The Olympian God of Destruction:

Chapter 1: Prologue

Age 780… In the World of Void…

No… no, no, no! Th-this can't be real…

This was the current, soul-crushing thought of Universe 7's God of Destruction. The anorexic looking, anthropomorphic, purple cat deity sweat nervous bullets down across his feline face, eyes chalked full of shock and growing horror, as he looked down below him at his last hope for his universe's survival. The last three members of Universe 7 that had remained in the tournament, now lying down just below his seat in crumpled heaps.

Goku's Gi ripped to pieces and barely clinging to his battered and bruised body. Frieza laid out near him on his front, part of his tail ripped off with innumerable bruises and injuries littering his pasty white and purple body. And finally, Android 17, who was laid out on his side weakly clutching his broken arm, as the rest of his body shivered in almost unbearable agony, his park ranger uniform torn up and bloodied from all the abuse his own body had taken.

Why… why did this have to happen!? Things were looking so promising there, too!

Following Goku and Jiren's awe-inspiring clash where the two had given it their all, with Goku, the ever tenacious Saiyan, managing to achieve the legendary state of Ultra Instinct, something which not even he had properly mastered, whilst Jiren broke his limits and ascended to a higher level of power than previously thought possible, the two had been left in battered states. Goku had initially come out the victor in the battle, but the ultimate technique of the Gods proved to be too much for his body to handle, leading to a ferocious backlash that had nearly rendered him unconscious in indescribable pain.

After that, Jiren on that clown Belmod's order, ahd gone in reluctantly for the finish, only to be cut short by 17 and Frieza, who were still somehow in the damn ring and capable of fighting.

Beerus had dared to get his hopes up, as an exhausted Jiren faced off against the two, and by the end they appeared to finally have him defeated! He had been on his knees, confidence and will to fight shattered, and all Frieza, the bloody idiot had to do, was finish it!

But no… that would've been too easy. Instead, Frieza had wasted time, and even allowed for Toppo to give Jiren a damn pep-talk of all things, and before any of them knew it, Jiren's ironclad resolve was back in full force, and the bastard might as well have risen like a phoenix when he got to his feet, brimming with new found power, and batted Frieza away from him.

Things weren't a total loss, he'd thought at the time, as Goku had somehow managed to miraculously get back up and continue fighting, helping the other two to push Jiren back, giving it everything they had left to win.

The instant Goku and Frieza had managed to push Jiren outside of the remains of the stage, he'd been about ready to cheer, as it looked like the two were about to overpower him and toss him out alongside themselves. He'd even let a nervous grin form on his face, hoping more than ever that it was so.

He should've damn well known not to tempt fate like that.

Before he knew it, Jiren, in a last gasp to win, had unleased the miniscule remains of his power, battling for dominance against Frieza and Goku's aura's in a clash of wills. Their purple and golden Ki's meshing together as they fought against his burning red energy.

They had been off the damn stage then, what had happened then shouldn't have been possible but, against all odds, and to his utter horror, Jiren's energy had managed to overwhelm the two of them. His power bursting forth like a miniature-supernovae, engulfing the two and blinding those in the stands to what was going on for a brief moment.

When the light had cleared, to his immense shock, Goku and Frieza's bodies had been laid out before him, unconscious and without movement, which they were to this very moment.

Jiren had then reappeared on the broken stage, barely able to hold himself upright, but he'd been there. Towering over 17, who by that point had fallen to his knees, unable to keep himself standing after all he'd been through, clutching his broken arm quite like he was now, only then, he'd looked up in shock of his own seeing Jiren standing before him.

The young man hadn't so much as been given time to let out a word, before Jiren had launched a Ki blast into his chest, much like he'd done to Hit earlier on in the tournament and blasted him out of the crumbled remains of the arena. His Ki blast detonating not long after in an unholy, fiery red explosion. 17's screams of agony could be heard from within as he took the full brunt of it, before his defeated and broken body had plummeted into the void as well, before reappearing up in the stands along with the other two in the blink of an eye.

