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Elijah POV :

His car passed the Salvatore Boarding house as he made his way to the the lodge Where the Hundred Witch's were burned alive , the place was chosen by Qetsiyah for their meeting .

The Ancient and powerful witch was surprisingly agreeable to this meeting , as convenient as this maybe to them it was also suspicious and worrying .

It mean that the witch is of Need of something from them in Return , as Powerful and influential as they were , He can't think of anything that she will want But the Immortal Silas .

He parked his Car a kilometer away from the lodge and made his way to the lodge on his Feet the Moon was casting the Dark Forest in Shadows and silver light .

He trekked the Forest in his Italian leather shoes with confident Stride's making his way to the lodge in under a minute with his vamp speed .

He stopped at the Land boarder as he was not allowed inside the marked Ground and waited , he can make out the figure of a small women inside the Lodge he could detect her Heartbeat's and hear her steps approaching the Door .

He straightened his posture and Put on a polite and confident smile , he Need to play this Right . especially against this obviously powerful witch .

He observed her as she made her way to ward the edge of the property line where he stood , he Noted the slight Resemblance she Held to Dear Ayana in their small Built and Caramel coloured skin the suppressed power and Aura of confidence around them .

Even though she lacked Ayana's wormth and Kindness the ancient witch eyes were old Crazed and Determined , just as Hayley had Described her . to think a Witch of her caliber would be brought Down by the betrayal of a man and a servant . to think a man like Silas who doesn't deserve her devotion will destroy this witch live like this it's quite Pitiable .

A whisper in the back of his Mind Resound with her Footsteps the Voice was obviously Kol familiar tamper . ' Bennett Witch's maybe the most Powerful line of Witch's , It's also the Most Cursed . none but a few of them Had died in Peace Brother , They say that they Were punished by Nature for all the unnatural spells they created . every powerful Nature Defying spell has their Mark on it they maybe Nature servants but they are her Enemies Too , Her favourite and Most Hated an odd combination don't you think ? ' .

Qetsiyah stopped infront of Him two steps inside the property line and smiled calmly at him , dressed in a Dark Blue Greek Dress Hinting at her origin and Gold Hair ornament . She extended Her Hand to him and he took it Gently placing a gentlemanly Kiss on Her Knuckles and Greeted confidently .

" Mr's Qetsiyah , or should I address you as Mrs Bennett ? " . He Politely .

" You must be Elijah Mikealson the Noble original , and the Well mannered one too " . the witch answered with a smirk . " You are permitted to address me as Qetsiyah " .

" Miss Qetsiyah then , would you like me to escort you into somewhere More suitable for our Negotiations ? " . Elijah proposed .

" That won't be Necessary , Please come in Elijah Mikealson . For Tonight we Allow you into our Land " . Qetsiyah invited Grandly , Elijah Has the urge to introduce her to Klaus the two will get along swimmingly Both Dramatic and vindictive , Maybe Kol too His Youngest Brother is Quite a Fan of the Witch .

" My Deepest Appreciation to Your Grace " . Elijah Nodded in Thanks aware of the Grace that the Witch's Has bestowed upon him , Not only did they invite Him into the Land Marked with their Power they also promised not to initiate any unwarranted violent attack .

He stepped beyond the Barrier and felt it brush over Him , He was careful not to show anything on His Face and Followed beside the Witch as he continued their conversation . " You can Call me Elijah , may I inquire of Who will Join us from your Family ? " .

Qetsiyah answered with a calm tone . " Not many , Just the Decision makers " .

Which means the most Powerful and influential from the line , he Set his Shoulders determinately . it doesn't Matter he Has set his Mind into this and he will Win them all by the end of the Night .

They entered the Old and Decrepit lodge into the Living Room where the spirit of at least forty Witch's was Gathered dressed in Different styles of Clothes and have Different hairstyles each Allude and Reflect the Era and social standing they Had on their lives .

He was Glad and Relieved to see the Face of Dear Ayana with them he smiled sadly at her Feeling Both Guilty and melancholic at the sight of their surrogate mother . she Beamed back at him like she always did when they were Humans and alive and they will visit her everyday .

" Heill OK saell my son " . Ayana Greeted as she Hurried to Him her Ghostly face was the same as he Remembered beautiful but Marred with Wrinkles and Laugh line's from Age and hard life .

" Heil OK Sael , Ayana " . the word's slipped easily centuries of unuse didn't erase His proficiency in His mother tongue .

" My child , My sweet Boy . I have missed you so Much , How is Finn ? . i tried to find him in the otherside but he Always alluded me " . Ayana asked worriedly .

" His soul is with us in New Orleans where we are Residing Now , He And Kol are Keeping Niklaus Company " . Elijah answered with a meaningful chuckle .

" Driving the Dear up the Wall you Mean " . She laughed Merrily . " How is Niklaus doing I Heared he Will be a Father ? ". Ayana asked curiously .

" He is Well , The Same old self but he is Mellowing a little bit everyday . The Affects of Fatherhood I must say ". Elijah Replied with a smile .

Ayana's Face lit up with Joy . " Tell Him that I'm Happy for him that I know he will do Right by His Child " . she Requested Tearfully .

Elijah smiled tenderly at The Matronly Women who was More of a Mother to them than Esther ever was , Who played an important Rule in their Human life and Childhood . " I'm certain He will be Glad to Hear this from you " . Elijah said confidently .

The two shared a smile Basking in their Reunion until they were interrupted by one of the older Looking Witch's Clearing up her Throat . " Now that Ayana is Done with her Reunion with her Boy , let's start . Shall we ? " . She Demanded Coldly .

The Witch who spoke was older than Ayana by at least a Decade her eye's were cold and Dark reminding him of Mikael's dressed in a Tan cotton dress that proceed their time . " You are Here on our magnanimity , Let's not waste our time and get straight to the point " . she Ordered imperiously .

" Malian " . Ayana scolded Coldly . " We will appreciate it if you keep your toxic tongue to Yourself , We want this Alliance so behave yourself " .

The Witch Malian eyes ignited with fury turning from Dark Brown to coal the other Bennett Witch's watched the two with Varying expressions of Annoyance interest and anger .

" Stop disgracing us , non of you are young Girls . we should show a united front here . we have Goals we need to achieve and enemies to take down " . an elderly woman interrupted and Everyone fell silence in obvious Respect . she turned to Elijah and smiled politely . " My Name is Antoinette Bennett , it Nice to Meet one of Ayana's adopted Children " .

Elijah smiled politely and Nodded his Head in Greeting . " It's an Honour to make your acquaintance Madam " .

