Klaus is sitting in one of the parlors, drinking a bottle of vodka and looking depressed as he stares blankly into the fireplace with tear-streaked eyes.

After a few moments of silence, he takes a long swig of the bottle in his hands as someone enters the room, yet Klaus seems to know who it is despite not announcing themselves.

"I'm assuming Elijah told you about what he did. So, I'm sure you can understand why I wish to be alone." Klaus speaks to the unknown person with an emotionless tone and the person sits next to him, revealing herself to be Hayley.

"He did tell me. What Elijah did… it was uncalled for but he showed me the prophecy and those visions have never been wrong." Hayley confirms that Elijah told her then admits her belief of his actions being absurd before confessing that he showed her the prophecy and reminds him that each vision that they were given have all come to pass, which has Klaus scoff.

"You have chosen the wrong day if you are to defend my brother." Klaus coldly informs Hayley that she shouldn't be defending Elijah in front of him, regardless of how hurt he truly is about the situation.

"I'm not defending Elijah. I know what Marcel meant to you. He was my friend and I cared about him too. But he wasn't just a friend, he was Hope's savior the day that she was born and he was your son. So…" Hayley trails off and holds her hand out to Klaus, who hands her bottle of her own booze as he has various types of alcohol next to him.

"To Marcel Gerard, a loyal friend, an ambitious leader, a vicious enemy, a courageous protector, and a beloved son. May he rest in peace." Hayley gives a touching eulogy about Marcel, claiming that he rests in peace as Klaus seems to have gotten emotional from her words.

Klaus takes another long swig at the same time Hayley takes a small swig of her own bottle but it doesn't take long before Hayley removes it from her mouth and begins to choke on it.

"Ugh, that burns. What is that?" Hayley remarks that her alcohol burns before wondering what it is, which has Klaus chuckling slightly at her disgust towards the alcohol he gave her.

"I take it you've never drank gin from the bottle before, have you?" Klaus snarkily retorts an assumption, revealing the bottle he gave her is gin whereas he has vodka.

"No, I drink gin but only after I'm completely hammered. So if you wouldn't mind giving me a bottle of what you're drinking." Hayley admits that she does, in fact, drink gin yet only when she can't taste it due being wasted, then suggests that Klaus gives her a bottle of vodka instead.

Klaus chuckles again as he hands her a bottle of vodka then stares into the fireplace with a contemplative look yet he speaks before Hayley notices his thoughtful look.

Klaus then makes his own eulogy, directing it towards Jackson before giving one to Finn, Cami, Davina, and says his own eulogy about Marcel.

Hayley had gotten very emotional when Klaus gave his first eulogy about Jackson, clearly touched by his words despite the fact that Klaus and Jackson despised each other, so before Klaus can drink from his bottle again, she decides to give her own eulogies about the four other people they've lost recently.

Klaus and Hayley clink their bottles together in toast to the eulogies and drink deeply from them.

"You should know that I had put Hope down for a nap about twenty minutes before you showed up." Klaus tells Hayley that he put Hope to bed, which has Hayley scrunch her face up in confusion.

"Okay. I'm not sure why you're telling me this." Hayley voices her confusion as she tilts her head to stare at Klaus, her statement having him cast her a very significant look as though to say that she actually does know why.

"Well, she's asleep, Freya left for an errand, and Elijah has yet to return. Let's get hammered." Klaus points out that it's just the two of them in the house, outside of Hope, then recommends that the two of them get wasted.

This recommendation has them silently clinking their bottles again, implying that Hayley's agreeing with the suggestion, even though it's a reckless decision as Hope is still in the house.

Hours later, Klaus and Hayley return to the compound, having left after they drank a large quantity of the alcohol in the house, completely wasted and Hayley's giggling.

"Shh." Hayley shushes Klaus to not make a noise which has them both chuckling for a minute before they walk into the courtyard.

"We're out of booze. This is terrible." Hayley has drunkenly stumbled to the bar in the courtyard, only to declare that they have no more alcohol and seems upset when she states that it's terrible news.

"Ah ah, remember. I was saving the gin for a rainy day." Klaus drunkenly reminds Hayley that they still have gin, which has Hayley turn back to him with a broad smile before it quickly turns into a frown and she walks over to him.

"But it's not raining." Hayley pouts as she realizes that it isn't even raining before looking up at the sky then looks back down at Klaus, still frowning.

