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The Olympian God of Destruction:

Chapter 41: Seed of Destruction I.

Upon Olympus…

"Well, if nothing else, it is all but certain now, that your eldest brother has made his choice, Zeus." Metis remarked matter-of-factly, shortly after she and her consort returned to their room in a flash of gold. The wind itself being passively controlled by the youngest Olympian the instant they did, to ensure no sound left the room, and that only the two of them could hear the other, granting privacy even from the deity who personified Olympus itself.

"Yes… It would seem so." Zeus sighed, while having his back turned to his lover, as he mirrored his eldest brother's pose, of bring his fists behind him, and touching them against each other. The Olympian not even trying to hide his displeasure and disappointment. "And from the way he carried himself throughout the doling of punishments, I get the sense that my brother will not be forthcoming, should I go to him, and try to convince him to hand over the responsibility of ruler to myself."

"Well, you never know. You might still be able to convince him of it, provided you say the right things, and see to it that you keep any promises made to him, so that he does not, rather understandably, grow angry with you." The Oceanid replied back with a sense of calm and comfort, as she placed a hand upon Zeus' shoulder. "And even if he is not, please do as you said to me before, and take his decision gracefully. It's not like it'd be the end of the world or anything, after all, with him in charge." She teased with a small smile. "Your brother may have his faults to him, as we all do, but from my observations, if not you, which I'll freely admit I'd pick over him out of bias, so far, he seems like he would be the best pick overall, from everything he's shown."

"True. I won't deny that he has the makings to be a good ruler, if he fully applies himself." The god admitted without hesitation, even if his eye did twitch at Metis stating she'd only pick him out of bias. She didn't have to throw that in, even if it was true. "He even proved it just there, delegating certain responsibilities primarily to others, in Styx and Themis, whom he believed would do better in the roles he gave them, then he himself would, which are decisions I myself couldn't have made any better."

"He also put his faith in me to come up with all our battle plans during the war, as he trusted my judgment to handle it better than himself, as well, which showed humbleness on his part, as well as sound reasoning." Metis added, unable to help the pride she felt, in being recognized like that, which Zeus didn't fail to notice. "I may have a few misgivings with him, such as with how he seems to be poorly handling the situation with his sisters, which I hope he rectifies soon, as I'd rather not watch him be in a similar spot to my siblings, under similar circumstances."

"Or his lack of self-control, as you put it, when it came to his consumption of the altered nectar, and the consequences of that." Zeus added helpfully, and teasingly, as he eyed her. "Consequences that, at least on my end, were well-received."

Metis rolled her eyes at the clear reference. "Yes, that is another one. One though that I'm sure he'll learn from and not repeat the same mistake again, given the results of it, beyond our chambers. Those sights and the stories behind them alone, should be more than enough to convince him of that, at least, with how intelligent I know he can be." She shook her head in bemusement, wondering to herself how in her father's name his curse had even come about. She hadn't been there to see the drunken deity's situation that led to it, but she got the feeling it would probably be something that a sober Beerus would find embarrassing, and act as a deterrent from him allowing himself to be so strongly put under the influence of something like that nectar again, which is all she hoped for, with that. "All that being said though, right now, the good I've seen from him, so far, absolutely outweighs the bad, and gives me great hope for the future, if he is the one in control, instead of you."

She was also a small bit concerned, due to her nature, about him holding the kind of power that he did, in case something awful occurred in the future that turned him more toward the path that his father walked, as that held the potential to get even uglier than Kronos' reign had ever been. Such concern was vastly outweighed by her current trust in him, however, to be better than his father ever was, should he rule. And with added guidance from others, which he appeared readily willing to take, unlike his predecessor, such an option of the future was something she held next to no stock in happening, whatsoever, so she didn't bother mentioning it to Zeus.

"Hmm." Zeus hummed, as his eyes narrowed, finding no real fault in her assessment. Though that changed nothing for him, and didn't make him feel any better about the way things seemed like they might be going, even if he was willing to accept his brother being king, should he be unable to be convinced otherwise, as he'd said before. "Even so, that doesn't change much for me. If I cannot be the one who rules, then no matter what I tell myself to soften it, and no matter the great respect I hold for my elder brother, dissatisfaction is all I will feel. And I know well that's incredibly selfish, on my part, but I can't help it." He shook his head. "Ever since my earliest moments holding consciousness in this world, and was told of the situation with my father and everything else, I have felt nothing short of an overwhelming desire to take control of the cosmos myself, and institute my own regime. One that wiped away the blemish that was my father's, and as I've come to find out, his father before him, while doing what theirs couldn't, in remaining alive for all of time itself."

