So I have never done OC charts before. So I am doing an OC chart for each one of the characters I made up. To help find the character you want to know about here is a sort of a table of Contents for you all lovely butterflies. I will say that OC's that won't be included is Keyla, Paul, Jo/Joanna, T.J. and Poppy. They have their own story because if you want to know about them you will have to read Keyla and You Never Know Who will be Listening. I also won't do Lucina because I don't remember if I made her up or if Winged Wanderer or Epicgirl5 and I refuse to take credit for a character I didn't make.





Grell's Mom


Grell's Dad

Undertaker's Mom


Ichigo's grandma and aunt



Yori Aria

Alright so as corny as this sounds: Let's get this started. I hope you enjoy the OC charts. If there is an OC you want to be added to the chart this once: Leave a review or message me. Story Request still has to be messaged to me, other than that if I made a certain character you wanted to know about, please write a review or write a message.