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The Olympian God of Destruction:

Chapter 27: The Titanomachy XX.

Back on the Isle of Crete…

"Well, you don't see this every day." The goat nymph Amaltheia remarked to no one in particular, bare bottom sat on the edge of the mountain face which she made her residence in, as she watched what was occurring up above in the sky. Her eyes baring witness to the protective dome of her friend's children and their allies abode, as well a small section of the mountain beneath it, be swallowed up by the conglomerating mass of swirling, greyish-black clouds forming into a much bigger one. "That cloud is most unnatural in its movements compared to the countless others above, wouldn't you say, Rhea?"

"Indeed. Unlike the others which float lazily in the sky, that one moves on with its own conscious will…" Rhea muttered with worry and unease as she strode over to the mountain cave's entrance. Her gaze fixated up towards the heavens with a deep frown as she came to a stop just outside of the cave, and saw for herself in complete clarity, the peak of Olympus swallowed in a thick cloud that'd swirled into existence seemingly out of nothing. And which on closer inspection, appeared to have stars taking residence within it.

Her instincts, rather unfortunately, went into high alert less than a moment later, when she focused her senses in on it from concern, and she sensed a familiar presence that she'd suspected up above from the massive, all-encompassing cloud. One that, not too long ago, had felt faint and distant, but was now far more pronounced than it'd been since the castration had occurred. And one which, to her, despite being weakened, felt just as oppressive as it had millennia ago, when she and her siblings had lived beneath the tyranny of that being's thumb at his height of power.

It looked as though her giant brothers, the Hekatonkheires, had sensed who this was as well, for when she briefly glanced over to them, the expressions upon all their faces had grown dark and sour. Eyes being filled with a vitriol of which was reserved for only one other after everything they'd been through, and that was Kronos.

Father… why have you chosen to reveal yourself now…? The mother of the Olympians thought to herself anxiously, looking back up to Olympus' clouded-over peak, as her arms subconsciously hugged her waist. "For what purpose could you possibly need to show yourself to my children?" She whispered to herself in discomfort. Knowing inwardly, he shouldn't be capable of doing anything to them, even if he wanted to, but that did not make her feel much better about the situation.

"Your father's purpose for showing himself is more noble in this case than you might believe, dear Rhea. Even if it is spawned from his desire to see Kronos fall just as hard, if not worse, than he did." Rhea and Amaltheia heard the distinct voice of Gaea say, as the primordial goddess herself reappeared beside her daughter in her more humanoid form, bringing the former two's attention to her as she too stared up at the cloud. Her arms folding beneath her enormous breasts, squishing and propping up her copious bundles of feminine flesh, as her expression seemed to take on a slight frown.

"More noble? How are you certain of that, mother?" Rhea couldn't help but ask, as she stared at her mother's face with the visage of the worried mother she currently was.

"Trust that I know him well enough to be able to feel his true intentions, my dear. I sense no malice from him directed toward your children or their allies, whilst a deep well of it boils within him for Kronos." The Earth Mother revealed with the stoic confidence of someone who knew her former consort like the back of her hand.

Just as Rhea nodded in understanding to this, choosing to trust her mother's word as she and Amaltheia turned to look back at the clouded-over Olympus, Gaea's eyes flicked away as she tilted her head to the side and looked behind them. A wry smile on her face as she did.

Speaking of your children though, dear Rhea, it would seem that one of them was smarter than the other when they decided to come here, seeing as you're still not even aware that one of your cheeky little daughters is here with us too… Gaea almost giggled to herself, finding humour in the situation as she felt Rhea's youngest daughter's presence below them. Shame she's a little too 'preoccupied' in her room to even have a clue as to what's going on. Both for this, and her brother's visit earlier right after her arrival. The primordial thought with no small amount of amusement, a light blush dusting her own cheeks.

Her hand fell to her belly then, and began to caress it as she felt it begin to bulge slightly, whilst her gaze flew back to Olympus, where the starry cloud of her former lover now concealed the rebels. Despite her feelings, she still lacks the courage to take the risk with him. And because of that, in his haste to rid himself of what she undoubtedly played a part in, that powerful youngling has spread his seed out unto me, without even comprehending such in his haze, and bares no knowledge yet of what he's done in the process.

She'd be sure to let him know of it in the future, though. Once this war with his father was finally over. And hopefully, Beerus would be ready to deal with whatever arose from his action today, because she had the strangest feeling that what was growing in her womb now thanks to him, could end up being quite the troublemaker in the future…

Meanwhile… Atop Olympus…

"Good day to you all, little rebels." The cloudy form of a bearded man rumbled in a distorted voice, the sound of his words coming from all directions around them, as his eyes glowed a deep bluish-white. His gaze seeming to centre on Beerus in specific, as what looked like twinkling lights of distant stars became visible all throughout the billowing mass of the entity. "And an especially good day to you, fierce young god and future mighty destroyer of the so-called 'Titan Lord'. I must say, I've been looking forward to speaking with you for some time."

The latter part of his address got the attention of the rest of the gods – bar one – upon Mount Olympus to shift over to the god of destruction for a brief moment, having just realized he had indeed returned and was with them now. But though many felt a compulsion to varying degrees to greet the god now that he was awake and with them again, they held off for the moment, understandably, until their latest 'visitor' had been dealt with.

Beerus paid no mind to the brief looks of acknowledgment he got, instead being much more concerned with the cloud-faced entity encircling Olympus.

Though it was faint, the god of destruction could feel a similar presence to that of Gaea's or that being he'd felt deep down in the pit of Tartarus. The power was by no means the same, strangely feeling like they were missing most of it, like it'd been sliced off at some point, but the aura the cloudy form gave off unmistakeably reminded him greatly of both.

And that had him even more on guard almost immediately, even if on the outside, it didn't look like it, as his amber eyes narrowed on the cloudy face, and his fists came behind him to touch together in his signature pose. The figure's attempt at flattery being ignored, even if, like with all forms of flattery toward him, they were appreciated to a degree. "Hmph. I don't believe we've met before. Care to tell me who you are?"

"Ah," The cloudy face almost seemed to chuckle. The distortion of it – his – voice making it sound like the air itself around them was warbling in a series of off-key-notes. "Where are my manners? It seems with the lack of contact I've had over these many millennia, not everyone is aware of who I am these days."