"Yes. I know, my love." The Oceanid smiled supportively. "And you still can. You just might need to wait for a time, is all, if convincing him now proves to be fruitless. It's entirely possible, after all, that your brother decides for himself that the position of King of the Universe is just not for him, after some time passes with him in power, and all the responsibilities it comes with." She then frowned. "Either that or, heaven's forbid, for I do not wish such a humiliation upon him, after all that he's done for us, but shall say it here, regardless, as there's a very small possibility that he may end up causing enough of a mess of things, eventually, even with all the help he's willing to get, for most, perhaps even himself, to sour on him being chief of the gods."

"He'd have to be downright incompetent beyond measure for that second option to occur." Zeus snorted. "And while it is possible that my picture of him is skewed, with him and I having only been around for a little over a year, with what I've seen of him so far, outside of a few small moments of weakness that I myself have had, my brother is anything but incompetent."

"Believe me, you won't find any argument from me, there, Zeus. He has given me no reason either to believe he'd be anywhere near that bad, so far, which is why I said it is only a very small possibility. I merely mention it to cover all bases." Metis replied cooly, honesty dripping from every word.

"Can you think of anything else then, Metis?" He prompted, while side-eying her with a look of anticipation, hoping she had something where he was drawing a blank. "Because while it is possible my brother, for one reason or another, could sour on being King of the Universe in the future, perhaps for whatever reason he appeared hesitant on taking it, in the first place, it is also quite possible that he doesn't, which leads him to rule indefinitely, should I be unable to convince him not to, when we next speak."

His consort frowned, as she brought the knuckle of her index finger below her chin, striking an expression of ponderance, as she ran through in her head all the information that she was aware of, for something that might be of use to her lover.

"Hmm… Well, there might be one option available to you, so long as you're not willing to go the underhanded route of sabotage and undermining that even I, despite my support for you, would not be able to condone, in good faith." Not unless, of course, Beerus did something to completely make her hostile towards him, which she highly doubted, at the minute, would ever happen. Her worst misgiving with him, was again, how he'd been handling his situation with his sisters, and that alone was hardly enough to have her turn on him like that. Not even remotely close.

"Don't worry. I have no intention of going down that path, as I've made clear to you, before, in this very room, when we spoke of the actions I may take, if he did become king, to eventually have me replace him." Shaking his head once again, Zeus turned to her fully, as his eyes narrowed on her. "What I require, is an outcome that results in the majority, which includes my remaining siblings, being fine with my ascension, otherwise, I'm setting myself up to breed nothing but discontent, and potentially even rebellion. That means something that would have Beerus fine with it, and willing to endorse me, as he hands the position over, should he choose to keep it, even after my coming discussion with him."

Metis smiled again, glad to hear what her consort had just said. It once again showed his ability to think critically, above all else, and recognize an error that could be made, in advance, should he have been willing to go down such a path, which she already knew he wasn't. He cared enough about the thoughts and feelings of his siblings, and by proxy, everyone else, not to pull out tactics that were callous, upon his eldest brother.

Her features then schooled themselves, as she relayed her one idea. "That being the case, Zeus, then based off what I've gleamed of his character, your only option to have him willingly hand over the position, should he not do so through your words, or through himself deciding later on that he does not wish to be king, anymore, will be to fight him for it."

Zeus balked at her in shock. "Fight him!?"

"Yes. Fight him." She nodded without hesitation, even as her husband gazed at her, in disbelief, and in some bit of trepidation, she noticed. "Not now, of course, or any time soon, as that would only result in your resounding defeat." She stated matter-of-factly, earning a small wince from the younger deity, as she made no attempt to sugarcoat what they both knew to be true. "It would have to be later, either when you've taken enough time to improve yourself and your power, to make you confident of your chances, or if you should manage to find the Ophiotaurus again, and perhaps get it to give you another boost, like it did for the last battle of the war, with its sacrifice. Either way, you can challenge him then, with the position of King of the Universe as your prize, should you win."

"Why is it you believe such a thing would work, my dear? That he would even agree to that?" He couldn't help but ask, baffled by the mere concept of what she'd just proposed.

