WARNING: This is a multi-crossover fanfiction featuring characters from the following fandoms and a sequel to World Of Titans and Kaiju.

This story features: Godzilla, Attack on Titan, Gamera, Marvel, Uncharted, Halo, Titanfall 2, TMNT(2012), MLP: EG, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, RWBY, Star Vs, Owl House, and Sony. And a few OCs.

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Attack on Titan dimension

Rajin, the Scouts, and MechaGodzilla were all gathered around a table. "So, MechaGodzilla, what is this device you've been working on?" Jean asked.

"Glad you asked, Jean." MechaGodzilla started, "You see, this can send out a message to the entire Megaverse."

"Message? For what, to defeat Bagan or something?" Levi asked, "Yes, actually."

"Okay? Who are we sending this message to?" Annie asked, leaning against the wall. "Every hero in the Megaverse. It's clear that the snap affected everyone, not just us. So if we send this message, they'll most likely join us in defeating that bastard."

"Every hero." Armin said, "Woah." Sasha added.

"So, MechaGodzilla, how does it work?" Queen Historia asked, "I'll show you right now." MechaGodzilla pressed a button on the device, opening it up and revealing it.

"Um, MechaG? You sure you didn't build another ORCA?" Rajin asked, pointing at hthe contraption. "I assure you I didn't build a third ORCA. Watch." MechaG pressed another button and the device let out a pinging sound. "Dude! You built an ORCA!"

"Hold on, Gary-Stu. Let the Tin-Can finish."

"Thank you, Eren." MechaG pressed another button and a microphone popped out. The robot tapped it before speaking, "Attention all heroes of the Megaverse, I am MechaGodzilla. I am broadcasting this message for a very important reason. The disappearance of many people was at the hands of a villain named Bagan, who used a powerful stone to wipe out 70% of all life. If we don't stop him and his army, the rest of us will perish as well. I will send small portal devices to each of your universes, use them to travel to our dimension. The devices will give you the coordinates. I hope you will make the right choice."

"So, we just wait here until people start showing up?" Levi asked. "Yes, Captain Levi. We wait."

TMNT(2012) dimension

"So, this Bagan guy is the reason all those innocent people died?" April held her hand to her chin, "And Master Splinter." Donnie said sadly. "This MechaGodzilla said that he used some type of powerful stone to do it, maybe if we can destroy it, it'll undo everything it did."

"Everything?" Mikey asked, "That means we could get Splinter back!"

"And save the Megaverse." Leo added, "We're going." Leo tapped a button on the mini device and a portal opened, "Let's go kick some tail!"

HTTYD dimension

"So," Hiccup started, "We have to help stop this Bagan from destroying the Megaverse?"

"Megaverse? What's that?" Tuffnut asked, "I guess we'll find out." Hiccup replied. Toothless warbled nervously, "Don't worry bud. You'll protect me, and I'll protect you." Hiccup said as he rubbed the dragon's head.

"C'mon gang. Let's go save the Megaverse and get everyone back."

Shrek dimension

"Aye, Donkey. Ya hear that? We gotta save this Megaverse."

"Yeah!" Donkey replied, "Shrek and Donkey on another whirlwind adventure!"

"Shrek," Fiona grabbed his arm, "Are you sure you want to go?"

"Fiona," Shrek smiled, "Me and Donkey will be fine. I promise we'll come back." Fiona hugged her ogre husband, "You promise?"

"Promise," Shrek said before kissing her goodbye. "Alright, Donkey. Let's go."

"Right!" Donkey exclaimed happily.

Star Vs dimension

"Star," Marco started, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Pfft, why not, Marco? This is our chance to help save the Megaverse!"

"Yeah,but...we're not going to be fighting monsters. We're going to be fighting GIANT monsters, aliens, and who knows what else! I don't want you to get hurt, Star."

"Awww, Marco." The Mewman hugged Marco, "We'll be fine! Besides, I'm pretty sure we're gonna have giant monsters on our side as well."

"Well, alright." Marco smiled, "Let's do this."

Using her dimensional sisscors, Star created a portal. The two friends looked at each other before stepping in.

Incredibles dimension

"Wow, so this Bagan monster caused all this? He's gonna pay." Mr. Incredible growled while punching his open palm.

