JPax: No, but pretty much every Batman after 'Batman Begins' has the triangle blades on the forearms.

KadeBear: In his original universe he was the leader of them.

bradwall0715: I think it depends on the version because some versions have him start younger.

Chapter 48 -

"You broke my windows!" Harry complained. "They were just fixed recently!"

"I think that there might be more pressing concerns at the moment," Katie pointed out. "you the ninjas!" Her words came out as a hiss as she gestured to the ninjas.

"I loved those windows!" Harry hissed back before they were interrupted by the intruders, the one in the middle took a step forward and reached into his belt, pulling out a throwing star, Harry's hand quickly reached behind him and grabbed a pen holder from his desk, Harry threw it forwards just as the ninja flicked his wrist and sent the throwing star at Katie. The pen holder hit the star from the side, knocking it out of the air.

The ninja turned to Harry and threw another star, this one heading towards Harry. Harry raised a hand and caught the star about a second before it could crash into his shoulder, earning a surprised look from everyone else in the room. Before they could react, Harry tossed the star back at the ninja and allowed it to pierce into the man's left shoulder. Harry quickly rushed forwards just as the other two ninjas pulled out their own throwing stars, they threw them at Harry but he leaped over them with a side flip and managed to kick the injured ninja before he landed, knocking him to the ground.

The other two ninjas pulled out their swords and charged at Harry who jumped back and started dodging and ducking to avoid their attacks. He dodged them with ease before striking out with a strong elbow strike to the chin of the one on his left, he ducked under a sword attack from the ninja on his right and lashed out with a strike to that ninja's throat before hitting the left ninja with a kick to the chest that sent him flying back. Harry followed up with a spinning kick that struck the other ninja on the chin, knocking him to the ground. The first ninja got up after pulling the star out of his shoulder and charged at Harry, the ninja jumped into the air and tried to hit Harry with a kick to the face.

Harry slipped to the side and reached out, grabbing the ninja by the collar of his uniform, he pulled and the ninja hit the floor face first. Harry quickly followed up with a punch to the back of the ninja's head to make sure he stayed unconscious, after that he quickly rushed forwards to the other ninjas and repeated the process with them, except he punched those two in the face. Once that was done, Harry turned his attention back to Katie who was staring at him with wide eyes and a shocked look on her face.

"Who...who the hell are you?" She asked, her green eyes locked on him and the three downed ninjas that he had just beaten.

"Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist." Harry listed off with a small smile before he looked back at the three downed ninjas.

He frowned as he looked at the three of them, there was definitely something wrong here, beyond the fact that they had just broken into his office and attacked them for seemingly no reason. This was not how the League of Shadows operated in his old world, in his world their job was to maintain order, protect and stay in the shadows, being as secretive as possible. To be fair he wasn't really ever a hundred percent sure that there was a league in this world, and even if there was he had no guarantee that they operated the same way as his previous one.

The main problem he had right now was the lack of information, there were far too many questions that he needed answers to. Are these three members of the League or copycats? Were they operating separately from the League? Is their uniform coincidentally the same as the Leagues? Are they enemies of the League? Why did they break into his office? What was their goal?

"Hey, um...between you and me, do you mind keeping this part quiet?" Harry asked Katie.

"I beg your pardon?" She blinked.

"What I am trying to say is that I don't mind telling the police what happened but could we not tell them how easily I beat these guys, I get enough attention as it is without adding this to the mix," Harry explained, looking at her with a hopeful expression. "please." Katie stared at him for several moments with a rather blank expression before she finally nodded.

"Fine, I won't tell the police," She said, earning a smile from Harry. "however, that is most definitely not the end of this. In exchange for not telling the police, I want you to arrange a dinner between you and me where we will be talking about this."

"Of course," Harry nodded after a moment, deciding it was best to play along. He really wished that these idiots hadn't forced his hand. He knew he probably should have held back and let them get a punch or two in, but he didn't want to take the chance. If these were indeed actually members of the League of Assassins then it was highly possible for them to capitalize on any advantage and land a fatal blow.

"Good," Katie said with a pleased nod, as she crossed her arms. "now, I took martial arts classes as a kid, so if the police ask then I will tell them that I helped you fight these 'ninjas'."

"Great," Harry smiled at her. "I really appreciate this, and I can't thank you enough for...what are you doing?" Harry asked when he saw her take off a high heel and break part of it.

"My heel got broke during the fight, obviously." She smirked at him.

"Great idea!" Harry grinned before deciding to reach down and damage his tie a bit.

"Thank you, though you are going to buy me a new one."

"So, Mr. Wayne," Harry looked up and saw Jim Gordon walking up to him, after the incident the local authorities had been called, which was why Harry was currently waiting outside of the building, sitting in an ambulance with a towel wrapped around his shoulders and something to drink in his hands. "we meet again."

"I suppose we do, though I wish it was in better circumstances." Harry snorted. "I forgot but it's 'Captain Gordon' now, right?"

"That is indeed correct," Gordon confirmed. "now, I think we should talk about what happened to you."

"I don't mind but there's not much to talk about," Harry sighed. "those three freaks just showed up and attacked us. I already gave my statement to like...three of your officers." Harry had already bull-shited his way through an explanation and really didn't want to do it again.

"I appreciate that Mr. Wayne, I just wanted to check on you," Gordon replied. "I want to know if there is anything else that you wanted to add to your statement?"