"Do you not recall what he said, on the day that everyone gathered together for the first time, on Olympus' peak, to either join us in our fight against Kronos, or see if it was worth it at all, to do so?" She asked, getting a nod in return, along with an 'I do'. "You should remember then, when he spoke of how a prophesied child or children of his coming to end him, would only excite him, and that he'd see them as a way to challenge and better himself?"

Zeus nodded again, hesitantly. How could he ever forget such a proclamation? Such words from his eldest brother still floored him, to this very day. Threats like what he described, after all, regardless of relation to you, were to be deal with swiftly, if known about, before they could reach a point where they could take you down, in his mind. Purposefully nurturing them, as he'd claimed he'd do, so they'd have the highest possible chance of succeeding in that endeavour was nothing short of lunacy, in his mind, which he still couldn't for the life of him fathom why his brother had exclaimed, with sincerity, that he'd do.

He also failed to see how that helped him, but it didn't take his consort very long to answer why it did.

"It is clear from that, that he is not opposed to being challenged for his position, should he take it. If anything, as he made clear himself, he would welcome it. Prophesized or not, I'd wager, given the way he spoke." She explained, as she raised her finger towards him. "And seeing as he's done nothing but keep his word, every time he's given it, I'm confident in saying that, when he accepts your terms for victory, with the challenge you present for him, defeating him in that scenario will have him hand over the position of king to you, without a fuss, as in his eyes, you'd have earned it, by besting him."

Zeus blinked. Not quite sure about such a deduction. "Leaving aside the idea of actually defeating him, are you certain that he'd honestly accept such a challenge? And assuming he does, wouldn't I need to offer something in exchange, in case I lose?"

"For the former, based on what he's said and how he's acted so far, yes. I honestly believe he will." She did not even pause to think about her reply, showing his consort's confidence in her claim, as she went on. "For the latter, you might, though I personally think the challenge itself may just be enough, so long as you're genuinely capable of challenging him, rather than being an easy victory, which he'd undoubtedly view as a waste of time."

"I… I see…" Zeus wasn't sure what else to say, at that point. She had that same look in her eyes when talking about this, as she did when she'd been giving out their battle plans for the war. One of strong belief, based on analysis, which Zeus had learned well not to ever dismiss.

"Of course, if you go with that option and succeed, you better be prepared for what comes after, for based again on Beerus' words, and honestly, quite a bit on his actions that I've observed, should you prove superior there, he isn't going to just roll over and accept that as a permanent change." She warned. Her expression turning its most serious, as her lips became a neutral line, neither smiling or frowning, as she delivered this next part to him. "You'll have unquestionably proven yourself to be potentially his greatest challenge, and as a result, he will use that loss to better himself, per his own statement, and I have little doubt he will return for a rematch, in the future. Possibly many, in fact. All of which with the position of ruler of the cosmos as the prize, so there won't be much rest for you. You'll have to constantly be improving yourself as best you can, in order to not be surpassed by him, and ultimately lose the position you fought for, right back to him."

Zeus had to actively resist the urge to shrink back at the idea of having to constantly battle his eldest brother at his best, knowing what he could do, just to keep being king.

This wasn't to say that, if it was the best option available to him, he wouldn't go through with it, if he must, but still. While he held confidence his brother would never erase him, like he did their father, he couldn't help the inkling of fear he felt, when imagining having to battle him, like that.

He wasn't even sure he could catch up through hard work, nor was he even sure the Ophiotaurus could aid him, either, depending on the wish Hades had made. Or perhaps it would, but like with his father and uncles, when Gaea had first used her wish with the creature long ago, whatever boost it gave him would only be temporary, and such a thing would be readily noticed by his brother. And whether that came before, during or after the first bout was irrelevant, as leaving aside the possibility that Beerus could just simply destroy the blessing on the spot, he got the feeling that using such a method to surpass his strength, while it might get him commended for using his head to get swift results, it could also get him derision.

Actually, no. Not could. He had a strong feeling it would. Because sure, his brother had been fine with its use on the final day of the war, mostly as a middle finger to Kronos, but here? For this? Whatever excitement he might feel during the fight itself, in that scenario, would be washed away into pure disappointment, regardless of outcome, once the blessing faded, and his power was brought back to a point that he couldn't hope to challenge Beerus, and what was to stop his brother then, from simply challenging him for the position again, the very next day, or perhaps even later that same day and easily taking the position back? Zeus may as well have been setting himself up to be a joke, at that point.

