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The Olympian God of Destruction:

Chapter 29: The Titanomachy XXII

On the isle of Crete…

"Well now… Look who finally decided to come pay us a visit." Briareus remarked with a mixture of hate and excitement, all eyes of his many heads squinted at the red light shining down on them as he and his colossal brothers witnessed the King of Titans appear above them, floating weightlessly in the air. His and his brothers' dark greyish-blue auras flashing over their gargantuan, thickly muscled bodies, being denser than they'd even been before, as the hundred-handed giants called upon all of their monstrous power at once.

Kronos' Titan-sized form loomed over the powered up Hekatonkheires in a way that would've made any other divine being – barring Beerus – feel a deep, unsettling shiver fall down their spine. The hundred-handed ones didn't so much as flinch from it though, nor from the immense, godly aura that radiated off their horrid brother, as his body bathed them and the island in the blood-red glow of his True Divine Form. The Titan Lord having shed whatever clothing had been on him in the transformation to reveal a perfectly sculpted, divine body fit for battle; genitalia-less and coloured a deep, burning crimson with sublime musculature and shredded, six-pack abs. His eyes morphed into pools of shimmering ruby-red mixed with what looked like small, swirling vortexes of gold.

As expected, both his hands were out by his sides and gripping his trusted scythe that their mother had given to him so long ago, which had become coated in much the same menacing aura he was emitting. One that promised ruination for anyone that dared cross him, and that glimmered off the curved blade of his weapon, making it look even sharper, and look like it'd turned obsidian black on the inside, similar to an abyss ready to swallow whole anything put in its path.

"So, that's what your True Divine Form looks like in full, huh? Only caught a glimpse of it back when you tricked us and sent us down into Tartarus all those millennia ago." Gyges said, bloodlust pouring out of him in equal measure to his aura, as each one of his many heads gave a savage, toothy smile. "Same tactic won't work twice though, given we won't allow ourselves to be caught off-guard like that a second time. It looks like you came to fight though, and that's more than okay with me."

"You really think you can take all three of us on by yourself, little guy? I knew you were arrogant, but I thought you at least had some sense, given you've avoided facing us yourself all this time. What, the rest of your group too scared to come and try to distract us this time, so you had to come and do it yourself?" Kottus mocked, his massive frame prepped in anticipation for whatever move his Titan brother was going to make, with both his and Briareus' many heads holding the same savage smiles filled with a thirst for Kronos' blood as Gyges'.

"Just like back then, you dumb, ugly brutes are clueless. Not that I expected anything better from you." Kronos scoffed, his voice warped and resonating with untold power, thanks to being in his ascended state, and seemingly coming from all directions around the island, not just his mouth, as space seemed to warp and spasm around him and the landmass. His luminescent, multi-coloured eyes glaring down at his gigantic siblings with nothing short of disgust and disdain. "I've had to play the waiting game up to now, but my plan is soon to come to fruition, and with it, I and my loyal subjects shall bring an end to this war and bring down all who have opposed me."

His form seemed to glow even brighter still, with his dark, oppressive aura expanding out and pushing down all over the island with incomprehensible pressure, enough to almost completely distract the trio of hundred-handed giants from the other similar, if weaker, pressures far up in the sky.

"You three will be the first to be taken out by me; of that, I will promise. And then, I shall waste no time visiting my children up above, and personally delivering an end to my eldest, and most vexing son, Beerus. The rest who remain, including my other children, shall be punished in whatever way I deem fit for their own transgressions."

"Quite the confident one, aren't you?" Briareus narrowed his two main eyes, as he and his brothers subconsciously got into battle stances. "Asserting you can beat us three by yourself, let alone do that and take out Beerus afterward, as if it's a foregone conclusion."

The four of them felt numerous other powers skyrocket upon Olympus' peak then, as similarly illuminating colours lit up the sky, and divine pressures shot out to clash against the joint mixture bursting forth from the clouds.

Kronos wasn't bothered by this in the slightest however, as he simply replied back, without missing a beat, "Your and Beerus' fall is a foregone conclusion. That painful reality will be made clear today." Whilst keeping his senses mainly on the trio of disgustingly ugly abominations, Kronos, now able to sense all that was on the island, even with its protective veil still up, shifted his gaze to a specific mountain upon Crete. His divine gaze allowing him to see right inside of the cavern near its own peak as though he were but a millimetre away, and spot the female figure within that he could never forget, who flinched upon seeing his piercing gaze locked on her.

"And don't think I've forgotten about you, Rhea. You won't be able to hide away in that little cave any longer once today is over. I'll be sure to drag you out of there myself, if I have to, and for your transgressions against me, you will be punished as well. Perhaps, seeing as you wanted to defy me and aid our children, I shall allow you a prison space within Tartarus alongside them for all eternity."

His expression became especially cruel then, sending a true shiver of fear down Rhea's spine that she couldn't suppress. "Or perhaps, I'll keep you confined and enslaved to my will within Othrys, forcefully breeding with you as many children as there are endless stars in our bastard father's plane, just so I can see the misery that consumes you when I personally toss each and every one of them into the pit of Tartarus forever, right in front of you. Or, even better, cut them to pieces with my scythe right before your eyes, so you can personally watch their essence be effectively snuffed out yourself. I made the mistake of showing mercy to the spawn you gave me before, for your sake, and do not ever intend to make such an error in judgment again."

"Wow." Briareus piped up, his gaze cold and disdainful as he glared a hole through his brother. "I never thought I'd be saying this, given how much I hate him for what he did, but you really have become worse than father ever was, you repulsive little shit." He growled deeply, voice alone shaking the isle beneath his feet. "Now I'm looking forward to crushing you even more. Whatever's left of you after we're done, Beerus is gonna have to make due with, because I can't hold back my urge to grind you into paste any longer, Kronos."

"Neither can we!" His two hundred-handed brothers nodded in agreement, as his and their monstrous auras reached their peak in density and volume around their thickly muscled, mountain-sized frames, practically combining together in that instant to form a truly terrifying atmosphere of power around them. One that easily matched – no, perhaps even surpassed – all of the ascended powers up above them individually.

Kronos wasn't bothered by this though, as he glared back down at them, despite how their combined aura made it clear that in terms of sheer raw power, at least, at their peak, even individually, all three of these monsters were his slight superior. For even without the forthcoming boon of the Ophiotaurus, a proper battle against him like this, at his apex of power, was about far more than simply who had more physical strength.

