The forest

Sukh couldn't get used to this, under the earth it was silent at night and the sounds around him were those of the villagers snoring, mostly grampa. But the sounds from bat owls, flying squirrels moving around, and the buzzing of insects was something he would never become used to; it creeped him out.

The surface was louder then he could have ever imagined. He stood, leaving his tent to see a man sitting on a stone block Nirguu had bended.

The man was poking the fire in front of him with his view concentrated on the fire. "Hello?" Nirguu asked as the person looked at him with glowing white eyes and a stern expression. "Wha-" Sukh was interrupted as the man held his throat.

The man's had tanned skin and blue clothing outed him as a water bender. The man told the young Avatar "Speak to the man with no view of the world." Sukh screamed sitting up from his stone bed. He rubbed both his eyes from crust and the stress full nightmare.

He walked to the fire and saw Uvs poking the fire.

Sukh gulped. "Please tell me you're not going to grab my throat." Uvs looked at him with slitted eyes.

"Did you call me ugly or a hag? Then no I won't; if you did, I would break every muscle fiber that allowed you to say that." Sukh was speechless as, Uvs had said it so casually, it unnerved him to his core.

"Where did he go?" Sukh asked, hoping Aguu would give him some kind of an answer, because Uvs was crazy.

"He went hunting. said you two couldn't live off water and leaves," she said, eating a leaf.

Sukh just stared at Uvs, disgusted, and then looked around. "" He didn't know what to say. It was as if he was stuck in a cage with a deadly beast, but it wasn't hungry, just really bored. "How did you meet Aguu?" Uvs went to one of the tents and came out drinking from a porcelain bottle.

She sat back down on the stone block. "It was when my river was on fire." Sukh's eyes widened with and his mouth a falling fell open. "Haha! You should have seen your face! No, no, it was after the people who lived near my river left and I was alone. For centuries I waited for people to return, and then upstream a land slide fell and my river dried up and I was shriveling up like a frog on a frying pan in the middle of Si Wong desert."

Sukh Deadpanned. "You know I was born and raised underground right?" She gave a simple nod with her cheeks filled with honey. "But as I understand, you were the one in a dark place." She nodded, swallowing down all the honey.

In the middle of the forest

Tobi and Nara were sitting at the campfire. Nirguu was staring at the fire, but he didn't show any signs of discomfort after hours of staring at the fire. "Do you know what fire truly is?" Both looked confused.

Nara answered first. "Fire is destruction, all fire devours and hungers."

Tobi glared at the Boy and gave her own answer. "Fire is life, there wouldn't anything alive with out the fire of the sun." Nara sighed because she knew that he was wrong.

While Tobi knew Nara was wrong and Nara knew Tobi was being stuborn.

He yelled at the two. "NO!" Both students looked shocked at their master, he was normally calm and rarely lost his temper. "In deepest parts of the ocean there is a giant crab that feeds off the smallest life forms. It has and will never see the light of the sun." He looked at Tobi.

Nirguu then turned to Nara. "How was your armor made?" Nara stayed silent because their master told them to never answer obvious questions unless the person truly didn't know. "By melting ore. And how do you melt that ore?" The fire bender stayed silent. "With fire. Fire is the element of change. Those who master fire have the will to change the world for the better or worse, that is what fire is." They both stared at their master, neither of them having ever seen it in that light.

He threw a coin into the fire. "Now, you two find the last osore. Once you do, I will teach something new, like this." He raised a finger and the coin rose from the fire, floating in the air as the master bent metal.

back to Uvs and the teenager

Uvs "He and a friend of his came to my river and saw me drying up, and then Aguu told his friend to clear the boulders and dash Boom!" She raised her hand, being dramatic. "And my river was back to being more then a little stream."

Sukh just stared, having one question. "Why didn't you follow his friend?"

She pouted. "He called a me old hag." She then took on a dignified tone. "I am a river spirit and some princesses wish they look like me." She looked to the star filled sky. "YOU OLD TOAD!" she yelled, cursing the man who had called her a hag.

Across the ocean miles away

A man with a an eight pointed-star with an eye at the center on his forehead sneezed. He looked around the destroyed and scattered armor around him. "I hope no one is bad mouthing me." He groaned, shifting his right eye patch a bit.

He looked at the being made of smoke and took a breath before releasing a stream of compressed air through his third eye tattoo at the osore,

once it reached the target the air combusted, destroying the dark spirit.

Back to the forest.

Uvs sighed. "Enough about me kid, why are you up, anyway?" She took another gulp from the bottle.

Sukh sighed, rubbing his eyes with his palms. "Because I had a nightmare; it was a man with glowing eyes." Uvs looked at the Avatar, this time actually interested. He continued. "He just grabbed my throat and told me to find one with no view."

Uvs nodded. "Either you drank cactus juice which causes people to dream and see weird stuff, or it was a past Avatar." Sukh looked shocked.