He hadn't been able to process it at the time, and still couldn't fully come to terms with it now that Jiren was the sole survivor left in the destroyed ring, whilst all of his team were in the stands with him and the other Gods and Angels, alongside the rest of the grey-skinned alien's team.

Th-they had lost… his universe had lost…

"Heh…. hehehehaha! Yes! He did it! Jiren won it!" Belmod, the clownish-looking destroyer god of Universe 11 cheered with overflowing elation. His pasty white face the picture of a grinning madman who'd just cheated death, and in a way, he absolutely had, as the rest of Universe 11 joined him with looks of relief plastered on their faces.

Beerus on the other hand, may as well have looked like a withered down, death-row prisoner who's execution was nigh. His purple skinned features so pale he looked almost ghost-like. His jaw unhinged, and pupils shrunk to the size of pin pricks as the reality that his team had been defeated hit him full force like a universe shattering punch.

And he knew all too well at this point what the fate of those defeated was, even before the Grand Priest decided to pipe up with the news that only made his heart sink into his stomach.

"All of the members of Universe 7 have been eliminated. Therefore, they shall now be erased!" The father of all Angels stated with authority, his voice booming throughout the World of Void. To Beerus, it might as well have been the tolling of a funeral bell, only he couldn't help but morbidly conclude that death would actually be preferable to what was about to happen to him and his universe.

Beerus didn't pay any attention to the reactions of his universe's team. He didn't have to, for he knew that they were most likely in the same boat as him. And how could they not be? When all that awaited them now was utter annihilation.

"Lord Beerus." His attendant, or well, it was more accurate to say former attendant, Whis chimed in. Garnering the feline destroyer's attention for what was most assuredly to be the last time, as he turned to look at the blue-skinned, eccentric being. The man's usually teasing tone having taken on a more sombre cadence than he'd ever heard from him in all the time they'd been together. His gaze empathetic, and smile sorrowful, without even a hint of his typical flamboyance. "For what it's worth, it's been an honour serving with you." He bowed, as that all too familiar, ghostly white aura began to envelop the cat god's frame alongside his team's.

Despite his mood at his damned fate, Beerus managed to force a smile at Whis's act. There was no funny business here, and he could tell this wasn't sarcastic or overly dramatic like the Angel would've usually done in other situations. It was an honest show of respect. Not only between a master and his pupil, but also between one close friend and another. A rare sight considering how they normally were around each other, but no less comforting given the circumstance. "Same to you, Whis… same to you…" Bowing his head, for once, Beerus didn't kick up a fuss, knowing it wouldn't get him anywhere, and simply resigned himself to his own erasure.

Had he bothered to look up, he would've noticed the way that both Zen'os were gazing down at a certain Saiyan warrior as they raised up their hands. A look of uncertainty and indecision in their eyes, before something seemed to click for the two lords of everything, as both of their hands clenched at the same time with that blinding glow.

And then in that moment, in the blink of an eye, the seventh universe and its god of destruction were reduced to nothing.


"Ugh…" Beerus groaned, his eyes slowly shifting open. "What… the hell…?"

His body felt so light right now… but his eyes felt so heavy… and his mind… damn, it felt hard to think right now… all he could hear in his head was a bunch of white noise…

Speaking of white, that's all his bleary vision could see. All around him, as he inclined his head about, there wasn't a planet, star, or even space in sight. Nothing but an empty, white void could be seen, stretching out all around him.

Moreover, outside of his head, he couldn't really budge the rest of his body. It was like it refused to move for him, but he couldn't tell why, which compounding with where he was right now, only led to further confusion.

"Wh-where the hell… am I?" This didn't even look like the World of Void. It looked more akin to the aftermath of a dimension that had been eradicated by lord Zen'o or his future version.

Speaking of the Kings of everything, shouldn't he be gone? He could clearly recall the milky white aura that had enveloped him, before the feeling of nothingness overtook him, so there was no way he hadn't been erased.

So then… how in the world was he still… well… around if that was the case? There shouldn't have been anything left of him, body, mind or soul. That should've been all she wrote. So then…

How am I still alive…?

