Chapter 1: Looking Ahead

Ochako proceeded to drag her boyfriend forward through the hallway. She then stopped and opened the door to her left before stating, "In."

Tenya knew better than to argue and did as told. He walked into an almost bare room that only had a bed and dresser. The lights were off, but the evening's descending sun was still able to light the place well enough.

Ida looked to Uraraka, who had plopped herself on the bed. She sat up, with her arms and legs crossed with a sour look on her face. The clothes she wore included a red skirt with a buttoned-up white shirt.

Tenya cleared his throat before saying, "I want to apologize, but it's hard to feel genuine when I don't know what I did wrong." He was wearing tan pants with a light blue collared shirt and was sporting a small red bowtie.

"It's not your fault," Ochako stated before sighing. "My parents were just embarrassing me to no end, so I needed some space is all. I know they mean well, but there's only so much someone can take."

"Hmmm, I could understand being annoyed at your mother's sarcasm for wanting grandchildren, but I quite enjoyed your father's comedic style."

Uraraka giggled before saying, "Makes sense you would be into dad jokes. They are pretty terrible."

Ida adjusted his glasses as he asked, "Are you saying my sense of humor is inadequate to your tastes?"

"Perhaps, but, since it's you, I'll allow it. Just don't lean too heavily into it when I'm around."

"I'll consider it."

Ochako then patted her bed to her right.

Ida then struggled to say, "I believe we must wait until marriage until we indulge in such behavior."

The class president's face was then met by a pillow. As it slid off his face, it nearly knocked his glasses out, as they clung helplessly to his left ear.

"Get your head out of the Mineta-gutter! I meant just to sit by me."

After placing his speckles back, Ida replied, "Sorry, I jumped to a far-off conclusion." He then sat down as previously directed.

Uraraka proceeded to quickly surprise the boy by leaping into his arms. This knocked Ida onto his back with his girlfriend on top, specifically his left side.

Tenya's face was full of red as he said, "You tricked me!"

Ochako then stated with a grin, "I never said I wouldn't want a snuggle."

Ida then readjusted slightly and brought his left arm to wrap around her midsection before saying, "Give me a warning next time." He then sighed before saying, "But, I might as well play along."

"Play along?"

"Your little rivalry with Hagakure-san. It's quite obvious why we came to your parent's house today, and why you are currently on top of me with that sly grin."

Uraraka puffed one cheek and looked away before stating, "I don't know what you are talking about."

Tenya brought his free hand up to his chin and then explained, "First, there was the french kiss after we learned Hagakure-chan confessed to Midoriya-kun. Then you wanted to go public with our class once the others did the same during the summer trip. And today is happening cause you learned last week that Hagakure-chan had already been to Midoriya-kun's home multiple times. It's quite obvious to me now." He then looked intently at his girlfriend before saying, "And who's to say they haven't already snuggled in bed already?"

Uraraka huffed, "Am I that easy to read?"

"On the contrary, I've been quite thrown in the loop when it involves you. This was more of a recent revelation of mine."

"Well, you are not wrong. Hagakure-chan has been quite open about her relationship at times with me, so it's hard not to be jealous that she is so bold."

"There's nothing wrong with being reserved. I can take almost anything you throw at me, but I don't want you to try something uncomfortable just to one-up a friend."

Ochako grinned as she asked, "Almost anything, huh?"

Tenya gave a soft karate chop to her head as he responded, "Within reason, of course." He then sighed before saying, "I will say our first few french kisses did make me quite nervous when being around you."

"That was equally just as embarrassing for me as well." Uraraka placed her left hand on her boyfriend's chest as she said, "Anyways, that's when you asked Ojiro-kun and Deku-kun for advice during the sleepover at your place, right?"

"Yes, they were both most helpful that night." He then raised an eyebrow before asking, "You still refer to Midoriya-kun as that name sometimes outside of training?"

"Only when Hagakure-chan isn't around. She doesn't like his hero name that much."

"Most likely cause of its association with Bakugo-kun." They had only learned in detail about the history of the two at yesterday's lunch.

The two stayed quiet for a bit before Uraraka then gave a good squeeze to Ida before proclaiming, "Well enough about them, let's focus on us!"

"Right. Us." Tenya then sat up, which had his girlfriend sitting in his lap. "Do you mind discussing plans once we go pro?"

With a confused look on her face, Ochako replied, "Uh, sure?"

"After Midoriya-kun's extracurricular team training proposal yesterday, it got me thinking. You already know I plan to inherit the family business, but you have not told me anything beyond your plan to use your earnings to support your parents."

"Like if I plan to go solo or something?"

Ida nodded. "I'm just curious if you had anything in mind. I know my circumstance on its own has the potential to hinder us in the future."

"In what way?"

"Our relationship, of course."

This time it was Uraraka's turn to blush as she stated, "You're thinking too far ahead."

"Am I? What's wrong with thinking about the future?"

"Cause we are not even halfway down with our first year of the hero course, and we've only been dating for a couple of months."

Ida brought both his arms up as he cupped his head with his hands as he stated, "It still doesn't hurt to have some sort of plan. Besides, my parents are adamant that I make one regardless."

