Something This Wicca Way Comes!

Part One.

As heavy rain falls down over the dark city of San Fransisco. Up in a small apartment. Lies a young woman in her mid-twenties to her early thirties.

This young woman has beautiful tanned skin, short golden blond hair. She was wearing a silk blue dressing gown. The woman lives alone with a small white cat. Both appear to be in ideal health. After setting some food down in a small bowl for her pet. She leaves her tiny kitchen to head over to her living room where she crouches down in front of a tiny altar. Her small altar consisted of several different coloured candles, a small athame and other items/tools for her practice. One by one she holds out her right second finger over a candle lighting them without the use of a lighter or match. All the while outside her home, a threat is making its way in her direction. After all the candles were lit she placed her hands together as if she was about to say a prayer.

The young woman is unaware that the threat which was outside not too long ago. Made entry somehow through the kitchen silently. The cat sensing the intruder let out a small cry and fled.

"Ancient one of the earth so deep. Master of moon and sun, I shield you in my Wiccan way. Here in my circle round asking you protect this space. And offer your sun-force down," She chanted followed by taking a small yet deep breath. The intruder now standing behind her successful in crossing from the kitchen into the living room all the while his prey unaware. The intruder takes another silent step towards his prey accidentally exposes himself by having his left arm drift a little from his side. Alerting her to his presence shocked she quickly turns before getting to her feet. She lets out a small chuckle feeling no sense of danger or risk from the intruder.

"What are you doing here?" She asked with a small smile speaking her final words before she is brutally stabbed in the chest causing her to let out a loud scream. While flashes of lightning occur outside.

Just turning a corner onto Prescott Street. While the rainstorm still raging outside. Was a boy around four and a half feet tall, leaf green eyes and medium-length messy soaked brown hair. The boy is wearing a blue raincoat over his jeans and a green t-shirt his blue trainers a mess covered in mud. Two minutes in after turning onto the said street he approaches a tall victorian manor. And starts to walk up its steps to reach the front door.

"Chris, is that you?" A voice called out.

"Yeah, it's me. Sorry, I'm late," Chris replies after closing the front door and walking towards the owner of the voice. The said owner a man is standing on a pair of silver ladders examining the downstairs chandelier. A man is older by several years, he is six feet tall has broad shoulders, slightly tanned skin, green eyes short but well-groomed brown hair. He is wearing a grey suit and grey trousers with black shoes.

"What else is new? You know, I would have been here myself to let the electrician in. But I can't leave Social Services until seven. I haven't even had the chance to get change. You were supposed to be here to let him in," Cole says as he carefully gets off the ladder.

"I know I'm sorry, my study group was late and I totally forgot," Chris replied.

"You should have called, that's why you have a cell. That's why I paid for it," Cole scolded.

"Look I said I'm sorry, did you find anything up there?" Chris asks.

"No, I can't see anything wrong with it, we'll just have to wait until tomorrow, I get off early tomorrow hopefully, they can send another electrician around then," Cole answers.

The two then left the front hallway for the kitchen. But stop at the dinner table when Chris notices something he hasn't seen in years lying on the table.

"Tell me that's not our old spirit board," Chris said smiling down at it before picking it up. Cole standing over his youngest brother's shoulder looks down at the spirit board.

"Yeah, I found it in the basement back when I was looking for the circuit tester," Cole responds. Chris turns the spirit board over to further examine this old family heirloom.

"To my three precious and irreplaceable boys. May this give you the light to find the shadows. The Power of Three will set you free. Love, Mom," Chris recited from the message left on the back of the board.

"We never did figure out what this meant," Chris said.

"We should send it to Coop, he's so far in the dark. He might need some light to help him out," Cole replies taking a step away from Chris. The younger boy sighed and put the spirit board back onto the kitchen table.

"The two of you are so mean to one another. And you're really harsh on him. Whenever I talk to either of you about each other. Neither one of you can say one nice about the other," Chris complained

"Chris, the guy has no concept of time. He thinks it will just stop so he can all the fun he wants and take no responsibility for his actions," Cole responded, he hated being labelled as the bad guy for calling things how he sees it. Did he like being harsh on his brothers NO! But he had to be it was how his grams taught him to be to keep everything on track.

"I think he might be really be coming around now," Chris says.