"Good question, Beerus."

Eyes snapping open despite their heaviness, the feline felt his ears shoot up at the sound of that familiar voice, causing him to look to his left, or at least, what he assumed was his left, and lock eyes with none other than the Grand Priest himself. The right-hand man to the Kings of everything.

"My, you look quite shocked Beerus." The progenitor of all Angels chuckled seeing the look on the former G.O.D's face. "Then again, I suppose you would be, given the circumstance." He nodded sagely, his gaze and expression full of amusement, not unlike a certain son of his that Beerus had become well acquainted with over millions of years.

"G-Grand Priest…!?" the ex-destroyer stuttered in stunned awe, countless years of fear and respect for the man before him kicking in as he immediately tried to prostrate himself with a deep bow, only for his body to remain as stiff as before, and refuse to move on his order. He cursed inwardly at this, but decided it couldn't be helped for now, and hoped the man didn't take any offence to such. The situation was befuddling enough as is, he didn't need to make things worse by getting on the bad side of the one being right now that may hold some answers for him as to what was happening right now. "W-what's going on…?"

"The answer to that is simple." The man smiled calmly, grabbing Beerus's full attention. "You've been pardoned, Beerus."

"I… I've what…!?" Beerus's jaw came unhinged, his eyes widening like dinner plates as that bomb shell was dropped on him. His mind floored to the point he was left utterly speechless.

"Dear me," The second most powerful being in existence raised a bemused eyebrow. Holding in a small laugh at the downright comical look of surprise on the feline, former deity's face. "my son Whis wasn't kidding it seemed. When you're surprised, you really do make some entertaining expressions, I must say."

Beerus ignored the rather blatant jab making fun of him, as he was far too busy focusing in on what the head Angel had said before. "I… I've been pardoned…?" He couldn't believe that even for a second. Why in the world would either of the lords of everything even consider pardoning him? It wasn't like he'd ever been in their good graces, especially considering his pathetically low mortal level that had gotten him roped up in the tournament to begin with. "Why would they…"

"Normally, they wouldn't." the Grand Priest cut in without losing a beat. Confirming his scepticism. "In fact, had it just been up to our lords, this conversation wouldn't even be happening right now. You'd be long gone, and that'd be the end of it."

Now Beerus was just even more confused. If that was true, then why was this even happening at all? Where had the pardon come from? He didn't even entertain the notion they'd had a change of heart about him, especially given the head Angel's words. So what had brought this about?

"Originally, you weren't even a factor, Beerus." The man continued unperturbed. "However, Son Goku changed that."

"Goku?" Beerus blinked. His mind failing to comprehend that latest bit of information. Hadn't he been erased as well? What in the world could he have done?

"I see you're confused again." The father of the Angels grinned. "Allow me to shed some light on the situation. When our lands brought their hands down, they completely erased all traces of the seventh universe and its inhabitants, you and your team included. Everyone except for Goku, of course."

They'd what?

"I must say," He pressed onward, paying no mind to the stunned look the human-shaped cat had at such news. "even I didn't see that coming. All they did was teleport him to this same place we find ourselves now and wait for him to wake up. Me being with them, of course." He added, just in case the former GOD hadn't caught on to that. "To be honest, I can't deny that even I was surprised when as soon as he was awake and they started talking, they offered him an exemption from erasure, provided he agreed to be sent away to somewhere outside our multiverse, as they didn't like the thought of erasing him."

The Grand Priest couldn't hold back the second chuckle that rose past his lips at the thought. Truly, the thought of someone earning his lords favour to such an extent to where they didn't even want to think of destroying them was nothing short of incredible. Whether Son Goku was aware of just how impressive such a feat was or not, even he couldn't deny just how amazing of a sight it was to behold either of his kings saying such a thing.