Sure, there was also a chance that, like the boon he and his siblings had been given in the final moments of the war, the power boost would be permanent, but that was no guarantee. And even if it was, there was still that same problem Metis had brought up, of his constant challenges, meaning that Zeus would either have to continue abusing the Ophiotaurus, while hoping he never got caught before he could get his next boost, or he'd have to train himself, like she mentioned, and keep himself ahead of his brother, somehow.

He could already see plenty of variables that could go wrong there, and that was without getting into the fact that, even with a boon like that, victory wasn't guaranteed, by any means. Beerus could very well win, even with such a boon backing him up.

Did the Ophiotaurus have a limit to its boon-granting capability? Because it would be mighty convenient if he would be able to just slyly make the wish that no matter how strong Beerus was, and no matter how varied his abilities or his prowess in battle, Zeus would always defeat him in combat. It would also be just as mightily convenient that Beerus himself, somehow wouldn't view that as cheating, and would never seek out and find the Ophiotaurus himself, in order to negate such an absurd wish, presuming the creature could actually grant such a thing.

"I see you're putting heavy thought into what I've laid out for you. It's good to see that you don't simply have blind faith in my words, and are more than capable still, of thinking for yourself, here, instead of just jumping straight into action." Metis' smile was back, looking at him proudly. "That right there is one of the biggest reasons I love you as much as I do. A quality like that is of great benefit to a ruler. I will now presume that you, at the very least, can see the issues that lie with relying on the Ophiotaurus, instead of natural growth, even if the latter may take you much longer?"

She knew. Of course, she did. Zeus supressed a chuckle of fondness. Her mind has always been better than mine. She was merely testing me. Good to know I'm not fool enough to jump headlong into this recklessly. Though, perhaps I owe that caution to her, as well, given how much counsel she has given me, which has been of great benefit. He thought to himself amusedly, before answering the goddess, not wanting to keep her waiting too long. "I do, yes. And I think it best I keep any use of the Ophiotaurus as a last resort. Only to be leaned on, if all else fails miserably, and I'm left with no choice but to gamble on it, even with the threat of it being turned against me, or perhaps not being able to truly assist me, either."

"A wise choice." She nodded in satisfaction. "I also personally believe that going the more natural route for progression, will help you to build more character, as well."

"It will mean having to submit myself to Beerus being king, potentially for a very, very long time, presuming I can indeed reach and surpass his strength naturally, though. And I'm not sure my patience will be able to hold, depending on how long time drags on, should improvement to such a degree be even possible for me, at this point." The youngest Olympian admitted, knowing it was best to let his consort know about this doubt, in advance. Assuming she didn't already know of it, even without him saying it, which he wouldn't put past her. "I have nothing against my brother, personally, as you well know, and despite how I dislike it, I'm willing to push my own aspirations to the side, for a time, and allow him to rule. However, I cannot deny my desire to rule, to be the one who leads, when it comes to the new era, beyond what my bastard father left behind, and I fear that the longer I see him doing so, instead of me, regardless of my respect and appreciation for him, the more I feel I shall grow restless, especially if he begins to make decisions that I dislike or feel have superior alternatives."

"I'm sure you will, and don't be afraid to voice it to him if that's the case, with politeness and respect, of course." She responded back sternly. "Criticism, I'm sure, he'll be willing to take with little issue, but only if said in the right way, that makes you look good and thoughtful, as you should ought to be, rather than arrogant, condescending, or both. Unless, of course, your aim would be to antagonize him."

"Good heavens, no!" Zeus shook his head left and right in such a manner, that Metis had to supress a giggle, from how comical she found it. "That's the last thing I'd want to do. I need him on my side, not against me!"

"You'll technically have him against you, no matter what, should you challenge and defeat him, because as I said, he will most likely come to fight you over and over, for the position, no matter the respect he'd hold for you, at that point." She reminded him, earning a glower from the silver-haired deity.

"You know what I meant."

"I do. Just thought I'd mention that again, to hammer it into your head." She admitted without pause, grinning at him. "Getting back to what you said before, about the way he may rule, though, while I'm sure a mistake will be made, here and there, as nobody's perfect, I can certainly say that, at the very least, based on all that I've seen, he'll definitely be much better than Kronos ever was."

Zeus grunted in acknowledgment of that statement, knowing it to be true, himself, even if he found it to be a rather low bar.