"You…" Themis suddenly interrupted, her voice cold and angry as it somehow managed to catch everyone's ear, despite her not speaking that loudly. Almost as if the air itself was making each syllable travel much further than it should've, allowing everyone to hear the distaste and disdain behind them, which got Beerus and good number of others' eyes to flicker to her briefly, as she glared up at the cloud-formed figure. A deep, baleful, and ugly scowl plastered on her otherwise gorgeous features. "I should've known your malevolent spirit still lingered well enough in this world, even after Kronos' scythe tore your physical body and your soul asunder."

"That pathetic brat's little toy did quite the deal of damage on me, but not enough to get rid of me, as much as you and the rest of the ugly children Gaea sired with me wish it were so." The cloud figure sneered down at Themis with no small amount of disdain himself. "Weaken me greatly, though he did, he never removed me from this world. I still have some influence, even if I can no longer return to the more physical form I used to take. Because unlike your ilk, I was born as a fundamental concept of the universe in both mind and soul, as the sky itself that looks down upon you all. Truly getting rid of me was never going to happen."

"Shame, that is." Themis replied even colder, while crossing her arms beneath her breasts. "Dethroning and getting rid of you was about the only good thing Kronos ever did."

"And not without a great deal of assistance from those around him that wanted me gone." The distorted voice snorted. "Regardless though, I waste my time on you, daughter of mine." His attention then shifted back to Beerus with a more pleasant-looking smile. "My time is much better spent speaking with this young god right here. The one who I long ago prophesied would bring an end to my brattish son, in much the same way he tried to do to me."

The wind briefly picked up, rustling the tunics and hair of those within the dome, despite how it should've been out of bounds to anyone from the outside, as the cloud-formed face's smile broadened, and eyes glowed brighter. "Hail you, Beerus, future conqueror of Titans and bringer of destruction! I am Ouranos, the primordial god of the infinite sky, and former ruler of the universe. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Pleased to make your acquaintance? Themis rose a brow, her contemptuous visage toward the cloudy figure gaining a shade of incredulity. Did I hear that right? Did father just throw out actual pleasantries to someone other than mother, rather than repulsed insults or dismissive barbs? Even if Beerus was his prophesied dethroner of Kronos, as he'd just said, hearing him even try to be polite to someone other than Gaea, which she knew from her mother herself was purely for sex, was quite jarring already, to say the least.

"Huh." Beerus' eyes shone with a bit of recognition at the cloud-formed figure's name. "So, you're that Ouranos one I've heard of a few times."

"Aye. And no doubt in unpleasant terms, if I'm not mistaken?" He asked rhetorically, already knowing the answer to his own question, as Beerus gave a light shrug.

"I haven't heard much, but the little I have doesn't say anything good about you. Not when you're being compared to that bastard Kronos in how horrible you were."

"Hmph. Can't say I expected anything less than utter detestation of my rule from my revolting children, nor am I even remotely surprised that for all their arrogance, they turned out to be no better at ruling themselves, in the end." Ouranos scoffed, earning him a frown from Hestia, and an even more irate glare of disdain from Themis.

"Hmph. And it'd appear your own disdain for your children shows itself again, father. Lumping us all in together with the actions of Kronos and how horrible his rule has been, pretending we're all just as bad as he is, and using such reasoning to suggest we're all no better than you." The Titaness raised her voice, letting it and her indignation carry throughout the courtyard from his slight on her and her fellow siblings.

"You say that as if you and the rest who complain about your younger brother's rule now, weren't in complete favour of it before." Ouranos dismissed without even looking at her this time. "You're the only one pretending, given you and the rest of your ugly siblings were quite content to go along with your younger sibling's regime for thousands of years, or at the very least, in the case of two of you, did nothing to impede him. Preferring instead to mate and sire countless ugly children of their own within the depths of my brother Pontus, rather than try and put an end to what one of them apparently saw as the wrong way to go about dealing with me."

Themis was far from the only one who understood he was referring to Oceanus and Tethys with that latest slight, and found numerous nymphs, as well as Metis and Styx openly glaring at him for his scathing words, both towards them, as well as their parents.

Ouranos, however, continued on unbothered by this, making it clear whatever offence may've been taken by his words, was something he couldn't care less about. "You might well speak of your growing displeasure with it over time, but you didn't openly go against it until the newer generation that I had prophesied of came about, and declared open rebellion. A new generation that, unlike you and yours, has already demonstrated to me genuine potential, and a rather distinct lack of the ugliness I saw in all of you."

With the way he looked down at Beerus with a shine in his glowing eyes, it became clear to most there that by 'new generation', he was talking almost exclusively about him. And the reason for that kind of compliment being aimed at him was obvious even to those who'd known nothing of him until now. For he'd as good as said it already.

He held potential and the lack of 'ugliness' that Themis and her siblings did, purely because he would be the end of his most hated child of all, and in a way, avenge his downfall by being the cause of Kronos'.

Beerus himself was very quick to catch on to this, as were the rest of his own siblings, though the former didn't seem to care either way, given the lack of change in expression.

"You'll have to pardon me here, Ouranos, but is this going anywhere?" The purple-haired deity asked, choosing to be a bit more polite than normal in his address given the sky god's prior station and his shared hatred for Kronos, for now, as he stared up with narrowed eyes into the primordial god's glowing pools. "I doubt you went to the effort to greet us like this simply to butter me up with compliments or chuck insults at your children and theirs, so, if you would, I'd appreciate hearing the true reason why you've chosen to make contact with us."

"Ah, quite right, Beerus." The cloud-formed god gave what looked like a nod, as he smiled sinisterly once more. "I have indeed come to do more than simply exchange pleasantries. My true purpose with you here today, is to bequeath to you vital information on my brattish son and his ilk's next moves, and their rather desperate gambit to try and ensure victory against you."

Now that caught everyone's attention. Even Themis found herself losing most of her glare's potency with that kind of bombshell being dropped.

Is he serious? Metis couldn't help but think, both in surprise and disbelief initially at the sheer luck of this situation, if true. I can't sense any lie in his words. What he speaks rings through with the purest of honesty, no matter how much I delve into it… She thought to herself, feeling some cautious optimism. As while she wanted to be sceptical, given how horrid even Themis believed him to be – which was something he'd proven just now with his scathing remarks on her parents and many others, including herself and Styx by proxy – there was one fact that couldn't be denied.

With his burning hatred for what Kronos did to him so long ago, Ouranos, asshole that he may have been, being willing to aid them like this to ensure his prophecy came true, made plenty of sense.