Antoinette Bennett smiled back and Nodded at the women around her . " if my sisters don't disagree I will be the representative of our line with Tessa " . she stated and waited for anyone to Disagree .

The Witch's exchanged looks but no one disagreed , Antoinette Nodded with satisfaction . " you can present us your terms and demands Mr . Mikaelson " .

" I'm relived to know that's you are open to the idea of an alliance between our Families , I expected to met with resistance and rejection at first " . Elijah started calmly .

" Not many of us are open to the idea , But desperate times calls for desperate and disgraceful Measures " . Antoinette answered with pursed lips .

" You see as of now our line is limited to only one survivor , we Hope to change that By Resurrecting Bonnie Bennett as Sheila suggested but that won't solve the problem of our dying line " . She explained and Elijah could see her point the Bennett line could be Traced back to at leat Two thousands years in the past the spirits won't stand to see it extant .

" that and Qetsiyah still has an unfinished Business to take care off " . Antoinette continued .

" I see " . Elijah answered thoughtfully . " I'm certain you're aware of my Younger Brother soon to be Born Child " . at the mention of Hope the Witch's faces distorted angrily one of the young ones bit out icily . " Such an Abomination can't be Hidden long , its like a Beacon in the Heart of New Orleans that beg to be Exterminated " .

Elijah Head snapped towards the witch and fought Back valiantly to control his Features knowing that showing his vampiric face will make the Witch's more wary of Him . " Elizabeth " . Ayana warned Darkly .

The younger witch raised her chin defiantly and snapped with obvious disgust . " you can't force your opinion on me Ayana , that child is an Abomination of Nature a crime that need to be dealt with " .

Elijah's jaw twitched and he suppressed the urge to Blast her with an acidic remark that would have made her a sobbing mess in the least . Thankfully , he was beaten by Qetsiyah letting out a sharp Laugh .

" please , excuse her . you see Elizabeth is an extremist witch she believe that Witch's are the superior species and that everything else is just an Abomination " . Qetsiyah explained leisurely . " and the fact that her Werewolf lover has left her for another of his Pack has hurt her Pride she is Jealous of the fact that a Vampire could procreate but no fertility spell could grant her a child " .

Elizabeth face distorted and she shoot Qetsiyah a Venomous Glare and spat out angrily . " This coming from my crazed ancestor who is obsessed over a man who Harbour nothing but Disgust to her he even detain her maid more desirable , a vile witch who started this abominable specie to start with . you have no ground to shame me at least I'm not Back to live panting over a monster " .

Elijah Raised his Brow's in amusement noting the way the other Witch's stepped away from Qetsiyah and eyed her fearfully , instead of getting mad Qetsiyah's eyes flashed maliciously and she let a mirthful laugh .

" Lizzie sweet naive Lizzie , I assure you two millenniums in the otherside cured me of any love I have for Silas . what I want is to watch him suffer to witness the two star crossed lovers drawn in the Abyss of despair . when I'm done with Them Amara's soul will be shredded into million piece's in the most Painful ways and Silas ..." . she smiled a beautiful yet psychotic smile .

" Silas will be mine like he should have Been from the Beginning , what I would do to Him after that is my business " . she purred sweetly , Elijah was Reminded of Aurora the same obsession he could glimpse nearly a Millennium ago was in her eyes but instead with Niklaus and he shivered thankful that Niklaus harbour no more love to his sister first sire only dulled affection and Guilt .

Antoinette face Hardened and she Glared at the pale and horrified Elizabeth and the sweetly and calmed smiling Qetsiyah . " Now that you two are done Embarrassing and humiliating us , as Qetsiyah said please don't take Elizabeth word's to Heart she is prejudiced " .

" we know of your Brother unborn child , the spirits Talk . I assure you no matter what we think of Her we won't hurt a child ever nor would we Harm a pregnant woman " . Antoinette assured , the Witch's nodded seriously at him and he relaxed minutely knowing that at least for the foreseeable future Hayley and Hope are save from this powerful line .

" you see Mr. Mikaelson as spirits we can Glimpse into the future not many of us are capable of this and we can't see far only what nature allow , I can assure you that your Niece is Born into a powerful legacy and Has the potential for Greatness as witch a wolf or a Vampire " . Antoinette assured with a smile . and Elijah smiled at her he was already assured of Hope existence and the potential she has as Tribrid of the three species non the less he was thankful for the witch words .

" I'm Glad to hear this from you , and very thankful that my Niece and her mother won't Have to fear any Harm from you " . Elijah thanked them sincerely .

" which Take us to the main point , we may have no ill will towards your Niece . At the same time we won't promise to aid protect or Help her , it has always being our way to not interfere with stranger's affairs and not get involve unless it suit us . we aid family and family only " . Antoinette Elaported with a sigh and He frowned he understand her reasoning but he won't accept it anyway .

" I understand , You know us you know what we are capable of what we can offer you . please reconsider I have the location of the two Doppelgangers . I have Silas in long rang Surveillance I can lure him into a trap where You can cure Him . I can lure the Traveler's Here and you can stop them from destroying the otherside . isn't this enough " . Elijah enticed with his politest smile .

He smirked when Qetsiyah's eyes sparkled and her smile turned into a smirk , he noted the air of Excitement and his sensitive hearing pick on the small excited whispers the Witch's exchanged , Ayana sent him a victorious and a proud smirk he smiled at her and turn to Antoinette who looked around at her sisters But it was Qetsiyah who raised her Hand and silenced everyone .

" we accept " . she stated confidently . " How will you give me Silas " .

" Qetsiyah " . a few Bennett Witch's shouted in shock and outrage .

" You see what I mean , he mention Silas and she all but fall into his Hands " . Elizabeth sneer .

" Silas ? " . Qetsiyah ignore them and continue to press .

" I Know How to get him out of his Hidden place , a specifically worded compulsion on the Salvatore's can Bring Katerina Petrova Here and Silas will follow he can drain the cure of her which will make her a Doppelganger " . Elijah explained the plan he came up with Niklaus and Hayley .

" meanwhile I will tip her Daughter Nadia to where she is we can Bargain with her the Traveler's for her Mother and believe me she will agree " .

" we can kill Silas and the Traveler's at the same time " . Another witch breathed out in shocked excitement .

" And Amara ? " . Qetsiyah demanded .

" You made her the Anchor you can make another thing as an Anchor , I will leave it to you and your family to decide on it as long as It is not miss Bennett that just Cruel and she is far from immortal " . Elijah answered softly .

" what do you want in exchange ? " . Antoinette demanded .

" My Niece protection , and the promise of Aid from the Bennett line if there was ever a Need . and to link my Niece Blood to the Prison World too " .