"Or daytime for that matter." Hayley seems very upset that they can't drink the gin, both her and Klaus being too hammered to recall that it's a metaphor as Klaus frowns at this news as well.

After a moment, however, Klaus devilishly smirks at Hayley as he comes to a realization.

"Come now, little wolf, let's not let time and weather determine when we should drink. Hopefully the weather won't mind if we drink it now." Klaus drunkenly and deviously suggests that him and Hayley drink the gin anyway causing Hayley to grin deviously in return.

So, the two of them continue getting even more drunk than they already are by breaking into the bottles of gin until there's only one bottle left, that they steal from each other as a way of sharing it.

"You know what, I think… I think I want to dance here." Hayley very drunkenly exclaims that she wants to dance in the courtyard, which her and Klaus returned to after finding the bottles of gin.

"Then we shall." Klaus agrees that they should dance as he approaches her then grabs her hand to spin her out and pulls her closer to him after she spins.

Neither of them realize that they haven't actually started dancing after Klaus spun Hayley into him, they're instead just sharing longing, flirtatious gazes, which leads Klaus to stroking her cheek and she immediately closes her eyes as she bites her lip at his touch.

They ultimately both lunge for and attack each other's mouths with mildly aggressive yet passionate kisses for a few minutes before Hayley vamp speeds Klaus into the wall, violently removes his jacket, then places her hands back on his face to pull him in for more kisses.

Klaus uses vamp speed to turn them around and slam Hayley into the same wall, only to wrap her legs around his waist before he vamp speeds them into the parlor, where they had started drinking in earlier as there are bottles all over the floor, then puts her down after she's against the wall again.

Since they're still in their outfits they wore to Cami's funeral, Hayley aggressively rips off his tie and vest, leaving him to retaliate by tearing her dress mostly down the middle then lets it slide down her body before she vamp speeds him against the wall again, only to start undoing his belt almost immediately after she rips off his dress shirt.

Klaus lifts Hayley's legs around his waist again, uses vamp speed to get closer to the table before violently slamming her on the coffee table in order to quickly take off her nylons, which he rips off in a similar manner he did her dress, then he gets on top of her and starts kissing her neck as one of his hands finds one of hers to hold it, unknowingly interlacing their fingers as they proceed to have sex.

In the morning, Hayley lies on a bed, naked and covered in a thin sheet, unconscious until she slowly stirs awake with her eyes fluttering open.

She partially sits up once she sees that the room she's in has easels in it then looks down at the sheet she's wrapped in, realizing that she had sex last night.

Still processing the room, she turns her head to the opposite side to see if anyone's lying next to her, only to see Klaus shirtless with his head facing away from her and a sheet covering the lower half of his body.

Absolutely horrified by the fact that she slept with Klaus, Hayley leans over to the side of the bed, slides her underwear on, then sits up after grabbing her bra and begins to fasten it as she stands to her feet.

She begins looking around the room, only to realize that none of her clothes are in his room so she simply looks back at Klaus, who's still sleeping, and decides to try sneaking out of his bedroom but he wakes just as she's about to reach for the doorknob.

"Worst escape artist ever. And here I thought you wouldn't run anymore, little wolf." Klaus speaks up, calling Hayley a terrible escape artist then reveals his belief that Hayley had stopped running, using his nickname he gave her.

Hayley closes her eyes as she sighs deeply before turning back to face Klaus, who is now sitting up in the bed.

"You should know that I don't entirely remember last night after we had gotten back from Rousseaus but the aftermath that's happening right now kind of gives me an idea of what went down." Hayley decides to admit that she doesn't remember anything after they returned from the bar last night and Klaus nods in agreement as he gets out of bed and starts to put jeans on.

"Well, neither do I. Normally I'd suggest that we just stay in bed but I'm assuming that you're not happy with how last night played out." Klaus nods as he confesses that he doesn't remember anything returning from the bar before making a comment on how he'd normally lure Hayley to come back to bed with him yet realizes that she seems upset about last night.

"Look Klaus, last night happened because we were drunk, again. We made a decision that will definitely result in drama, again. Because we made a mistake, again. This was a mistake Klaus, you know that. Especially since I, um… want your brother back." Hayley tells Klaus how the situation is, calling it a mistake then reminds Klaus that she wants to be with Elijah.

