Screen Title: #SamAndAustinAndCatAndAlly

Austin & Ally Cast

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rodnguez as Trish De la Rosa

Calum Worthy as Dez Wade

Sam & Cat Cast

Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine

Cameron Ocasio as Dice Corleone

Villain Cast

Trevor Jackson as Trent (Austin & Ally)

Sophia Grace and Rosie as Gwen and Ruby (Sam & Cat)

Austin: Guys guys I have great news.

Ally: It's very important.

Dez: What's the news?

Austin: I got a convert this Saturday.

Trish: Where at?

Ally: In Los Angeles, California.

Dez: I've always wanted to go to LA.

Trish: Who hasn't.

Austin: Get packing. We have a long drive ahead of us.

We now cut to Los Angeles, California at Apartment #22 at Sam and Cat's house. Cat sees that Austin is having a concert Saturday and screams very loud which scares Sam and Dice

Sam: Cat are you okay?

Dice: Why did you scream?

Cat: Austin Moon is doing a concert this Saturday.

Sam: Get out.

Cat: I'm serious.

Sam: I love Austin Moon.

Dice: His songs are the best.

Sam: Cat you have to get us 3 tickets to the concert.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Dice: You must be obsessed with him huh?

Sam: Duh.

Cat: He's the best singer ever.

Sam: I can't wait for Saturday.

Crossover Intro

I'm never that far no matter where you are

No matter where you are

Believe it

We can make it come true

When the crowd wants more

I bring on the thunder

Cause you got my back

And I'm not going under

We'll do it all way

No matter what they say

Cause no one's going to do it for you-ooh-ooh yeah

You're my point

You're my guard

We're heading for the top

We got em on lock

We'll make em say "hey"

And we'll keep rocki~ng

If you live in a dream

And you know what I mean

Then you can't let em change your mind

It's the life that we choose

And we still break the rules

And it's all going to be just fine

There's no way I can make it without you

Do it without ya

Be here without ya

It's no fun when doing a solo

With you it's like whoa

It's all going to be just fine

I-I-I-I-I own the dream

Cause I-I-I got you with me

There's no way I can do it without ya

Do it without ya

Be here without ya

You and me we're going to be just fine


Austin and the others are on a plane RV to Los Angeles

Ally: Los Angeles here we come.

Trish: I've always wanted to visit Los Angeles.

Dez: What song are you going to perform Austin?

Austin: Can't Do It Without You.

Ally: I wonder if you have any fans in Los Angeles.

Trish: Hopefully they won't be crazy as Emma Ross.

Dez: She was obsessed with you.

Austin: Tell me about it. She might still have a crush on me.

Ally: Well Los Angeles is crazy so you might have some fans that'll tear you apart.

Austin: Emma almost tore me apart.

Trish: She's a New Yorker.

Dez: New York is different than Los Angeles.

Austin: Well maybe they'll be gentle.

Ally: You think LA will go gentle?

Austin: I don't know. I've never been.

Trish: How long until we get there?

Austin: I don't know.

Flight Attendant: We will be landing in Los Angeles in 4 hours.

Dez: There you go.

Trish: I'm taking a nap.

Austin: Me too. Wake me when we're 30 minutes away.

Ally: Okay.

We now cut back to Los Angeles, California; Cat is walking in the apartment with the mail

Cat: Sam, Dice I got the mail.

Dice: Well it won't be the tickets since they're sold out.

Sam: I was wanting to go to it.

Cat goes through the mail and finds 3 tickets

Cat: Check these out.

Dice: How did you get these?

Sam: Yeah they're sold out.

Cat: Jade knows a guy.

Dice: These aren't illegal are they?

Cat: No.

Sam: Sweet. I'm going to steal some of Austin's hair and make a clone out of him.

Dice: You're obsessed with singers aren't you?

Sam: We had One Direction on iCarly and I dragged Zayn by his will.

Cat: Oh I remember you having One Direction.

Dice: What time is the concert?

Cat: Saturday at 7 PCT.

Sam: That's 3 days from now.

Dice: I'm sure you can handle it.

Cat: Yeah.

Sam: You better hope so. I love concerts.

Dice: Who doesn't?

Cat: Losers.

Sam: Please get here Saturday.

We now cut to Gwen and Ruby who has joined forces with Trent

Trent: So Austin is doing a concert in LA?

Gwen: And Sam and Cat are attending.

Ruby: We can't let that happen.

Trent: What plans you got?

Gwen: How about after the concert, we kidnap Ally, Dez, Trish, and Cat.

Ruby: What about Sam and Austin?

Gwen: Eh Sam's too hard to kidnap.

Trent: I like it. You girls are alright.

Ruby: So are you.

Gwen: They are going to pay for getting me and my sister grounded.

Ruby: Twice.

Trent: Get ready for a taste of sweet revenge!

We now cut back to Austin and the gang; they are now getting off the plane

Austin: Finally we're off the plane.

Trish: Hollywood looks so cool.

Dez: I might move here after I graduate.

They approach Trina Vega (from Victorious)

Trina: You're Austin Moon. I love you so much.

Austin: Thanks.

Trina: Can I get a selfie?

Austin: Sure.

Trina takes a selfie with Austin

Trina: Thank you.

Trina runs happy

Ally: Well you just met one fan in LA.

Trish: She doesn't seem that crazy.

They start walking and they approach an apartment

Austin: This is where we're staying.

Dez: At an apartment?

Austin: Yes.

Trish: Ring the bell.

Austin rings the bell and Cat opens it


Sam: What is it Cat?

Cat: You're Austin Moon!

Austin: I guess this place is taken.

Sam: No come in.

They walk in

Cat: Austin Moon is in my apartment.

Dice: This is so cool.