"Bob," Elastigirl, a.k.a. Helen, started as she put a hand on her husband's shoulder, "What about Jack-Jack? It's too dangerous for him."

"Right. We will hire a babysitter."

"Who was the last one's name, Kari? She should be good."

"Good. We'll leave as soon as she gets here. Helen, tell the kids we're leaving this dimension."

Helen nodded before walking away.

Frozen dimension

"Oh no," Elsa held a hand over her mouth, "This is the reason most of our people are gone?"

"This is awful!" Anna added, "We're gonna make him pay!"

"We? No, Anna. I need you and Kristoff to stay here and protect the kingdom, I'll go."

"Elsa! What if you get hurt, or worse? I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that."

"Anna," Elsa smiled and put her hands on her sister's shoulders, "I promise I'll come back."


"Promise." The Queen hugged her sister, "Okay." Anna nodded, "Be safe."

"I will."

Attack on Titan dimension

The rest of the heroes had arrived at the gate of Wall Maria where two members of the Military Police were guarding the entrance.

"Ah, you must be the heroes sent by that message." One of the soldiers said, "Heh, I guess we are." Elsa replied, "Go on ahead."

The heroes made their way inside the wall and were amazed by the sight. Along with the city fully rebuilt and people moving back in, human technology from the Godzilla dimension had created many improvements. "This place is beautiful." Luz giggled as she looked around. "I guess it is." Amity said as she looked around.

The group was soon greeted by Commander Erwin and Captain Levi. "Greetings, I am Commander Erwin of the Scout Regiment, and this is Captain Levi."

Levi simply nodded, "Hello, Commander." Hiccup greeted, "Mind telling us what's going on?"

"All your questions will be answered, just follow us," Levi said as he and Erwin turned around. The heroes simply followed.

Soon after entering the main headquarters, the group encountered the Fire Demon, Rodan.

The kaiju paid little attention to the heroes down below, but it was the opposite for the heroes. "It's a giant firebird." Luz looked in awe. "No need to fear the overgrown fire chicken. Or any other kaiju here, they are on our side."

"Whoa!" Donkey exclaimed.

The group soon entered a large room with tons of seats and a stage in front of them. "Please, take a seat."

The heroes obliged and took their seats. Levi sat down before sipping his tea. Soon after, Rajin appeared on stage. "Greetings, everyone, my name is Rajin. I thank you all for joining us in this hard time. Everyone, please stand up and introduce yourselves."

"Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third."

"Astrid Hofferson."






"Eda The Owl Lady."









"April 'O Neil."

"Casey Jones."




"Queen Elsa of Arendelle."

"Star Butterfly."

"Marco Diaz."

" ."




"Avatar Aang."




"Fire Lord Zuko."


"Ty Lee."

"Twilight Sparkle."

"Sunset Shimmer."

"Pinkie Pie."

"Rainbow Dash."



"John-117, Master Chief."

"Thel Vademe, The Arbiter."






"James P. Sullivan."

"Mike Wazowski."

"Nathan Drake."

"Elena Drake."

"Sam Drake."

"Chloe Fraizer."


"Count Dracula."

"Mavis Dracula."

"Dennis Dracula."


"Dipper Pines."

"Mabel Pines."

"Stan Pines."

"Coraline Jones."




"Razputin Aquatto."

"Lily Zanatto."

"Steven Universe."




"Kim Possible."

"Ron Stoppable."








"Buzz Lightyear."



"Jack Cooper."







Rajin nodded, "Thank you. You may now be seated." They all obliged and sat back down. "Now, let's get this started. As we all know, 70% of the Megaverse's population was wiped due to this kaiju named Bagan. Me and our resident scientist,Section Commander Hanji, had come up with a theory that this stone Bagan carries around will undo the effects it caused if we destroy it. That is our main goal, destroy the stone."

April soon raised her hand, "Yes?"

"Rajin, are you sure it'll reverse the effect and bring everyone back?" Rajin froze for a moment, "We can only hope."

April nodded. "It's possible that Bagan may have a similar idea to ours, to use people from other dimensions to help out, so don't be surprised if you see any familiar faces out there. Alright, then. Commander Erwin and Captain Levi will show you to your living spaces. We will discuss our first mission tomorrow at noon. Dismissed."

And with that, the heroes left their seats and headed back outside.

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