Never again…

Hold on, Jakes on the way…

Worthless meat…

Yes, You'll bare me strong children…

Halt Serpent!...

Kare wa kiken'na jōtaidesu!...

Kare wa suihei ni narande imasu!

Shitsu chi shi sugi!

Sono kizu o nanka sa seru!

Josaidōki no junbi ga dekite!

Kare wa mewosamasu!



At the shout of a name the man awoke with a start, jerking his upper body up to sitting position before curling over in agonizing pain. The loud choir of alarms shrieks their damnable melody as a soft, pulsing thud makes its presence known at the base of his skull. It was completely dark with a hue of dark red as he was unable to get a sense of his surroundings through the pain. In his agony he missed the small clatter of metal hinges turning.


The choir of alarms suddenly ceased to be. The pulsing in his head continued its steady march from his brain stem to his utmost attention.


The voice startled the man, his head instinctively sweeping the room as one hand went to his left thigh and the other grabbed empty air on top of the upper arm of the same side. Though he can not see anything for certain he knows someone is in the room with him. Momentarily forgetting the pain as survival instincts kick in but unable to properly move he readies himself for… something. A radiance of white light becomes clearer, sharper and more humanoid in appearance though he can't make out any finer beside shades of the red room and the whites of the bright figure. Almost a full minute of tense silence passes before his guest breaks it.

"Can you tell me your name?" The voice asked.

It was feminine for certain as well as a pleasant one. Though strained with nervousness or fear, the sound of her voice was like a soft, unearthly melody with an alluring undertone to it, almost like those songs of old.

"M-myna-name?" The man asked, the scorching sensation in his vocal cords nearly brings him to tears. The sound of his own voice surprises him as he didn't recognize the deep, rumbling sound that was as smooth as freshly crushed gravel when speaking to the woman. Shapes of blurred shadows make a distinctive contrast to the almost blood red hue of the room and radiating light of the growling woman.

Am I blind?

The horrifying thought struck like lighting as his head spins and throbs more. Blood roaring and thunder like thumping in his ears. Panicking isn't going to help but he couldn't control the coming panic attack that may or may not send him into shock. His thoughts are all jumbled, scrambled and re-scrambled as anything resembling coherence dared stick it's head up. A distant whisper hums an eerie hymn in the back of his mind, slowly and disturbingly puts him at ease with thoughts of home. Wherever that may be.

"My… Name?"

More shadows materialerize into blarred vision as one humming tone becomes two and two becomes more until there are dozens of voices humming a song so familiar but so alien the man is unable to understand.


The shadows surround him as the Glowing Lady stands at in front of him, like the Light at the End of the Tunnel.