"What I'm saying is that this can't happen again." Hayley backtracks and clarifies herself after she sees that her words hurt him but he just gives her a cold look with a grim, weak smile.

"No, I get it Hayley. It's Elijah, it's always going to be Elijah for you. I understand. You should probably take a shower before he returns, you reek of my scent." Klaus claims that he gets what she's saying then realizes that it's always going to be Elijah for her, which has her look away from him evasively, before he approaches her and advises that she takes a shower then takes his leave as he had heard Hope crying before he gave her the advice, leaving her with a guilty look on her face as she realizes just how hurt he is by her decision of choosing Elijah over him.

Klaus walks into the nursery, where Hope is in her crib crying and he smiles warmly at her.

"Good morning, sweetheart." Klaus greets his daughter as he picks her up from the crib and she becomes silent for a few seconds at his presence before going back to crying, causing him to rock her on his hip.

"Alright, it appears to be diaper change and breakfast time for you, isn't it?" Klaus just determines that Hope needs a diaper change and to be fed, so he changes her diaper first, heads to his room to put a shirt on, then heads downstairs to feed his daughter as Hayley is taking a shower.

Hope is sat on the kitchen island as Klaus looks through the fridge and takes out some applesauce.

"Do we want applesauce today?" Klaus wonders if Hope wants applesauce and she starts giggling happily at it, which has Klaus grab a spoon from a drawer after he removes the lid.

"Now your mother is probably going to kill me because she prefers that you eat baby food but I'm not letting you eat baby food." Klaus whispers to Hope that Hayley will most likely kill him if she finds out that he feeds their daughter applesauce instead of actual baby food yet he admits that he's not going to let Hope eat baby food.

Klaus finishes feeding Hope then quickly hides the evidence of the applesauce before he picks Hope up in order to burp her.

He's pacing back and forth, waiting for Hope to burp when Hayley enters the kitchen, showered and clothed, watching Klaus take care of Hope in an admiring way until he notices her.

Before either can say anything, Hope lets out a surprisingly loud burp that shocks them both.

"Wow, that was quite the burp." Hayley voices her surprise and her voice causes Hope to light up with giggles as she looks at her mother causing Klaus to hand her to Hayley, who happily takes her.

"Hi, sweetie." Hayley softly greets her baby after kissing her cheek then embraces her in a hug as Hope continues to giggle happily in her parents' presence.

"Well, I have to go. Freya texted and said she needed help with something but I'll be back soon." Hayley announces that she has to leave to help Freya with something, which has Hope stop giggling and begin to frown forlornly.

Hayley hands Hope back to Klaus, gives Hope another kiss on the cheek before she smiles weakly at Klaus as she's still upset about earlier then takes her leave.

Once Klaus hears the door close and a car drive away, he smirks before he looks at Hope, who still seems happy in his presence.

"Guess what? Mommy's not here, you know what that means?" Klaus questions if Hope knows what it means now that Hayley's gone and Hope shakes her head.

"We can play soccer in the house. You want to play soccer in the house?" Klaus claims that they can play soccer in the house then wonders if Hope wants to play in the house.

"Yah." Hope giggles happily as she agrees to play soccer in the house with her dad and he opens a cupboard, where it's revealed he has hidden a soccer ball in it.

Klaus puts Hope on the floor as well as the soccer ball then nudges it away from her while she stands on her feet and once she is standing, Klaus gently nudges the ball back to her.

"Alright, kick it to daddy." Klaus encourages Hope to kick it to him, so she gently nudges it towards her father's feet, the ball stopping just before them, but he walks over the ball to make it seem like she won.

"Goal. Okay, let's kick it again." Klaus happily exclaims that Hope got the goal then advises that she do it again.

"Well, this looks like it's against house rules. Don't you know better than to play ball indoors, Nik?" Kol's voice appears in the kitchen and Klaus turns to the doorway, where Kol is leaning with a raised eyebrow.

Klaus weakly smiles at his brother as he picks up Hope from the floor after he puts the soccer ball back in the cupboard.

"Let me introduce you to our newest member. Kol, this is Hope. Hope, this is your uncle Kol." Klaus introduces Kol and Hope to each other, which has Kol enter the kitchen fully to get a better look at his niece, who giggles and nuzzles her face into his hand after she grabs it.

Kol smiles and chuckles at this reaction, as does Klaus, before he gets a more serious look.