Metis wasn't done, however. "And if he continues to practice what he just demonstrated out there and before, he may well yet be looked upon fondly by everyone, myself included, as the only ruler worth acknowledging, given his predecessors' actions." Folding her arms beneath her bosom, she added with a hopeful smile, "He may yet also grant us special power as well, beyond what we already have, just as he did for my sister and Themis. Something which could further help you demonstrate to him and everyone else your capabilities, and further assist in convincing him and the others that you would make the best choice to leave the responsibility of king to, regardless of if Beerus chooses to step down willingly without a hand raised, or through defeat in combat, in the future."

She makes a good point… Zeus thought to himself, finding himself mostly agreeing with his consort's words. Though, he couldn't help but feel irked somewhat, by the first part of what she'd just added. Something about it, about the way she phrased it, just didn't sit right with him.

"If nothing else, I'm sure that, at the very least, with how I assisted him during the war, he'd be willing to make me a part of his counsel, when I ask." She continued, and Zeus easily detected the pleasure in her tone, when mentioning it. "And I don't doubt he'd be willing to do the same for you, as well, given that you should've proved yourself to him well enough, during the war. And even if he isn't, for whatever reason, I'd be more than willing to convince him for you, to change his mind. He has faith in me, when it comes to good planning and decision-making, after all." The Oceanid couldn't have hidden the pride in her tone that leaked through again, even if she wanted to. "Something which I intend to repay and further demonstrate, by sharing both my wisdom and intelligence as much as I can, toward hopefully making the coming new era as great as it can be."

"Careful now, my dear." Zeus cut her off, tilting his head at her with a teasing glint in his electric eyes, which hid the small bit of annoyance he also felt, at the same time, knowing that she wasn't just simply fine with lending her mind to his brother, but excited at the prospect too. Even though he knew the latter had more to do with her being able to contribute toward a better cosmos, in general, than anything else, regardless of who was king, between Beerus or himself, the idea of her so readily and enthusiastically lending her counsel exclusively to someone else, beyond him... That bothered him for reasons he couldn't quite explain. "With how you're speaking there, I'm beginning to get the sense that you might've given up on me taking the throne already, despite the words meant to console me."

With a slightly mischievous grin, he massaged his beard with a 'contemplative' pose, as he focused on his desire to mess with her, a bit. "Perhaps I should start worrying about if you'll end up leaving me soon, too, with how readily you seem willing to curry favour with him to be his counsel, now that it seems all but certain he'll be king. Matter of fact, I wonder if you're secretly hoping that my brother does need some 'convincing', as you say, so that you can use helping me as an excuse to get closer to him, in more ways than one."

Metis rose a brow at his words, more than able to detect he was just messing with her, rather than having any actual concern for such a silly scenario that they both knew wasn't the case, especially with what she could tell he was insinuating there.

Even still, however, she found herself rolling her eyes, before playfully slapping his shoulder, now that she could see he was in better spirits. "It truly amazes me sometimes just how crude your humour can be. Joking about myself pining for your brother, simply because of the status he is taking for himself, and will most likely keep, for now. Have you no shame?"

"Depends." The silver-haired deity shot back cheekily, smiling more at her, after hearing her response. "Some days I have it in abundance, and others, I have little at all."

"Mmhm. Is that so?" A glint of something entered Metis' eyes, as her small smile took on a playful edge of its own. "I wonder what the former must look like, then, as in all the days I've known you, I've yet to experience such a side of you at all."

"Maybe that is so, because you are a master at bringing out this more shameless side of me." A lecherous grin enveloped Zeus' countenance, as his larger hands came to rest upon Metis' shoulders, and with a light pulse of his magic, her tunic quickly dissolved into nothing, giving his eyes a sight that always brightened his mood, now being no exception, in the pearly-white, naked form of his partner. Her every curve on display for him to visually gobble up, in their splendour.

"Master at bringing it out? Are you actually trying to put the blame for your antics on me?" Her brow quirked up again, as she made no attempt to re-cover herself, as the air in the room, controlled by Zeus, very intentionally began brushing over her body. The current making her hair sway, as it focused licking its way over her perky breasts and their stiffening nipples, alongside her round derriere, tantalizing thighs and the moist lips between them, the most.

"Perhaps I am." He replied with extra cheek. "Indeed. Such a master of it, you are, that you could do nothing at all, but your presence alone, would draw me so passionately to you."