"Have you now?" Beerus smirked, his interest becoming quite piqued, to say the least, as he sensed no deceit from the primordial deity either. "Well, don't let me hold you up, then. Feel free to speak your piece."

"Gladly." The sky god rumbled. "I'll begin with what their desperate gambit is first. That being the retrieval and subsequent sacrifice of the Ophiotaurus."

"The Ophiotaurus…?" Metis whispered to herself in befuddlement, having never heard such a name before in her entire life, and she was far from the only one either, given everyone else in the courtyard had no clue what Ouranos was talking about either.

"I see you're confused." The primordial deity remarked, both seeing the looks of confusion, and hearing Metis' whisper, which travelled throughout the dome much like Themis' words had, due to his presence. "Allow me to elaborate. The Ophiotaurus is… well, a 'sibling' of sorts." The cloud-formed god looked like he wanted to gag in disgust even admitting such a detail, as he continued on. "It is a creature that was bore from Gaea alone, much like I was, and its appearance is… unsightly, to say the least."

The glow of his eyes radiated out even stronger than before, as a part of his cloudy form reshaped close to his face, drawing everyone's eyes to it, as it took on the form of what his mind projected.

Is that a… bull fused with a fish?... Beerus thought with a raised eyebrow, as the form of a creature that was a bulky black bull on its upper half, hooves and all, and had the tail of a scaly serpent on its lower half took its complete shape.

"Leaving aside how much of an abomination it is in appearance, the Ophiotaurus' value is undeniable. For should it be sacrificed in the proper rite that it approves of, its power allows for whatever wish those who sacrificed it to be granted, no matter what it may be." Ouranos revealed, letting the visage of the creature fade away, as his words sunk in quickly on those of Olympus.

"They could have… whatever wish they want granted… just by sacrificing that one creature…?" Zeus muttered in disbelief as Hades finally let his and Poseidon's heads go. Shock painting his features just as much as anyone else as the gravity of what the primordial had just spoken, with utmost seriousness, washed over them.

"And how exactly is it that you know this, Ouranos?" Metis had to ask, staring with wide, flabbergasted eyes, as she yet again sensed no lie from the star-spangled, cloud-formed god. "Not that I doubt you're telling the truth, but how do you know that such information is fact?"

"How do I know? Come now, little one. I thought you were supposed to be one of the smarter ones." Ouranos gave what sounded like a scoff at Metis, which brought him another hard scowl and irritated eye-twitch from the Oceanid at the direct jab toward her intelligence.

Like before, he utterly ignored her reaction, as he didn't care in the slightest how he made her feel. Seeing as he did have the time though, he thought he might as well humour her questions. "Seeing as you couldn't figure it out on your own, despite the fact that I would think it obvious, I suppose I'll tell you how such information is known by me. To put it simply for you, the Ophiotaurus' power was used against me, right before I was lured down in my physical body toward Gaea's earthly plane, and subsequently castrated as well as chopped to pieces by that foolish son of mine."

"What…?" Themis' stunned eyes widened at this particular piece of information, having never known about such before.

Ouranos completely ignored his 'ugly' daughter this time as he elaborated on that fateful day. "The true circumstances of that day where I was cut to pieces and dethroned are only ever told with half the truth of what happened, creating this false perception of that day's events. Gaea, along with our ugly sons, would have you believe that they simply outsmarted me, and that when I came down to Gaea, my brattish son's four older brothers held me down by one limb each with all their might, to keep me pinned without any chance of escape, before you-know-who tore me apart with that scythe."

The sky god snorted at that being the only part of that story ever told about his 'demise'. Quite convenient how it made his repulsive sons look better than they should've. "In truth, however, what isn't talked about, is how the Ophiotaurus, of its own volition, came to Gaea that day. And though I could not hear what was said, due to her blocking me from doing so, I know their little conversation ended with her spilling it's guts out, and then burning its entrails over an altar and fire she conjured up."

A chuckle launched from Ouranos' mist-formed lips at the thought, and what happened next, as he went on. "She called me down to her as soon as she was done. Beckoning me with her irresistible body to arouse me before my descension, as she said that in sacrificing that creature, she had ensured that this day for me, would be a most special one indeed. I, at the time, influenced by my lust for her, did not question what she meant by that, even though in hindsight it was obvious something was amiss."

Though the sky god said this, he didn't blame his younger self for not being more cautious that day. After all, even now, despite the role she'd played in his downfall, her perfect body was still the single most entrancing thing in existence for him. And on that day, she'd been presenting and shaking her gigantic globes for him in such a delicious fashion while giving the sexiest 'come hither' look imaginable, that even with foreknowledge of what'd happen, he'd still have most likely been unable to resist temptation. He highly doubted anyone would, or could, with what she offered and how well she could entice you if she really wanted to.

Snapping himself away from such perverse thoughts before anyone could really notice, Ouranos continued on with his tale. "Regardless, when I did come down, just before I could engage in coitus with her, I found myself bound by my hands and feet by four of my bastard sons. Something I noticed immediately despite my aroused haze, and made to pull away from their grip, only to find that I couldn't. Almost as if my limbs had been anchored to Gaea's more earthly form below her shapely one that she'd made for herself. I couldn't even disperse my physical form and return to my more heavenly one above when she made herself vanish from beneath me back into her earthly body."

His gaze centred down on Beerus again, as he finished recounting the events of that fateful day, so as to hammer in the importance of the Ophiotaurus. "When I tried, it was as if some unseen force had given those four ugly children of mine the ability to stop me from doing so. Something they'd previously had no such ability to do. Much the same with the immeasurable strength needed for them to keep me held down, as they did. And from there… well… you all know the rest."

"Hmm…" Beerus' face scrunched up as he let all of this ruminate in his head for a moment, before his eyes narrowed and his gaze turned questioning, even though he sensed no lie from the sky god, yet again. "If what you say is true, though, why is it that Gaea herself never brought this to any of our attention?"

"I would imagine it's for two reasons, Beerus. The first being that she no doubt believed it wouldn't be necessary, as all things playing out without its involvement, as I have prophesied, you would inevitably end up taking my brattish son and his forces down regardless." Ouranos then scoffed even more harshly, his expression turning into a disgusted visage. "The second, knowing her, would be the more sentimental side of her nature."

"Sentimental?" Beerus quirked an eyebrow in confusion.