"Uh Nik, now I'm not necessarily sure what happened presumably last night but I think you should clean up the parlor that's trashed with booze bottles and ripped clothes." Kol mutters to Klaus, advising that he cleans up the parlor that him and Hayley were in last night after covering Hope's ears.

"I was just about to do that." Klaus sheepishly and awkwardly admits that he was just about to clean up the room so the two brothers head to the parlor to clean it up.

"So, what are you doing back here? Not that I'm complaining, I just heard that you were leaving the city." Klaus decides to ask what Kol is still doing in New Orleans after they finish cleaning up the parlor as Hope is now sitting on the couch.

"I was going to but… I don't entirely know where to go." Kol confirms that he was going to leave the city but changed his mind as he doesn't know where to go while Klaus picks up Hope from the couch.

They both sit on the floor of the parlor, silent for a moment as neither really know what to say to the other.

"Hey, go head to your uncle Kol." Klaus whispers to Hope to walk over to Kol and Hope stands to her feet before sitting back down, which has both Klaus and Kol chuckling.

Klaus then lifts Hope back on her feet in order to start gently nudging her to Kol until she understands that she's walking and she waddles over to her uncle Kol, falling onto his lap once she reaches him.

Kol plays with his niece by lifting her up, putting her down, then repeating it two more times before he sends Hope back over to her father.

After Hope is sitting on Klaus' lap, there's a long moment of silence before Klaus simply speaks up.

"My condolences about Davina." Klaus nervously gives Kol his condolences about Davina, the mention of her name clearly affects Kol yet also makes him curious.

"You care about Davina?" Kol questions Klaus, clearly confused yet also curious about the sudden topic.

Klaus remains silent for a minute, thinking of how to respond before he ultimately just decides to give an explanation yet Kol speaks first.

"My condolences about Marcellus. I mean, I never liked him personally but I know what he meant to you and how he died." Kol gives his condolences about Marcel, even though he brings up the fact that he never liked him and Klaus seems touched by this statement from his younger brother as well as hurt by the reminder of Marcel's death the previous night.

Unbeknownst to both of them, Marcel is stalking towards the house and stops right outside of the room where Klaus and Kol are with Hope just in time to hear what Klaus has to say, but since the parlor has no windows, they can't see him.

"You know, it wasn't my intention for Freya and Elijah to do what they did." Klaus starts his explanation as he bounces Hope on his knee, despite sitting on the floor, yet his words confuse Kol.

"What are you talking about?" Kol simply asks what Klaus is talking about, voicing his confusion.

"Normally, whatever violence ensues after a tragedy, I have the habit of taking blame but this. Finn, Camille, Davina, and now Marcellus; all of them are dead. And I need you to know that… that I told Freya and Elijah to find another way to put Lucien Castle down, they didn't listen to me." Klaus tells Kol about a habit he has then hesitates before he finally confesses that he told their siblings to find another way.

Kol looks stunned by this admission, as does Marcel, who is eavesdropping on them, still outside the compound.

"I would ask if you actually thought I would turn around and change my mind after I was the one who told our siblings to help you but I take it that you actually did. Not that I'm surprised, I am a bit wishy-washy towards my siblings but why would I change my mind, knowing that it would simply be condemning you to what I had gone through and felt just the other day?" Klaus reveals his assumption that Kol thought he changed his mind about helping Davina before admitting he's not surprised Kol believed he did then asks a very genuine question about his reason for if he ever did change his mind.

Kol still looks stunned by this confession, unsure of what to say and Klaus places Hope on his chest as she was starting to doze off while sitting on his knee.

"If you don't believe me, here." Klaus holds out his hand for Kol to take once he made sure that Hope was comfy.

Kol warily crawls over in order to grab his brother's hand, not sure what to expect.

The second that Kol grabs Klaus' hand, Klaus lets him into his head.

Klaus and Hayley are in the bayou, on the phone with Elijah, and have just been informed of Freya's plan.

"And Freya is certain this power will be enough to kill Lucien?" Klaus looks for reassurance on if the power can actually kill Lucien.

"Yes. But we'd be placing Davina in terrible danger. The only thing protecting her from the Ancestors is Freya's circle. Now, if it is broken…" Elijah confirms that the power will be enough then trails off after reminding them that Davina would be in danger and Hayley finishes Elijah's sentence.

"They'll rip her apart, Elijah. She's just a kid." Hayley sounds disturbed by the plan as she lets her voice reach Elijah's side, revealing to Elijah that he's on speaker.

