Yori Aria

The idea behind him: He is my newest OC. When I wrote him I wrote him because I wanted to give the soul reapers a reason to come back to earth.

Description: He has pale skin, silver hair, one reddish brown eye and one silver eye. Also a slight deep scar on his cheek.

Height: 5'8

Weight: 145

Likes: Reading, hanging out with her friends, and her boyfriend. Helping her mom. She also loves heartbeats.

From: Soul Society

Where is she now: Soul Society

School: Kurokara High School

Wearing: Because it is fall time his uniform matches Yori's uniform.

Gadgets/Weapons: A Zanpucto and a hollow mask.

Powers: Soul Reaper and Hollow

Training: None

Past: He was created by Captain Kurotsuchi to study Ichigo's powers closer. He hated being experimented on and tested on top of doing trials for Captain Kurotsuchi. So, he ran away after attacking Captain Kurotsuchi. He is actually very smart even though he is technically only a few months old. He ran to the human realm following Ichigo's scent because it was similar to his own. He knew he couldn't stay a soul reaper for long and he would be caught. So he went back and broke into the district that deals with giving soul reaper's bodies. After doing so he found an abandoned house and made it home. He did use money that he stole from Captain Kurotsuchi to make the abandoned home more comfortable and less suspicious. He also enrolls in school because he wants to educate himself. He realizes quickly that he is in Ichigo's school and Ichigo is the source of a familiar soul. He also notices that Ichigo is a loner, even though he wants to be friends with Ichigo he does keep his distance from him. Only the occasional hi and have a great day.

Stories she is in: "Blending In"