Chapter 4: At Your Service!

Ida took a deep breath before entering his girlfriend's room. It was unlocked, as her text said it would be.

However, it was empty.

A quick scan around the room revealed no information about Ochako's whereabouts. Tenya looked at his phone to see if there had been any update he had missed. But there was nothing. "Was she coming from elsewhere? If she wasn't here, why would she text him that she would be ready in a few minutes?" This puzzled Ida as he took a seat on Uraraka's bed.

It was Valentine's Day. Well, not for much longer, as it was the evening. It was a Friday, so classes had taken up most of the day. It was Ochako's idea to do this after dinner. Izuku and Tooru were probably doing the same at the moment. Mashirao and Yaoyorozu had curiously already had their moment for the holiday. Tenya guessed they had done it during lunch as they did not show up today. Either way, he knew how hard his girlfriend had worked to help the other girls make their chocolate last night. So it made little sense for her to be late for this.

After a few minutes of passing with no change, Ida finally decided to text back.

Glasses: I'm here and waiting. You okay?

Tenya placed his phone to his side and speculated explanations for what was happening. Ochako may have baked something large and is having trouble bringing it here discreetly. Perhaps it's a present she had hidden someplace else? He had visited her room a few times this week; it would be hard to hide it if it was a decent size or larger.

The boy's mind then recalled Uraraka's mood for the day. She had been fighting to stay awake. Not only did she stay up late helping cook, she poured her heart and soul into it. As class president, he had to constantly awaken her from trying to nap in class all day. Had Ochako simply fallen asleep somewhere? No, she wasn't the kind of person to sleep through such a day as this.

But then, a more serious thought came to mind. Perhaps his girlfriend was late because she was taking a long shower. Ida quickly waved away such a thought. Uraraka was sometimes a bit forward about such stuff but it was always in response to Hagakure's antics, which had cooled off in their third term. Of course, she wouldn't do something that drastic, especially in the dorms. Yaoyorozu's room was just overhead as well. Such a possibility wasn't feasible. Right?

Suddenly, the boy's phone vibrated.

Bubbles: Sorry.

Bubbles: I've been in my bathroom.

Tenya looked up at the door to the room. Looking at the bottom of the door, he reconfirmed that the light was off. But why? He hadn't considered she was in there because he had noticed no light was on earlier. Then came another message.

Bubbles: I'm just a bit embarrassed, is all. I couldn't collect myself before you arrived, so I turned off the light to hide my presence when I heard you enter.

Embarrassed? Cause of what she was wearing? Or what she wasn't wearing? After taking a moment to clear his mind of such thoughts, Ida answered back.

Glasses: Want me to leave and come back later?

Bubbles: NO!

The quick response almost made the boy drop his phone. He collected himself and wrote back.

Glasses: If you need more time, I can wait, I guess. I can understand if you bit off more than you could chew, though. I won't fault you for that if that's the case.

No quick response this time. Ida then realized, wait, why am I texting her? She's literally right here. He got up, walked over to the bathroom door, and spoke softly. "Ochako. Talk with me. Are you okay?" However, he instead got another text.

Bubbles: I am fine. Just a blushing mess right now.

This didn't help the boy's nerves at all. "W-Well, you can tell me what it is without coming out."

Bubbles: It's an outfit.

Tenya internally sighed in slight relief. Okay, she is clothed, at least. "I'm sure you look lovely. There's nothing wrong about sprucing yourself up for my sake."

Bubbles: Promise you won't freak out.

The boy didn't like what this was pray telling but decided to bite the bullet, considering how long this had been going on. "I promise." He then stepped away from the door as he saw the light turn on. It then slowly opened. Once Ida could see, it all became clear. And it was taking his all not to react against Uraraka's wishes.

Ochako stood in the doorway wearing a very suggestive maid uniform. It was a standard black outfit with white frills, but the skirt was practically nonexistent to Tenya's eyes. The girl pulled it down with both her hands in the front just so as not to expose her underwear. The outfit also hugged her curves, making them more pronounced, especially around the chest.