"She wouldn't want the Ophiotaurus to suffer, if she could help it." It was not Ouranos who spoke, but Themis, as she frowned softly and turned her gaze groundward before all the gods she'd yet again garnered the attention of. "Whilst mother may no longer hold any love for Kronos, after everything he's done, much like with father, the Ophiotaurus has done nothing to earn her ire, and if anything, given father's account, was nothing but helpful to her in her and our time of need."

Said help being something that was quite flooring for the Titaness in hearing. Though she hid it well, that revelation came as quite the shock to her, as she'd always thought that her brothers had simply become strong enough through their training at the time to hold their father's limbs down just long enough for Kronos to deal the damage to him. A story that their mother had always backed up as being the truth. To find out that that wasn't the case, and that the Ophiotaurus' sacrifice was what had really ensured the events that took place that day happened, not only put into perspective the kind of power the Ophiotaurus' sacrifice yielded, but also how scared her mother must've been at the time of her plan failing, to the point she'd had to basically ensure its success with a wish.

A shiver almost ran down her spine at the thought of what might've happened if she hadn't sacrificed the Ophiotaurus that day, knowing the truth now. The plan could've very well failed, and if it had, she didn't even want to imagine what her bastard father would've done after that, had he escaped while maintaining his full power.

Pushing the harrowing thoughts of a reality that they'd thankfully avoided to the side, Themis turned her gaze over to Beerus, as she pressed on. "I believe you've seen for yourself Beerus how much she loved the Hekatonkheires and Cyclopes and wanted them out of Tartarus. It shouldn't be hard for you to see that she'd hold similar, if not stronger feelings for the Ophiotaurus, after it helped her and us as much as it did all those millennia ago with him." She motioned her head toward the cloudy face of the sky god. "Even if the pain inflicted on it would only be temporary, I don't doubt mother would hate having to see it in pain, if it could be avoided in her mind."

"Hmph. That'd be just like her, alright. Able to love her other children and be protective of them no matter how repulsive they may be. Quite baffling, if you ask me." Ouranos derided, and if looks could kill, he'd have been dead a thousand times over with the molten-hot glare his daughter sent his way.

"If you ask me, father, other than Kronos, the only truly repulsive being she ever bore, was you!" She spoke up louder, almost hitting a scream, as her voice carried nothing but a mixture of utmost sincerity and hatred for the deity she unfortunately had to call her other parent. Her arms unfurling and hands balling into fists by her sides as she addressed him angrily once more. "Up until you were sliced to pieces that day, none of us ever did anything, aside from being born it seems, to have earned your ire and contempt for us. You never missed an opportunity to let us know that we repulsed you, that we were ugly in your eyes, and used that as your excuse to treat us as horrendously as you did."

In all the years I've known her, I don't think I've ever seen Themis anywhere near this heated before… Prometheus silently thought to himself, as he watched her have a rather uncharacteristic outburst, which in his and anyone else's mind who'd known her for an extended period of time, was quite removed from how she normally acted.

"You choose to denigrate her for having love for us, but has it never occurred to you in all the millenniums since your fall, that your scornful attitude of us from the moment we were brought into this world is the reason we are where we are today?" She asked rather pointedly, doing her best to bore a hole right through his glowing gaze with her eyes alone, as she glowered at him.

"Has it not once occurred to you, that maybe if you'd shown us even a sliver of the love she did, rather than blind contempt, that things might've turned out differently?" She pressed on, looking to drive her point home. "Do not think that mother would've never conspired to have you taken down due to your treatment of us, and that you could've still been ruler of the universe to this day, had you but only shown us a fraction of the tenderness she did!?"

Ouranos seemed to pause at this, his expression unchanging as he regarded his spawn with a simple stare. Neither a sneer, nor a scoff rising out of him this time as he met her indignant glare with an almost blank expression.

"Well? Do you have anything to say to that, father?" Themis narrowed her eyes so sharply that they became dangerous slits, as she waited for the Sky-Father to respond. "Any snide remark? Another insult, perhaps? Because those seem to be the only way you've ever known how to communicate with I and the rest of those unfortunate enough to be sired by you."

"Themis!" The Titaness' attention was pulled near instantly from her father, as she and everyone else heard Beerus call out to her authoritatively. His somewhat annoyed voice cutting right through her anger like a sharp knife through thin paper, as her gaze was brought over to him, and saw the stern stare levelled on her by the purple-haired god. "That's enough. Now is not the time to be quarrelling with him over the past, especially when at the moment, he's aiding us by giving useful information."

The Titaness' face scrunched up in displeasure. "With all due respect Beerus, I can't just stand here and listen to him insult myself, my mother, and my siblings however he pleases, just because he's decided to help us now. And you are aware that the generation I come from, which he's insulting, includes your own mother Rhea as well, right? Someone who, from what I've been told, you have a good relationship with?"

Beerus only just managed to hide the cringe that almost surfaced when she mentioned his relationship with Rhea, after the debacle that'd just took place with her a short while ago.

"She has a point, brother." Hestia spoke softly with displeasure, though not for her brother, as her voice carried throughout Olympus' peak like everyone else's, due to Ouranos' presence. Her earlier awkwardness long forgotten, as Beerus looked over to her, and saw the deep, disheartened frown she now held, as she met his gaze. "No matter how good his information is, that is no excuse for his constant denigration of his own family. Especially those who never did anything to wrong him, like mother. At least, that's how I see it, anyway…"

Damnit Hestia, don't look at me like that! Beerus genuinely did cringe this time, almost comedically so, seeing his twin sister's saddened expression. Had it been anyone else, he could've ignored it, but Hestia might as well have been a kryptonite of sorts when it came to making him feel good or bad.

"Well said, Hestia." Themis nodded in gratitude to the younger goddess.

Her attention then turned back to Beerus, as she continued making her point. "Put yourself in my position for a minute, Beerus. Adding on to the fact that he's already insulted Rhea, would you let it slide if he was constantly insulting towards you and your brothers and sisters on top of that, just because he was giving up vital information?" She crossed her arms once more, propping up her buxom bust, as she gave him a knowing look. "Because after seeing how you've conducted yourself thus far, I don't think I'd be being presumptuous in saying that you wouldn't take kindly to that, no matter how useful his information is."

"I'll have to agree with Themis as well, brother." Beerus twitched as his gaze slid down to the goddess clinging to his arm, who stared up at him with an aggravating look in her eyes that looked like a weird cross between Hestia and Themis'. "Because unless I've read you wrong all this time, I'm certain that were Ouranos to turn his insulting remarks on us, there's no way you wouldn't take offence and call him out on it."

