It's been 7 months since eleven and the Byers moved away and mike has been depressed. He misses el and will but he misses eleven most of all. The party has not been the same since they left. He barely went anymore his friends tried to cheer him even though they were sad too especially max after her brother died . They did did their usual dnd with erica joining to much to her brother's annoyance. Nancy manged to get a job at another newspaper printing company and they were much nicer to her then then her boss and coworkers at the Hawkins post were. They weren't sexist and treated her with respect. She easily impressed them and they made her a reporter . They even exposed how badly the women were treated at Hawkins post and tom Holloway's career was ruined even after his death. But she still missed Johnathan they been going long distance but she still missed seeing him . In Indiana Evans ville eleven and will were missing their friends . Eleven missed mike most of all. Her powers still not come back and she was mad a joyce for taking her away from her friends. Joyce tried talking to eleven one day and el shouted .its your fault ! ! You can tell us that you moved out of Hawkins for us but you only did it for yourself ! And then ran off . Joyce sat their crying knowing that it was the truth. She couldn't stand being in Hawkins because it reminded her of hopper who supposedly died months ago when she closed the gate. They didn't even get to go on their date. Come on mike Dustin said to mike who was lying on the couch being sad. I don't feel like it mike replied. We all miss them as well lucas replied. Let's at least try to be like the good old times . Fine mike said getting up from the couch and got his shoes on. They went to the arcade playing games as usual even though it didn't feel the same without El and Will. Mike couldn't keep it out of his mind. Mean while in Russia…..

Hopper was being held captive in a Russian prison as a slave .He had jumped into the portal before it exploded and he ended up in the upside down and 3 weeks later after struggling to survive he was suddenly surrounded by Russian soldiers lead by a man named general anatoli. You ruined our experiments he said . You are coming are coming with us he said as his dragged hopper out of the gate. They treated his wounds and made him build a railroad and he has been there ever since. Antatoli walked into a medical room at the prison greeting a doctor. Greetings dr kronen what news have got on our patient ? antatoli asked . Dr kronen replied he has finally woken up from his coma after being injured by one of those creatures 4 years ago he said. Good anatoli said he will be a valuable asset he smirked. May I see him ? Sure dr kronen replied and opened the curtain revealing dr Martin Brenner alive and well. Where am I ? Brenner asked . You are in Russia anatoli said I have a proposition for you …..

Back in Hawkins …..
In a alleyway all was still when suddenly a gate opened in a wall except it didn't lead to the upside down and suddenly a boy appeared . He appeared to be around 12 or 13 . He pulled out a device in his hand. I have arrived at the right date the boy said relieved and put the device back in his pocket . Now to find mike and eleven. he said and began to explore Hawkins to find mike and his friends.

To be continued….