" you want us to link the Gemini prison world spell to Your Blood ? " . a witch cried in outrage followed by other outraged cries .

" Not my Blood , I intend to approach the Gemini coven for a similar alliance . and Now that you informed me of the possibility of your line declining I'm sure Both of us will want a Failsafe " . Elijah soothed Calmly .

The Witch's exchanged looks , and Antoinette eyes sparkled with something she shared a look Ayana and Qetsiyah before the three Nodded in Agreement .

" we already have a Failsafe in place " . Antoinette stated ambiguously . and Elijah's Heart constricted in apprehension .

" You see Mr. Mikaelson , we invited you Here and with our choice already made . we chose to listen to your Reasons and Terms as Curtsey " . Antoinette continued Stiffly , and his already dead heart slowed down further his Sharp mind went through possibilities , arguments , persuades anything to change their minds to get his way .

" And we Agree if you add two Terms into our agreement " . Antoinette continued calmly , and his Heart slowed Down to Normal .

" I would love to Hear them first , before I promise anything " . Elijah responding equally as calm now that he is assured that they want and Need this Alliance as much as they do .

Antoinette Nodded with a small smile . " Our last living Descendants Lucy is in Hiding from a group of a wanna be Hunters and Dark artifacts collectors , she Helped them with a spell and they want her to undo it and then kill her we want a promise from your Family that as long as Lucy and Bonnie need you will always protect the two off them in Return of us siding with your family and Niece " . she explained .

Elijah thought Deeply about this before he answered . " the Matter of Miss . Lucy , can be easily Handled with an illusion spell a new identity I can send her out the country to one of our states or town houses she can Hide and live her life under a powerful clocking spell I will have Guards and surveillance around her no one will know where to find her . I can make her dead to the world " . Elijah suggested thoughtfully , it wasn't the first time that he provided such a protection to others on exchange for Favour's .

" it's Bonnie Bennett that I can't promise to extend my protection too , you can't protect and help someone who Don't want to live . the next time any of her friends or Elena Gilbert ask her she will die for them and that will negate the terms of our Agreement unless you don't count that as a preach of the Deal " . Elijah continued with a Displeased Frown .

" Leave Bonnie to us , what we want is for you to take her Back to New Orleans with you and once she learned her lesson and we lift our punishment from her we want your Brother Kol to teach her Magic as you have seen she is a complete Novice . as powerful as she is her ignorance is quite embarrassing " . Ayana answered with a down turned lips and suppressed irritation .

Elijah Nodded in Agreement . " I Agree to this term , but you must Talk to Miss Bennett about her conduct around my Brother the two despise each others . I will Handle Niklaus He will restrain himself if she behave herself " .

Antoinette smiled and assured him firmly . " we will impress that on her " .

" And what is your second Term then ? " . Elijah asked curiously .

" We told you of our family Modus operandiwe won't aid anyone who isn't family " . Antoinette pressed .

" And you expressed you do when you Gain enough from it " . Elijah insisted in contained irritation at the Witch's duplicity and repetitious nature .

" we Do , But what you are asking us is to stand against all the other spirits for a child that has no relation to us we may be powerful My Heart . but Number triumph power any day but fear not , as we speak the Ancestors of your Niece Mother and your Brother paternal side are Railing and calling Allies to protect the continuation of their lines through your Niece they are willing to go to extreme measures for Her " . Ayana was the one to explain , and he perked up at this new tad bit information .

He made a note to ask Hayley later and listened more attentively . " and this where your Niece come as surprisingly Good thing , our line would end with Bonnie we don't see any children in her future . Lucy on the other hand will have one child and that isn't reassuring enough for us , But if Your Brother and Miss Hayley will Allow us to Adopt their Daughter..."

" Pardon me " . Elijah spluttered in disbelieve , and questioning his hearing for the first time in his live . the Bennett line want to Adopt Hope as One of them what is the world coming too .

" I Assure you there is nothing Wrong with your hearing , and we do want to adopt your Niece with Magic and Blood she will be one of us a family and will have all the powers expressed through us and our line backing " . Antoinette proposed cautiously .

Elijah stared at the silently waiting witch's with shocked and Disbelieving expression he ignored their palpable amusement , his mind going Blank at the mere possibility the mere idea . he Raised his finger in a silent request for a minute and rubbed his eyes Tiredly .

Niklaus will Flip there was no way his possessive and overprotective Brother will Agree to let anyone laying Claim to his Daughter , God above the moment he mention adoption and Hope in one sentence will be his last because his Brother won't think twice before he Dagger him and Who know when he will wake him up maybe for Hope first Birthday or her wedding to complain to him about the undeserving sod non the less his Brother will blow a Gasket .

And he can't imagine Hayley's Reaction but with How overprotective she is of her Daughter she won't be far behind Klaus , and as Briefly as his acquaintance with her vindictive side is knowing her she will Marsh into Mystic fall dragging Sophie Deveraux with her and set fire on the Witch's corpse's as an answer with Klaus and Kol cheering her on .

" My family isn't into Grave desecration and Corpses Arsons , but you are pushing it " . he chuckled Darkly .

Ayana chuckled Back and explained to her confused family . " He means Klaus will Burn our Corpses as Retaliation for trying to steal his Daughter " .

The Witch's turned to him with horrified and furious expressions . only Qetsiyah found Humor on his Words as she Giggled to Herself with Glee .

" I'm afraid it's not Klaus who you will have to fear , But Hayley Marshall she can be vicious when it came to her Baby " . Elijah elaborated with amusement .

" is she ! , then I look forward to meeting her " . Qetsiyah said with raised brows , he made a mental note not to introduce the two or it may mean the end of their families collective sanity .

Clearing his throat He Returned to the topic seriously . " I can't give you my word without consulting my Brother and Hayley its their Decision " .

Antoinette Nodded in understanding and smiled politely , " that is understandable , you can consult with them , and we will wait for your answer tomorrow at the same time " .

Taking the dismissal as what it was Elijah bid them Goodbye and made his way Back to the Car , in less than ten Seconds he was behind the wheel and making his way back to Klaus mansion where he was staying until he conclude his Business in Mystic falls .

He Need to Talk with his Brother but Judging by the time Hayley will be sleep , This can wait until the Morning he Need a few hours of sleep Himself after the Jet lag .

Hayley Pov :Hayley was dreaming she know she was , she Remember going to bed hours ago feeling tired and sleepy . and now she was standing in a pair of shorts and long sleeved teddy bear shirt , with Bare feet's in the Heart of the Bayou .

She was so far into the Bayou that no single living being was close by , she walked around the small clearing careful not to step on any of the wolfsbane and other plants many of which are poisonous .