"I concur, sister." Hestia nodded, snapping his gaze back to her, as she brought a hand up by her bosom, close to where her heart would've been, and gave the kind of bright and hopeful smile toward him that could've made just about anyone, even the most vile of beings, feel like utter shit if they disagreed. "I'm sure he would too."

Looks like someone's getting ganged up on. The destroyer god's three younger brothers thought simultaneously, as they witnessed this enfold from further away. Each holding a somewhat amused, but also understanding expression as they watched their eldest brother be metaphorically trapped from all sides by the trio of goddesses, and beginning to look a little uncomfortable.

If they were being honest though, none of them could really say they disagreed with what was said in the slightest, given that each of them were inwardly annoyed as is from their mother being badmouthed. If Ouranos was insulting them and their siblings, none of them would take that shit lying down, and they didn't believe for a second that their eldest brother was any different in that regard when it came to such disrespect.

The brothers' thoughts were accurate, as were the Titan goddess's, Hestia's and Demeter's words, for Beerus gave a defeated sigh no less than a moment later. "Alright. Alright. You've got me there." He said, as his hands fell away from behind his back, the one attached to the arm Demeter held falling by his side, while the other came up to rub his temple. The god not even trying to argue with their logic, seeing as he knew that in his previous life, he'd personally blown-up planets for their species showing less disrespect toward him than what Ouranos was giving to Themis, her generation, and Gaea.

Without even looking, Beerus could feel the happy stares he got from both his sisters at this admittance, as he grumbled. He also absolutely and solely blamed Hestia's aura pulsing out over him from said happiness at his reply, for how good he felt getting them on the inside.

"Be that as it may, however," He said, lasering in on the Titaness, as he pointed at her using the hand that'd previously been massaging his temple. "you doing this is getting us nowhere, other than stalling him from telling us more of what he knows, Themis. So, while I understand where you're coming from, could you just do me a favour and ignore his remarks, at least until he's told us all that he knows? Because the sooner he's done with that, the sooner he can leave, and be out of your hair, no?"

Themis seemed to calm down somewhat at this. The more rational part of her pushing past the negative emotions her father stirred inside her, as she was able to recognise that the god she perceived to be the de-facto leader of their faction was correct in his assertion. As irksome as his comments were, and his presence even fouler still, given what he'd put her and her siblings through, the sooner her father could speak what he knew to them, the sooner he'd have no reason to stick around, and could simply leave.

Eventually, after taking one last moment to glare up at her despicable parent, the Titan goddess of divine law and order sighed as well, as she brought her anger to heel, and recovered more of her calm. Her balled fists unfurling, and ceasing the way they'd begun to shake over the course of the last moment or so, as she turned her sights back to Beerus again, who'd lowered his hand by that point. "I am not sure if I'm capable of keeping my lips sealed when his decides to run and throw out such blatant disrespect and abhorrence of my and my kin's existence, but out of respect for you, I shall try, Beerus."

"Good." Beerus nodded at her for this, pleased that she saw sense, and didn't try to argue with him more. For if she did, even if he understood where she was coming from, he was sure his temper would flare up sooner or later had it dragged on. Not that it would've lasted long though, if it did come to that, given Hestia's presence.

Wanting to ensure a better chance that she didn't allow herself to rise to such a thing again, though, Beerus decided to add a little incentive to make it more palatable. "If you can see to it that you do, I give you my word that I'll owe you a favour in the future." He said, before adding, "One that's within reason, of course."

When she gave him a slightly wide-eyed look at his offer, he met it with what appeared to be the utmost seriousness with his expression, just to sell it that much harder. Because the reality was, he probably wouldn't keep to that, unless it was something incredibly small that she asked of him, as he really only said it so she'd keep her mouth shut.

Not that anyone here could tell that, though, as unless their name was Whis or the Grand Priest, their senses weren't strong enough to pick up that he wasn't being entirely truthful with that offer, or at least, he hoped they weren't, anyway.

He never caught the narrow-eyed look that Demeter sent between him and Themis then, the straw-blonde haired goddess going from being on the Titaness' side, to appearing concerned with what may come of the offer he gave. He also didn't catch his twin's expression also changing in that moment, giving an amused and also somewhat bemused look toward her sister, as she watched her encircle her arm through his in what looked like a possessive manner. Her breast squishing just a little further into his densely-muscled arm as she did.

Actually, that last bit was something that Beerus did, in fact, notice. He paid no mind to it though, and found himself surprisingly not caring about it in the least.

What really held his attention, was Themis giving a small, but pleasant smile as she nodded her head gratefully and gave him a 'I'll do my best' look, both with her face, and her body language. Effectively signalling that she'd bought what he said, and really would endeavour to keep her mouth shut now, if it meant that she gained something for it.

Never let it be said that the only way Beerus knew to entice someone into doing something was through the threat of violence or fear. He'd tricked Goku into constantly seeking more improvement with the whole Monaka thing, bigging him up to be the strongest fighter he'd ever fought in Universe 7 despite how pathetically weak he really was, and the Saiyan had never been any the wiser to his lie. And right now, he was making sure that there'd be no further interruptions from Themis by dangling a metaphorical carrot on a string in front of her so she'd do her absolute best to obey his wishes. Persuasion at its finest, if he did say so himself.

"Anyway, with that of the way, let's get back to business." Beerus went on, turning his sights back to the cloud-formed god.

"Yes… I agree." Ouranos replied, seeming distracted for a brief instant as his gaze lingered on Themis with an indecipherable visage, before it returned to normal, so to speak, as he turned his sights back to Beerus.

"You can start by telling us where we can procure the Ophiotaurus for ourselves, provided you know where it is, of course." The god of destruction followed up, getting right to the piece of info he was most interested about having.

"I know of where it resides, but cannot give you any specifics on its exact location therein, I'm afraid." The primordial of the heavens replied, not sounding happy in the least about such a fact, but pressing on anyway. "Now that we're on this topic though, seeing as you were clearly thinking of it, I feel as though I should warn you all away from pursuing the Ophiotaurus yourselves."

"What?" It was Poseidon this time who spoke up, embodying the confused and also incredulous thoughts of everyone else at such a warning, as he stared up in bewilderment at the primordial. "Why shouldn't we? After what you just told us about it, wouldn't it be imperative that we do, so that we could take it for ourselves and keep it from our enemies, who will most certainly use it against us to turn the tides of war entirely in their favour?"