Didn't like the thought of erasing him!? They liked him that much!? Beerus thought with more shock and awe than he'd thought possible. First he managed to fluke his way into attaining the true form of Ultra Instinct, something even he couldn't do, and he'd also earned the liking of the Omni-kings to where, despite him having to be annihilated per their own rules, they were willing to bend them just for him? Shit, he would've happily traded in all the power in the world if it meant he had half the luck Goku seemed to have…

"However, Son Goku, while happy he was being given a second chance, didn't want it to be just him that was given mercy." The Angel's parent turned his head up with a magnanimous expression. "While most would've just accepted the offer given and not pushed their luck, that man chose to be selfless, and actually asked our kings if it'd be alright to at least give his friends a second chance as well."

The more Beerus listened to this, the more he had to admit, that while Goku could be a complete idiot at times, there was no denying how courageous he could be. To ask for more, when what the lords of everything are offering you is already well beyond what you should've been granted compared to anyone else, took some serious balls.

The worst part of it was, and this almost made even him laugh hysterically regardless of his current predicament, is that moron probably didn't even realize just how ballsy it would've been to do that.

"At first, my kings weren't too receptive to the idea, but Son Goku proved to be persistent, and pleaded with them to allow it, and after a bit, they agreed to allow those who'd attended in their tournament to be granted the same mercy." It was then the Grand Priest brought his gaze back to the former god and levelled that magnanimous expression on him. "I was put in charge of letting you all know about this as you were brought back. This goes without saying but, surprisingly, you were one of the names he mentioned."

Beerus, even knowing that this had to be the reason for his pardon, couldn't help the disbelief that flooded his mind. Goku actually considered him a friend? If you were to have asked him, he might've said that things were somewhat amicable between them, but he never would've gone so far as to say they were genuine friends of any sort. Not in a million years.

And yet, that daft Saiyan had clearly thought otherwise, for some reason. And because of that, was willing to go to bat for him, and request mercy from the two Zen'os on his behalf alongside his buddies, giving him another chance elsewhere.

As much as Beerus hated to admit it, if there was to ever be a time when they somehow met again, for doing him a favour like this… he'd have to give that damned man the deepest bow of respect he'd ever given, even if it killed part of his pride to do it for him of all people. Because right now, for this, he owed him his life. Literally.

"I take it you accept the mercy being offered to you?" The patriarch of the Angels asked with a bit of humour in his tone.

A part of Beerus wanted to ask if his brother Champa could be given that treatment as well, because no matter how annoying he could be, he was still his only family. Well… was, anyway. He stopped himself from asking though, as he knew it wouldn't be accepted. Goku may have been able to talk the Omni-kings into sparing his and his team's lives, but that was only because the two supreme rulers liked him. They held no such care for him whatsoever and asking the Grand Priest to ask that of them on his behalf was an effort in futility. Something he only had himself to blame for, really.

"Will I get to keep my memories?" Beerus suddenly piped up, eyeing the second most powerful being in existence.

"But of course." The Angel nodded graciously. "All of those pardoned by our lords will be allowed to retain their memories, should they wish to."

Beerus nodded back in relief. That was good. As much as Champa got on his nerves, the thought of never seeing him again was a bit depressing. He may have been a fat oaf of a younger brother, but he'd always cared about him, whether he admitted it or not. Knowing he could at least live on in his memories was a small kindness he was willing to take. "Alright then. I accept."

"I had a feeling you would." He replied with a hint of mirth, knowing that with Beerus's personality, there wasn't a chance in hell from the beginning he wouldn't jump at such an opportunity. "Well then, I'll have to get to the others soon enough. I do hope you make the most out of this, Beerus. It'd be a shame for you to fall into bad habits and waste your new life like you did in your position as Universe 7's god of destruction."

Beerus felt like a hammer had just been slammed on to his head with the force of a big bang with that last comment. His expression one of pure cringe as his face scrunched up. As insulting as that was to hear, he couldn't really deny what had just been said, given his universe's abysmal mortal level that had led to him having to have his universe compete for its own survival. All of which was on him for doing a terrible job as its destroyer god, much as it pained him to acknowledge.