That was something these three horrendously ugly 'brothers' of his were about to learn the hard way. And it would only get worse for them once Aegaean put the boon into effect for him and his brethren.

"Come." Kronos voiced warped with unparalleled malice. And he needn't have said anything more, before the trio of bloodthirsty giants made their move.

Meanwhile… Up above…

It would be no small statement to make, that chaos reigned the instant Ouranos' dissipated and all of their allies who could ascend on their own, did so in response to their enemies' ascension.

Styx, her children, Themis, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Metis; Ouranos had barely even finished his exclamation before they all thrust themselves into their zenith of power, and instantly settling into their battle stances in anticipation. Doubly so when all of them realized that the aura pulsing out near Crete was that of Kronos', which meant that none of them could rely on the Hekatonkheires' backup, at least for now.

Prometheus' glowing gaze, now that he was in his ascended state, was quick to flare, signifying his use of future sight right away. An audible curse leapt forth from his mouth right away then, as his warped voice boomed out to alarm them all. "Get ready! They're about to break through!"

None of them got the chance to ask how they were going to do that without Kronos' scythe, for no sooner had he said so, did two colourful streaks flash forward like shooting stars, side-by-side, and crash against the barrier, quaking all of Olympus from the impact and shockwaves generated from it. The quaking so violent, that while the divine mountain held strong, numerous weaker deities standing atop it lost their balance and fell on their asses. Beerus and his siblings, while not in any ascended state, only just managed to hold firm, and their ascended allies remained unbothered by the shaking.

What they were bothered by, was the sight of Iapetus and Atlas, father and son, planting themselves on the barrier. The former being cloaked in a supremely dense, majestic, milky-white aura that nearly matched the glowing colour of his bare skin, which was a shade lighter. Tunic evaporated, his muscular frame was on full display – minus any genitalia – with a rippling six-pack and clumped-up, shining hair that appeared weightless, floating left and right over his head whilst his beard did the same beneath his chin. His eyes, pupilless, emitted a darker white glow then everything else, and his hands, which were planted flat against the surface of their barrier, glowed brighter than the rest of him, as they were covered by near translucent orbs of pure, divine energy.

The latter, Atlas, below his father by a few feet, was cloaked in a silverish-white, hyper-dense aura. His form, as genitalia-less and uncovered by cloth as every deity was initially when transformed into their ascended state, glowed even beneath his aura with skin that looked like radiant marble, almost resembling a sublime statue in motion. His muscles, which had already been huge before, looking far bigger than they ever had before, pulsing with thicker veins and with a frame significantly wider than that of his father or anyone else. His biceps alone, in his Titan-sized height, dwarfing Beerus and his brothers' entire bodies individuallyby a solid margin, whilst his unbelievably, thickly-muscled thighs looked to be twice the size of them!

His torso, meanwhile, was rippling with so much super-thick muscle-mass that heavy, spider-webbed veins pulsed out with a shine of their own over his frame, and his protruding, fully-fledged twelve-pack abs that looked and felt unbreakable. Especially when taken in with the rest of his hulking form. His hair, meanwhile, both on his head and over his face floating and swaying, unperturbed by gravity and more apart of his being than ever before with an added, silvery sheen, while his now pupilless sclera emanated a pure, heavenly white several degrees lighter and brighter than his father's. All as the fingers of his hands dug into the surface of their barrier in opposing directions, like someone trying to forcefully pry a door open.

"I think we've seen more than enough of this barrier, Atlas. Don't you agree?" Iapetus remarked with his own warping voice, as the light emitting from his palms and the orbs around his hands looked to be penetrating and expanding out in waves all across their dome of protection, soon flowing over it in its entirety before anyone inside could even take a step.

"Damn right I do!" The hulking, glowing beneath exclaimed back with an absurdly deep, distorted, guttural voice, eyes glaring down at Olympus' denizens with vengeance in mind, as his frighteningly massive muscles bulged, and he let out a roar of unbridled ferocity, as his arms and fingers began pulling in opposite directions.

Under a normal circumstance, even within his True Divine Form, provided that the Cyclopes weren't overestimating what they'd made, there was little chance Atlas should've been able to brute-force his way through the barrier.

Beerus and the others, the latter earlier than the former, had been briefed on Iapetus' unique ability granted to him by his domain, however, which threw whatever strength their barrier had out the window. Because, apparently, Iapetus' domain just so happened to be that of mortality, in a world where hardly anything actually 'mortal' existed, and likely hadn't at all when he'd gotten said domain. Conventional wisdom would suggest that such a domain, against beings and such that were immortal, would be utterly useless. A joke, even.

The harsh reality, however, and why he was always given caution by his sons and those who knew him, was that said domain granted him the kind of power that made him almost as dangerous as Kronos' scythe. For he, especially when in his True Divine Form, which amplified it to the extreme, held the ability to enforce his will upon whatever being or object his energy came into contact with and 'mortalize' it, as Prometheus had put it. The perfect example of which being right before them, as his pulsing waves of energy coursed throughout their barrier. The protective veil shimmering as a result, and dimming right before their eyes in rapid succession, before it was swiftly, by ascended form standards, reduced to a dull, almost lifeless grey.

"The time for hiding away is over. On this day rebels, we shall crush you!" Atlas bellowed, shaking not only the mountain, but seemingly even the sky itself with but his voice alone, as his megalithic arms wrenched back with unimaginable force!

Without Iapetus, what happened next probably wouldn't have been possible. With the barrier having been 'mortalized' and forced into said Titan's domain, however, he was able to freely manipulate it, despite the barrier's best attempts at repelling his magic. As a consequence, it had its deific durability and endurance, capable of lasting forever and being virtually unbreakable to their enemies, reduced to a pitiful, 'mortal-like' shield that could be broken with enough force.

Thus, the barrier, rather than hold sturdy against Atlas' grip and pull, right before everyone's eyes, was torn asunder in either direction, as though it were little more than wet tissue paper! The split at first like a perfect incision on a body, before cracks quickly appeared, starting from where Atlas' fingers gripped before near-instantly traveling all over the magical dome. Shortly thereafter, in a timeframe so short that even the other gods who'd ascended struggled to observe it, the magic construct, in its entirety, split into countless pieces and shattered like glass with an ear-popping KER-UNCH!

"No more waiting or retreating! Its high time we put you in your place!" A third warped voice bellowed out for all to hear, full of white-hot rage and malicious intent. A red streak soon whizzing in at breakneck speeds from the point of view of those who'd ascended, and like a small meteor plummeting down into a planet, looked poised to smash directly into Beerus, who while not in his own ascended state just yet, would've been totally unable to react to it.