"It would be a waste of your time to go searching for it, as none of you would be able to find it, young fledgling." He explained, as he turned his gaze out to a broader scope, looking over all Olympus' denizens. "The Ophiotaurus resides somewhere deep within the bowels of my brother Pontus, the boundless sea, and despite a good few of you having been born within him too, none of you have the expertise needed to find that creature within his watery depths. The lot of you could spend a literal eternity searching for the Ophiotaurus, and never find it."

"Maybe we couldn't, but if we enlisted the aid of my father, we could make such a search quite trivial." Styx chose that moment to finally speak up, a glint showing in her eyes, as she stared up at the cloud-formed entity. "You know, the son of yours you chose to denigrate earlier? He holds dominion over the ocean, in case you weren't aware. For him, identifying exactly where the Ophiotaurus is would be one of the easiest things in the world."

This got quite a few nods from the goddess' fellow nymphs and children of Oceanus and Tethys, with the exception of Metis, who's expression gave away nothing of what they thought of such an idea.

"It would be." The primordial conceded, while feeling inwardly annoyed by her tone. "That is, if you could get him to help you. Because despite hating me as much as the rest of my children did, that hatred was not enough to get him to join his brothers that day where they held me down and cut me to pieces, or even approve of their actions to begin with." Ouranos almost chuckled at that as he said it, inwardly finding himself agreeing with his most hated child's perspective, in that his eldest brother, was indeed quite the fence-sitter.

"Think about that for a moment." He continued. "He chose to remain neutral and stay out of conflict, even then, rather than help in my deposing, or stop it when he had the chance, seeing as he didn't think his brothers were going about things 'the right way', from what I've heard. And if the recent, frustrated whining of several of his brothers is to be believed, he hasn't changed any since then."

Zoning in more on the eldest Oceanid, tiny stars began to become visible even within his shining blue eyes, as he scrutinized her. "Even if you are his child, there's a strong chance he'd refuse to help you with that on principle, as if he couldn't be bothered to do anything for or against me all those millennia ago, I find it hard to believe he'd help you with this for a war he, from what I've gleamed, couldn't care less about. And furthermore, against a brother I highly doubt he hates nearly as much as he did me."

"It's still worth a try, though." The eldest Oceanid replied back, not looking shaken from her suggestion in the least, as she cocked a hip to the side, and mounted one of her hands on it. "If it doesn't work, and he chooses not to help, then that's that, for I know he will not budge when his mind's made up. If he does agree though, then it saves us a lot of time, and allows us to capture the Ophiotaurus right from under our enemies' noses, with them being left none the wiser."

Eyes beginning to glow with a shade of gleeful spite, her regal face gained a quirk to her lips that managed to look both beautiful and scarily malicious at the same time. "That is, of course, until we utilize its power for ourselves against them, and end this war swiftly and emphatically, with a crushing victory. One that would cripple the spirits of Kronos' allies for being foolish enough to take his side, and do it badly enough that after he's been dealt with for all time, they will be too afraid to ever rise up in rebellion against us in the future."

Ouranos had to pause upon hearing this, his shimmering eyes wide, feeling the intensity of her emotions as she spoke every word. His prior annoyance vanishing as it truly sunk in for him how much she hated the other side, and not just a select few, because they chose to be aligned with his brattish son. He could feel every bit of the venom and pleasure in her deadly serious tone as she spoke about crippling their spirits and making them too fearful to ever rise up in the future after defeat, whilst Kronos was permanently taken out of the equation.

"If they do decide to get uppity though, provided it hasn't been done to them already by the end of this war, we can show those fools their place by imparting unto them the same tragic fate that befell Hyperion for his hubris." Her words came out like a cold fire, brimming with vitriol for the opposition, as she referenced what might as well have been the closest thing to an execution that Olympus' denizens, bar Themis, had all personally ever witnessed one of their kind have to endure.

And though she'd used the word 'tragic', which normally denoted something as being sad, nobody failed to catch the exceedingly thick sarcasm and mocking behind it by the eldest Oceanid, as she smiled viciously from the memory, before marching on with another that was equally, if not more pleasing for her. "Or perhaps, their fate could match that of my former husband, who's learning all too well right now why it's never a good idea toget on my bad side."

While her children smirked at this, a fair few of Olympus' allies found themselves somewhat uncomfortable with that reference, as although Styx gave no details as to what Pallas was currently going through, it wasn't hard to figure out that it couldn't have been anything close to good. None even knew where she'd had him put, or even how she was containing him, but many quickly decided they neither needed to know, or find out.

Upon hearing all of this on top of her earlier statements, though, Ouranos' expression shifted again into a rather pleased grin that he didn't think he'd ever be giving to someone he initially deemed as 'ugly'. "You know what? Even though you probably won't succeed in your quest, I think I may have to rescind my earlier statement in regards to you, and your parents to a degree for bringing you into this world, as it appears I was too hasty in my prior judgement."

"Oh?" She quirked a brow. "And why's that?"

"It's because you have a particularly passionate drive that I find myself at present becoming a little fond of, I must say." He answered with an odd look to his grinning face, before, surprisingly, turning his attention to Beerus, and giving the cloud-formed equivalent of a head-bob in Styx' direction. "I'm actually surprised you haven't taken this one for yourself as a consort now, Beerus. She may not be up to the same standard as Gaea by any means, but now that I have a better grasp of her, she has a certain charm to her that's hard to ignore."

Huh!? Themis had to physically stop herself from having her jaw comically drop in shock, hearing her father say such a thing in earnest, to one of his previously deemed 'ugly' children of his children. Where had that one-eighty come from? Beerus and his siblings was one thing, as they were a special case, but Styx? The Titaness began to wonder if in the last minute her awful parent hadn't been somehow replaced mentally by someone else, because that hadn't sounded like the Ouranos she'd had to grow up under in the slightest.

Across from the deity's befuddled daughter, Beerus' eye twitched, the beginnings of a migraine setting in as he forced back the exasperated groan trying to escape his lips. Why did he have to say that? Why did he have to pull a Gaea, in a sense, by bringing the conversation to that? "Can you just keep this on topic?" He almost growled up at the sky deity, not even dignifying what he'd previously said with a response, because it didn't deserve one.

"I agree with Beerus' sentiment." Demeter backed him up, while conveniently strengthening the hold her arm had hooked through his. Something said god spared her a sideways glance for, as she scowled up at the cloud-formed face of Ouranos with deep displeasure, to put it mildly. "Quit wasting time with such nonsense and continue on with giving us the information you promised!"

