The Convergence: Monster Wars Chapter 5

Bagan stared at the steaming body that belonged to Azula, "So, she got into a beam battle with Rajin and he blew her head off? That was stupid of her." The kaiju scoffed.

"Right," Gigan sighed while holding up Azula's dead body. "At least we didn't draw his blood, we would have been goners."

Bagan nodded, "Take Azula to the revival chamber." Gigan nodded as carried Azula to the revival chamber and set her inside the cylinder-shaped machine and closed the door. A few seconds passed before Azula's head grew back and her eyes shot open.

Gigan opened the door as Azula gasped for air. "Welcome back. Enjoy your time in hell?" He asked with a smirk.

"Oh, shut up. Where am I?" She asked with a snarl.

"You're back on the mothership. We failed thanks to you, you dumbasses!" Gigan replied, "What!? We were busted, what else could we do!?"

"I don't have time for this, c'mon, Bagan's gonna yell at you." Gigan motioned to the door, "Oh great. Mr. Horny's gonna yell at me." Azula rolled her eyes as she walked out of the revival chamber.

The two, along with Tai Lung, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Shen, made into the throne room to see a pissed off Bagan.

Bagan sighed angrily, "Azula, what the hell were you thinking out there? You blew your cover and put your allies in danger!"

"And they went along with it," Azula replied calmly, "Well, except for Mecha-Bird over there." She motioned her head to Gigan, "Hey!"

"I don't care who joined you, I want to know why?"

"I already told the chicken this. We. Were. Busted! We couldn't do anything about it, what did you expect us to do? Get arrested and then bust out and find out their secrets while they deal with a distraction?"

"That...actually sounds like a good idea!" Tai Lung added, "I have to agree, why didn't we just do that?" Bebop put his hand to his chin. "Yeah, Azula, why didn't we do that?" Gigan mocked.

Azula growled in annoyance.

"Hmm, seems to me that your allies like that plan. But it's going to need some work. Alright, I'll give you all a second chance. For now, take it easy and relax."

""Really?"" They all said in unison, "No."

""Aww.."" They all groaned as they exited the throne room. Once they were all out of Bagan's earshot the all said one word. "" Asshole.""

It was a particularly rainy day on the island of Pardis and Tuffnut was frantically searching around for something while Astrid, Po, Luz, Amity, Hiccup, and Mavis watched.

"Uh, Tuff? What are you looking for?" Hiccup asked. "The only thing that matters other than saving our worlds."

"And that would be...?" Mavis started, "Chicolette!"

""Oh."" Hiccup and Astrid rolled their eyes in unison. "What?" Amity asked, "Chicolette is Tuff's pet chicken." Astrid replied.

"Yeah! She's the only thing that reminds me of Chicken!"

"His original pet," Astrid whispered in Luz's ear. "Oh."

"Well, we'll leave you to it, Tuff." The five left the room while objects were sent flying, such as pans, magic staffs, axes, among other things. "Chicolette! First my glorious beard, now this!"

Amity had sat down at a table with Hiccup, Toothless, Connie, and Nate in the Mess Hall. Connie had a smug look on his face, which creeped Amity out. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Keeping his smug face, Connie replied, "Oh don't play dumb, I know." Toothless raised his head from the ground and looked at Connie in confusion.

"Oh don't look at me like that."

"What are you guys talking about?" Hiccup implored, "Good question, what are you guys talking about?" Nate added on.

"Amity's been looking at Luz for a while." Connie happily replied, earning a glare from Amity, "Connie!" She hissed while her face turned red like a tomato.

While the Night Fury didn't understand this bodily function, everyone else got that same smug face that Connie had. "What!? Why do you all have that face?"

"You like her, don't you?" Nate asked, leaning in a bit. Amity's mind told her to play dumb, which she did. "What? Ahah, who's Luz?"

"Not THAT dumb!" She mentally scolded himself. "Come on, we see you ogling her," Connie added on. Over at Luz's table, she was sitting with Monkey, Jean, Elena, Sasha, and Viper. "What do you call a pair of apes with an Amazon account? Prime-mates!" Came a joke from Monkey, eliciting laughs from Luz, Elena, and Viper while Jean and Sasha looked at him confused.

""I don't get it."" They said in unison.

Amity scoffed, "I have no idea what you are talking about." She said before jerking her head away. "Trust me, Amity, it's alright. But relationships are nothing but pain and misery." Hiccup leaned over to Amity. A passing Astrid overhead this and playfully punched Hiccup in the shoulder.

"See? What did I just say?"

Godzilla sighed while leaning on the wall, which was now up to his shoulder. He began to make popping sounds with his mouth and tapping his claws against the wall.

The sound of ground parting made him loo down to see Angurius erupt from thr ground. "Angurius, what's the report?" Godzilla asked his spiky ally.

"No kaiju activity so far, a few troops are scouting for any smaller threats." The armadillo kaiju replied.