Trish: We thought this place was empty.

Sam: Well it's not.

Cat: You can stay here with us.

Ally: We can?

Sam: Sure.

Dez: You're from iCarly.

Ally: Sam?

Sam: That's me.

Cat Valentine TheSlap Update: OMG Austin Moon is at my house! FEELING: SHOCKED

Austin: This is a cool place you got here.

Cat: Thanks.

Dice: I'm Dice. I've heard some of your songs.

Sam: We're pumped for your concert Saturday.

Dez: You're coming to it?

Cat: We got tickets.

Dice: This is going to be my first concert ever.

Austin: I'm glad you like my work.

Ally: He works hard on his songs.

Sam: My favorite song is Can't Do It Without You.

Cat: Mine too.

Austin: Thanks.

Dice: Are you dating anyone?

Trish: You talking to me or her?

Dice: You.

Trish: I'm too old for you.

Dice: How old are you?

Trish: 18.

Dice: Darn.

Sam: Stick to people your own age Dice.

We cut a few days

Cat: Tonight's the concert.

Dice: I am so ready.

Ally: Me too.

Dez: We should go now to get ready.

Austin: See you at the concert.

Cat: Bye.

They leave

Sam: If you got to pee, go now so we can head out.

Dice: I'm good.

Cat: Me too.

Sam: Let's head out.

At the concert

Austin: There's no way I can make it without you. Do it without ya. Be here without ya. It's no fun when your doing it solo! With you it's like whoa! Yeah and I know I-I-I-I-I-I own this dream, 'Cause I-I-I-I got you with me! There's no way I can make it without ya, Do it without ya, Be here without ya~!

Everyone cheers


Fan: You're the best!

Fan #2: Keep it up.

Fan #3: You're a great singer.

Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez walk out

Sam: You were amazing!

Dice: My first concert was the best.

Cat: I got to pee.

Ally: Me too.

Trish: Same.

Dez: Now I have too.

Dice: Me too.

Everyone except Sam and Austin walk out

Sam: Can I get your autograph?

Austin: Sure.

Cat texts Sam telling her to head home and that she'll walk home

Sam: Cat said they'll walk home.

Austin: Okay.

Cat, Ally, Trish, and Dez walk out the bathroom but are stopped by Gwen, Ruby, and Trent

Gwen: Hello!

Trent: Did you miss me?

Ally: Trent?

Cat: Gwen and Ruby?

Trish: What are you doing here?

Trent: Revenge.

Ruby knocks them out

Ruby: Let's roll.

They drag the unconscious bodies to Trent's car and drives off

Back at the apartment

Sam: Where's Cat and Dice? It doesn't take that long to walk here.

Austin: Maybe they're sight seeing.

A letter slips up

Sam: A letter?

Austin: What's it say?

Sam: I have your friends. If you want to see them again, come to our place. Signed Gwen, Ruby and a guy named Trent.

Austin: TRENT!

Sam: Who's Trent?

Austin tells Sam about Trent; after that, Sam tells him about Gwen and Ruby

Austin: That's awful.

Sam: We got to go save them.

Austin: I don't know where they are.

Sam: I have a tracking device on Cat. Get on my bike.

Austin: Okay.

Sam: Cat, Dice please be okay.

We cut to their location where they're tied up. They both explain to each other about the villains

Ally: Let us out!

Trent: Never!

Gwen: We're going to keep you down here for a while.

Ruby: So get comfy.

Dice: Why are you even doing this to us?

Trent: Because we can hair boy!

Gwen: And because you got me and Ruby into trouble.

Cat: That was your own fault.

Dice: You were conning us.

Ruby: So what.

Sam and Austin burst in

Gwen: Sam!

Sam: Gwen!

Trent: Austin!

Austin: Trent!

Sam: Let them go!

Ruby: No.

Gwen: Fight us instead.

Sam: Excuse me?

Trent: You heard her.

Gwen: If you win, they go free.

Ruby: If we win, you get trapped too.

Austin: Alright I'll fight ya.

Ally: Be careful Austin.

Trent: Let's do this.

Sam quickly gets out her butter sock and knocks out Gwen, Ruby, and Trent

Sam: You guys okay?

Cat: Yeah.

Trish: We're fine.

After the cops arrest the criminals, we are back at Apartment #22 where Austin and his friends are packing up

Austin: Well this has been a weird trip.

Ally: Never thought I'd get kidnapped.

Dez: Me either.

Trish: Thanks for saving us.

Sam: Don't mention it.

Austin: Come on let's go.

Cat: Bye.

Dice: Later.

Sam: See ya.

Austin: Peace.

Ally: Bye.

Trish: Bye.

Dez: Peace.

Austin and his friends leave

Sam: Did Gwen and Ruby hurt you?

Cat: No.

Dice: Other than being kidnapped, this has been a great night.

Sam: Glad you had fun at your first concert.

Dice: Thanks.

Sam: Whatever.

The End

Note: This is a one hour crossover between the Disney show Austin & Ally and the Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat

Note #2: This takes place after the Austin & Ally & Jessie crossover since Emma Ross was mentioned

Note #3: Jade West from Victorious is mentioned by Cat

Note #4: Sam mentions the time she kidnapped Zayn from the iCarly episode iGo One Direction

Note #5: Gwen and Ruby have gotten very angry since the events of #TheBritBrats and #RevengeOfTheBritBrats

Note #6: Trina Vega from Victorious makes a small cameo appearance but since it's short, it's not enough for a crossover with Victorious

Note #7: Endurance obilo I just saw your replies. I'm not sure if I'll do a Sam & Cat + Suite Life crossover. The Suite Life series ended long before Sam & Cat. Same with Raven's Home. Sam & Cat ended way before that show so it'll be hard to do.