"Unbelievable..." She rolled her eyes again, in amusement. "I suppose I should take that as quite the compliment, that I need do nothing, and yet, draw such attention from you…"

"It would certainly be wise of you to, yes." Zeus quipped huskily, as his own tunic dissolved.

Metis bit her lip and supressed a moan, then, as the winds of Zeus' making became more fervent in their touch across her naked skin, and especially across her most sensitive areas, brushing rather intensely over her stiff nipples and moistening lower lips, especially.

The sky god grinned wider at this. "Now, if you don't mind, my dear, for the moment, I am through with going over possible actions to take in the future. All will be decided, depending on how my next conversation with my brother goes." The sky deity said, choosing not to think on it anymore, given the odds, until later, as he focused instead on what he knew would brighten his spirits. "As for now, I'm afraid I'm feeling a little tense, and could do with your help in relieving this tension I feel."

"I see…" Breathing getting a little heavier, Metis tried to push down her own climbing arousal for but a moment more, as her curious side thought to ask her consort his opinion on what Gaea needed his brother for so urgently, as it was the only other thing left on her mind, after what'd transpired with the doling out of punishments for Kronos' allies.

When Zeus leaned down and captured his lips with his, however, she felt the air getting sucked out of that idea, and for now, she decided to shrug it off, along with the bizarre sensation of foreboding that briefly licked at her, for reasons unknown, as her lover, metaphorically and literally, swept her off her feet, into a whirlwind of sensual passion, once again...

Meanwhile… Well beneath the earth… At that same time…

Beerus didn't quite know what to think, right now.

His progeny… His very first child, not only in this reality, but in his previous, as well, was right before him…

And he wasn't sure what he could say to describe his apparent son's appearance, other than hideously monstrous.

The destroyer had seen plenty of repulsive-looking creatures in his existence, which was why he hadn't been all that put off by the appearances of the Hekatonkheires and Cyclopes, as they were honestly not that bad, compared to the worst he'd seen.

The creature laid out before him – Typhon, he recalled Gaea calling him – in his entirety, was definitely within his top five picks for most ugly beings he'd ever seen, however.

And he'd been spawned from his seed…

Was this a joke? He knew the mechanics of how this universe worked were wacky, compared to what he'd dealt with before, to say the least, but how in the hell did his union – technically speaking – with Gaea, result in him!?

"Beerus, please… don't just stare at him like that. It's rude." Gaea admonished him, as she continued to hold him against her, in the air. Firmly keeping his head pressed into her bountiful bosom, as she settled a frown on the destroyer. "I'm aware he may not look like what you would've thought your first-born would be like, before now, but just like all of my other children, he's beautiful, in his own way." The goddess asserted, each word brimming with honesty.

The destroyer would have to firmly disagree with her, on that. There was nothing 'beautiful' about the creature laying on the ground, now eying him with something other than rage, though he couldn't quite tell what it was.

Not that he really cared either, though.

Seriously, he knew that without DNA, it was more than possible for children to be born without looking a whole lot like their parents, what with himself and his brothers, as prime examples, bearing little resemblance at all to Kronos or Rhea, but even still… He'd have thought one of his own would at least bare a small resemblance to him, in some way, physically. Even if that small resemblance, was simply not looking like he'd had an eldritch abomination for a parent, with how bestial virtually all of his body, bar his only human-looking head appeared, with all those animal heads jutting out of him. Never mind the fact that his lower half and the fingers of his hands looked to be made up exclusively of coiling serpents!

Had he come out like this, because his birth hadn't been natural? And by that, he meant, would he have come out different, if instead of his seed being dispensed unto Gaea's earthen form, he'd dispensed it inside her humanoid form, instead? Because that was the only thing he could think of, for why his first son had come out looking the way he did, even if it still didn't make a wink of sense to him. How had his sperm inseminated a goddess as gorgeous as Gaea – and yes, he'd freely admit that was what she was, no matter how much she could annoy him – and ended up producing Typhon, as he was?

Ugh… This is so confusing… Beerus ultimately thought with a cringe, as he shut his eyes for a moment.

What was even worse, was the fact that, while the monstrous entity's height wasn't up to par with what he'd seen in his vision, it was pretty much the only thing out of the place, as the rest of the creature's appearance lined up with the figure he'd seen in his dream. Did that mean he had quite literally helped spawn what would attempt to destroy Olympus and bring carnage upon the world, in the future, all because he had chosen to go the less painful route of alleviating his damn urges over a year ago?