Godzilla nodded, "Good. At least there's some good news." Anguirus nodded, "Indeed."

It wasn't long until the intercom turned on and from it came Erwin's voice. "A new mission has been created, can Jean, Nate, Shrek, Po, Amity, Donatello, and Astrid to HQ."

"Let's hope I get chosen this time." Godzilla flared his nostrils.

TMNT(2012) Dimension

The heroes along with Anguirus and Zilla arrived in New York City, a area all too familiar to Donnie.

"Alright," Donnie spoke up, "According to Erwin's cordinates, there's a warehouse 2 miles from here."

Nate shrugged, "Doesn't seem that hard to me."

Angurius and Zilla turned to each other, "I'll scout the area, you stay with the humans." Angurius spoke up. Zilla nodded as Angurius began to burrow underground. A low humming sound filled Zilla's ears, which triggered his senses as his blue skin immediately turned into a color similar to the color of the surrounding city, and crouched down.

"Hey, where did Zilla go?" Po asked as he looked around. The sound of the kaiju's growls alerted them as they all looked up to see a purple alien ship floating above them. They all made a break for Zilla and leaned against the wall. The alien vessel harmlessly passed above them, and after a few minutes, they heard nothing.

Zilla's skin turned back to its original blue color and the heroes walked back to the road. "I'm going to safely assume there are more of those ships, we're too exposed out in the open," Nate stated.

"Nate's right, we need to draw the attention of the ships away so we can scope out that warehouse," Po added on. Even though Zilla couldn't speak to the smaller beings, he spoke, "I got your backs, guys."

Zilla rose to his full height and bellowed loudly. "What are you doing, you tuna-eating reptile!? You're gonna get us caught!" Amity berated. The kaiju was soon bombarded with heavy artillery plasmablasts by multiple purple ships.

Zilla turned on his heels and ran in another direction at 500 miles an hour. The ships followed after him, still firing their red-blue plasma shots. "Huh. Well, we got our distraction." Donnie shrugged. "Let's keep moving." Said Astrid.

About ten minutes later, they group came upon a group of aliens, some of them being Grunts and Jackals, but some were 7-8 foot tall ape-like creatures with brown fur and blueish armor. Brutes.

"Ah great, aliens." Nate groaned as he readied his pistol and headed in front until Jean stopped him.

"Nate, that doesn't seem like a good idea."

"Well, why not?" The adventurer asked, "We kill them now, fewer enemies."

"I don't know much about guns, but won't they just cause noise and give away our position?" Amity inquired. Nate went silent for a minute before saying, "Touche." He slipped the gun back into its holster.

The sound of quick stomps made everyone look back to see Zilla speeding past them, crushing the infantry aliens under his feet as the ships followed after him. "Open fire!" One of the Brutes on top of the roofs shouted and began to fire a red plasma rifle at the beast.

The other aliens did the same, which did not affect Zilla's tough hide. Zilla turned around and inhaled deeply before releasing a green atomic breath from his jaws, destroying the ships in the air before turning his head to the aliens on the rooftops, destroying them as well.

"Hell yeah!" Nate cheered, "That's our overgrown tuna-head!" Zilla turned to the heroes and nodded before a barrage of plasma shots from triangle shaped ships exploded on his back.

Zilla roared before running off in another direction with the ships after everyone else had no idea what these aliens were, Donatello knew them all two well. "Triceratons?"

"Tricera-what?" Came the voice of Astrid.

"Dinosaur alien-things me and my brothers fought a while ago.

"Well, at least we know that the Covenant aren't the only aliens we're facing," Po said.

""Agreed."" Everyone said in unison.

"Let's keep moving, we have less than a mile to go."

The heroes arrived at the site, which was gaurded by 2 Triceraton soldiers, aliens resembling anthropomorphic Triceratops with black skin tight clothes, jagged horns, and yellow eyes.

Beside them were Grunts and Brutes, also known as the Jirahanae. "What do we do about them?" Asked Shrek.

Nate began to pull out his pistol when a loud gunshot, pierced the skull of one of the Brutes, killing it. One of the Grunts screamed and was quickly killed by another shot, spraying blue blood over its remaining allies.

"Open fire!" Said the first Triceraton as it shot its gun at something on a rooftop. The second Triceraton and the remaining Brute shot at the same area, only to be shot down by extra gunfire.

"What the heck?" Amity murmured.

Every looked to the area the aliens to see a group of military personnel standing there with weapons in their hands.

The most notable one was an African-American man with green military armor and a green cap on his head. Another notable one was a teenage girl with red hair worn in a waist-length ponytail, curled into a loose ringlet.

She wore a brown overbust corset with a vertical strip of a lighter brown in the center for a top. She also wore an elastic, black, A-line miniskirt and a brown opera-length sash that wrapped around her skirt.

