Seth and his Father were sitting at the kitchen table, glaring at each other. Finally, Seth's Father spoke. "I can believe you did this."

"I couldn't tell one of them no," said Seth.

"You were supposed to pick just one," said his Father.

"I couldn't tell one of them no," said Seth.

"That's what you're supposed to do," said his Father. "That's what you're going to have to do one day. It's best to learn to do it now."

"What's the big deal?" said Seth. "It's not like you're paying them."

"Sure," said his Father. "But I'm going to have to pay for this new costume, aren't I?"

"No," said Seth.

"No?" said his Father.

"No," said Seth. "One of the girls goes to school at a performing arts school and she told me she can borrow some of the costumes from school. It's not going to cost us a cent."

"Oh," said his Father. "Well that's fine then."

"Good," said Seth. "So we've reached an understanding?"

"Yes," said his Father, who stood up to leave. "So long as it doesn't cost me anything extra."

"Don't worry," said Seth. "It won't. I promise."

Trina looked up and down the hallway. No one was there. Granted, it was still early, but one could never be too careful. She snuck down the hallway and towards the costume department. This was where all the costumes Hollywood Arts used for their plays was stored. Trina jiggled the door handle that lead to the department. She wasn't sure if the room was locked or not. Much to her relief, the door was unlocked. She sighed. Had it been locked she would be screwed. The only other option Trina had was to go to a costume shop and buy from there. She'd need some money. Maybe she could steal her Mom's credit card. But fortunately, she didn't have to do that.

Trina slipped into the costume department, looking for what she needed. The room was practically a chronicle of the various plays put on at Hollywood Arts. All the costumes were grouped together based off of what play they were for. She passed the section dedicated to Steamboat Susie. Trina remembered when she'd performed in that play. She'd gotten tuberculosis just so she could better portray a sick girl. She had such dedication to her craft.

Eventually, Trina found what she needed. She got to the section of the room reserved for the costumes for A Midsummer Night's Dream. Trina had auditioned for the play, but didn't get the part. When Seth had said they would need a fairy princess costume for the commercial, this was the first place her mind went to. Sure enough, the costume she needed was hanging on a hook in the middle of the display. It was vacuum sealed inside a plastic bag. This presented a challenge for Trina. When she returned it, she would have to reseal it. That shouldn't be too hard, thought Trina. The outfit itself was very pretty. It was a purple leotard that sparkled. It had a matching tutu and a set of fairy wings. Trina plucked it off the wall and stuffed it into her purse.

Now she had to get out without being detected. Trina peeked out of the costume department and saw no one else there. She closed the door behind her and walked down the hallway. She tried to walk at a normal pace. There's nothing more suspicious than someone who's running for no apparent reason. However, there didn't seem to be anyone to see her. The school was practically evacuated. Trina felt like skipping. She was going to pull this off. At least, that's what she thought before she got to the parking lot. She was going to get in her car when she heard a voice. "Trina? Trina Vega?"

Trina turned around to see Mr. Lane standing behind her. "Hey Mr. Lane."

"Hey Trina?" said Mr. Lane. "What are you doing here?"

"I go to school here," said Trina.

"I know," said Mr. Lane. "But what are you doing here so early?"

"Well I just am eager to learn," said Trina. "I've got a real passion for the arts and all."

Mr. Lane nodded. "Okay. But then why are you leaving?"

"Right," said Trina. "Well I came here wanting to learn, but turns out the school doors are locked, so I decided to go home."

"I see. Well, I've got a key. I can open the doors for you." Mr. Lane went over to the front entrance of the school. Trina's heart raced. Oh god, she was screwed. Maybe not. Trina had gotten access to the school using a side door that she knew was unlocked. Maybe, the front doors of the school were locked. She would have to hope that was the case. She prayed as Mr. Lane pulled out a key and inserted it into the lock of the main doors. He turned the key and opened the doors. Thank God. "There, feel free to study as much as you want."

"I will," said Trina. "But I just remembered I've got to drop something off in my car. I'll be back."

"Sure thing," said Mr. Lane.

Trina went to her car, opened it up, and dropped her purse off in the backseat. "You know what? I just remembered something."

"What'd you remember?" said Mr. Lane.

"I left something at home," said Trina. "I'm going to have to drive back and get it."

"What'd you forget?" said Mr. Lane.

"It's something important," said Trina.

"What is it?" said Mr. Lane.

"It's very important," said Trina. "I can't study without it."

"Okay," said Mr. Lane. "What is it?"

"It'll take too long to explain," said Trina. "I'll just drive home to get it and come back."

"Fine, suit yourself." Mr. Lane watched as Trina got in her car and drove out of the parking lot. Trina was a very weird girl, he thought to himself.