Styx' children however, were just about able to react, and get in the way as this red-streak barrelled past the crumbling and vanishing remains of the barrier toward said god. All of them pushing their own godly power to its utmost as they huddled up together to block the oncoming assailant just a few scant metres in front of Beerus. Their much smaller forms feeling a brutal collision as the much bigger form of their foe struck against them, producing an immense shockwave that would've knocked Beerus off his feet and sent him flying back in base form had the four not bore the brunt of it, grunting and gasping in exertion and pain as they put all their might into halting their enemy's advance.

Their interference only pissed said deity off, however, as he let out a roar of rage upon contact, and shortly thereafter, with a ludicrous burst of strength than none of the four could match, swiped his mountainously-muscled arms out in opposing directions. His magic coming to the forefront at the same time and propelling a pulse of godly power out as his arms shot forth, slamming into Kratos, Nike, Bea and Zelus simultaneously, earning a harsh gasp of pain from each as they were all sent rocketing away in different angles both east and west with an even more booming shockwave. The four shooting off far, far into the distance at incomprehensible speeds, as intense winds were generated from the attack that were felt across not only Olympus, but countless miles all across the heavens.

Beerus, once again, would've been knocked off his feet by it, were it not for him having been able to summon and dig his sword into the ground within that tiny interval. The god bringing his destructive power to the fore in that same timeframe – only just barely – and using his level of control over his domain to hastily push an aura of destruction around his body. An action which eradicated all the excess force behind the shockwave as soon as it struck him alongside the wind, which because this was a universe where regular physics-logic went to die, were travelling at speeds that far exceeded the speed of light.

As the purple particles that came about as a result of such floated and faded slowly through the air, Beerus' amber eyes locked on to the titanic frame of none other than Menoitios in his True Divine Form, whose body and bulging, rippling muscles just as big and wide as his brother Atlas' was, filled with superbly thick veins all across his torso and limbs, the former of which had an identical twelve-pack to his brother too. The major differences in their form, however, was the heavy, rusty-red colour and glow of his skin to near-perfectly match his expansive, dense aura, and the pupilless eyes that burned and glowed outward with the purest crimson. The last, was his shoulder-length hair, which rather than float aloft, floated upward as though a huge burst of wind had sent each stray strand thrusting upward, shaking erratically as they glowed a darker crimson than his eyes, giving off the air of inconceivable anger.

Fitting, given he was apparently known as the Titan god of rashness and violent rage.

"Damn!" Styx in particular barely had time to curse upon seeing her children flung away and watching Beerus be wide open before he could enter into his own ascended state via the sword, as Menoitios took the opportunity granted, and slammed into Beerus. His enormous hand smacking down over the destroyer god's face and chest, fingers engulfing Beerus' whole skull and part of his upper torso as their forms flashed forward. Both WHOOSHING away with the Titan's mind-boggling momentum, carving a deep trench through Olympus' peak and making a huge section of the Olympian's palace explode outward as they collided and crashed through it, before blasting off the mountain all-together, sending excess debris flying in all directions from their exit.

The only thing left behind, was the god of destruction's sword, which dug deep at an awkward angle within the trench left behind, where Beerus' had clearly attempted and failed to hold unto it subconsciously. She'd have to place faith in her children coming back and aiding Beerus with that brash beast, because until he ascended, he stood no chance against Menoitios as he was.

"Not the best time to be getting distracted, Styx!"

The second-generation Titaness was just about able to pull up a half guard to with her watery-looking, greyish-white glowing arm by the side of her head to protect herself, as what could best be described as a beam of sapphire-light impacted against her. The Oceanid grunting in pain as the beam forcefully took her feet off the ground and bent her body at a somewhat unnatural angle, as she too was sent blasting off further into the heavens above, far away from Olympus and the rest of her allies.

"Aiming for me right from the start? You truly are a piece or work, alright!" Styx exclaimed in a tone that almost carried a hint of amusement alongside the annoyance, as she used her own divine power to force a separation between her and her opponent, who flew up above her like a whizzing comet that defied gravity, before looping round and coming to a brief stop just a few metres from the Oceanid.

The skin of her nude, curvaceous, Titan-sized body glimmered greatly with a mesmerizingly light, velvety blue that looked more beatific and wondrous than the sky itself, with her more erogenous areas obscured like Styx's. Her hair having turned into what looked like pure light energy that shone a violet-blue with greater radiance than her sapphire aura, as well as made even the shiniest gold and silver look disgustingly plain by comparison. Yet, it still somehow managed to flow outward and float behind her in multiple strands like she was in a place with zero gravity. Her eyes, which were deadlocked on Styx' own emitted the same glow as a sapphire stone with all the different shades of blue mixing and coalescing together to make them so definitively gorgeous, especially as the different shades seemed to swirl about, that even Styx had to admit it was quite the entrancing sight.

"Try not to flatter yourself too much, wench. Once I'm finished getting you back, I'll be making my way straight toward that bastard Beerus, and getting my revenge on him for what he did to Hyperion before Lord Kronos puts him down for good!" Theia's distorted voice boomed with confidence. Her aura dwarfing Styx' own just as much as her body did, as she charge forward, her form light a trail behind her as her closed fist hurtled toward the Oceanid's face.

Styx nimbly managed to dodge the punch at the last second, her body torquing as she spun around to deliver a full force elbow shot to Theia's head on instinct. A manoeuvre that was easily blocked, who's other hand shot up and closed around more than half of the Oceanid's arm and halting all her momentum.

Before Styx could respond then, Theia used her held arm to pull her body sideways into a brutal knee, which knocked all of the wind out of her lungs, and ejected ichor-infused spittle from her gasping maw, as her body bent over her leg at the hip, which if not crushed, was most definitely broken by the impact. Something which Theia then followed up on by having her eyes light up even brighter, almost like a shimmering star, before flinging Styx' body out several feet in front of her and firing blindingly bright lasers out of sockets. The compressed beams quickly expanding in size and combining together before the now singular beam of sapphire light directly struck and engulfed Styx' entire body, sending itself and her frying, divine body careening away with a deafening ZHOOM!

Meanwhile… Back around Olympus…

Prometheus' eyes shone again, peering into the future to see not just his father's incoming attack, but that of all of their enemies at once, as he and his brother narrowly dodged their father slamming into them with his palms, which still held their shimmer from earlier, enveloped in near-translucent bubbles of his divine energy.

