at once!"

It growled and the man in red tied a second whip around the spirit. He closed his eyes as the corrupted spirit struggled, trying to free it's self as the fire turned white, the spirit become calm as the fire grew, burning its corrupted form and leaving a child-like form who looked at the man in red. "Thank you sir." it said before hopping away.

the two travelers continued to walk as they saw a mountain and used the vines from the spirit's vines to climb up. Man in red climbed with each step it became harder to breathas the air became thiner yet Uvs had already reached the top taking in the view. "It's sad what has happened." Uvs whispered to herself looking at the ruins of the massive city. The man in red continued climbing, the squar stones made it easier, to reach the top of the mountain.

"Yeah ashes of the greatness and then the vines grew. The spirits followed them- arrgh!" He yelled. Uvs span aroundlooking at her companion, as a rock fell on his head and lost balance but he used his fire bending on his feet as boosters to reach up and grabbed a stone ledge. "Wh-" He looked up and saw a slug spirit whose slime was acidic had broke the stone. He rolled his eyes before regaining his balance. He continued climbing, using some of the vines to climb easily before one of them tried to tie him up. "No." He said as he burned the plant off and jumped to top of the mountain.

The man in red looked over the fallen city and the mountains being it's former walls, now crumbled with time into people mistaking them for mountians. He explained to Uvs "It is said this was a the capital of the largest nation yet now the buildings are all but ruins." Uvs looked toward the ruins.

She imagined it at its golden age but all that she thought would be foolish and not close to reality. "So the earth Benders now hide underground?" Uvs asked. the man in red nodded.

"Here is where last the avatar mastered earth bending and as you-"

Uvs rolled her eyes and interrupted "Yeah, the new Avatar is Born closest to the last Avatar's bending master's home, you already explained it to me with the Avatar circle." She said not a millisecond later the man in red jumped down, with Uvs slowly floating down.

Before hitting the ground, the man in red, released fire from fire from his feet and hands, stopping his fall and gently landing on the ground. "If we're unlucky the spirits will attack." He told uvs. Each step they took they could see the marks of battle: earth turned to spears, skeletons of amalgamated men and beasts and even plants."

Uvs looked around sensing the for any spirit vines "There aren't any spirit plants, so we should be fine here." Uvs looked at the skeletons. "I hope none of the river spirits took part in this." She said as he walked past the dead.

The man in red nodded before placing his ear to the ground hearing rumbling underneath "Pass through the ground, into the cave system" He ordered and uvs followed the orders.

Uvs passed through the ground and once she reached the earth bender they stared at her with complete terror. "Please don't hurt us!" They said. They were wearing glowing crystals on their hats which made uvs giggle a bit before she noticed that these were children.

She looked at them saddened. the skeletons up there must have been their parents, "Where are your parents?" She asked all them turned, taking a defensive stance.

Uvs was shocked "You won't go near them, even if you're a pretty spirit!" One of children said to uvs.

She blushed at that, giggling, feeding to her ego.

"I'm four hundred years old; I'm not that pretty!" She cleared her throat. "I'm looking for the Avatar. A fire bender is on the surface and he needs a way in." They looked at each other and then to the Spirit.

"Why should we trust you?" The leader said, the eldest by height and voice.

She looked at them and saw one them had a hand, that looked like a claw and she would win their trust that way. She flew through the child, after taking on an intangible form. the rest watched as the corruption from the spirit disappeared, yet a side effect from this was that the child gained clear skin.

"Who are you?" The leader asked. The spirit introduced herself. "Uvs the river Spirit and will you help my friend?" The children did as asked, punching at the ceiling and making it fall.

Regrettably the man in red was standing where they bent the earth. "I hope you didn't break any bones." She said sympathetically. pulling the fire bender up.

He looked at the earth bender children, all of them dirty and thin, the scars of a world where the surface is as dangerous as a forest fire. "I apologize if my friend gave you any trouble." He then removed his hood and scarf revealing himself to be a handsome man whose eyes were like those of a dragon. "My name is Aguu and I hope we can stay with you." He bowed to them and the children had no answer as they had never had a adult treat them with so much respect.

They all ran screaming. "MOM!" Aguu looked confused. Uvs just sighed. "I was too direct, wasn't I?" He asked Uvs, who looked at him with puffed cheeks and presumed that he never had to interact with children or had a childhood.

"Let's just follow them and see where the village is." Uvs said, and they walked through the corridor.

They entered a large cave, the crytals illuminating the cave and the clear pool surrounded by multiple holes acting as doors and windows to cave houses, Uvs saw the water and instantly tried to jump in; she was a river spirit and that meant clean water was her element! Sadly she was stopped by a wall that came from underneath her. "Ow! I just wanted to swim in the clean water." She mumbled rabbing her head. The old man, who seemed to be the only adult man there, glared at the river spirit.

