Following the defeat of the mindflayer the experiments the Russian prison and Hawkins lab were exposed. They revealed that the lab were keeping kids as experiments and that They took Eleven from her mother and Electrocuted her brain.
Terry Ives finally got justice for what they did to her.

Hopper and the others were hailed as heroes but they decided to keep it a secret from the public.

Joyce and her family moved back to Hawkins which made Eleven and Will really happy.

Joyce and Hopper finally got their date and a few weeks later they became a couple.

Steve and Kali began a romantic relationship after Kali and her crew relocated to Hawkins. They were happy together both finding happiness in each other's arms.

Ten was adopted by Dustin's mom which made Ten Happy. She developed a taste for oreos and enjoyed being girlfriends with Max and Eleven.

Dustin was suprised to find out that Susie was moving to Hawkins. He and Susie both told their parents about their relationship and their parents decided to give them their blessing to continue dating. They were really happy together.

Will started dating Ten and they loved each other just as much as Mike and Eleven. Ten also took the name Tina and The party started to call then wina as a ship name.

Johnathan Manged to afford College and Went off to college with Nancy. The paper gave Nancy a farewell party. They told her that she would be missed.

When they got back home their parents were happy to see them. They didn't realize the adventure they had.

Benny decided to stay for a little while longer after they begged.

Please stay for a little bit play dungeons and dragons with us. Mike said .

Alright Benny said . I do love that game. I play it with my group of friends ,your kids at home. What role are you in Dnd ?
Mike asked.

I am a Paladin like my dad Benny said smiling.
My sister Sara is the Mage like mom.

They played for hours and had a good time.
After a while they decided to go to the arcade. They found Steve at his job with Kali and they were making out. Wow Dustin said and cleared his throat. Causing them to break apart blushing.

Robin called him telling him that his break was over and he waved goodbye to Kali telling her that he will see her later.

Hey Eleven Kali said waving too Eleven . Hey Kali she replied back. How are you doing?
Fine Kali said. Steve seemed like a odd boy at first but he turns out to be a really nice boy. We are happy.

That's good Eleven replied smiling. Where's your crew. They are at our new hideout in a abandoned warehouse Kali replied.

Hey Will Tina shouted as she walked towards him giving him a big kiss . Hey Will said. Are we still up for tonight at the movies ? Sure she said.

How are you adjusting to Hawkins? Benny asked.
Good the people are nice I think I'll like it here.

That's good Benny said . I guess that it is time for me to go. I'll just say goodbye to Hopper and Joyce. They walked to the Byers house. They found Hopper and Joyce were talking when they noticed them coming in.

Hey Benny Joyce said . what are you doing here? I just came to say goodbye. Your leaving ? She asked. Yeah I have to go home.

Well we will miss you Hopper said.
Mike and Eleven gave Benny a hug . I guess I'll see you in a few years Mike told Benny.

yeah Benny replied. By the way how did I come up with the name Benny ? Mike asked Well Eleven named me after a guy named Benny who owned a diner. He was the first person to help her but he was killed by Brenner's men.

Eleven look down sadly. Benny pushed the button opening the portal . Farewell my friends. I am looking forward to watching you grow up Hopper told him. I'm sure Benny said as he walked through the portal and he vanished.

Back in the future Benny stepped out the the portal to and was back in the present.
Welcome back a voice spoke and he turned around to see a older Mike and Eleven in their mid thirty.

Hi Mom hi Dad he said as Sara ran in and hugged him. Did you have a good time ? Mike asked. Yeah I did Benny replied. Well you arrived just in time for breakfast we have eggos. Would like some Mike asked. Yes please .

They sat down and talked about his adventure with their younger selves. By the way Jasmine called and she said she was coming over soon.

I missed her Benny said. She missed you too she kept knocking to see if you were back.

An hour later they heard a knock at the door Benny opened it to see Jasmine. She trapped him a hug and gave him a big kiss. I missed you she said. I missed you too Benny said smiling and kissing her back. Can we talk in my room ?

Sure Mike said but keep the door open 3 inches. Suddenly. A few hours later after making out.
They went to Will and Tina's /Ten to ask if their son Jacob was home. When Jacob came to the door he was happy to see them. He gave Benny a high five. I'm glad your back he said . Where are the others.? Benny asked David , Billy and Josie went to Uncle Johnathan and Aunty Nancy .

David was Dustin and Susie's son .
Billy was Jasmine's twin brother.
Josie was Jacob's older sister by a year.

When they got to Nancy and Johnathans house they were greeted by their Benny and Jacob's cousin Barb and Steve and Kali son samuel.

When they came in Nancy hugged Benny and told him the news that Robin was getting married to her fiancee Evie which they were happy about.

A few hours later after Benny told his friends about his adventure. Benny asked them would you like to play Dnd sure they said your house yeah Benny said that way Sara can play too they went to his house and invited sara to play .

While they were playing Mike and Eleven watched them. Their just just like us at their age Mike said yeah Eleven replied as she kissed him

The End


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