Forced to keep moving back and dodging alongside Epimetheus while keeping his full attention on his father, who'd zeroed in on them specifically, the future-seeing Titan didn't have the time to warn Themis or Metis, as the former charged head-long toward Atlas. Her sword gripped in both hands, emitting the same mighty aura as herself, as she let out a battle-cry. Her form and the sword's expanding outward to better match her foe's size with her own, as she swung her now massive blade for the Titan general's thick, bulky neck, only for it to be caught by Atlas two feet away from it. The immensely buff Titan stopping the swing and her forward impetus, with but two fingers of his glowing hand alone clamping down on its razor-sharp metal.

The ease with which he stopped her attack stunned even Themis for a brief instant, which was enough time for his other hand to shoot out and latch all the way around her much slimmer neck in an ironclad choke that severely constricted her celestial throat.

"You must think even less of me than I'd previously thought, Themis. Attacking me so blindly, when even you have never had to properly experience me in my True Divine Form." Atlas had barely finished that sentence, before he felt a presence all but phase into existence behind him, from where it'd previously been in front. The next moment, he glanced to his side, as he saw the front of a watery-looking, glowing blue foot scything into his peripheral view, before it smashed full force directly into his cheek, producing a hellacious shockwave that shook Olympus to its foundations as well as the ground and water beneath it for uncountable kilometres.

Atlas' face didn't so much as twitch from the impact.

In the time it took Metis' eyes to widen, Atlas was able to yank Themis' sword free from her grip, toss it away, and then turn on Metis, his free hand circling around her whole torso, and pinning her arms to their sides as she attempted and failed to evade his grab. She tried to struggle and break free from his clutches, but his enveloping hand didn't budge, no matter how much strength she poured in.

"Striking from a blind-spot while Themis charged forward first and put my attention on her. Clever thinking as usual from you, Metis. It would've even been effective were we in our base states right now. Unfortunately for you both, however, we're not." Atlas sneered, as the rest of his allies bared down on the open Mount Olympus. The weaker allies of the rebels, as he could sense, being forced to blast off the summit of the mountain and engage their own, admittedly much smaller group of non-ascended deities in combat, in the air.

Numbers weren't a problem though, as all of their weaker gods could and had ascended like the rest of them. Meanwhile, it was obvious only a fraction of the lesser deities that'd allied themselves to the rebels could do the same, otherwise, the small army of them would've done so before engaging in aerial battle, rather than what appeared to be an equal amount to the couple dozen lesser gods on their side. Powerful shockwaves that didn't pack quite as much oomph to them as what he and his Titan brethren could pack ringing out all around him and the remaining figures on the mountain's peak in a wide radius, from the battles that were now commencing in the heavens.

As one would expect, the many lesser gods who didn't – or more likely couldn't – ascend were glorified fodder at this point in time, being slapped about and pasted with ease when attempting to engage, while those that had ascended on the rebels' side seemed to stalemate with his and Kronos' lower ranks. Whether or not that persisted, mattered little, so long as the Ophiotaurus was caught and sacrificed soon, preferably before any one of the Hekatonkheires managed to bypass Lord Kronos and start attacking any of their forces from a distance.

His Lord had assured them all that he could keep them contained himself when in his True Divine Form, but wouldn't be able to do so forever, especially not when they were going to be fully on-guard. The Ophiotaurus' boon would be their clincher. Without it, this hyper-aggressive play they were now enacting, would only come back to bite them eventually, once one or two of the Hekatonkheires eventually started paying more attention to them rather than Kronos, and they bypassed whatever contingency his Lord had for that inevitability. Which, at that point, would put them in a far too similar situation to what they'd been in with their first siege on Olympus and its denizens.

Speaking of said denizens – more particularly those still on the mountain with him – he saw nearly all the siblings of Beerus all in fighting stances around him. All of which he'd come to know the names of over the many days this war had gone over. From his gorgeous sisters, Hera, Demeter and Hestia, to his brothers Zeus and Poseidon, who'd already pulled out their Cyclopes-made weapons, with the thunderbolt held in hand by the silver-haired brother, while the trident was held in the more tan-skinned, dark-haired brother's hands.

The only one missing from the pile right now, was that pale-skinned brother of theirs. The one with that helm that made his presence vanish: Hades.

The Titan general didn't think that odd, however, given his major thing seemed to be performing his little disappearing act and then attacking whilst invisible to the eye, so he was sure he'd make his presence felt eventually. Plus, they'd also made sure to throw up their own massive barrier, far-stretching around Olympus, like the rebels no doubt had for them, just as they'd come toward Olympus' now destroyed shield, which negated any use of dematerialization and shapeshifting from the rebels' side.

Thus, there was no way he couldn't be here somewhere, even if he couldn't be sensed or seen. Not that there was anywhere he could go if he had been able to take advantage of the brief interval between their ascension, and their conjuring of the barrier, as far as he was aware.

And yet, for some reason, his absence of presence here didn't quite feel the same. Perhaps his Lord's paranoia had rubbed off on him a bit, but his instincts, amplified to the extreme in his True Divine Form, gave him the sinking sensation that something was off. That his lack of presence now wasn't the usual routine with the second eldest of Lord Kronos' sons. He had no idea why that was the case, but he knew better than to discount what his gut was feeling–

"Zoning out in the middle of a battle, Atlas? Now who's the one thinking less of others!" Themis roared, pulling Atlas' full attention to her, as she swung her body up while still being choked by him, and wrapped her legs around his muscly arm while her hands grabbed his wrist. The Titaness pouring all the strength she could to torque her body around, in an attempt to twist the appendage holding her as far as she could, and either put enough tension on his twisted limb for him to let go, or even better, turn it far enough to force his divine bones to be pulled out of place.

"Still you, evidently." Atlas replied, taking his mind off the missing sibling of Beerus for the moment, as despite Themis' best efforts, his densely-muscled arm didn't even budge. It was much the same for his hand that closed around Metis, who was still struggling and failing miserably to break his hold even a millimetre. "You know of my domains, yet you still attempt to overwhelm me with brute force?" He almost laughed, but settled instead for a snort. "Endurance and strength are that which I hold the most authority for. They personify me far more than anybody else, especially when they're fused with my being as perfectly as they are now, in my ascended state. Nobody, and I mean nobody could overwhelm me with physical strength, as I am now!"