"But I didn't recognize him and he tried to strangle me!" Uvs nodded, but in reality didn't have any answer. "What does that even mean? Find a person without view?! Does that mean I need to find gramps? Because the underground doesn't have a great view! Or should I find a blind guy?! I don't understand at all where is Aguu?!"

He yelled at the forest, only revealing an armored figure appearing from the forest. A fire ball was shot at the armored figure and it revealed two students of Nirguu who was attacking the sword wielding osore.

Before Sukh could do anything, Tobi jumped into action, firing multiple orbs of crimson at the Avatar.

The earth bender blocked the fire balls with walls of earth and lowered them after their one use was done. Sukh was waiting as he blocked the fire balls.

Nara had buried the osore to join the fight against the Avatar, but the twice hardened earth that held the possessed corpse started to crack and the osore raised it's hands out the ground swing it's hilt around.

it collected the moisture from the air and the water from the plants, it created a blade of ice and tried to stab the earth bender.

Nara bent the earth, blocking the blade, looking shocked as the as the you wrote this twice possessed body bent the blade into water and froze it back to ice, this time to decapitate. Tobi turned around, jumped in front of the osore, and created a fire shield around herself and Tobi.

Uvs pulled Sukh toward her as he looked at the osore, who looked at the two children like a caged beast, about to devour them. "We need to leave!" She tried to get him to leave. "You can't beat it!" Uvs pleaded, pulling with all her strength.

Sukh launched a fire ball at the osore, causing it to fall to the ground. He bent the ground to launch him in front of the two kids; the spirits stood up and struck the Avatar which was he blocked with an earth wall.

The blade was stuck at the top and before the Osore could pull the blade out, Sukh bent the middle of the wall into a cone and bent fire through, which had compressed and had enough force and heat to melt the thing's chest plate and launch it into a tree.

The two stared at the Avatar with fear and confusion written on their faces.

The Spirit stood up. The face of the person wearing the armor was hidden by the smoke, and a sigh was heard, shocking all three of the humans there. "This body is too weak if it's not able to defeat brats like you." The smoke took on eyes of yellow. "I guess I will use all of these corpse' strength!"Small bubbles of water formed. The water from the leaves being were collected and then turned to spears of ice.

The humans looked at the spears of ice and had no idea what to do.

Uvs growled. She knew the kid's fire shield wouldn't be able to melt the large spears, and Sukh wouldn't be fast enough, and this enraged her. "NO!" Her form changed to that of a monster, with her clothes turning to a wavy tattered dress, and her skin taking on a decomposing tint; her limbs and poportion became longer, slender, horrifying in a way. Her eyes became white and her lower jaw extended, showing multiple blade-like teeth. The three humans got out away as the osore looked at the river spirit's enraged form.

He bent the ice at her, but it didn't do much, as the ice just passed through her. She punched the osore into the forest and started wailing on the being, destroying the armor and the body that the spirit puppeted.

White flames erupted from the darkness of the forest, burning the osore and then Uvs, causing Sukh to run toward Aguu while the two kids ran off from the fight.

Aguu looked emotionless, as the two spirits burned and then he caught the punch from an angry earth bender. "SHE WAS YOUR FRIEND!" he yelled, stomping the ground and causing multiple pillars to surround Aguu's head.

"OH FOR THE SAKE OF THE OCEAN SPIRIT, SHUT UP!" Sukh turned around to see Uvs but in a much younger form, almost the size of a ten year old. "Why couldn't you have waited for me to calm down? I look like some kid who escaped day care!" Sukh looked relieved and burst out laughing, as he noticed the dress she had in had in her enraged form was too big for the little river spirit.

Uvs walked over to him, still laughing, and stomped on the earth bender's foot, causing him to fall to the ground and grab his foot. Like helpless girl, she even if she looked a still had the strength of a full-grown woman. "You have already seen what I do to people who make me angry, so don't push your luck!" She snapped her fingers to return the dress to fit her. "Now get rid of those things!" Sukh complained pressing the palm of his hand into the ground, causing the pillars to break apart."So, is there anything to eat?" Aguu pulled out a fluffy baby badger mole which was the size of puppy. "I can make something-" She was interrupted by Sukh pulling the baby badgermole from the insane Spirit.

"No, we're not eating a baby badgermole! It's basically earth bender cannibalism!" Uvs just didn't care while Aguu's stomach growled.

"Fine, but I'm not sharing the frogs I found!" he said, pulling out said frog while walking back into his tent Uvs followed after him, then walked into her own tent.

Sukh shook his head at the two before looking at the badgermole. "What to name you..." He looked at the badgemole for a second and then had a name. "Toph! Toph the badgermole!" She licked the Avatars nose, agreeing to it.

Authors note: Thinking about a story where Aang has a brother who's awake the entire time while he and aang are in the iceberg. He spiritually projects himself and witnesses the air nations end...huh well if you read my stuff you know I love torturing my ocs!