"Right… I'll be sure to keep that in mind…"

"Good. I'm glad to hear it." He nodded, before beginning to turn away as an eerie smile formed on his lips. "Enjoy your rebirth, Beerus…"

With that, Beerus felt himself drifting off as his body began to glow the same colour as his hakai energy, before, in a flash, he vanished from the white void all together, never to be seen anywhere close to that multiverse again…

In the universe of Greek Myth… Mount Lykaios…

Ugh… damnit I feel like crap. Beerus thought, feeling a weight still on his mind, as his eyes re-opened, only to find nothing but darkness awaiting his vision. Oh great… I can't see anything. Which naturally made it impossible for him to discern where he was.

Well wasn't that just perfect. Not even a minute in this new world, and he was already lost. My body feels so weird as well… I can sort of move it, which is better than before, but it feels so restrictive. Raising a hand up, even if he couldn't see a thing in front of him, Beerus felt around to see if he could get an idea of where he was, only for his hand to press against a… barrier of sorts? It looks like I was brought over into some dark, enclosed space… I suppose it might've been too much to ask of the Grand Priest to send me to a better location. Then again, I suppose he wouldn't have known where exactly I was going, let alone where I'd pop up…

Beggars can't be choosers, as they say, and he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I suppose he must've been literal when he said new life… I can't even feel my Ki anymore. Though that wasn't to say he didn't feel something else within him. He wasn't sure how he could feel it without his Ki, but he could just feel something within him. Something that felt… divine, but also rather different to the feeling of god Ki. Whatever it is, I'll deal with that later. For now, I need to find a way out of this place…

That would probably go better if his body didn't feel as restrictive as it did now.

Suddenly however, his ears perked up, or he assumed they did anyway, as he couldn't feel atop his head anymore, more like on the sides like the humans or Saiyans had. He let that fact pass over him for a moment, as he heard some muffled sounds coming from around him. He listened in a little more and found himself becoming confused when the noise became a little more coherent. Wait a minute, why does it sound like… yes, there's no mistaking… that's the sound of a woman groaning… not that I really care, but it sounds like she's in pain.

Talk about bizarre. Why was he hearing that of all things? It didn't even sound like something from near by either, it was coming from every direction around him, somehow. Was he in a cave or something? That might make sense then, since it could just be the echo, but something told him that wasn't the case. The groaning sounded too muffled to be an echo. What the heck is going on…?

No sooner had he thought this, Beerus felt a weight being pressed on him, like something was trying to push him downwards. A force acting upon him that he found himself unable to resist, which brought about an odd sense of déjà vu for him at the same time. He didn't even feel the slightest bit of panic having no control over what was going on, which made it even stranger. Why does it feel like I've been through this before…?

No sooner had thought manifested, did Beerus feel the pull of whatever it was against him push him down all the way, a light suddenly peeling into his peripheral vision, enough to make him shut his eyes momentarily.

There were even more sounds of groaning and grunting all around him as this happened, but Beerus barely registered this. All he could focus in on, was the feeling of being forced down somewhere, until finally, a couple seconds later, he felt himself be pushed out of the enclosed space he was in.

Right then, Beerus could feel cool air touch against his skin. He could feel the light of what he'd guess was a star baring down on him, which meant that he was outside some place. He could feel a person's hands on his body, as they quickly cradled him into their arm…

Wait… he could feel what now?

Snapping his eyes open immediately, which adjusted to the light near instantaneously, Beerus found his gaze locking on to a baby of all things. One currently wrapped up in a blanket and sleeping soundly beside him. What the…

Turning his gaze upwards then as he felt an arm tuck against the back of him, the late Universe 7's ex-god of destruction found himself staring eye-to-eye with one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen. Wearing what looked like a turret crown over her head, whilst her silky, chestnut-brown hair was done up in a bun. Her eyes were dark, but full of warmth with a matronly aura to them. Her face was well-rounded and pale-skinned, with a small nose, delicate-looking cheekbones, and pinkish-red lips that held a radiant smile. One pointed at both him, and the baby next to him.