With that said, Atlas wasted no time in flicking his arm down at space-rending velocity as his fingers unwrapped themselves from Metis, who was slammed brutally unto the mountain floor beneath him with an echoing BOOM! A shockwave kicking up from the impact and quaking Olympus yet again, as her thrusted body broke apart the ground beneath her, which was near the edge, sending her hurtling frame rapidly shooting down the mountain. Her crumpled frame forming a trench in its hide from top to bottom as her body soon collided with the ground roughly a million kilometres below where she'd previously been.

The resultant collision of her hurtling body with the ground upending an untold amount of earth and debris that shot violently up into the air, far enough for some pieces to rise up in crumbling chunks behind Atlas. All as, with speed far too great for them to ever hope to react to as they were, he flung Themis by her neck toward Beerus' sisters.

The closest, Hera and Demeter, could do nothing as the Titaness body flew toward them, doing uncontrollable flips and cartwheels in the air as her divine form collided with the two, crushing bone and flesh into paste as their own bodies exploded outward in a gory mess of golden blood and chunks from the force. Hestia, meanwhile, due to being at a further angle, had half of her body gruesomely shredded off of her in a similar blast of bloody gore, leaving the other half of her face in pained shock, as it, the remaining half of her torso and her remaining arm and leg fell back as limp and lifeless as a noodle.

Beerus' twin-sister's half-body dropped with a THUD to the mountain-floor and skid back like a bloody sled but a moment after Themis, covered in Hera, Demeter, and Hestia's blood and guts, flew far off the mountain. Her Titan-sized frame shredding through the destroyed palace on her way out, spilling strands and rivulets of the smaller, non-ascended goddesses' golden blood in a trail as she did so.

"Koios," Atlas' distorted voice boomed loud for all to hear. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd ask of you to deal with Metis from here on out. Krios will handle our problem with you-know-who, and father has taken it upon himself to deal with my two wayward brothers. I shall handle the rest of our little stragglers not yet in combat, who dared to defy us."

Practically flashing into existence above Atlas, the titanic, muscly form of Koios, bathed in his huge, grey aura, with nude, genitalia-less skin that glowed a lighter form of grey, nodded down at him affirmatively. "Understood, Atlas."

Zeus and Poseidon barely had any time to take in the rest of his features after that, before he vanished in a burst of godly speed. The duo barely registering how his hair, unlike others, had seemingly vanished all-together in his ascended state, leaving a bald dome that strangely glowed with a darker, almost drawn-looking pattern around his skull that vaguely resembled the look and shape of a brain, with pupilless sclera that radiated a white glow more splendid than Iapetus' but less so than Atlas'. His physique looking no different than the former's own.

"Going to take us, Themis, and our sisters on alone, are you?" Poseidon asked rhetorically, grabbing Atlas' attention as he smirked, despite the situation. "Quite confident of you to assume that won't be a problem for you. It's like you don't even remember what happened the last time you get ahead of yourself like that with us."

"Oh, father remembers. The difference between then and now, is that we're more than capable of handling any tricks you have, rebels." The confident voice of Kalypso rung out over all the chaos going on, garnering a smirk from the ascended Atlas, and a look from both Beerus' brothers, as she flew and landed down next to her hulking behemoth of a parent. Luscious, long blonde hair flapping gracefully behind her in the wind, as a smile plastered over her lips. The goddess eying the two remaining rebels yet untouched by the battle that'd begun, as her own whitish-blue aura seeped out and enveloped her hour-glass figure.

"I take it you're here to help do battle with Beerus' siblings, rather than any of the minor deities fighting around us, whom have not ascended?" Atlas asked of her, getting an expected nod from his eager daughter, which got a hearty, proud and distorted laugh from the Titan general, as he patted her on the head with his huge hand, which dwarfed it so comically that it would've been hysterical in nearly any other scenario. "Hehe, well then, I guess I'll have to amend my earlier statement to my uncle Koios. Seeing as you're this eager, I'll leave them to you then, while I handle Themis."

"You're leaving just her to deal with me, my brother, and my sisters too, once they recover?" Zeus rose a brow in surprise, while Poseidon blinked in confusion. "You sure you're not getting a little too overconfident there, Atlas? She hasn't exactly been a hard opponent for any of us when she faced us one-on-one."

Kalypso too seemed surprised by her father's words, as she looked up at him. That is, until her aura suddenly began to glow much brighter, and grow much denser around her. A gasp of surprise and sudden pleasure flitting out of her lips, as the colour of her aura mixed with a noticeably silvery tint, and her feminine form gained an impressive amount of sleek muscle definition, especially around her arms and legs. A gleam of white not unlike that of her father's, just not to the same extent, emitting from her eyes, and making her sea-blue irises shine like never before, as the rays flooded out from her pupils.

Both Zeus and Poseidon's eyes widened at this in shock, as their senses sprung to life and notified them of how the goddess' power had shot up greatly! Enough to make her easily the strongest non-ascended deity around, and that included their brother Beerus!

"Under the usual circumstances you lot have grown accustomed to, yes. Leaving her alone to take on all of you would be foolish. She'd only end up get trounced by you fledglings. However, we're not in the usual circumstances this time. As I am now, I can bestow upon her more than enough strength to take all of you on single-handedly, and quite easily as well." Atlas remarked cooly, paying no mind to the two brothers, as he looked down at his daughter. "Be sure to give the sons of Lord Kronos an especially harsh lesson in pain for me, dear daughter. They deserve nothing less after the nuisance they've both been with their weapons."

Kalypso beamed with delight, seeing the trust and power her father was willing to dole out to her. "I'll be sure to do my best, father!" She said, before turning her gaze back to the two brothers, flitting her eyes between them. "With this boost you've given me, I think it's about time I repaid the favour for the way they embarrassed you all that time ago."

"That's my daughter!" Atlas responded with even more pride for his progeny, petting her head with more fondness before, as far as Zeus and Poseidon's paltry base senses could tell, the Titan general seemed to teleport away from their vision with how fast he moved in the direction he'd launched Themis.

"Now then," Kalypso smirked, now addressing both brothers mainly, as she ignored the regenerating forms of their sisters for the moment. "Which one of you is going to get a beating first?"

Meanwhile… With Prometheus, Epimetheus and Iapetus…

"Your rebellion shall end this day, my sons." Iapetus stated calmly, as his shining form rushed his two sons relentlessly, forcing the Titans of foresight and hindsight respectively to continue dodging and evading his blows, as the trio flew past the peak of Olympus. The Titans reaching close to the aerial battles going on between their respective forces around the mountain. A little too close for either second generations Titan's liking.