"Excatly! We need clean water to survive and you dirtying it up doesn't help!" He yelled then earth bent a hole underneath Uvs and bent it closed leaving only Uvs head above ground.

She was about to phase through the ground but that was stopped by Morse Code blinked to her by Aguu. Then the Girl who was had been healed by the spirit spoke up. "Grandfather she is the spirit lady who cured me! LOOK!" she shouted, showing her now human hand. Uvs passed through the stone, as they already knew she was a river spirit.

The old man bowed, which was a surprised, because most people attacked her once they knew she was a spirit. "Thank you miss. How may I help a river spirit, provider of fertile lands and fishermen" Uvs was about to cry, no one had called her that in over three centuries, she started giggling out joy.

Aguu stepped in, speaking. "We wish to speak with all that are the ages of 15 and 16." The old man looked at the two.

"Are you looking for the Avatar?" Their eyes widened and they nodded. "The boy left after I told him. He said he wanted to head to the goldren city and find a fire bending master; That boy has no patience!" Aguu sighed, looking to Uvs for guidance.

She looked to the old man. "Could you point us to the place he went?" He nodded, leading them to a cavern.

Aguu looked around. "These are new aren't they? The air hasn't bonded with the earth." Uvs and the old man looked at the fire bender, not understanding what he meant. "Redox: air is made of different gasses, one being oxygen. All fire benders in Luu (A school for fire bender) learn the scientific, physical, and spiritual elements of fire bending. From air and earth, fire and water are born, both siblings, both different yet the same. Both need to exist for life to thrive and grow." The elder nodded, then stopped.

He looked back to the village. "I have to return to my people. You just need to walk keep forward and you will meet the boy. Oh, and just a heads up: don't tell him you're a Spirit just yet, please heal him before you do." the two continued and heard the earth being bent complete.

Uvs nodded and looked at the cavern. She saw that aguu was reading a map of the area. "He's heading to the same mountian we came from. I hoped we would be here before vaatu started taking control." Uvs bit her tongue as her mind filled with rage. "they abandoned you" A spoke a masculine and smooth, charismatic voice Uvs fell to floor.

"No! I'm not going any closer to that… thing!" She said, crawling back from the voices. "It's trying to make me hurt you." She whispered. The farther she got from the voices, the less influence it had.

Aguu continued seeing bent earth around them, the closer he got, the more crystals were growing out of the walls. He swiftly jumped out of the way before a crystal stabbed him. "FIRE BENDER!" The Boy yelled possed by the spirit of choas. "I see my servant has done their handy work on you." His voice was deep and masculine. The irises of his eyes were completely black, while his pupils were white as snow. Aguu stared at him, and his muscles tensed. His mind told him to run and destroy the entrance. "Kneel! I am the ruler of this world! ON YOUR KNEES!"

Aguu dodged the stone flying from the walls and as the ground turned into quicksand. Everything was danger: the floor, walls, ceilings. One touch and he would be killed, Luckily for Aguu he knew how to fly, and he was a master who shattered boulders with fire balls. Once he was close enough the man grabbed the avatar's face and both fell to their knees. Aguus eyes were covered with white flame and both the avatar and fire bending master in a spiritual battle. (The white fire only harms corrupted spirits and a few pursues if launched with enough power it doesn't burn physical beings.)

Inside the mind of the Avatar.

Vaatu looked around himself as a elderly man made of white fire walked toward him. the air was calm and the fire grew like vines and flowers blooming. "Who dares enter my domain?!" There was No fear, no hatred, no emotions, only peace. Vaatu struggled as the white flame tied and burned him, a white spirit similar to vaatu flew out of the darkness. The spirit flew to the man's hand and looked at the being of white flame. He smiled at the spirit and the fire disappeared, and left raava in the mind off the Avatar with a damaged vaatu.

The boy opened his eyes and looked at the man, a tired man with the eyes of a dragon, those eyes only told him pain, loss children laughing, a mother holding a child, that woman holding the cheek of her adult son and as her eyes looked with pride and joy at The man in front of her.

Aguu spoke with raspy voice. "What is your name?" He looked at the man, to the boy.

"S-sukh" He stared at the fire bender.

Aguu nodded at the boy. "From now on you call me master Aguu. We will start your fire bending training once the sun rises, and if I hear one word out of you, I will have run aroound this entire mountian range!" He pulled the boy up and looked him in the eyes. "Got it, sukh?!" The boy nodded after gulping the last of his fear down his throat.

Authors note: thanks to wh1msy for beta reading this because I have a hard time with grammer because dyslexia.

Also if I don't specifically write what color the fire is, then it's your average: red, yellow, orange fire.