Her eyes were green with light green eyeshadow around the far upper corner, she was tall and quite muscular.

"Who are they?" Amity wondered.

Even though there was quite a distance between the two groups, the dark-skinned man must have heard the witch and shouted out, "I am Sargent Avery J. Johnson, Senior commissioned officer of the UNSC Marine Corps!" He motioned his free hand to the men and women behind him, "And these are my marines!"

The red-haired girl cleared her throat and glared at Johnson. "Oh, and this is Pyrrha Nikos, a huntress we found a while back."


The sound of footsteps made everyone turn to see Zilla zoom past them as the Triceraton ships still chasing after the reptilian kaiju. "Shoot 'em down, marines!"

A small group of marines armed with rocket launchers got into position and fired their rockets at the ships, destroying them. Anguirus then burst from the ground with a few scorches on his armored back but was relatively fine.

"Anguirus? Are you alright?" Zilla asked as he walked over to the armored Titan. "I'm fine." Angurius said as he wiped blue blood from his mouth, "Fought off a couple aliens, the usual. I saw you running around with some aliens chasing you, are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Had to get them away from the smaller heroes."

"Well, let's get into that warehouse shall we?" Po finally spoke up, ""Agreed"" Everyone that wasn't a kaiju said.

Po kicked down the door with a yell as the marines poured into the room, readying themselves for combat. Johnson and Pyrrha entered the room and the former took out a cigarette and lit it before putting it into his mouth while the latter took out her sword and shield.

"It's quiet." Said Shrek. "Too quiet."

"Agreed, ogre." Johnson said as he loaded his rifle. "Marines! Check the perimeter, those bastards could be hiding anywhere."

""YES SIR!""

The marines began to spread out and move about the warehouse. "So, where did you guys come from?" Amity asked.

"Trying to get to this place to, ya know, save the worlds or something." One of the marines replied. "I see."

Everyone jumped at the sound of gunfire and yelling before a blue flaming ball was thrown at the chest plate on one of the marines.

"Ah! Ah! Get it off of me!" He screamed while attempting to scrape it off. "GRENADE!" Johnson yelled before everyone else got out of range.

The Marine exploded in a blue blast and chunks of flesh was sent flying into different directions. Jean exclaimed in disgust as one of the flesh chunks landed on his foot and pulled away.

"Stay alert, everyone!" Pyrrha shouted.

Everyone waited for a good minute before a group of Brutes charged in from the other side accompanied by Jackals.

One of the ape-aliens swung a fist at Po, who caught it and kicked the Brute in the stomach. The Dragon Warrior landed a few more blows before ending it with a belly slam. The Brute crashed into a wall, creating a large hole.

Nate dodged a green blast of plasma from a Jackal's plasma pistol and shot his pistol at the alien, only for its shield to block the shell from its body. "You little cheating asshole..."

The Jackal said something in some type of language before shoot a few rounds of its pistol. Nate dodged them again before shooting one shot and disabled the shield.

Realizing this, the Jackal screamed and tried to retreat, only for Astrid to swing her ax at its head, chopping it off and spraying purple blood on the floor.

Another Brute grabbed Astrid and disarmed her by throwing away her ax. "Let me go you overgrown ape!" She yelled as she attempted to free herself.

Shrek came behind the Brute and punched it in the back of the head, releasing Astrid from its grasp. Shrek tussled with the bigger Brute until Pyrrha sliced its leg, hindering it. Shrek kicked the shaggy alien in the stomach and Amity blew it up with a magical fireball.

It wasn't long until every alien was shot or forfeited. "Yeah, that's right you ugly-ass bastards, surrender your asses," Johnson smirked as he placed his cigarette back into his mouth.

"Now, let's find out what's really in this place," Donnie said while looking at his device. "There seems to be some type of device in that room." He said while pointing to a seemingly empty room.

"Marines!" Johnson shouted, ordering the Marines to storm the room.

"You think we'll find anything?" Nate asked.

"I believe so." Po replied.

"Let's hope it's something useful." Pyrrha added.

"Agreed." Johnson said as he cocked his gun.

Donnie and Jean entered the room and investigated along with the marines. Jean put away his blades and ran his fingers across a metal surface. He lifted his fingers and blew away the dust.

"Looks to have been here for a while."

"Seems to be." Donnie replied.

A faint beeping sound caught everyone's attention, "That sounds concerning." Shrek said. Johnson knew what that sound was and his eyes shot open, "EVERYONE OUT OF THE BUILDING! THERE'S A BOMB!"

""A bomb!?"" The heroes exclaimed.

"That's what he said right? Now hurry!" Pyrrha said as she made a dash for the exit along with everyone else. The back of the warehouse exploded in a blue firey flame that raced towards everyone.


Everyone jumped out of the warehouse the entire building exploded in blue flames, sending pieces of flaming wood everywhere.

Zilla and Angurius took notice and immediately rushed over to the group.