They followed the melted Brenner to the gate where the Mindflayer's shadow form started to go through the gate.

You dare return ! the flayed told Eleven .
You will ruin my plans for the last time.

Well leave our World alone! Eleven shouted. We won't let you destroy this world !

This world will be mine to destroy. The flayed said. They then charged at them as the flayer was passing through the gate .

Kali and Ten used their powers to distract and make the flayed collapse on the ground. Steve hit them with a pipe and managed to stab a few.

Eleven ,mike and Benny knocked a few to the ground. Benny pulled one towards them and he kicked it to the ground.

You fight well Mike told him. Well uncle Johnathan taught me how to defend myself without my powers. That's gonna take some getting used to Johnathan shouted while shooting a bunch of flayed.

Suddenly Tarrasque lunged at Johnathan grabbing him by the neck. Just when he as about to infect him . Benny stabbed Tarrasque in the arm with a pipe causing him to drop Johnathan.

He then used his telekinesis to RIP off his arm and throw him across the room. Thanks Johnathan said as Benny helped him up. No problem Benny told him .

Tarrasque suddenly got up and regenerated his arm. They then heard a growl and turned around. The mindflayer was finally in their world.

Finally I will rule this world . It said through the flayed. Suddenly all the flayed started to melt and formed around the mindflayer 's shadow body turning transforming into a spider monster like the one at star court mall but much larger. The creature roared and charged at them along with Tarrasque .

Get for cover ! Hopper shouted and they all ran for cover. We need to find a way to destroy that thing Johnathan said.

It doesn't like heat Benny reminded them plus we could use that device they used to open the gate to blast the creature apart. Alright Murray said you guys buy us some time while we get it ready. Okay mike said.

Murray Hopper and Joyce ran towards the device and started to adjust it. Meanwhile Tarrasque tried to attack Benny and Eleven . Nancy shot the monster five times. They creature wounded got back up and summoned a bunch of Demogorgons to attack them.

Mike used his pipe to stab it while Eleven ripped it's head off and Benny pushed the others back. Tarrasque used its claws to slice the pipe Mike was using to pieces and punched him . Nancy then shot the creature again and Benny flung pieces of the pipe at Tarrasque stunning the creature . Johnathan pointed the shotgun he was holding at the monsters head and pulled the trigger killing Tarrasque.

Roaring in rage the Mindflayer launched a tentacle at Benny but Eleven caught it with her powers . She then used her powers to stab the Mindflayer with his own tentacle . The body of Tarrasque then melted into goop and oozed towards the mindflayer . Lucas suddenly poured gasoline on it just before it was absorbed by the monster.

Eat this Max shouted throwing a grenade at it and part is it's body burst into flames. Fire ! Nancy shouted as she Johnathan , Steve and Kali unloaded on the monster.

The Mindflayer in pain from being burnt was furious. It charged at them. Meanwhile Hopper and the others were modifying the device to blast the creature but they needed the past code.

How are you doing ? Johnathan shouted.
Its almost done but we don't have the passcode Murray shouted.

I know it Ten shouted its Redstar 81011.
Okay Murray said and typed in the code.
Alright get ready to fire Murray told them.

Mike and his friends lured the creature closer to the gate. Now fire ! Murray shouted and the device shot a power beam at the creature causing it pain and disintegrating its body.

With its physical body destroyed. It's shadow form emerged from the singed remains and prepared to attack Eleven's friends. Nooo ! She shouted raising her hand stopping it. Benny then joined her with his powers . Let's destroy this monster for good.

They then used all their power on the creature screaming as they used everything they had on it. With their powers a the Mindflayer exploded into nothing as they both collapsed to the ground.

The Demogorgons around them all started to collapse and die signaling that the monster was dead. Mike and his friends ran over to them.

Is it over ? Mike asked yes she said it's over. They embraced . Suddenly a bunch of soldiers came in . Make sure the area is clear . The commander told the troops.

Who are you ? Joyce asked. Don't worry we are here to help the leader said taking off his helmet. My name is David Redfield we have been scoping out the prison and heard about their demension experiments. We also heard about the experiments in Hawkins lab. We have been trying to take them down for years. Redfield said . I see that you took down their experiments .

Yeah Hopper said . Thank you Redfield said. Let's bring you guys Home.

Note . We are near the end. The next chapter should be the last . If not another one will be the epilogue.