The two stared at each other for some time, both flustered as all hell but silent. Eventually, Ida spoke. "D-Does that even fit you?" It baffled the boy that she would purchase something the wrong size. His girlfriend put on a few pounds in the first half of the second term, but they had both worked hard to lose weight, so that couldn't be why it looked small on her.

Uraraka looked down as she answered, "I didn't consider it might be a s-size too s-small for me."

"You never checked?"

"I decided to do this at the last minute. This was the back-up plan."

Tenya had further questions but instead turned around and walked to Ochako's bed before taking a seat on it. He then patted the spot on the left.

Uraraka's face somehow became even redder than before.

Ida cleared his throat before explaining, "I-I simply think you sitting down will make it easier to cover up your u-undergarments."

The girl nodded and quickly came over and did just that.

Trying to focus, Tenya looked forward but brought a hand over onto Ochako's, which startled her for a moment, but she was quick to accept it. "So, what's the story behind this?"

Uraraka exhaled loudly before answering. "Do you recall the presents for my birthday?"

The class president reflected on the gifts. He had made ichigo daifuku (mochi with strawberry filling), Momo had bought her an 8-inch telescope, Izuku a Thirteen action figure, Mashirao offered Muay Thai lessons, and Tooru was...wait...oh. He turned his head to his girlfriend as he stated, "Tooru-chan's gift was this?" The invisible girl's gift was kept a secret; now he knew why.

The girl meekly nodded but said nothing more.

"Well, I guess that explains why you got the wrong size. She must have bought it without considering your size difference."

Ochako tapped her index fingers together, saying, "A-Actually, it was more of a hand me down."

"It was hers!?"

"Yeah. Tooru-chan was planning to use it as her gift to Deku-kun. However, once she tried it on, she realized it might be too much for him. So she figured I could make use of it."

Tenya put his free hand into his face. "And you both assumed it wouldn't be too much for me?"

Ochako flailed her free hand as she tried to explain, "Like I said, it was my backup plan!"

"So, what happened to the original plan?"

"It never really came to be. I thought I could think of something really thoughtful between my birthday and now, but nothing really came up. Considering everything you did for my birthday and Christmas, I wanted today to be special for us, but all I had was this sleazy outfit to fall back on." Ochako then freed her hand from her boyfriend and fell back onto her bed. She used both hands to pull down her skirt in the front again.

Ida laid back slowly on the bed, asking, "So what's the plan now? You're in the outfit. What else was there in your plan?" He figured it wasn't simply for him to enjoy the view for an hour or so.

"I was going to feed you the chocolates like an obedient maid. Maybe make out once we were done."

Tenya thought doing the latter would be problematic in such a dress. And what did she mean by that first statement? Well, one thing at a time. "What did you make me?"

"Orange Chocolate Caramels."

"Mind explaining how you made them?" Ida needed something to keep his mind off her outfit. Laying down next to her wasn't helping. Plus, he knew Uraraka enjoyed explaining her recipes, especially since he recognized this one from the cookbook he had made for her as a Christmas present.

Ochako's face lit up. "Sure thing! First, mix heavy cream, sugar, corn syrup, butter, and a little salt in a bowl before heating it up while stirring constantly. Once it's all well melted, stir a bunch of orange zest. Next, you pour the batter into a tall baking pan lined with foil and let it chill for three hours."

"Three hours?!"

"Yeah, I did it all before helping the others. Once they had all theirs finished, I took it out of the fridge, removed the foil, cut it into squares, and melted some chocolate to dip it in. Once cooled, I sprinkled some salt onto top, and it was done. The recipe called for fleur de sel, but that's way too fancy to bother with."

Tenya was not familiar with that word. "Sounds French."

"Yeah, it means flower of salt. You make it from evaporating seawater. It leaves behind a thin layer of the stuff. It's just a garnish, not worth spending extra yen on."

"I see, it sounds good. Where is it?"

"It's on a plate in the bathroom. I planned to have you open the door to the sight of me carrying it. But once I noticed the issue with my skirt, I forgot about it."

With that answered, time to tackle the bigger problem, Ida mused. "So this idea of feeding me like a maid should..."

"T-That was Tooru-chan's idea! She just figured that was something wealthy guys might be into."