Styx, meanwhile, simply let out a very light laugh from his sudden shift in demeanour, as well as what he'd so boldly said. "I'll have to concur with Beerus and Demeter. Now is not the time to be speaking of such things. We have a war to win, after all. And besides…"

The amusement evaporated from her face in an instant, whilst the Oceanid levelled a pointed glare at the protogenos that absolutely nobody could construe as being fond. "As nice as it is of you to compliment and say you're growing fond of me, the feeling isn't mutual, I'm afraid. You already insulted those I care about, including myself, more than enough to leave a rather nasty taste in my mouth, and I'm not one who's a very forgiving type when it comes to that sort of thing. Attempt flattery if you wish, but it shall get you nowhere with me now, Ouranos."

"Ah, fair enough." Ouranos looked more amused than anything else by Styx' response, and even more so by both Beerus's and Demeter's previous. Almost like he was holding back a mirthful laugh, which was yet another oddity that Themis, the only one who'd known him somewhat personally from the past, couldn't quite believe she was seeing, compared to how he'd always acted back in the old days. "You'll have to excuse me. It appears I got a bit too ahead of myself there." He said in an almost teasing way. One that reminded Beerus a bit too much of Gaea for his liking. "Now, where was I?"

"How about you tell us how things are on our bastard father's side?" Hades piped in, folding his arms as his voice carried his own curiosity, and brought the sky god's gaze to him. "You called their bid of going after the Ophiotaurus a desperate gambit earlier, so are we to assume that they don't have what it takes to find it themselves, and they're just hoping they get lucky? Or do they actually have one or more on their side that are capable of finding it, but even then, the odds are low on coming across it?"

"The latter is the more accurate of those assertions, young one. Kronos has tasked the god Aegaeon, born from the union of Pontus and Gaea, to be the one to find the Ophiotaurus, and I have little doubt that he will find the creature within a year from now." Ouranos gained a sly visage as he said this. "But this will only play to your advantage, in the end."

"How's that, though?" Zeus rose a brow, giving the sky god an odd look. "Assuming Styx is unable to convince her father to help us, how's one of their allies being able to find it within such a frame of time beneficial to us? Unless…"

"I see you're catching on quick, fledgling." The heavenly deity rumbled, seeing the look of realisation dawn on the youngest child of Kronos and Rhea's face. "For you see, while I cannot perceive the creature's location right now due to it being inside Pontus, Aegaeon will have to remove the creature from my brother's depths, and like Gaea had to, erect an alter and conjure a divine flame with which to burn its entrails for the rite. The instant he's no longer within my brother's body with that creature, I will know where they are, and will notify you all of it immediately, so that you may snatch it up and take it for yourselves."

His gaze flickered back to Styx briefly. "Provided you don't have it already, if my eldest son decides to aid you, of course."

"Heh. How kind of you." Beerus actually chuckled at that. It couldn't have been more obvious to him at this point just how badly he wanted Kronos' downfall, with the fact he was willing to go to this length in order to ensure his bastard father couldn't escape his prophesied fate. He couldn't help but appreciate and respect that kind of dedication to seeing Kronos' defeat, to some degree. And yes, that was entirely because of his own hatred and desire to destroy the so called 'King of the Universe', which was being made much more of a guarantee because of what the sky god was doing.

"Think nothing of it. This was the only natural course, after all. I can't very well allow my brat of a son to escape his punishment for his slight against me, and more recently yourself now, can I?" Ouranos asked rhetorically whilst he chuckled back, making the air around them warble yet again.

"What of their next moves, then?" Metis asked, joining back in on the conversation. Her expression almost cut out of stone with how serious it was, as her arms folded by her waist. "You mentioned it and the gambit as two separate things, after all, so I assume they don't plan to merely sit on their hands while they wait for the Ophiotaurus to be found?"

"You would assume right, little one." The primordial gave what looked like a nod. "They will be launching a series of attacks against you, all of which are supposed to be designed to keep you distracted and totally unaware of what they've sent Aegaeon off to do in the background."

"They'll be attacking us again? After how badly they failed the first time?" Poseidon snorted, and he wasn't the only one. "Perhaps sitting on their hands would've been the better option for them. If they come blazing at us again like they did before, I don't think the Ophiotaurus will even be needed."

"Much as I despise his existence, that foul son of mine would never be stupid enough to try the same tactic twice so soon after it failed the first time. If you're expecting a head-on charge like their failed siege on you, then you'll most certainly end up getting blindsided by him and his remaining forces." Ouranos warned again, looking to nip Poseidon's and anyone else's overconfidence in the bud as swiftly as possible. "I know not exactly what they will try just yet, but I do know their goal with these is simply to make it appear like they're trying their hardest to defeat you now, and trying everything they can think of to take you down."

"But they won't be." Metis said for him. "As you've made clear, it's all just their way of keeping us preoccupied while their true plan is steadily taking place far away from the battles they're sure to bring right to us. The real attack to take us down wouldn't happen until they'd managed to perform that rite with the Ophiotaurus."

"Precisely." The cloud-formed deity looked to nod in approval once more. "Even if they're just a distraction though, I'll be sure to bring you their tactics anyway, as soon as I find them out for myself, just to make dealing with them easier on you all."

"As nice as that would be, wouldn't that create the possibility of them finding out you're spying on them for us, though?" Metis couldn't help but ask, as her eyes narrowed in deep thought. "If we're readily prepared for everything they do before they do it, then surely Kronos will begin to suspect something's wrong, and if he does, there's a chance he could make things much more complicated for us when it comes to retrieving the Ophiotaurus. Or even feed you wrong information on what they're doing, so that they catch us off-guard."

"That's only If you make it too obvious for them, little one." He rebutted. "So long as you act clever about it, you should be able to not arouse such suspicions from him. If you'd prefer to simply go into it blind though, out of fear of tipping him your hand, then I can abstain from handing you such information ahead of time, if that suits you better?"

Metis was quick to shake her head at this offer. "No. I'd rather go in with as much information on our enemy as possible. Finding out a proper balance to ensure they don't suspect anything will be difficult, but not impossible."

"There you go then, little one."

"So long how do we have until they begin attacking, then?" Zeus questioned, while stroking his beard. "If you were willing to come to us today, I can assume that means they won't try anything today, so tomorrow, perhaps?"