"This foolishness of yours has truly disappointed me beyond words." Their father continued, skating within millimetres of Epimetheus' jaw with one of his punches, enough to where his son felt the effect of his father's domain tingle over him for a brief instant, before he hastily backed up alongside his older brother. "Whilst I'll admit that I understand now why you have chosen the path that you have, that doesn't excuse it from being a terrible choice on your part. One which you may well have to pay for by being put to Kronos' scythe!"

"Pfft. Like we'll ever let that happen!" Epimetheus scoffed, as he and his brother backed up a little more, both in a defensive stance as their father came barrelling forward at a blistering pace. "And besides, even if that does end up being the case, as unlikely as it is, why bother telling us the obvious of what'll happen should your side manage to defeat ours? Your just wasting time blowing hot air, as far as I can tell, father."

"Hmph! I see that head of yours still has its moments of dullness, Epimetheus!" Both brothers flung themselves in opposite directions to avoid their father's lunge, and what looked to be attempted palm-thrust toward both. "Why do I bother, you ask? Have you already forgotten the significance behind what you call me? I'm your father, you imbecile! As much as your actions have gravely displeased me, that doesn't mean that I don't care what happens to you. Both of you!" He bellowed out, some genuine anger seeping through his tone, as he suddenly charged for Prometheus specifically.

Said Titan, even being able to see the future, found it difficult to dodge his parent's onslaught of punches, palm-thrusts and kicks aimed at him, which forced to continue back up at high speeds as he ducked, bobbed and weaved away from his father's hazardous blows. Even still though, he managed a scoff similar to Epimetheus' as he snarkily – and admittedly somewhat childishly – shot back to his dad. "Oh, wow. Is that right, father? I feel so loved…"

"Don't be snide with me, boy. As unbelievable as you think it may sound, I'm being honest with you both here!" Iapetus barked, while torquing his body to throw a roundhouse kick for Prometheus' head and a spinning backfist for Epimetheus, who'd flown over and tried to sneak up on him. Both his attacks, yet again, but narrowly avoided by his sons, who were forced to back away from the elder Titan. "As cold and as callous as I can be, not once have I truly desired to see the two of you end up like the children of Kronos are bound to by the end of this war. Even now, I fight you both like this not because I desire it and want to see you suffer at my hands, but out of duty to my side of this conflict."

Shockwaves billowed around them as he spoke, and both Prometheus and Epimetheus were forced to duck as a member of each opposing side respectively was sent careening past them from a heavy blow. "I would ask of you both to wake up and join my side, as it still isn't too late to make up for your rebellious actions, if I thought I could convince you both, but I know well you'd refuse. For all of the differences you two and your other brothers have, one thing you all share in common, is stubbornness."

The younger Titans heard the faintest of chuckles pass their father's lips as he said that, while the three of them came to a brief stop amongst the chaos going on around them. The elder Titan glancing between the two on either side of him with a look of fondness and concern that neither could recall having seen from him since they were early-born fledglings. "Your minds are dead-set on the path you've chosen in defying my brother's will, and there's nothing I can do to change your minds right now. Best I can hope is that I can get you both to see the error of your ways after this war has been concluded. That is, provided I can convince my brother to be more lenient on you."

"Pretty bold of you to assume your side will win, father." Epimetheus piped up, already looking ready to attack again, but keeping himself held back for the moment. "Whilst the knowledge of you being willing to try and convince Kronos of that is flattering and all, there's no need. Whatever plan your side has this time, like all the others, I don't see it working out for you."

"Think whatever you want, my son, but it shall not change the outcome." Iapetus shook his head, sounding convinced that his side weren't going to lose. Something both younger Titans could well understand, given they knew what was running through his mind as it pertained to his side's plan. "Unlike the other occasions, this one will be the deciding factor. Once it is complete, there'll be nothing your side can do to stop us from claiming victory. Of that, I assure you."

"So, you say anyway. We'll see about that." Prometheus quirked a sly smile that Iapetus didn't fail to catch, and when that he knew his son well enough to know he knew something he didn't. "Will admit though, your being willing to vie for our clemency is appreciated, even if all it'd result in is our asses being sent on a one-way trip to Tartarus, if he doesn't put us to the scythe anyway. Regardless, I have no intention of having to go through either of those punishments, and nor does Epimetheus, so long as we can help it."

Prometheus managed a larger grin then, one showing off some glimmering teeth, as his glowing eyes shone a path for his vision to the future yet again. "That being said though, I do agree with the first thing you said, father. With the way this is going to go, come tomorrow, the rebellion will indeed be no more. After all, it's not possible to be rebels when there's nothing to be rebelling against!"

With that declaration, as if it was a cue, Epimetheus followed his brother's lead as he shot forward, both coming at their father from either direction. Both Titans winding up what looked like a punch for their old man, seemingly aiming to deck him on either side of his face simultaneously, as their forms became little more than shimmering blurs of gold and dark amber respectively.

Iapetus' forearms shot up on either side to block the blows, his arms seemingly being forced inward by the force of them, before he let out a battle-cry as he forcefully pushed them back out, sending his two sons backward a few metres. This didn't last long though, as both soon rushed back, swinging their legs for a joint, cutting kick aimed for his front.

"Hnngh!" Iapetus grunted, as he blocked their attacks again using his forearms, though with noticeably more effort, as Prometheus and Epimetheus set upon him a flurry of joint strikes, both seeming to turn into coloured blurs yet again as their arms and legs shot forth in tandem. A veritable maelstrom of punches, elbows and kicks that pushed Iapetus back more and more, reaching dozens of miles more away from Olympus than the trio already were in the blink of an eye.

Eventually, Iapetus succeeded in letting out a burst of power from his body after another block from his arms, which swiped his son's latest strikes away, allowing him a pocket of time to drill his deific energy-coated fists toward their solar plexuses. Prometheus, thanks to his future-sight, saw this coming and was able to manoeuvre himself to the side, just barely avoiding the blow. His brother wasn't so fortunate, however, feeling the full force behind Iapetus' counter-punch as it drove the wind out of him, along with some droplets of ichor from his yawning maw and bent his body forward over his father's outstretched arm.

