So a quick disclaimer before we start.
I'm going to be using my own Titanfall timeline I made for something else.
So things such as Coopers suspected birthday may not line up with peoples theories, sorry.

Also, this story takes place in an AU I've been working on for a while, the basic concept being that Remanant exists in the Frontier, however, it is very different from the Remnant we all know and love, with some notable changes being too Aura Semblances and Grimm, I won't explain it here, but it will be explained early on into the story, I hope you all enjoy.

I do NOT own RWBY or Titanfall, Duh.

World: Remnant III, 2555, May 25th, 15:00 hours Core world standard time.

1 year after the battle of Typhon.

Report starts.

Admiral Spyglass, I submit this report in light of your receipt choice to pull funding from the Remnant system, while I do not mean to overstep, ARES work here is potentially critical, if the Militia insurgents find this place, it would spell certain doom for the IMC across the Frontier, the rest of this report will go into detail on the discovery's made on Remnant III, and why the extra funding is crucial.

Item 1: The contagion.

As previous reports have mentioned, the unregistered colony of Remnant III is plagued by a yet incurable Virus, it's origin and full effects are as of now, still unknown.

As there is still no cure to the virus the possibility of it spreading and effecting other worlds is a distinct possibility, with the possibility of the Militia taking and unknowingly spreading the contagion to other worlds, with their 'Operation: Broadsword' rapidly approaching this system, a larger defense fleet to contain this Virus is undoubtedly a necessity.

Item 2: Contagions effects on fauna.

To make my case perfectly clear, I bring up case file no. 97, the killer rabbit: signs of decay can be seen across the body, with its skeletal structure clearly visible under the skin, its fur had shifted to a darker shade, with several patches of fur turning jet black, its eyes were blood red and showed no signs of response to normal stimulate, simply following any personal in a 30-meter radius of its containment cell, line of sight did not seem to affect this ability, infected subjects also demonstrate increased tolerance to pain and bodily harm, with rabbits being able to take upwards of five 9mm parabellum rounds before dying.

alpha subject did not seem interested in anything a normal example of its species would respond to, it did not eat or drink, did not sleep, and displayed a heightened level of aggression, when an uninfected female subject was introduced to its containment unit, beta subject, it did not attempt to breed, instead, the alpha subject attacked the beta subject seeming to kill it, 20 minutes later beta subject seemingly reanimated, showing similar signs of infection to the alpha subject.

these actions are not displayed by infected fauna in the wild, often choosing to ignore uninfected fauna in favor of attacking humans and beta-humans, infected or otherwise.

While most of the imported fauna meant for farming is of little concern, several dogs cows and pigs have escaped, reproduced, and become infected, leading to large numbers of dangerous fauna roaming near settlements attacking the colonists, the possibility of this contagion spreading to other worlds alone is too horrifying to think about, even to my research team.

to close this section it is worth mentioning that local fauna seem unaffected by the contagion, research is being done on several local species to try and determine an antibody, to little effect as of now.

Item 3: Contagions effects on human's.

While the effect on the foreign fauna causes clinical death, heightened aggression, and a higher resistance to pain, the effect on humans is seemingly beneficial, if not for the random nature of its effects on human and aforementioned effects on fauna, infected subjects show increases in muscle mass, bone mass, situational awareness, reaction speed, and some sort of healing factor allowing them to recover from minor bullet wounds, to add to that list one in twenty people born to infected parents are borne with a random animal feature, such as dog ears or a cat tail, with anyone born to even a single beta-human parent has a ninety-seven percent chance of being born a beta-human, the reason behind this is still unknown, it's worth noting the locals have taken to calling Beta-humans as 'Faunus' to reflect their animal-like traits.

finally to wrap up everyone infected develops a unique mutation, this can vary wildly from the ability to run up to 64 kilometers per hour for prolonged periods of time to superhuman strength, able to lift one thousand, three hundred sixty kilograms, as well as a number of other inhuman feats able to rival pilots in some cases. (see file 21: recorded mutations)

Due to lack of a cure, and the possibility of the contagion spreading to other worlds and spreading to the local ecosystem, recommended course of action is the elimination of any individual showing signs of mutation, this includes any and all beta-humans, while this may seem harsh, the alternative is to risk losing the whole of the Frontier to this contagion, Marines are ordered to shoot anyone that gets within three meters of them before they can close to two, for more details on troop deployment see file 23: troop deployment and squad composition.

Item 4: Cross-species contamination.

It is unknown at this time if Humans are able to cross-contaminate or species, however, it is confirmed that fauna are able to contaminate humans, this further gives credence to my previous assessment for how to deal with the contagion, as the possibility of an infected person spreading the contagion is too much of a risk, further study into this field has been halted to focus on researching a cure.

End report.



Receiving message...

Request for further funding is... denied

All available ships are required to halt Militia assault, unable to send additional forces, all other countermeasures are deemed appropriate to contain the outbreak, maintain quarantine.

message ends...