"Decent deduction there, Zeus, but you're a little bit off." Ouranos re-joined, choosing to refer to the youngest Olympian by name this time. "You have a few weeks yet before they come at you all for their little games of distraction."

"A few weeks?" Zeus' surprise was clear, as was the rest of them, after hearing that.

Everyone except Beerus, who despite having been in slumber until today, was quick on the draw. "I'm presuming them waiting that long has something to do with their defeat to our side in the siege, while I was sleeping?"

"You'd be absolutely right again, Beerus." Ouranos gave his version of a nod once more to his prophesied destroyer. "To be more specific though, they're holding back that long so that Atlas can recover fully before they come at you. Your brothers Zeus and Poseidon both gave him quite the thrashing with their weapons, it seems."

"Thrashing? I recall me and my brother reducing him to bloody mist before that was carried off by one of the Hekatonkheires' boulders. I'm not sure what would be ailing him from our weapons for that long after he reconstitutes himself, though." Ouranos turned his attention partially to Poseidon, as the second youngest spoke with intrigue and puzzlement.

"It would appear that you're still learning the full capabilities of the divine weapons my ugly, one-eyed sons crafted for you. Or rather, it'd be more accurate to say, you're still only scratching the surface, really." His glowing gaze flicked over the two youngest brothers, as well as Hades and Beerus, the eldest, as he said this. "All of you are, I'd say. But regardless…"

Ouranos then went on to explain what he'd seen and what he'd heard while spying on the Titans' side. Giving them a thorough run-down on what exactly Zeus and Poseidon's weapons individually did to Atlas, and how Atlas, while recovering, would apparently be training up a daughter of his to fight by his and the Titans' side.

At the same time, he also told them of Atlas' younger brother who'd be participating in their upcoming attacks as well. And though he did not refer to him by name, there was no shortage of folks on their side this time who knew who Ouranos was referring to, especially as he spoke of the way the brother acted.

Many, especially Prometheus and Epimetheus, were in disbelief that Menoitios was actually being used, given it was well known what he was like. Sure, they'd joked to Atlas about it during the siege, but in all honesty, they never believed Kronos and his lot would genuinely allow him to assist. Not with his kind of temperament, which neither needed Ouranos to tell them about, nor how he and Atlas really didn't get along at all.

Few knew those two brothers of theirs better than them, after all, seeing as they'd interacted with one another since the earliest moments of their existence.

By the time Ouranos was finished explaining it all, and how they could potentially use the hostility between them to their advantage when the time came, Prometheus had given his younger sibling a look. One which was reciprocated with a knowing smile from Epimetheus, for while he did not hold the same level of intelligence as his older brother, even he knew all too well what made Menoitios tick. And he also knew that Prometheus, based on all their prior interactions, was one of the best when it came to getting underneath their impetuous and brash brother's skin.

"Ah. I see how it is." Zeus sighed, after hearing all that the sky god had to say. The silver-haired deity propping his hands on his hips with a smirk, as he continued. "You know, even though she's the enemy, I feel a bit sorry for Atlas's daughter. Her loyalty to her father is admirable, from the sounds of it, but if what you said is true, then she's way in over her head. Our bastard father is most definitely struggling if he's willing to bring out someone that's much more inexperienced then we are, despite being older than us."

"Not surprising though, given there's probably a much smaller pool of supporters to draw from for combat, given we took their best batch out during the siege." Hades noted astutely, whilst his gaze snapped over to his older brother with a savage smile. "Something you unfortunately had to miss, Beerus. Though I'm sure you plan to rectify that in the attacks they'll be sending our way soon, provided again, Styx can't get her father to help us. Otherwise, it's probably just going to be a one and done for us, shutting them down for good."

"Whether it ends the next time we face off with them, or after the next hundred or thousand times makes no difference to me. The outcome won't change. No matter what they do from here, we'll crush them, and I'll destroy that worthless, so-called 'Titan King' for good. Just like I promised." Beerus stated back to his favourite brother with absolute certainty and emphasis, leaving no room for doubt that it would be how the war ended.

"Heh. I don't doubt you for a second, brother." Hades' smile only grew, becoming almost face-splitting. "It's good to have you back."

"Hmph. You act as if I've been out for eons or something." Beerus chuckled. "Still, I suppose it does feel good to be back on my feet again." Even if a part of him would still rather be sleeping right now. He didn't have the time to go thinking about longer naps just yet, though. That'd have to wait until after this war was concluded. "Back to leading the charge, I guess."

"I wish you luck with that, Beerus." Ouranos grinned again, nabbing Beerus and everyone's attention back to him. "I am out of information to give you for the moment, but rest assured, I'll be back with more when I have it for you. Simply proceed with how you have been thus far, because the end shall come soon."

Eyes turning a darker shade of blue, it almost looked like stars were erupting into supernovae within his deep pools, as his expression turned more sinister and sadistic than it'd ever been before. "And just like with Kronos' failed siege before, this plan of his and his ilk will fall through as well. The failure of this one however, will most definitely be the final tipping point in this war, for there will be no escape for my putrid progeny anymore. His fate will well and truly be sealed then, and no matter how badly he tries to scratch and claw his way out, whether by trying to flee like a coward or fruitlessly fight on, his destruction will be assured, and I can't wait to see you administer it."

The sky god then looked about ready to leave, as his form that enveloped the entirety of their barrier from the outside began to dissipate.

Just as it was though, Themis found herself locking eyes with her father one last time, and couldn't help but notice the peculiar look that passed over his cloud-formed features as his gaze fell over her again. One she found herself being unable to decipher, and rather bemused by, as the magnificent rays of Helios began to pierce right back through, steadily lighting up the peak of Olympus once more, as the starry cloud form of the primordial faded away.

Just before he was fully gone, and while everybody, including Beerus, was distracted and not paying attention, a certain goddess teleported back in a shower of golden specks by the entrance of the destroyer god's palace. A new tunic adorned upon her rustling in the faint wind, her expression appeared strangely relieved and dissatisfied at the same time, with cheeks still blushing a fiery red and divine sweat glistening off her features.

Her hazel eyes widened swiftly, however, as they caught a fleeting glimpse of the primordial's cloud-formed face, and his glowing, star-spangled eyes, before they vanished completely, allowing the sun to shine down brightly upon all of Olympus, totally unhindered.

Gaze shooting down then to the courtyard to see everyone standing around and staring up at the now clear-blue sky, Hera's brow furrowed in absolute confusion.

What in the world had she missed, just now…?


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