She may be in a vision but she didn't want to test her luck , especially with how dark and silent the clearing is . she heared the sound of footsteps behind her accompanied with the Rustle of Clothes .

She turned around vigilantly and looked around for a Hiding place , she could detect at least three footsteps and she didn't want to entangle in anything even if they won't notice her .

Just then four figures entered the clearing and her eyes widened in disbelieve and her mouth opened in astonishment . she froze as she eyed the four new arrival's in shock .

Especially at the only woman in the Group she was in her early forty with dark ebony hair with white streaks her skin was light olive tone darker than hers but lighter than her men companions , her eyes were Brown kind but filled with saddens and despair her Beautiful face was aged with stress lines that didn't diminish her beauty dressed in dark Red dress that reached her Knees and a bear fur coat in the Native style of her time Fifteen centuries ago was the Hallows mother .

Beside her was an elderly man she Remember from the wedding of the Hallows Parents he was an elder of the tribe , dressed in furs over brown clothes his Sharp dark Eyes made even darker and sharper by the white tribal marking on his face , his eyes were firmly on her examining calculating and judging .

To her ancestor Right was her Husband the father of the Hallow , he too was examining her with intense eyes . he was supporting another elder man older than the others he has a very long hair that was held back in a bun by a crown of feathers dressed similarly like his companion he was the only one smiling and the first to Notice her .

" Greetings , Andrea Labonair " . His voice was wane and low his words were broken indicating his unfamiliarity with the language .

" You ...You can see me ? " . Hayley questioned in disbelieve , gathering her bearing as much as she can .

The oldest man let out a Brittle laugh . " we summoned you here , hence . we can communicate with you , this is the Ancestral Realm were our soul Reside " . he waved around at the Dark Bayou around them . " you as our Descendent with our Blood running through your veins and the Magic of your child could enter and leave as you wish without the complete passing of your soul " .

" you mean I'm on the otherside without dying " . Hayley asked incredulously .

The other elderly man answered , his voice was deep and rough but kind . " you are in the in Between , your soul is still anchored to your Body . we draw your conscious here " .

Hayley had lived for thirty five years twenty two of which she spent drowned in the supernatural and this wasn't her first trip to the in between Mikael won that honor , so she took a deep breath and faced her current situation like any other with fierce determination , and strong willpower .

" what do you want ? " . she demanded keeping her eyes on them while mentally calculating her options of escape or fight .

" you have Nothing to fear from us , we are your family . all we want is for you to be Happy " . The Hallow mother stepped foreword with a smile her Dialect was smoother than her two companion but still broken .

" the Moment I believe the Ancestors are nothing but selfish cruel Monsters will be the Moment I'm cursed to insanity " . Hayley snorted in disgust .

" My child , Don't mistake us as a part of the French Quarter Ancestors . we may be related to them but they are working for their own ends " . The oldest man explained wanly .

" we are the ones who Brought you from your peace to live again " . The man , the Hallows father stated imperiously .

Hayley's breath caught and she gaped at them in shock . " wh...what ? ... how ? why ? " . she stuttered in disbelieve .

The Hallow father smiled and stepped towards her . " if you want answers , then you should hear our story " .

" I already know your story I know How your tribe created the Hallow , How your wive killed her . what i want to know is How did you bring there me Here ? ," . Hayley demanded shakily .

The Woman gave her a reproaching glare like Hayley's is a misbehaving Child and Hayley resisted the urge to Glare Viciously at the woman she was Thirty six years old and a mother Herself she won't cower from a Glare from her ancestor thank you very much .

" Listen you disrespectful Child " . The Hallows father ordered sternly and nodded respectively at the oldest man he was supporting .

The man sat on the Ground and gestured for everyone to sit down with him the four sat down in a semi circle with only Hayley standing they eyed her expectingly she sighed but sat with her feet tugged under her .

The elder man started . " My nam is Dasan in the words of our people it means chief . I have lived a long live and seen many things I experienced A Hundred and Thirty summers when I died . by then my Grandson has lead the tribe for thirteen summers before his own death " . He gestured to the Hallows father .

" This is my Grandson by marriage wahali , and my Granddaughter Halona and my fellow tribe elder Nahele " . he gestured to everyone of them who nodded at her in Greeting .

" our ancestors had lived in this land for over five thousands years . at first we were two waring tribes for hundred of years we fought over everything food water and magic I lost my Brother's and my son's to this wars and only had Halona to continue my blood so I agreed to the elders suggestion and married her to wahali and never regretted my Decision , then Halona became pregnant , a child who will solidify our ties who will be a sign a beacon of Hope and prosperity . we wanted her to be strong to Reunite and inherit the tribe and lead it wisely . we used dark magic to summon a powerful spirit and put her in the child we blessed the child with magic and powers over the living and many powerful Boon's " .

" we watched How your family defeated the Hallow , we appreciate and respect their sacrifice . this family has suffered fought and lost too much because of our mistake . our line was slaughtered you and your child were Heartbroken and Died " . He paused the four giving her an apologetic and sympathetic looks .

" it was our mistake , we created the Hallow and we plan to destroy her this time before she can Destroy the last of our Blood lives and the world " . Dasan promised determinately .

" we Brought you back from peace , we exhausted enormous efforts to give you this chance without any other supernatural knowing no Ancestors or other Witch's know that you are a time traveler " . Wahali explained calmly .

Hayley stared silently at them her head spinning , trying to understand the enormity of this situation . this explain How she ended up back in the past , and why the Ancestors aren't after her Blood . at least she was Brought back by her will meaning ancestors not some mysterious cosmic power or a Hidden enemy trying to use her before turning on her . this she can Deal with .

She took a deep breath and Looked each one of them in the eyes with sincere Gratitude . " Thank you for Giving me this chance , for the opportunity to fix my mistake and protect the people I love " .

Halona smiled gently back at her ." No need to Thank us Andrea , after all we have our own selfish gain from helping you " .

Hayley looked at her not surprised by her words she asked Dasan . " and what are those Gains ? " .

" we want Inadu destroyed when she is released from her prison , in Return we will protect you and Hope and bless you with our Tribe power " . Dasan stated softly .

" I'm Ready to do anything to destroy the bitch as long as my family doesn't suffer " . Hayley agreed cautiously , before she continued with the Same tone . " what kind of protection and blessing are you talking about ? " .

