It is Fall 2004 and Let's All Dance Until We're Sick has reached Viva Mexico Six singles and six pairs comes from all over to compete for 10,000 pesos and a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Hosts: Immanuel Ojeda


Antonia Rodriquez

Franco De Santiago

Ana Ibanez


Alonzo Casal and Kamila Rodriquez

Theme Of The Week

Fiesta Week, Luchador Week, Aztec Week, Havana Week, Dia De Los Muertos, Backups Week, Astronomy Week, Wedding Week, Superhero Week, Toys Week, Telenova Week, Beach Week, Radio Week, Semi-Finals, and Finals.


Guadalupe, "Guava Smash" Losa (The Luchadoress)

Coming from the historical town of San Angel, I was trained to be a smashing 33-year-old luchadoress. Although I like wrestling, I also have a passion for dancing as a child. After seeing an AD in the paper about the audition, I decided to give it a chance.

María Fernanda Gallo(The Painter)

I'm a 36-year-old artist from Saltillo. I've been taking over my father's art studio since he passed away last year. During my time, I noticed that there were children in the waiting room feeling board. The toys from El Sol toy company were old, the TV only played old time telenovelas, and the puzzles were to boring. So I decided to go onto LADUWS to get money for a new kids' room.

Manuel Dominguez(The Exchange Dancer)

I'm a 21-year-old biracial Mexican-American boy from Idaho Falls, Idaho. I've been staying at Cancún studying Dance at Cancun Academy of Dad or CAD for short. I've been in competitions, but always end up going in last place. This time I'm sure to win on LADUWS.

Luciano Notaro(The De La Cruz Cosplayer)

I'm from the city of Ciudad, Juárez. I've always admired Ernesto De La Cruz ever since I was six-years-old, I went to a music expo where I found old footage of the film El Camino a Casa. It was there I met the granddaughter of the leading lady, who told me that i'm a new generation of De La Cruz performers. Ten years later, she came to Ciudad for a Tony Bennett concert and inspired me to go onto LADUs.

Juana Gebaro(The ex Girl-Group member)

I'm a Pasar por alto girl from Santa Cecelia. That's right, 33-years-old and I still got my girl group power. Unfortunately, the leader of our group was a total stuck up and couldn't take us anymore. It has been two years since our band broke up and i'm trying to get over it. One day, my husband found a flier for LADUWS in the mail and inspired me to go onto the show.

Maximiliano Medina(The Bull Fighter)

It's not easy being a 27-year-old bull fighter from León. For the past five years, i've been in the ring, that is until a ferocious bull game me a scar around the left eye, causing me to end his career. Not knowing what to do, I decided to go to the unemployment office for answers. Fortunately, one of the workers had a friend who is a cameraman on the show and gave me a spot opening.

Juliana and Alexander Vela(The Menudo Maniacs)

Juliana and Alexander are 29-year-old twin siblings and the biggest Menudo in Tepic. They didn't care if any of them age or left, their strong fans of the Puerto Rican Band. During their time as the JR Menudo Fan Club in the early 90s, Alexander has been having a huge crush on Ricky Martin.

Manuela Prieto and Salvatore (The Scuba Diver)

We're scuba diving instructors in Veracruz City

Agustina Rojo and Tadeo(The Mariachi Duo)

Agustina and Tadeo are members of the mariachi band 'The Canciones Arcángel' in Chihuahua City

Rafaela Castell and Damián Gallego (The Telenovela Stars)

Rafaela and Damian are Puebla City's most successful telenovela stars. The most popular show they were on was the hit telenovela, 'Valle de rubí'.

Florencia Bernatt and Julián Asis (The Club-Goers)

Florencia and Julian are club dancers at Abejorro Del Dlub in Tijuana

Maite and Lautaro Arias(The Talent Seekers)

29-year-old Maite and 30-year-old Lutaro are talent agents from Guadalajara. For they work at the Futuro Brillante Talent Agency

Ariana and Juan Sebastián Arenas(The Cartoonists)

34-year-old Ariana and 36-year-old Sebastian are animators at EduKids Studios in Merida.

Backup Dancers

Máximo, Luana, and Cristóbal Obando, Anthony Rendon, Bowie Espino, Deangelo Felix, Rogelio Guzman, Sara Sofía , Isidora Mas, Malena Mateu, Ana Paula Noguera, and Mariangel Ola.