Jessie was sitting in the passenger seat of Nicki's car. Nicki had agreed to drive Jessie to the studio where the commercial was being shot. If she was being honest, it wasn't much of a studio. More like an old office building that Seth's Dad had rented out to film the commercial. The sign for the old business, what looked like an insurance company, was still visible. Nicki sighed. "So are you sure this is the right place?"

"Positive," said Jessie, who was looking at her phone. "This is the address he sent me."

"Okay," said Nicki. "Well text me when you get done and I'll pick you up."

"You know, you can stay if you want," said Jessie.

"I've got plans," said Nicki.

"I see," said Jessie. She went to get out of the car. Before leaving, she turned to Nicki. "Hey, before you go, I want to tell you something."

"What's that?" said Nicki.

"Well, I just wanted to say that I don't know if I could have done any of this without you," said Jessie.

"Thanks," said Nicki.

"I mean it," said Jessie. "You helped me practice, you showed me around the city, you gave me advice. You've been a good friend."

Nicki started to blush. "Thank you. Um...after this is over, do you want to do something?"

"Sure," said Jessie. "Like what?"

"Well, I know you've got to leave after you're done with this commercial," said Nicki. "So I was thinking of throwing you a going away party. Maybe we could go to fancy restaurant. I'd be paying."

"You don't have to do that," said Jessie. "We can split the bill."

"No," said Nicki. "I want to."

"Well I'll have to pay you back sometime," said Jessie.

"Okay." Nicki smiled and backed out of the parking lot. Once Nicki's car was gone, Jessie walked into the building. The inside was just as sparse as the outside. The whole floor was empty. The only other people there were Seth, his Father, a chubby guy that Jessie assumed was the camera man, and the two other actresses. One was a mousy girl. She appeared to be at least a few years younger than Jessie. Her hair was all messy and she had some acne. She seemed to be nervous, standing in the corner of the room. Jessie looked at the other girl, who she assumed was her rival during the auditions. She had on a purple dress and a set of fairy wings. She was no doubt playing the new character in the commercial. Jessie looked her over. She was latina and looked gorgeous. She had flowing hair, clear skin, and an ample bosom. Jessie wondered who had the bigger boobs, looking down at her chest to compare. She got lost in thought, only to be startled by a familiar voice. "Jessie!"

"Seth," said Jessie.

Seth went up to her. "So glad you could make it."

"Well I wasn't going to miss my chance to be in this," said Jessie.

Seth chuckled. "Anyways, we're about to start shooting. Why don't you get by Trina and my cousin and we can start shooting."

"Okay." Jessie did as she was told. She got between Trina and the mousy girl.

Seth's Father raised a hand. "Alright, let's get started. On three. One...Two...Three."

Jessie turned to the mousy girl. "And why are you so cheery today?"

"It's these new shoes," said the mousy girl, at a volume that was almost impossible to hear.

"Shoes?" said Jessie. "Where'd you get those from?"

"Why from super shoes of course," said Trina. She moved in front of the camera, blocking out her costars. "They've got all the coolest shoes at an affordable price."

"I've got to run down there," said Jessie.

"And cut," said Seth's Dad. "That was perfect. Thanks for helping out."

"Um, are you sure you don't want to do another take," said Jessie.

"Another take?" said Seth's Dad. "No. I'm not paying for another take."

Seth's Dad and the cameraman began putting away the filming equipment. As they did that, Jessie went up to Seth. "Hey, thanks for getting me this part."

"No problem," said Seth. "Thanks for acting in the commercial."

"Well it's nice to finally put something on my resume," said Jessie. "Hey, do you have any plans for tonight?"

"No," said Seth. "Why?"

"We'll I'm going to leave in the morning and so my friend wanted to take me to this restaurant to celebrate," said Jessie. "I was wondering if you were interested in coming?"

"Sure," said Seth.

"Great," said Jessie. "I'll text you the details."

"I'll be there," said Seth.

"Be where?" Jessie turned around to see Trina standing behind her.

"Well Jessie and her friend are going to a restaurant to celebrate," said Seth. "She asked if I wanted to join and I told her yes."

"That sounds wonderful," said Trina. "I'm there."

"Okay," said Seth "But I don't know if you were invited."

"Why wouldn't I be?" said Trina.

"You can come too," said Jessie.

"Great." Trina ran off to change out of her costume.

Jessie turned to Seth. "She seems...friendly."

"Yes," said Seth. "Very friendly."

Author's Note: Thank you to everyone who's been following my story. I know crossover stories aren't as popular and this is this is one of lowest viewed story I've written. However, I'm glad that some people enjoyed it. I was honestly thinking of cutting this short, but I kept going because of the support I was getting. Thanks for the kind reviews. That made it worth writing this.