The four exchanged apprehensive looks that had Hayley on alert , it was Nahele who answered her . " you married Jackson Kenner so your pack can share in your enhanced powers and break the curse put on them , the unification ceremony you partake in was a simpler Ritual than the one me and my wife participated in . there are many other Rituals like that one what we suggest is one of our oldest most Powerful Rituals of Blessing and unity it will bless Both you and Hope with unimaginable powers not Even Inadu was as powerful as Hope will be . we will give the same Basic blessing we did with Inadu this time we won't tamper with Hope soul . she will be a true simple of Hope and prosperity not only to our Tribe and line but the Witch line that the old ones descend from and other Allies " .

Hayley was silent for along time trying to understand what her ancestors are proposing . her head was floating with thoughts but she didn't hesitate in her final answer . " No " . she denied firmly with uncompromising tone .

" Think about it Andrea , your enemies are strong . unless you plan to keep the timeline as close to what it originally was you will lose the advantage you have and visions can change in a second it take a whimsical decision form an enemy and you will be in Trouble " . Halona coaxed softly .

" in the Game of dominance you are Nothing but a Target to the other Faction's the Moment you expose yourself you will be Hunted for Who you are and what Hope is . it Happened before and it will Happen Now " . Wahali said sadly .

Hayley licked her lips surprisingly feeling her throat drying , she is Honest enough with herself to acknowledged that they are Right she had lived that live before had Died because of her poor thinking and nativity once . she believed that she was the one who Run the Faction that she had Witch's in her Side and that has costed her her live and nearly Hope's , and she let her guard down believed that she was in the top as lisina had said she had being in the top for so long that she forgot how to look down and around her and she died and Hope barley survived .

She won't sunk to that Bottom again , she will do whatever it take anything to destroy her enemies for her family to be Happy and united . No more loses and no more Arrogant decision .

" tell me everything about this Ritual " . she demanded with a displeased frown .

" the Ritual it self is very simple , it has to be done three Times . the first is when you finished twelfth weeks of pregnancy and before you start the thirteenth week , you need to come here when the sun come down and the moon raise . we will be waiting with Whoever want to bless the child we will have everything prepared " . Nahele explained Happily .

Hayley Nodded before she threatened . " if you Harm My Daughter in anyway , anyway I will destroy you even if I have to die and hunt you I will " .

" we promise you that no harm will come to the two of you , the Ritual will affect you too . you will Notice that your senses will improve your speed and strength will increase and once you transition into a Hybrid you will be much faster and stronger than you ever were you will be a warrior of old " . Dasan soothed gently . and Hayley nodded in interest and shock intrigued by the possibility , if her ancestors are truthful then such advantages will come in hand .

" before we leave we have a last piece of advice for you , your enemies are strong until you dispose of the most threatening ones don't tamper much with the main points , ' don't stir the Grass and warn the snake ' . kill them while they underestimate you , and until Hope is Born keep close to the original time so you don't lose your advantage . don't underestimate the Ancestors they are more monstrous than you can ever be " . Dasan advised seriously , and Hayley nodded thoughtfully she can see their points . she need to rethink her plans and take this advise to heart .

She smiled at the three Gratefully . " I will take your advice seriously , Thank you for doing all of this for us " . she said sincerely .

" You are welcome Andrea labonair , may the Blessing of God be with you " . Nahele said kindly at that the four faded like in a tiny shower of lights .

She opened her eyes to the sight of her Room Bathed in Light , and the smell of Ginger tea on her Night stand she blinked as the blinding light stung her eyes and Klaus voice Greeted her .

" Ah , you are finally awake I started to worry when you didn't Respond to any of my attempts to rouse you " . Klaus Greeted with a Relived sigh from his place on her bedside .

She sat up and leant Back on the pillow and took the cup for a deep sip before she massaged her Throbbing temple . " you won't Believe the Dream I had Klaus , I feel like I didn't sleep a wink and I Probably didn't "

Klaus took her Hand in his gently and examined her wane and pale face worriedly . " Did you Have another Vision ? , what can be this Bad love ? " .

" No vision , just my Ancestors Deciding to pull me for a Chat " . Hayley answered tiredly . " I will change and Come down with you give me two minutes " .

She Passed him the still filled cup and got of the bed slowly feeling Both Drowsy and weary her head was pounding and she felt faint and probably would have fell and hit her head hadn't Klaus hurried to support her . he leaned her Back on the Bed softly .

" easy there love " . he soothed gently as he helped her lay on her back and covered her with the Quilt . " you should Rest more we can talk later as long as it is not an urgent matter ? " .

Hayley shock her head softly and Klaus nodded Back and said gently . " I will bring you something light to eat , then you can have a Nap and if you feel will by lunch we can discuss the conversation you had with your ancestors " .

He didn't wait for an answer before he speed down to the main floor . five minutes later he came back with a worried Rebekah behind him Holding a tray she smiled and placed it on the table beside her . Klaus passed her the Porridge with little Honey and a spoon she forced down the Rising nausea and drank a few spoonful before passing the ceramic bowl back to The Frowning Klaus .

" you must finish all of this little wolf , you can't fall a sleep on an empty stomach " . Klaus coaxed seriously , holding a spoonful out for her to drink .

" I can't drink anymore , maybe later " . she denied with a wane smile feeling nauseous .

Rebekah put a hand on Klaus shoulder and stopped him from pressing her further , and took the bowl from him before smiling kindly at her . " Later then , Rest now . we will be downstairs both of us are staying Home today call us if you need anything " .

" I will , thank you Rebekah " . Hayley thanked her sleepily .

" sleep well , little wolf " . Klaus said softly patting her check in comfort before he stood up and followed his sister out after pulling the curtains and checking on the Balcony lock , he stood by the door for a few seconds watching her worriedly then left the door half agar behind him .

Hayley closed her eyes and fell sleep instantly feeling exhausted and sick .

Rebekah pov :

When Rebekah Drove her way to The City of New Orleans with the intent of finding her older Brother check on his wellbeing and leave .

She wanted nothing to do with the game Klaus is playing with the Witch's and Marcel that Treacherous Basterd , she felt only pity and envy for the Werewolf that is settled with her Brother Klaus for God know How long before he see some precept threat on her and kill her .

She didn't know much about the Werewolf girl except that she is young around Twenty was one of Katherine Pierce deceived tools and that she is carrying Klaus miracle Baby .

You can imagine her surprise when she stormed the compound her family lived in once before they moved to the Abattoir , to the sight of a beautiful young woman in white night gown and Robe interrogating her .

She immediately Recognized her from Elijah's description , she taunted her trying to get a Rise from her to Judge her Character . and was both surprised and impressed when the she Wolf strutted Down the Stairs like she own the compound and sat like a Queen on Klaus fifteen century high back chair .

Even more she Didn't Raise to the Bait But Countered with a fond comparison Between Her and her Brother . well she didn't expect that nor did she expect to Hear that Elijah is away from New Orleans she contemplated if Klaus lied to the Girl so she won't Question Elijah's disappearance .