That wasn't the worst of it, though, as the very same waves of energy that'd made their barrier meet its end quickly coursed through his ascended body right at the moment of contact, instantly making his True Divine Form dull in radiance. The effect making him shiver and convulse uncontrollably, as Prometheus immediately attempted to rush back in with a strike of his own to disengage his father from his brother in a panic. An action which resulted in both being sent careening back in a bodily bundle, as Iapetus timed him perfectly, and grabbed the back of Epimetheus' head before turning his body to the side and tossing the convulsing Titan directly into his brother.

Iapetus watched as their bodies blasted through the fluffy clouds of heaven hundreds of miles away, making them explode outward as they continued to sail away, before Prometheus finally force the two to a stop with his own strength. That brief interval alone being enough for the father of the two to flash forward and appear above them, fist cocked back and ready to shoot.

"You forget yourself, Prometheus. As impressive as your future-sight may be in combat, do not forget that it has its weaknesses. All of which I am fully aware of!" Prometheus' eyes barely had time to widen and shine, showing him the future yet again, before it was too late, and Iapetus smashed his fist down unto his head. The strength of the blow cracking his son's divine skull and producing an unbelievably massive shockwave felt by all the lesser gods engaged in aerial battle around Olympus, along with blowing all nearby and even distant clouds away from them, as Prometheus was suddenly sent hurtling down to the ground at whizzing speeds.

His body, despite his insane velocity, hadn't even impacted with the plane of Gaea, before Iapetus reached down and grabbed his other son by the back of his skull. The waves of his domain passing over Epimetheus yet again and making him shiver and convulse like crazy, as he glared down at him dispassionately, face twisted in a grimace of his own that made it clear he wasn't enjoying what he was doing a single bit. "Know that I take no pleasure in this, my son. I do wish there could be another way, but my duty comes first, and as such, I must ensure your defeat!"

With that bellowed out, he twisted his body around, pulling his son's almost limp body with him by the head, before tossing him with all his might down toward his brother. The latter of whom had just impacted with and exploded the ground beneath him, sending huge piles and clumps of earth and debris flying upward, as he cratered deep into the earthly plane. His brother joining him not long after, as his hurtling body crashed down into the deep crater not even a planck-second later, doubling the hole's size and blasting apart the earth around them, which tremored greatly from the fall of both.

Iapetus was quick to chase after them. The Titan not willing to allow them any time to recover if he could help it.

In the meantime… Around the base of Mount Olympus…

"Ngh!... Damnit!..." Metis blew a litany of curses under her breath, as her ascended form was forced to block her foe's kick with her arms. The force of it hammering through her glowing appendages as she was sent shooting back and into the bottom of Olympus, indenting into the heavenly mountain, and making it shake from the impact.

"What's wrong, little nymph? Struggling to match up now that you don't have anybody to back you up?" Koios sneered with mocking temperance. His glowing form casting a vast shadow over her, dwarfing her size by almost a factor of five, as he stared down at her.

Metis grit her teeth, but didn't respond verbally to his taunt, as she puller herself free from the indentation. Instead, her intensely iridescent, turquoise eyes narrowed sharply as she charged forward, seemingly swinging in for a right hook as she flew toward his face.

Koios just smirked at her, already having a hand raised to block the incoming punch as it was coming in. And that was precisely what Metis was hoping for, as she channelled as much of her quick reflexes as she could, purposely swinging her punch wide and away, so that she could duck low and twirl her body with the momentum in mid-air. Her sights laser-focused on his side, as she spun into a blindingly fast, powerful kick with the sole of her foot.

"Heh. Sorry, but an obvious feint like that isn't going to work against me, little one!" The elder Titan remarked with that damnable smirk still attached, as the hand that she'd thought had been brought up to stop her punch suddenly zipped down faster than Metis could've anticipated, and latched unto her leg. His palm and fingers enveloping her entire foot and more than half her shin as his huge hand closed her attacking limb, stopping the force of her blow and keeping her trapped in his grip simultaneously.

To Metis' credit, she didn't let this deter her, despite her surprise at being stopped so easily, and didn't hesitate to swing her other leg up full force, looking to clip Koios in the chin with her heel and at the very least stun him enough to let go of her other leg. Her mind already calibrating her next number of attacks after that, given there was no way he should've seen such a swift second strike coming the instant the first was blocked, and been able to react in time.

Which is why the Oceanid was left stunned when at the last possible, infinitesimal fraction of a second, his head tilted back just enough for her other foot to sail past his face harmlessly. The towering Titan choosing that moment where her other strike hit nothing but air, and arguably left her in a much more vulnerable position upside down and still in his grip, to retaliate. His free hand, she'd only just now noticed, already cocked back behind him and clenched into a hard fist, his aura coalescing around it to form a dense bubble of pure, titanic power as he wasted no time and sent his it rocketing forth!


"Bleugh!?" Metis's eyes shot wide with pain, face contorting into an ugly yawn of sheer agony, as the knuckles of his hand ploughed deep into her torso. Ichor practically vomiting out of her mouth in a messy trail, as her upturned body was sent soaring away upward, making the golden blood arc upward with her, as her body swung up at one-hundred-and-eighty degrees. The motion, for a brief instant, making it look as though she was standing upright off Koios' hand that still held on tightly to her trapped leg.

The moment wasn't made to last though, as Koios pivoted, and shifted his own body to follow the trajectory of hers, as he turned and thrust his arm forward with incredible might, letting go of her leg as he threw her right back into the hide of the mountain again. The impact shaking it even harder than the first time, as her ascended body slammed into it and indented herself even further than before, just above her previous indentation with a resounding CRASH! One that had her letting out a harsh, gasping cry as yet more ichor propelled out of her gaping maw.

"It's useless." Koios said, grinning like a madman. "You might be close to me physically, but my domain makes whatever tactical moves you can cook up in that head of yours completely useless. There's not a single move you can throw at me, as I am now, whether offensively or defensively, that'll make a difference!"

"Of course… Kuh!..." Metis coughed, ichor dribbling down both corners of her mouth and down her light, watery blue chin, as she glared down her foe fiercely. The goddess ignoring the aching pain coursing all throughout her form as she inwardly cursed herself for her forgetfulness. "How could I have forgotten? You're the one who bears the domain of the inquisitive mind."

"My scope is a bit broader than that, little one. I hold power over intelligence in general, but I suppose it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that I specialise most in the inquisitive part of the mind, as my domain." The elder Titan clarified, while looking at her smugly. "Sure, it isn't as flashy or as intimidating as my nephew or youngest brother's is, but it's never wise to underestimate it, as you should well know. Might not be all that useful in my normal state, but in my True Divine Form like this, when it's brought to its pinnacle of efficiency, it's quite dangerous. Especially in one-on-one encounters."