"Great as long as he decides not to come around here, its good news," Cole joked before walking away. Chris sighed while rubbing his forehead frustrated at how awkward both his older brothers make his relationship with each of them. He then followed Cole into the kitchen unaware that pointer for the spirit board moved a little on its own!

Now inside the kitchen, Chris was pacing up and down, Cole wasn't in the best of moods most days and right now, he wasn't exactly pleased with Chris being late home. He knew there was no easy way to let Cole know. He just had to be straight with him and beg for forgiveness later.

"We've been talking about what to do with that spare room. I think you're right maybe we should get a roommate," Chris said just as Cole poured some hot coffee into a mug.

"I guess, we could rent out the room at a low rate in exchange for help around the house and stuff," Cole suggested.

"C...Coop is good with a wrench and stuff like that," Chris replies. Cole turns to face Chris now holding his coffee mug in his right hand.

"Coop lives in New York," Cole pointed out. Chris is now even more frightened of telling Cole started to scratch his right hand quite aggressively with the other.

"Not anymore," Chris said causing Cole to glare and if looks could kill, Chris would be six feet under right now.

"What?" Cole asked hoping his fears wouldn't be confirmed.

"He left New York, he's coming back to move back in with us," Chris answered not making direct eye contact with his older brother.

"You have got to be kidding me, Christopher," Cole said as he stormed out the kitchen into the living room. Chris following him.

"I couldn't say no Cole. It's his house too, it was gifted to all of us by grams in her will," Chris points out wishing this conversation would be over. Cole stops near the dinner table.

"Months ago and we haven't seen or even spoke to her since then," Cole responds.

"You haven't," Chris mumbled.

"No, I haven't and I never intend to. Maybe, you might have forgotten why I'm so mad at him," Cole snapped.

"Of, course, I haven't but he had nowhere else to go. He lost his job and he's in debt," Chris replied not raising his voice, he wouldn't dare Cole snapping or shouting still made him feel like a child.

"When isn't he? How long have you known about this?" Cole shouted.

"Not long ...," Chris started but Cole's glare was getting to him.

"Chris," Cole interrupted.

"Alright a couple of days, a week two actually," Chris confessed.

"Great thanks for sharing when does he get here?" Cole asks not bothering to hide his annoyance and disappointment with Chris. Before Chris could respond the front door is opened from the outside and a man around 24, enters soaked rainwater dripping off him. The man's height was in between that of Cole and Chris' higher than Chris but a little shorter than Cole. He is also more tanned than the other two but has thicker but shorter brown hair combed to one side. He has brown eyes and thick but well-groomed beard. The man is wearing a plain grey shirt and black jeans and boots. In his right-hand lies a small silver door key. And in his other hand, he is holding a brown backpack.

"I found the hide-away key some things never change," Coop spoke-up announcing his presence. Cole turns around to face his other brother not impressed at Coop's return. Chris walks around Cole over to Coop.

"Welcome home, I've missed you," Chris says hugging Coop. Coop gently breaks free of the hug and walks closer to Cole. Just when Cole was about to say something a car horn started sounding outside.

"Oops, I forgot to pay," Coop says, Chris quickly grabbed a black leather wallet off the kitchen table and headed outside.

"I'll get it," Chris said.

"That's my wallet," Cole shouted.

"Don't worry, I'll pay you back," Coop tells Cole.

"When? At my funeral," Cole joked.

"Is that all you brought?" Cole asks.

"It's all I own," Coop answers. Coop wasn't exactly looking forward in seeing Cole again he remembers how close they were until a few months ago.

"We're not selling the manor, Coop," Cole said his tone harsh. Coop rolls his eyes barely three minutes in the house and Cole had already decided on Coop's real reason coming back home was.

"I'm not back here to sell the house Cole," Coop responds irritated at his older brother.

"This house has belonged to our family for generations and w..." Cole started.

"I grew up here I know everything about the house," Coop interrupted, "Now can we please get out of the way the thing that is really bothering you, Cole,"

"No, I'm still furious with you," Cole replies.

"Look, I never touched Roxy, I wouldn't if she was the last woman on earth. I know you don't believe me since that was what that rich bitch told you," Coop said. Chris who has just returned from paying the taxi put the wallet to one side and returned to his brothers.

"Why don't we order takeout and catch up," Chris suggested wanting the tension between his brothers to end.

"No, thanks I ate in the taxi," Coop replied before walking away from the other two to the stairs.

"I'm not hungry," Cole lied before walking over to the TV.