Her surprise turned into confusion when her Brother stalked into the compound with a Bag of Jumbo that he present to the shewolf who excused herself politely to her Room , what astonished and shocked her the most was the Honest Tenderness and care her Brother showed the Girl .

Her Brothers were all Masters at charming Girls of their feet's the long list of dead and alive ex lover's will attest to that , only Handful of those gain her Brothers Respect and True Affection .

Her apprehension at stepping a foot in this cursed city turned into Happiness and Relief once Nik took her to their Brothers , she Believed that she will never see them again and she was determined to bring them back to her even if she has to burn this city down Witch's , Werewolves , vampires and Humans as a sacrifice .

She had her servants send her luggage to the city overnight , and followed her Brothers plan to the tee . which lead to her current dilemma .

Rebekah Mikealson was wary and confused and the subject of that is her Brother ex one night stand turned Pregnant Werewolf , Rebekah was used to her Brothers dragging her to their Problems mind you this is an entirely new one .This wasn't what she expected at all , she confessed that she was both jealous and Bitter when Elijah called with the news of some Witch's using a Girl her Brother knocked up as a leverage over him to threat him .

And that jealousy and Bitterness was the reason she didn't take the First flight to New Orleans to Rip those Bitch's to pieces .

You can't know Rebekah Mikaelson without knowing she Hate what she is Now , once upon a time she was a Human with small dreams their life wasn't the Best but she was content , content with being the Daughter of a loving Witch a stone hearted Viking warrior the younger sister of four stupid But sweet older Brothers the older sister of the kindest Liveliest child in their village .

And she was happy all she wanted was to fall in love with a kind and honest man have as many children as she can with him live in a small House raise them with love and die peacefully with her loving family by her deathbed .

But Now sitting at the Breakfast table with her siblings for the first time in months sipping her Tea , and listening as Klaus Wake up Hayley as his Routine the past few days she frowned in deep thought . she had not believed Klaus when he told her that he look forward to his Daughter Birth .

At first she thought that he is going along and doing this to Satisfy Elijah , who Nik love and Respect the most in their family . that he show care to the she wolf to Honor his promise to Elijah and he was but more than that he truly care about his child .

She caught him many times looking at Hayley's small Baby Bum , or cocking his head to the side with a tiny smile listening to the child Heartbeat's . and the fact that in the two weeks she spent Here she saw the caring way Klaus Treat Hayley .

This Week was the most Bizarre she had in her Millennium long existence , She Noticed the true Respect and trust her Brothers had on Hayley they treat her as a Friend and a Family . ask her opinion and involve her in their plans and more importantly she stood up to her Brothers especially Klaus told him off at least twice and talked him out a dangerous and Malicious plans seven times and more frightening is the fact that Klaus let her .

You should know that the only one capable of talking Klaus out of anything is Elijah and only Elijah especially once he made up his mind . but now that privilege extended to Hayley .

Just then Klaus surged into the Dining Room with a worried expression in his face she put down her tea in worried anticipation , and Noticed Finn move from his place by the window watching the Garden . and Kol moving his attention from the Television to Klaus with a startled expression . " Nik ? " . the three asked curiously at the same time .

" where is Amanda ? " . Klaus hurriedly Demanded .Rebekah frowned but called out None the least . " Amanda " . A minute later Amanda walked calmly into the Room and bowed her head politely . " Miss Mikaelson , Can I help you in anyway ? " .

Klaus cut her off before she can answer . " Amanda , I want you to prepare something light but nutritious for Hayley . she isn't feeling will , Quickly " . he Demanded with a displeased frown .

" I don't Believe so , but she didn't sleep at all last Night and it is taking its toll on her " . Klaus answered agitatedly .

Rebekah moved to his other side and hold his arm comfortingly . " Nik , What is wrong ? " . she tentatively asked feeling worried for the temperamental but kind girl .

" her ancestors are up to something , I don't know what yet . and she isn't in a good condition to explain ..." . Klaus answered with forced calmness that turned into explosive Rage . " if they even entertain the thought of Harming my child I will destroy them " .

Kol Raised his Brow's in disbelieve and mumbled to himself . " she talked with her Ancestors ! , but you can't do that without preparation and a witch helping you . unless ..." .

Kol Trailed off in understanding . " that explain why she is sick " . he continued off in amusement .

Klaus head snapped towards Kol so fast that if he was a human he will have had whiplash . " Lovely to know that you are still a witch encyclopedia , now explain that to us " . he demanded angrily .

Kol rolled his eyes but explained anyway . Thankfully , the last thing they Need is Kol goading Nik into losing his temper . " they must have pulled her into the in between , her soul is still anchor to her Body but her consciousness is in the otherside it cause symptoms of Headache sickness nauseas body achebecause the body has to exert magic to keep the soul inside which as a werewolf she doesn't have much off which mean her body channelled Hope magic which is not Good for both of them " . Kol trailed off worriedly .

Rebekah's Heart statured when Kol spoke Hope and not Good in one sentence , what did the Ancestors did ? , Did they Hurt Hope ? . who will she kill if they did ? . she turned worriedly to the pale and shocked Klaus beside her and Back to Kol who looked Guilty and Agitated .

Finn moved closure to Klaus and calmed all of them firmly ." the Ancestors didn't get what they want yet . they won't Hurt Hope and Hayley until they do and if Hayley noticed anything she would have said something " . Finn suggested .

" Amanda had made porridge for Breakfast , let her add ginger and ginseng . once Hayley is a sleep Amanda can do a simple spell to check on her " . he continued .

Klaus sighed and Nodded in agreement and Kol shoulders dropped , Rebekah took the chance to speed to the Kitchens and relay the instructions back to Amanda .

Kol may have been the witch expert but Finn wasn't a slouch either , he learned and aided their mother and Ayana with Healing and Magic from the lightest to the Darkest spells their mother created .

She took the tray from Amanda and made her way to Hayley's Room behind Klaus , Klaus knocked gently before he pushed the door and kept it up for her . Hayley was laying on bed her normally healthy and rosy cheeks are pale her eyes are red rimmed and she looked ill and exhausted .

She looked Worse than what Klaus indicated but not in pain or worried , she put the tray on the Table near the bed and passed the porridge to Klaus who sitting on the bed beside Hayley checking her temperature .

Hayley took the ceramic bowl from him and drink a few sips before passing the Bowl back to Nik with nauseous expression . the poor thing was nearly trembling from fatigue .

" you must finish all of this little wolf , you can't fall a sleep on an empty stomach " . Klaus coaxed Hayley sternly but his eyes were fond and worried , he filled a spoon and move it to her lips .