Ida sighed internally. Hagakure could be a handful sometimes. "We can't blame her too much. She probably based her assumption on our repeated visits to the Yaoyorozu estate during our first term."

"I can't see you and your family with a bunch of maids and butlers anyhow."

"Yeah, we would be bored out of our minds. My grandparents do, but they only hired them a few years ago."

This tidbit piqued Ochako's interest. "I haven't met your grandparents yet. Should we change that?"

"Hmmm. I would have to ask my parents when a good time would be. Maybe during our break before our second year starts?"

"I'd like that a lot!"

After clearing his throat, Ida said, "Well, while I am not specifically attracted to maids as Tooru-chan may think, but that outfit does exemplify your g-good traits, Ochako. So it was not all for naught."

Uraraka's face was crimson once more. "A-And what are t-those?"

Ida's face became the same as he explained, "Well, you are not a skinny girl. You have." He paused to collect himself before continuing, "Nice c-curves."

The girl's embarrassment turned into laughter. "You like a girl with a little meat, huh?"

"I w-wouldn't put it like that."

"I get your point. Though if you like my 'curves,' why have an issue with my weight like you did last term?"

"There is a healthy amount of that, and then there is how much sweets you had been consuming. However, it had less to do with looks and more to do with our training to become heroes. Your state back then was putting that in jeopardy."

"Okay, that's fair," Ochako stated with a sigh. She then looked down at her clothes, which became red once more. "Is there a p-particular part you like the m-most?"

This line of questioning baffled the boy. "U-Uh, of your maid uniform?"

"N-No, my b-body." Uraraka then looked away. "Like my thighs, my b-butt, or my b-breasts."

A favorite part of her body? He hadn't really thought about that before. Should he have? Was that a standard? There was no time to think this through logically. "U-Uh, I like the s-sum of all your parts."

Ochako's face looked confused at this answer as she tilted her head to the side. However, she didn't say anything.

The silence was getting to Tenya, however. He got up and said, "Mind if I use your bathroom? You can feed me the treats afterward."


The boy haltingly entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He noticed the plate of chocolates to the left of the sink and then sat on the toilet seat. Of course, Ida didn't need to be in here to relieve himself. He just needed time to cool off.

As Tenya leaned back onto the toilet, he pondered the curveball question she threw at him. He hoped the answer he gave was acceptable, though Ochako's silence wasn't helping his nerves. Perhaps she just didn't expect that, that is all.

Since he had the time now, Ida then pondered whether there was any particular part of Uraraka's figure he liked the most.

In general, his girlfriend was average in terms of what Tenya had seen throughout his life. Due to his family's influence, he had been introduced to many gorgeous girls interested in him. Well, interested in marrying into that influence. Looking back, Ida had difficulty remembering how he felt about it. Embarrassment? Confusion? Did he not care? It was all really a blur. All Tenya recalled was not enjoying the experience. Maybe that's why his mind chose to forget those girls.

But Ochako? She treated him just like anyone else, even after learning who he was. Uraraka never took advantage of him; at most, she teased him about his upbringing, which made him weird and awkward—in a cute way, of course.

So when it came to what Ida said was the truth. It's never been about how his girlfriend looked. What she looked like was all he would ever need. His real attraction was everything else about her. With that in mind, Tenya felt he needed to tell her this. He stood up, took his chocolate gift in one hand, and opened the door with the other.

However, Ida's drive to tell Uraraka his revelation suddenly stopped. He approached the bed, looked down, and could only sigh before grinning at the sight before him.

Ochako was sound asleep. Even in her slumber, she kept her skirt down. Tenya was impressed by the feat. He figured all that work yesterday finally caught up to her. The boy then carefully turned the girl around so she was properly in bed. He then fetched the girl's pillow and blanket, which were on the other side of the bed, and placed them as needed.

Ida then proceeded to turn out the lights in both rooms before making his leave. Standing in the hallway of the girls' dorms, he looked down at his plate of treats. Despite the gift, all he felt like was going on a nightly run. What he wanted to say could wait for later. Perhaps White Day? Even if this ended up failing on her part, he still needed to return the favor in a month. As he left downstairs, he pondered what that could be.

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