"What choice do we have?" Elijah wonders what choice they have, implying that despite Davina being a kid, he seems to have the desire to kill Lucien more.

Klaus takes the phone off speaker to talk to Elijah more privately, even though Hayley is standing right next to him.

"No. Find another way. If we destroy Davina, we lose both Kol and Marcel. I won't have us all turning on each other. Keep looking, brother." Klaus firmly rejects the option of throwing Davina to the Ancestors, making it clear he doesn't intend to lose Kol or Marcel's alliance to them then tells him to keep looking before he ends the call, pockets his phone, and walks away from Hayley, who seems impressed by his behavior.

Klaus lets his brother out of his head and Kol scooches backwards a bit, processing what he has just seen.

Kol stares at Klaus, touched by the fact that Klaus was the one who suggested that another way was found, while Klaus just looks a bit awkward as he continues to hold and gently rock his now sleeping daughter.

"You tried to save Davina." Kol looks happy by this fact while Klaus stands to his feet so he can pace around as he rocks Hope, who started whimpering.

"I tried to save you from the grief that losing the woman you loved would cause, if we want to get technical. But yes, I tried to save Davina. For you." Klaus corrects Kol by revealing his true intentions then sighs and relents in admitting that he did try to save Davina, adding that it was for Kol's sake.

Still unbeknownst to them, Marcel remains outside of the compound, contemplating on what Klaus has said, ultimately realizing that Klaus would've never changed his mind and he thinks about his next move, wondering on if he should get vengeance on either Klaus or Kol then he walks away, still pondering about his plan of getting revenge.

Back inside, there's a few minutes of silence before Klaus breaks it by changing the topic.

"You want to hold her?" Klaus changes the subject, wondering if Kol wanted to hold his niece, who has woken up and is a little fussy.

"Sure." Kol agrees to hold Hope, allowing Klaus to hand her over to him and Hope seems to take an instant liking in him as she's no longer fussy.

"I feel like I should comment on how big she's gotten but that would imply that this isn't our first meeting. Hey there." Kol remarks that he feels as though he should comment on how Hope has grown but realizes that the current day is the first time he's meeting his niece, then greets her in a soft, non-aggressive tone.

Hope grabs and nuzzles her face in Kol's hand after he attempts to tickle her then she seems to get bored, wanting her father back as she tries to reach for him, so Klaus takes her back into his arms.

Before anything can be said from either Kol or Klaus, the front door to the courtyard opens, causing Klaus and Kol to investigate, only to be relieved when they see it's just Hayley, which has Hope giggling at the sight of her.

"Come here, baby girl." Hayley smiles at the sight of her daughter as she walks over and takes her from Klaus' arms then once she's holding Hope, she decides to speak.

"So, what were you boys talking about?" Hayley wonders what the two of them were talking about but since Klaus feels awkward about bonding with Kol on too much of an emotional level, he just decides to be half honest.

"Not much. Just doing some cleaning then took care of Hope." Klaus states that the two of them cleaned then took care of Hope, not at all mentioning their conversation, which helps Kol realize that Klaus is uncomfortable with what they talked about earlier.

"What did Freya need help with?" Klaus turns the topic to Hayley's day, as she had told him that she had to meet up with Freya before she left the house.

Hayley looks momentarily confused by Klaus' question then quickly realizes that she told him about having to meet up with the blonde witch, yet she seems nervous about the question being asked.

"Um, I don't know. I didn't really talk to her much." Hayley awkwardly admits that she doesn't know what Freya needed help with, as they apparently didn't talk much.

Both Klaus and Kol get a weird feeling about Hayley's words but before they can interrogate her on how her day went, Hope starts crying causing Hayley to bounce her on her hip.

"Oh, she's hungry. I'll be right back." Hayley determines that her daughter is hungry after she sniffs the diaper to make sure that it wasn't the issue for her crying.

"Maybe I can feed her?" Kol suggests that he feeds Hope in a questioning tone before Hayley can walk to the kitchen, yet it's clear to Klaus that Kol just wants to be in on their three person family.

Klaus and Hayley look at each other with very significant glances that Kol seems to notice.

"Yeah, okay. You can feed her." Hayley allows Kol to feed Hope after Klaus had given her a small nod then she hands Hope to Kol and the three of them head into the kitchen to feed a crying Hope.