Hayley's face twisted in disgust and she answered with a wane smile . " I can't Drink anymore , maybe later " . Klaus looked ready to coax the werewolf until she relented and finished everything , she touched his shoulder and gave him a pleading look and smiled when he relented .

she gave Hayley a comforting smile and spoke kindly to the likable Girl . " Later then , Rest now . we will be downstairs both of us are staying Home today call us if you need anything " .

" I will , thank you Rebekah " . Hayley thanked her sleepily her eyes were dropping .

" sleep well , little wolf " . Klaus said softly patting Hayley's check in comfort before he stood up and followed her out after pulling the curtains and checking on the Balcony lock , he stood by the door for a few seconds watching Hayley worriedly she went down first and smiled reassuringly to her dead brother's and put the tray on one of the Tables for Amanda to pick later ." she fell a sleep " . she informed the two who sighed in relief .

Klaus came down the stairs and made his way to his laptop with a Dark expression she knew too will , her brother was scheming How to retaliate or Protect Hayley and Hope if the Ancestors are after them .

She watched Klaus type fast in his laptop , He and Elijah has got her up to date with this century technology , when she was first awakened by by Nik and Stefan she was both Amazed and scared by the change's she felt like she stepped into a parallel universe to the one she was used too . She went from automobile and wired telephones And Radios , Black and white movies too Android phones , Laptops and endless other Wonder's .

that why she wanted to leave mystic falls she wanted to explore this new world to rediscover the places she loved and was familiar with too see experience and learn and she did that and more this summer even if she come to accept that her company wasn't the Best .

Klaus finished Reading the report his spies sent him and he steepled his fingers over his lips thoughtfully before his head snapped to the stairs and he watched them expectingly . she looked up to the and let out a soft sigh when Hayley made her Down the stairs in pink tired CAMI White leggings and pink flats , her Hair was half Dry but still curled around her face beautifully .

She pouted to Herself jealous of Hayley's dark luscious curls . they were Dark Brown soft Gorgeous and complemented her face and skin tone , she noticed the simmering look Nik was giving the oblivious shewolf and Groaned silently to Herself .Bloody Hell , her Brothers are Back on their old Habits for falling for the same girl .

At least Hayley isn't a Doppelganger nor did she have the two faced and bitchy tendencies Her Brother ex's seems to come equipped with . And she wasn't a Goody two Shoe's Judgy bitch like Elena Gilbert and her friends were .

Hate filled her Heart at the memory of the Scooby gang , Frankly she was disgusted with the level of Hypocrisy that twin and it's inhabitants are filled with . it's sickening .

She and her Brothers were never Delusional about what they have become , from the moment they each had spelt innocent Blood in their Haze of Bloodlust and overwhelming emotions they knew that they aren't good people anymore and they never pretended to be ones or Judge other on sins they committed themselves like the Doppelganger and her naive friends .

Did Stefan really forgot what and who he was the Massacre and destroyed body's and families he left in his wake , or How Damon has left awake of compelled and killed poor girl's in his wake .

none of her Brothers have ever compelled a girl into their Bed's their was some levels evils that they will never stoop too .They seduce Girls , either they already know about the supernatural world or if they suspected anything they won't by the first sun rays . they never took pleasure from an innocent woman suffering .

Hayley had fit in easier with them than she thought she will , the young werewolf was like them she lost her innocence early just a child of thirteen and seems her younger years wasn't any nicer .

she didn't have choice to be a part of the supernatural world nor Did she see this as some kind of Romantic tragedy or some kind of teen Angst like the immature Kids in Mystic falls Do , it was all about survival and identity for Hayley Marshall . She Know the weight of Guilt of Shedding Blood of the Need to live and pick up and Kill more if the need arise for survival and family .

She doesn't lie Hide or make Excuses she was what she has to be , and she is proud confident Merciful and Humane in her own way and she respected and liked that the mother of her Niece is a strong and devoted woman like Hayley .

She got along with Hayley and there is a Budding Friendship Here a true one not the one filled with lies and Deceits the Dopplebitch used to Back stab her .

Hayley smiled kindly to them and made her way to the soft and comfortable couch that Klaus Bought and was fond off , Klaus moved and helped her lay gently on the couch he passed her a cushion which she used as a pillow she laid back and closed her eyes falling a sleep again .Finn smiled amusedly and Klaus bit his lips to suppress a laugh , she exchanged an amused look with her siblings .

Kol Couldn't Resist teasing the Tired Wolf . " Was the Bed Not Comfortable enough for you Hayley ? " ." I don't want to be Alone " . Hayley murmured Tiredly and Yawned sleepily .

They four smiled in understanding , Too Familiar with the Need to be surrounded by others especially Family . Rebekah took one of light Blanket and covered Hayley and tucked the Blanket around her small Baby bump she Rubbed it affectionately and smiled at the Half sleep Hayley who smiled Back at her with Mysterious fondness .

Finn went Back to watching the newly Fixed Fountain , Elijah has some compelled Humans renovate the House the past Month . Finn was taken by the architecture and History of the city , Kol Returned to watching a crime investigation movie . Niklaus was sitting in the armchair beside Hayley reading some reports in his Laptops , and looking up to check on Hayley .

Rebekah took out Her phone , she Has a lot of things to prepare and many things to take care off . Hayley will Need Maternity dressed soon and she have to order the supply that Nik asked her too for Hope Nursery , they Need to be ordered at least three months in Advance . And with their quest to take over their city Back she will be very busy .

Hayley pov :

Hayley wake up in mid afternoon feeling well Rested and better she took the Blanket off her and sat up looking around while Rubbing sleep off her eyes .

Klaus voice Greeted her as he closed the laptop he was working in and gave her a calm smile . " Hello , love . are you Done with your Beauty sleep ? " .

She didn't even try to resist the urge and Rolled her eyes at him . " I'm feeling Great Klaus , thank you for asking in your twisted way " . she sassed with Yawn and stretched her arms lazily .

He didn't replay he smirked at Rebekah who lowered her phone and was observing them with obvious curiosity , and fake whispered mockingly . " She is back to Normal , Dark sense of Humor and all " .

Hayley ignored him and pulled the cushion to her lap and gave him an apprehensive look that he Returned a moment later . " Hayley ? " . he asked cautiously .

Hayley sighed tiredly and licked her lips before she started worriedly ." I have something to tell you , but... You need to stay Calm and Rational " .

Klaus face stiffened before it morphed into barley controlled anger . " Get to the point Little wolf " . he growled tensely .

" we should call Kol and Finn " . Hayley suggested with a calming smile .