No… don't tell me... A sinking feeling entered Beerus's gut at that look. He'd seen that before. Whoever this woman was, she was giving him that same look that his… that his own mother used to give him and Champa all the time when they were young. Daring to look down at himself, feeling that something was very wrong right about now, Beerus froze stiff when he saw his body. From his stubby little arms and legs, to his tiny hands and feet, and his midget-sized frame to go along with miniature genitalia that definitely wasn't that small last he'd checked. His skin also coloured a pale shade of white instead of the lighter shade of purple it had always been…

Th-this can't be real… th-there's no way I was just… His face paled instantly, as he put his head on a swivel. Looking all around him just to make sure this was real and some horrible joke, or an awful dream.

All that met his vision as he did, was the weird looking rock that the woman seemed to have herself propped up against, the brown tunic she wore, and a cliff-side next to him that led out into a stunning view of vibrant blue sky around him, that had some clouds shifting about whilst the sun bared down on the land with its grandiose rays of light.

The woman giggled a small bit at his antics, which his brought his attention back to her as she levelled him with a motherly, loving gaze. "So adorable." She said, her voice itself as rich as honey, and carrying an air of maternal pride, as she looked over his stunned form, and then that of the other baby she held in her arms. Though there was a peculiar bit of melancholy mixed in as well. "My children…" She whispered, more to herself than to them, but those two words alone stuck in Beerus's mind as soon as she said them.

It was enough to let him know this wasn't dream or a bad joke. This was all real. Upon figuring out the obvious that he'd wanted to deny, Beerus's now smaller, chubby mouth fell open in rather comedic fashion as the realisation of what was going on here hit him like a tonne of bricks. The ghost of the Grand Priest's final words to him floating back into his mind.

Enjoy your rebirth, Beerus.

"Hah…?" Eyes widening in abject shock and horror, more than he'd ever felt before outside of his previously impending erasure, Beerus was struck speechless. Or rather, found himself so shell-shocked by the jarring revelation that he'd just quite literally been reborn as a baby, that no words formed in his head, or in his throat. Though the latter was doubtful anyway given what he'd been reduced to now. A bloody new-born!

"There, there, little one." The woman, who he knew now without a shadow of a doubt was his new mother of all things, comforted him a little. Raising him up a little and pressing the side of his face into her soft, brown tunic, right around where her bosom was. Resting his small head against her left breast, which was softer than any pillow he'd ever used, but still maintained a remarkable level of firmness to it within her clothing. "There's no need to panic." She commented softly to him, trying as any mother would to comfort their child. Believing his reaction was little more than being surprised at his surroundings, and not knowing how to cope with being alive yet.

She was partially right in that case, only she had no idea just how boggled his mind truly was being born a second time whilst fully cognizant of what was going on.

Through his shock, Beerus looked over again at the other baby in his new mother's arms. One who'd clearly been born before him, but didn't even look a day old, either. There was no one else here other than them, so that meant the other baby must've been hers as well. Which meant…

"Ah, I see you've taken notice of your sister." His new mother remarked kindly, still treating his comically stunned expression like it was no big deal. "This is Hestia, my dear. Your older twin."

H-his older twin…? He was someone's younger sibling now…?

"Now then, what shall I name you?" She pondered aloud, grabbing his attention yet again as she thought to herself what to name him, before out of nowhere, something seemed to just click in her mind. Like the answer had been given to her just then by an unseen force. "Beerus." She muttered, testing the name on her tongue, before nodding in satisfaction. "Yes, that'll do nicely. Hestia and Beerus, my two wonderful little children..." A sadness seemed to overtake the gaze of the woman out of nowhere, as her expression became somewhat pained. Her smile becoming strained as she brought a hand up to his chest. A glow permeating off her palm, as he went from being stark naked to being enveloped in a similar blanket to Hestia.

Leaving aside that she could materialise it out of thin air, since he'd seen far more impressive things done from Whis casually, he had to ask himself. Why in the world was she getting so upset all of a sudden? Its like she knew something awful was about to happen and couldn't do anything to prevent it. But what?