Inquisitiveness as a trait means to be the most interested in learning things. On its own, it doesn't sound too bad or threatening, but in his case, it might as well be a nightmare. Metis thought to herself, as she forcefully dislodged herself from the mountain, but made no motion to attack just yet, as her injuries healed over completely, and she glanced up at his head, eyeing the darkly glowing markings that vaguely made the shape of a brain. Themis warned me about how aggravating he is to fight in this state, given she's the one who mainly had to handle him the few times he chose to ascend in the many battles his side brought to us over the past year.

She remembered it well. The Titaness, while able to keep his attention, had never been able to best him before the Hekatonkheires came to their aid. She'd fallen short in every encounter with this bastard, and been unable to stop herself from being forced to play by whatever tempo he set, and losing badly in it each time, before she called for backup against him.

And all because of what it truly meant to hold dominion over the inquisitive mind, in Koios' case. It firstly, gave him the ability to learn how they fought and how they moved, even down to the most miniscule of actions, with perfect accuracy. And that's where the second side, and the most terrible part came into play. Once it was all analysed and learned fully, it was as if the Titan knew you better than you knew yourself in combat, as Themis had put it.

While he couldn't see the future like Prometheus could, there hardly felt like much of a difference when fighting him like this. Heck, it was probably much worse in this specific situation, as his mind could visualize every movement the body of his opponent makes, both consciously and subconsciously, to every scenario in a fight with him.

In essence, that meant he could perfectly predict each and every move she'd use, long before she used it or even conceived of it. There would be no catching him off-guard on her own with a well-thought-out attack or an instinctive blow. He'd see it coming all the same, and be more than ready to counter her as viciously as possible.

"Hmph. It seems I'm in quite a bind against you." Metis sighed, before meeting Koios' gaze with her own, as she settled into a battle stance again. Her visage returning to a much calmer state. "Even still, as troublesome as this is, I'm certain I can figure out a way to deal with you." That being with or without the boon of the Ophiotaurus. Not that she'd mention that to him just yet, of course.

"Oh, really?" His visage became equally as cocky as it was condescending, as he readied himself too. "By all means then, little nymph, I implore you to try!"

Meanwhile… Far away from all the fighting…

A deep, guttural growl emanated from deep within the boundless ocean. One of hostility, little different from that of a cornered animal ready to lash out, as dark, round eyes glared out toward whom had disturbed its leisure.

A bald, fair-skinned, heavily muscular male god with stormy, grey-blue eyes, wearing an equally as grey tunic that fell to knee level, glared back. His square-jaw set into a scowl barely as his beefy arms wrapped around the neck and upturned tail of his quarry, the hybrid of animal and fish bore from Gaea, which had come to be known as the Ophiotaurus.

"Talk about a nuisance." He said gruffly. His deep, masculine voice resonating his irritation through the thick, all-consuming body of water. The god unaffected by the salty fluid that should've been seeping into his orifices, as he spoke no different from how he did on land or in the air. Something he shared in common with his captured prey, who gave him the death stare as it bared its teeth, though it did not try to thrash about.

Well, not anymore, anyway. It had already tried to do so, when he'd initially latched on to it and caught it by surprise, only to be wrestled into submission by him, and be put in the very position it was now, with its tail bent over his, barely able to flap, while its head was squeezed within the hulking god's bicep. The latter of which threatened to snap its neck if it attempted any sudden movement that its current captor did not like.

"You know, for a creature with your unique look and size, you really have been quite bothersome to find and get a hold of, you know that?" The male god – otherwise known as Aegaean – said with a huff, somehow not causing bubbles to emerge from his maw and nostrils, as he did so. "Not even Oceanus' abode goes this bloody deep, but then, I suppose it'd make sense for you to make yourself at home deeper than even the biggest mountains are tall, if you prefer to live undisturbed and alone. Away from the many other beings that frequent my father's plane."

The creature did not respond with speech, even though he knew it could. Instead, it just continued to stare balefully at him, as he held it in place, dignifying him with no other response then yet more bestial growling.

Not that Aegaean cared in the slightest. Now that he had the damn thing, half of his job was complete. The hard part was done. It would've been easier if he'd been ascended while doing it, but Lord Kronos, ever the cautious one, had ordered him to maintain his regular state throughout the process, to ensure that nobody noticed him as he searched for the Ophiotaurus. Him being ascended would be like screaming out to the world that he was suspicious, and required investigation, which could lead to their enemies discovering both him and the Ophiotaurus, or worse, the hekatonkheires deciding to bombard the ocean and him with the very boulders that'd taken out much of their allies.

Such a scenario, by his Lord's account, would've led to his downfall well before he could find what they sought, and that simply wouldn't do. Now that the creature was firmly in his grasp, though, and his senses could feel his Lord and the rest of his allies ascended far above him, he knew the time for such caution was over. His news had clearly sent the signal to them all to cut loose, and they'd begun what was sure to be the final assault on Olympus and its denizens, as they awaited his sacrifice of this blasted creature to seal their enemies' fate, and their ultimate victory.

With that thought, he didn't bother wasting any more time, as he teleported himself and the monster away from his father Pontus' plane, and up to a secluded section of Gaea's even further away from the fighting to perform the rite proper. His dark-grey aura suddenly exploding out of him, as he forced an altar suitable for the ritual to emerge from the ground. A divine flame being lit upon it in no time for the monster's entrails to be burned, as the storm deity began to ascend to his True Divine Form too. All in preparation for the finale of this more than year-long conflict.

Because he was hardly going to stand by and do nothing after he'd done his duty performing the rite on this monster. He intended on getting in on the action too, after all. He doubted his Lord would mind, after the deed he was about to perform for him and their side.

Suddenly, however, to his bafflement, the Ophiotaurus began to laugh. The noise a disturbing, deep warble that could've made almost anyone shiver involuntarily.

He knew not why it did that, but he didn't let it put him off, as he swiftly approached the point of transformation.

It was then, however, that a chill passed down his spine, as it felt like a hand gripped down on his shoulder, despite the fact that he couldn't sense anybody close-by, other than the monstrous child of Gaea, which was still laughing hysterically. The bizarre instance enough to halt his ascension from completing for but the tiniest of moments.

He ended up paying for that lapse in focus right away, when something that he could not see crashed into his jaw, and he felt his world tip over, as he was knocked off his feet.


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