Klaus Head snapped to Rebekah's and he parked out one word . " Rebekah " . Rebekah didn't hesitate React or question she speed to the Hidden library and came back a few painfully tense minutes later .

The three settled around her and Klaus and Hayley told a mildly abridged version of her conversation with her ancestors , and left out the parts about her ancestors bringing her from the otherside and any related information . by the end Klaus was red in the face and Neck and his eyes were amber and he was vibrating in his seat his hands fisted so tightly that she can hear his Bones cracking .

Finn was Blanched as a ghost could be and he looked worried and nervous . Rebekah was leaning faintly on her seat looking like she has A painful Headache and Hayley commiserated .

Surprisingly it was Kol who kept his cool and was pacing thoughtfully infront of them .

" let's go over this conversation again , your ancestors pulled you into the otherside to tell you that your ancestors ... Our ancestors are gathering allies to keep Hope save and bless her with some Ritual that will make her a super witch " . Kol summarized incredulously .

" Pretty much yeah " . Hayley shrugged off Helplessly .

Klaus face twisted further , but Kol didn't care and continued . " and this Ritual was Done before by your ancestors before to bless the witch who created the Werewolf species " .

Hayley explained more . " Not exactly the Tribe took the soul of a powerful witch and put it in a newborn who was Blessed by the Ritual which turned out to be a very malevolent spirit that killed many of them before she was stopped , even in death she is getting more and more Powerful the Ancestors are tasked with keeping her imprisoned . a few years ago a witch cracked her prison and she will be out to destroy all supernatural's soon " .

" and your ancestors want you to Kill this unkillable monster ? " . Rebekah asked in disbelieve .

Hayley sighed and rubbed her eyes exhaustedly . " the only one who can kill her is one of her Blood , she ... She has her minions kill my parents and family . there is only me and Hope with her Blood " .

Klaus Growled and stood up in one flued motion and kicked the vase on the Table to the wall , no one flinched or Reacted they were all waiting for him to lose his temper .

Hayley smiled gently at him . " Calm down Klaus . I Already have a plan to destroy her without any of us being hurt . that were your first sires will come in Hand " .

Klaus turned too her with a frown but at least he was calmer . " is that why you want me to keep them alive even though they are planning our demise " .

" The only thing that can Destroy you is the white oak stake , there is one that your mother spelled to be indestructible . Freya can destroy it . And another one you don't know about " . Hayley stated worriedly contemplating if she should mention the one that Klaus kept hidden .

The four Blanched and Klaus rushed to her and took her shoulders in his hands firmly . " do you know where is that piece is Hayley ? , we need to destroy it " . he urged worriedly .

" Calm down Klaus , you have it with you . here in the compound " . Hayley soothed Gently .

" Nik ? " . Rebekah and Kol asked Tentatively . but stopped when they saw the confused expression in his face .

" a thousand years ago you made a wooden Knight for Rebekah you gave it to Hope its her Favourite toy she can't part with it for anything . turned out that you unknowingly curved it from the white oak stake , we didn't know until it was stolen and made into Bullets to kill you " . Hayley elaported more than she should have but she needed those piece's destroyed .

Klaus relaxed and Rebekah fell back on her chair in relief . " I would destroy the toy know and get ride of the aches " . Klaus promised seriously .

" Not before you make another exact one for Hope , she loved that toy and it mean a lot for the three of you " . Hayley ordered with finger wave between Klaus Rebekah and The baby Bump .

Klaus smiled at her and Rebekah who was beaming adoringly at her Brother and her Baby Bump . " I will Carve one for her an exact copy , maybe we should have Elijah collect the wood from Mystic fall too Keep up the Authenticity " . he suggested with an amused Hum .

" As long as I don't have to deal with a stubborn Baby without her Favourite toy to calm her " . Hayley mumbled softly .

" stubborn ? " . Finn asked curiously .

" You have no idea " . Hayley grimaced . " stubborn and spoiled and it's all their fault " . Hayley accused with a groan and another pointing finger at his younger siblings direction .

The three have the decency to act apologetically even if they weren't feeling apologetic at all . Rebekah hurried to change the topic and cleared her throat . " How do you feel about our Ancestors proposal ? " .

" they promised not to tamper with Hope soul , its just a blessing Ritual like a Baby shower but with the Ancestors blessing us ..." . Hayley started uncertainly but was cut off by a Horrified cry from Rebekah that startled everyone .

" Baby shower , I forgot about the Baby shower . I need to plan that in Advance too , I need to prepare invitations . plan the theme and decoration hire a service and order the best catering company in the city . we need to find you a suitable dress in white or pink maybe baby blue ..." . Rebekah was Rumbling to Herself in panic vamp speeding around the Room typing something in her phone collecting her Laptop and post it notes .

Kol was the first one to Brush off his shock and disbelief and demanded irritatedly . " Bex Have you lost your Marbles " .

" sod off Kol , I don't have the time for your silliness " . Rebekah snapped back equally as irritated .

Klaus wasn't far behind his Brother at least he tried to explain things Gently to his Baby sister . " Bekah , love . Hayley is Barley twelve weeks pregnant . Baby showers are usually held in the third trimester , we want to keep the Baby a secret ..." .

" But Nik , this is your daughter . the first Baby in the family and maybe only baby . its a Right of Passage for every pregnant woman and Baby we will spoil the two extravagantly ... I want Pictures lots of cute pictures to share with Hope and Freya " . Rebekah pouted dejectedly , and Hayley felt sorry for her Brothers who were faced with this dejected kicked puppy look . Klaus was the first to succumb always the overly doting Brother and once tears filled Rebekah's ryes Finn and Kol surrendered immediately .

" let's wait until Hayley is Seven month long , if we can then you have a free Reign to do what you want " . Klaus promised with a sigh . and Rebekah's face broke into a wide smile no hint of tears in her eyes .

" Manipulative Bitch " . Kol mumbled with an eye Roll , Rebekah's mature answer was sticking her tongue out at him .

Finn was the one to Return them back to their original dilemma . " I don't see any harm from this Ritual , to Have the spirit of Nature on our side will come in hand " . he said calmly .

Klaus nodded thoughtfully . " the full moon is Four days from now , Rebekah and I will accompany Hayley to the Ritual site . I want Assurance and the spirits word that no harm will come to Hope from this " . Hayley and Rebekah Nodded in Agreement with his plan .

Kol Rubbed his Hands in anticipation . " let's call Elijah , I want to know How his meeting with the Bennets went " . Kol suggested curiously .

" A Good idea " . Klaus agreed with equal curiosity , he connected his iPhone to the flat screen before calling Elijah phone .