"They sound a lot more strict than mine."

"At times, but I usually agree with what's asked of me. Though the talk of marriage did give me pause."

Ochako placed her hands over her face as she proclaimed, "Marriage!?" She then immediately began to ascend upward. Tenya was quick to grab his girlfriend's leg before she got too far. He had become used to this. Uraraka was usually consistent in keeping her pinky raised when touching objects with her hand. Where this failed was when she was overloaded with embarrassment and grabbed her face. Ida then asked, "Are you ready to come down?"

Ochako took a few deep breaths before looking down. She saw Tenya sitting up on her bed but looking away with his eyes closed. "What's wrong?"

"You're in a skirt, so I was taking precautions."

"U-Uh, right."

Ida then pulled Uraraka down before she released her quirk. She then sat down to his right before saying, "Sorry about that, but m-marriage?"

"In your parent's sense, it was sarcastic, but mine was being quite serious about the subject."

"And you?"

Tenya cleared his throat before answering, "The thought has crossed my mind before, but I was more concerned about addressing my parent's concerns at the time. I assure you that such an event is many years off so don't worry."

Ochako began to fan her face with her hands before saying, "This really is a lot to process at once."

"It's not like I am proposing to you here and now, Ochako."

"I know, it's just the concept itself is making me spazz out here. I never even considered it at this point."

"I apologize for bringing it up then. My parents are just very forward-thinking. For example, we already have a detailed plan for my transition to head my family's hero agency even though that is more than a decade away."

Uraraka then sighed as she leaned on Ida's side. "And I thought Yaoyorozu-chan's mother was strict."

"I wouldn't say strict. They are more just extremely structured. For instance, they had no issue with my brother Tensei branching off and heading his own agency once he went pro. He presented the idea with a lot of planning so they approved of it."

Ochako then spoke in a saddened tone, "But considering his current condition..."

"Right. The plan was for him to absorb my family's business once they all retired, but the reverse has happened instead."

"So what you're saying is, because of this responsibility that you will eventually inherit, things might become complicated for us once you become pro?"

"Precisely. Even though I won't take on everything all at once, my folks have planned to drill me into the agency's framework the second I step out of the hero academy," Tenya explained as he brought up his left hand to clasp his girlfriend's hand. "So that brings up my question from earlier."

"Oh, uh, right. We really got off topic there."

Ida shrugged as she stated, "Not really. I felt it was all relevant to explain why I was asking."

"I see. The idea was to work under a high-paying hero and branch off solo once it became more profitable. I know a lot of solo heroes rarely team up unless it's a severe threat, but I think I can set a name for myself for being willing to work with other solo heroes regularly. "

Tenya's face looked to be lost in thought for a few moments before saying, "Well, working with Ryukyu is a great start then all things considered."

"It's just an internship, though."

"Under the ninth-ranked hero in Japan. It's an excellent opportunity to scout out how working under a high profile would be."

Ochako rebuked, "She's normally a solo hero though. So I don't think this really applies in this situation."

"I'm sure if you ask her about it, she would be more than helpful in assisting you with what you want. Experience is the main goal of these internships, but networking and knowledge I feel are just as important. if she simply points you in the right direction, it would be a worthwhile endeavor."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask her. Though not tomorrow night. I feel that's a bit much to ask on my first day of work."

"Fair enough, but be sure to not let the opportunity slip away."

Uraraka giggled before saying, "Sure thing, dad."

Ida didn't like being called as such. Even though he didn't mind the act of doting his girlfriend at every opportunity. He let the name slide once more and instead said, "Well, in your case, it wouldn't hinder us anywhere as much as my situation."

"Nothing more?"

"Excuse me?"

Ochako had a surprised look on her face as she asked, "Oh, I sorta figured this was the point where you were going to invite me to work at your family's agency."

"Of course not. That goes against your plan of making a name for yourself. I am all for helping you, but you've made it quite clear that you don't want my status to be a factor in assisting you."

Uraraka then gave her boyfriend a tight hug as she stated, "Sorry, I assumed as such."

Ida returned the gesture in kind as he said, "It's quite alright. Remember, you acknowledging me beyond my family's wealth and popularity is why I fell for you."

The two then exchanged a quick kiss to the class president's surprise.

Ochako then stated, "You can really pull at my heartstrings sometimes."

Tenya adjusted his glasses, "I'll take that as a compliment."

At this point, the sun was mostly over the horizon, and the room was getting quite dark.

After standing up, Ida stated, "I guess we should start heading back. You should get plenty of rest tonight to prepare you for the first day of your internship."

"If you say so, Dad," Uraraka stated in a teasing tone.

Unmoved by the name, Tenya said, "Speaking of which, your father would mention us getting ice cream on the walk back to the train station during dinner."

Ochako's eyes lit up like fireworks at the mention of the sugary treats. "I could really go for some green tea mochi ice cream." She then proceeded to grab her boyfriend to hurry him along.

As Ida was dragged through the hallway once more, he asked, "Any idea if they have an orange creamsicle flavor?"

Uraraka replied with glee, "Only one way to find out!"

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