"So… you had two of them, Rhea…" A gravelly voice said out of nowhere with an utter lack of enthusiasm, drawing Beerus's gaze over to the previously empty cliff-side, where a newcomer stood. An almost ghostly-pale looking man stood before them. His piercing gaze locked on both himself and his new sibling with his dark-brown orbs. A scruffy looking mop of dishevelled brown hair adorning his head, and a small beard grown out beneath his chin. He wore a tunic somewhat similar to the now named Rhea that travelled down near his ankles, only his was more a shade of white and grey. His frame was somewhat muscular from what could be gleamed, with decently sized biceps, and what appeared to be a long, dark scythe held in his left hand.

Beerus wasn't sure why, but he could tell just from one look that this man was trouble. Who the hell was this guy?

"Kronos…" Rhea greeted back without even a hint of the same warmth she'd displayed for the two of them. Like all the joy had been sucked out of her. If anything, she almost sounded… desperate? "Please… don't do this. They're our children…"

'Our' children? This guy was his new father?

Kronos scoffed at the woman, looking over at her like what she'd just said was a bad joke that she should be ashamed for even spouting. "Like that matters. You know what that damned prophecy foretold Rhea. I can't allow it to come to pass."

A prophecy foretold…? What Prophecy? What in the world was going here?

"Hand them over to me, Rhea. Now." Kronos asked, or rather, demanded coldly, as his body suddenly started to grow bigger, as did his scythe.

Had Beerus not seen size alteration before during his time as Universe 7's G.O.D, he could imagine he would've balked at the way Kronos grew to titanic heights in mere seconds. His newly grown size somehow not totalling, or even disturbing whatever cliff-side they were all residing on, as he went from barely standing above 6-feet tall to becoming an impressive 25-feet in total. Easily dwarfing those below him, as he kneeled down and offered over his free hand near the ground, which in itself was big enough to envelop Rhea's entire body if clenched.

Beerus looked over at Rhea, as Hestia continued to sleep. He could see the hesitance on her face, the pain in her eyes at his 'request'. For a second, Beerus was of the mind she was going to refuse him, only for her to slip off the slab of rock she'd been on this whole time, and reluctantly place both him and his new sibling atop the man's palm.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered to them, looking like she wanted to cry, but holding back the tears that threatened to surface.

Sorry for what…? Beerus finally managed to think to himself again, recovering enough from the initial surprise of his literal rebirth to have somewhat clear thoughts. A part of him beginning to feel a small bit of panic at his new mother's distress. Just what the hell is about to happen!?

Beerus got his answer quick, as the now massive Kronos raised his hand up just above his head, which he tilted back somewhat, as he parted his lips and opened his mouth up, his hand starting to tip sideways.

This time, Beerus genuinely balked, his eyes damn near bulging out of his head, as he and Hestia slipped off the titan's hand, and fell right towards Kronos's waiting, open mouth. With seemingly no way to stop himself from this absurd, and downright heinous fate. One that not even in his zenith as the god of destruction of his universe, would he have wished upon anyone he didn't downright despise, let alone mere children. Only one thought purveyed in his mind as he was dropped headlong into this bastard's gullet.

Oh, you have got to be kidding meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Well how's it going lads! Another new story from me here, one I've been meaning to take a crack at for some time. A crossover with Greek Mythology, with none other than our favourite god of destruction from Dragon Ball, Lord Beerus as the main protagonist!

I finally got this done today, and I have so many ideas in my head for this one. Of course, as you can see, our lovable cat deity has been reborn in the wacky world of Greek Myth as one of Kronos and Rhea's children, and has promptly been swallowed, because as you know, Kronos doesn't want to be overthrown by his own son, as you all know if you've read the myths. Something which he unknowingly sets in motion by doing this very act.

Anyways, I don't want to spoil where things are going, so I'll just leave it here. All you need to know is things are going to be… ahh… very interesting for Beerus from now on, lol.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this pilot chapter, and I'll see you in the next one!