The boy walked around hawkins checking out the town . So this is where mike and eleven grew up he said . Suddenly a robber pulled him into a alleyway . Give me your money the robber said . No the boy said . Last chance the robber said holding the knife to the kids throat when suddenly a light in the alley exploded distracting the robber and the boy punched him in the face and ran off. He stopped running and continued to explore Hawkins. This is a nice place. He then noticed the arcade. Maybe their in there he said and walked in . He then noticed mike and his friends playing a arcade game. He took out some money from his bag and put it in a arcade game and started playing. He also watched mike and his friends carefully making sure that they didn't notice him staring. Max noticed but didn't say anything. Mike and his friends finished and walked out of the arcade. The boy started following them to. He noticed max say something to mike and they headed towards the junk yard where they fought the demodogs on Halloween . The boy then thought that he lost them when suddenly he heard a someone shout hey ! and was pushed against a rusty bus by mike . Who are you why are you following us mike asked. What are you talking about ? the boy asked . I saw you watching us at the arcade and you were following us on the way home. The boy didn't know what to do . He then kicked mike in the shin and when he tried to run max tripped him . Suddenly max had her foot on his chest . Just leave us alone were not in the mood for stalking max said. He suddenly said hopper is alive ! And it caused max to remove her foot from his chest . What mike said who are you and how do you know that mike asked . My name is Benjamin but my parents call me benny and I'm from the future benny replied . Yeah right max said like we'd believe that. We benny said I know that your girlfriend eleven has powers but they vanished after a piece of the mindflayer was removed by her . He said shocking mike and his friends . I also know Dustin is with are girl named susie and their song is the never ending story. They glanced at each other. And that will was taken to the upside by the demogorgon and that you guys play dungeons and dragons. How do you know us ? Mike asked. Because you and eleven are my friends in the future. I known you my whole life benny stated. Well why don't we continue this at my house mike said . Fine by me benny said. We have a lot to discuss.