"The only thing I really want to add is that I want the book thrown at these masked weirdos, literally if possible, and all three of them tossed into jail. Those windows were only recently fixed," Harry replied, with a frown on his face. "besides, I don't really remember anything else beyond what I told you. Maybe I might remember tomorrow or in a week or whatever, but at the moment I really just want to go home and rest."

"The medics expressed concerns over you having shock."

"I might," Harry nodded. "I mean...they gave me a towel and all." He added as he gestured to the towel on his shoulders like it was absolutely undeniable proof that he was in shock.

"Alright, Mr. Wayne, I'll leave you be for now. But be prepared as I will most likely have one of my men contact you sooner or later, providing I don't do it myself." He gave Harry a nod and a pat on his shoulder before he turned and walked off. "Ninjas," He muttered under his breath. "what the hell's next?"

"So...ninjas?" Thomas asked as they all sat around the dinner table.

"Ninjas," Harry confirmed with a nod as they all tucked into their food. "I believe that they are members of the League of Assassins or are just copying them, intentionally or otherwise."

"The League of Assassins," Selina repeated. "would it be correct if I guessed that they were a league of people that assassinated people?" She asked in a dry voice.

"Pretty much, yeah," Harry said in an amused voice. "but that's not all they did. In my world, their job was to keep the peace, they worked from the shadows to maintain order and balance. Each and every single member goes through immense physical and mental training. We're taught all types of known physical combat including weapons, languages, how to be stealthy, and tons of other stuff. The ones in my world were even involved in the magical world."

"Geez, write a book about them while you're at it." Selina joked. "So, why did you think those three were members of the League? Because of how they were dressed?"

"Pretty much, and the bladed forearm gauntlets they wore were a major part of our training," Harry explained. "it's like I said before, it is entirely possible that the three idiots were just copying the League, though I don't really know if they did so intentionally or not. It's part of what I plan to ask them."

"And how do you plan to ask them?" Martha asked as Alfred came over to fill up her drink for her, she already felt like she knew what the answer was but asked anyway.

"I'm going to break into the GCPD and interrogate them," Harry answered in a casual voice, causing Martha to roll her eyes and let out a soft groan. "do you want to help me?" Harry suddenly asked Selina. "I wouldn't mind having somebody help me out with the light, you know, help me sneak around and look more intimidating and all."

"You're so romantic," Selina said with a dramatic sigh as she placed a hand over her chest. "sure, it's a date."

"Excellent!" Hary grinned before he continued eating.

"I'm not entirely sure what you were expecting, Madam, but would I be correct in guessing that it was that?" Alfred asked in a casual voice.

"It was indeed what I was expecting," Martha answered after taking a sip of her drink. "but most definitely not what I was hoping for." She couldn't help but add.

"Why do you think that these guys targeted you?" Thomas asked Harry.

"Honestly?" Harry shrugged his shoulders. "I don't really know, as far as I'm aware I've done nothing that would cause them to want to assassinate me."

"Maybe they found out exactly who was running behind Batman's mask." Alfred guessed.

"Possible," Harry admitted. "but I doubt it. I don't think that I've done anything that would clue them into my identity, or at least I don't think I've done anything that wouldn't make me anything more than a suspect. Besides, even if it was true, I doubt that that would be why they would attack me. I'm not the first-ever vigilante in Gotham, I'm sure there have been plenty over that last few hundred years, plus if they were going to be so active in their approach to solving Gotham's problems then they'd be targeting villains first."

"Fair enough," Thomas said before a frown appeared on his face. "but that's only if these people actually are members of the League."

"Yes, at first glance they do seem to be a perfect fit but it still doesn't make sense, the League does not attack wealthy billionaires in the middle of the day. It's not their style, plus..." Harry paused as a thought came into his head. "I'm not entirely sure if they were after me."

"What do you mean?" Martha frowned. "If they broke into your office in your building then surely they'd be targeting you, right?"

"Not necessarily," Harry shook his head. "there was one other person in that office with me." He reminded them.

"Katie? Katie Haywood?" Selina asked. "You think that the League or...whoever they after her?"

"I am not sure," Harry answered honestly. "but still, it's a possibility. They tried to kill her first, now that I think about it. After tonight I have to organize a dinner with Katie anyway to discuss what happened, I'll try to probe her for more information when we meet."

"Please, choose your words more carefully," Selina said in a dry voice. "So to sum up, Harry Wayne to deal with the beautiful Miss Haywood while we have Batman dealing with the ninja guys?"

"I mean...I could do it the other way around if you want but I feel like this would be more effective."

Later that night, the three men captured by Harry were resting in the GCPD building, each of them in separate cells but all three of them already planning to escape as soon as they were recovered and ready. After all, they had escaped from jails that were far worse than this one. And once they were all free they would regroup with the others and discuss what went wrong with their mission.

The man that had been hit by a ninja star was currently resting on his cell's bed, it was relatively comfy and he could appreciate the fact that he had his own toilet and cell. The last prison that he was in had forced him to share a cell with eight other people, which wasn't that bad but was made much, much worse by the fact that there was only one bucket.

His peaceful reminiscing was interrupted when the lights briefly turned off, coating the room in darkness. They were turned back on less than two seconds later and the man jumped to his feet when he realized that he was now no longer alone in his cell. Standing in front of him was a dark figure with pointy ears (were they horns?) and white eyes.

"We need to talk." Batman had barely finished speaking before he moved forwards, intent on getting his answers.