Author's Note: Here's the story I promised at the end of "How Did This Happen". So this story is what I originally had in mind for "The Birthweek Present". However, I changed my mind part way through writing it. I worried that I couldn't pull off a crossover so I changed it. I think there are a few bits of the original leftover in the final product (i.e. Trina comparing her getting ready for her date to an audition). The Seth in this story is more in line with how I originally imagined him. So without further ado, let's get started.

"And why are you so cheery today? And why are you so cheery today?" As Tori walked into the kitchen, she could see her sister reading from a script. "And why are you so cheery to-day? Yo, yo, yo why are you so cheery today?"

"Uh Trina, what are you doing?" said Tori.

"It's called ad libbing," said Trina. "I figured I could punch this script up by using some modern slang."

"No, I mean why are you reading a script?" said Tori.

"Isn't it obvious?" said Trina. "I got an audition."

Tori raised an eyebrow. "You got an audition?"

"Yes," said Trina. "I got an audition. Is that so hard to believe?"

"No," said Tori. "Not at all. So what's the part?"

"It's for a short film," said Trina. "You know Seth?"

"No," said Tori.

"Well he goes to Hollywood Arts," said Trina. "Anyways, he wrote this script and I'm perfect for the female lead."

"So he asked you to audition?" said Tori.

"No," said Trina.

"But you told him you were interested in being in his movie?" said Tori. "And he told you he would like to see you audition?"

"Not yet," said Trina.

"Not yet?" said Tori. "Then how can you say you've got an audition?"

Trina sighed. "The other day he was in the library, printing copies of his script. He accidentally left one of the copies behind and I picked it up. It really spoke to me."

"Is it that good?" said Tori.

"I don't know," said Trina. "I really didn't get it. I think it's supposed to be avant guard or something. But I started picturing myself as the lead and I was blown away."

Tori navigated herself past Trina and grabbed a box of cereal from the cupboard. "Well, good luck. I hope you get the part."

"Luck has nothing to do with it," said Trina. "I'm going to blow him away."

"And why are you so cheery today? And why are you so cheery today? And why are you so cheery today?" Jessie flipped through the script she had in her hands. A friend of hers who attended a performing arts school in Los Angeles had sent it to her. It was for a commercial for a shoe store. Someone had gone to the school and asked if there were any students who wanted to have a part in it. Her friend wasn't interested in being in a commercial, but figured Jessie would. She was right. Jessie was getting desperate for a role. Even if it was just a commercial, it would be something to put on her resume. Jessie booked a flight to LA as soon as she could. On the flight, she read the script. It was pretty simple. She would go "Why are you so cheery today?"

The other person in the commercial would then say, "Because I've got new shoes."

It was a pretty basic set up for a commercial. Nothing special, but she wasn't in a position to be picky. She looked out the plane window. They had to be getting close to LA soon. The man sitting next to her was pretending to be asleep. He'd gotten tired of listening to her practice her lines. The first few times she spoke the line, he'd given her feedback, telling her she was doing good. However, after her twelfth delivery of "And why are you so cheery today?" he was clearly annoyed.

To be honest, she understood. If someone was repeating the same line over and over to her, she would go crazy. But Jessie needed to nail this audition and the only way to do that was with practice. Jessie shook the man until he stopped pretending to be asleep. "What!"

"Just one more time," said Jessie. "I promise it will be the last time."

"Fine," said the man.

"Okay." Jessie cleared her throat. "And why are you so cheery today? How'd I do?"

"You did great," said the man.

"Thank you," said Jessie. "Now, what if I delivered it more like this: Yo, yo, yo why are you so cheery today?"

Seth sat across from his Father and Mother at the dinner table. "So you couldn't find anyone who wanted to be in our commercial?"

"No," said Seth. "I went to the school and asked around, but not one was interested."

"Maybe you just need to look harder," said his Father.

"Look, people like to get money for jobs," said Seth. "Maybe if you offered to pay them, they'd be interested."

"This is free publicity," said his Father. "They don't need to be paid."

"It's a local commercial," said Seth.

"Yes," said his Father. "But this is LA. Producers and filmmakers might see the commercial. That's an opportunity that could make their career."

"I don't know," said Seth. "I think we'll get people to audition if we offer them some money."

"They don't need money," said his Father. "Go back there tomorrow and try harder."

Seth sighed. "Fine."

Tori and Trina walked through the halls of Hollywood Arts. Trina was still looking through the script, almost running into people who walked past her. "So Trina, that script looks pretty short."

"Duh," said Trina. "It's for a short film."

"Yeah, but it's got to be like three pages at the most," said Tori. "I peeked at it and there's not a lot of lines in it."

"I think it's supposed to be experimental," said Trina. "It's low and dialogue and high on action, which is perfect for me. It gives me an opportunity to show off my dancing."

"Okay," said Tori. "So are you going to find Seth and tell him you want to audition?"

"Of course," said Trina.

"Do you know where he is?" said Tori.

"Nope," said Trina.

"Well then how are you going to find him?" said Tori.

"I figure I'll hang out in the library and see if he shows up there again today," said Trina.

"That's your plan?" said Tori. "How do you even know he'll show up again?"

"I mean he was there the other day," said Trina. "So I figure he'll come back."

Tori froze, trying to think of what to say. Eventually she spoke. "You know what, I hope this works out for you."

"Thanks," said Trina.

Jessie's plane landed without incident. She took a taxi to a hotel where she'd booked a room. The hotel wasn't too fancy, but it had the basic necessities. She dropped her bags on the bed when she got inside. She'd unpack them later. First, she needed to attend to business. She picked up her phone and dialed her friend. "Hey Nicki, it's me Jessie. I just arrived in LA. I'm interested in that script you sent me."