If so, then this guy must've not reached his full potential yet, as he'd been taken down far too easily once he got serious, for a threat that was supposed to be on the scale he'd seen it, in his vision. The kind of threat that had him feeling both concern for his allies – though primarily and almost exclusively his family – as well as some excitement at a potential, serious challenge.

Presumably, anyway.

"Nnngh…" Letting out a small, awkward groan, Beerus reopened his eyes and fixed his gaze on the fallen form of Typhon with a frown, as the entity continued to stare back up at him, with a look he couldn't quite pin down. Curiosity, perhaps? Fascination? Awe? Befuddlement? The look reminded him of all of them, but couldn't be pinned down to one. Maybe it was all of them at once? He didn't know. What he did know, though, was things would only get more awkward for him, if he didn't say anything.

"So… this is… my son…?" He swallowed, knowing it was a lame thing to ask to start them off, as it was a question that he already held the answer to, of which he'd already given his initial reaction toward, by screaming out that simple piece of information loud enough to make the whole structure echo with his voice. He didn't care, though, as it was all he could think of, at the moment, to say, as he hadn't quite gotten past that reveal, just yet. The disbelief was very much still palpable.

He also nearly referred to him as a 'thing', and probably would've, too, were it not for Gaea's hug reminding him of who he was with, right now, and the fact that she'd probably get upset with him if she heard him call the massive monster that. A better word than just outright calling him what his appearance justified dubbing him, but still, not something any mother wanted to hear about their progeny, and Gaea was absolutely not an exception to that.

"That he is…" He felt her nod, while not commenting on him repeating himself, no doubt because she knew how much of a shock this must've been to him, which was somewhat appreciated. And though he was calmer now, he noticed that didn't stop her from keeping him held in place, like she was. Not that he'd complain about that particular bit, though. "And he's a feisty one, too." She added, while she giggled to herself, the action causing him to feel the vibrations through her giant breasts squished against his head, as she relaxed more. "It's something he shares in common with his father, if you ask me."

"Uh-huh…" Beerus made no attempt to comment on that, as he wasn't sure how to feel about the comparison. After all, he didn't randomly attack people for no discernible reason, in a fit of rage, like Typhon had just done. At the same time though, he could see what she meant, to a degree, if she was speaking purely about the ferocity the giant held, which could be seen as comparable to his own, even if harnessed much differently, in his personal opinion.

"He's also full of passion, too, when he's inclined. And I have a suspicion he might get that from you, as well, but unlike you, he makes no attempt to hide it." She teased with another giggle, only making Beerus more befuddled. "Perhaps that's one thing you might be able to learn from him, in the future."

What was she talking about? He was pretty sure he was plenty passionate about things he gave a damn about! She should've known that, too, which had him starting to get the feeling now that she was probably grasping at straws just to find commonality between the two of them.

"Ah, I see that didn't quite register with you, as I had hoped." She then let out a sigh of momentary disappointment, having seen his expression at her words, which only further baffled him. "In any case, that aside," Her mood quickly picked up again, as she moved on from that, and he could feel her grin, once again, without seeing it, as he felt her gaze shift between himself and the downed giant. "This being your first meeting with each other, and with the rather… violent first impression out of the way, is there anything you'd like to say to him, now that you're both calm, Beerus?"

The destroyer couldn't help but take notice of the tone of relief and excitement from her voice, when she mentioned them both being calm, and he instantly sensed that had way more to do with their apparent kid, than it did him. And based off of what he'd been told prior, about the creature being essentially a bundle of rage, since birth, pretty much, with an exceedingly wild temperament, which Beerus had just been witness to, himself, and on the receiving end of, mere moments ago, it wasn't hard to guess why she'd sound like that.

This was probably the first time the being below them had been so quiet and wrathless, while fully awake. Gaea had likely not seen this specific behaviour from him, yet, as she'd been handling him for around a year, and was no doubt more than happy to see it, for once, compared to what she usually dealt with from him. That was the sense that he got, at least.

"Well?" He then heard her prompt, and realized he may have gone silent longer than he'd thought, for he could hear a small hint of strain in her tone, which broke him from his reverie. "Anything at all, Beerus?"

"Ah… Well… Uhm…" Beerus twitched, as he was put on the spot, struggling to come up with something to say to the many-headed giant beneath them, which would satisfy the goddess holding him, rather than upset her, by asking the first thing that'd come to his mind before, as to why in the hell he looked the way he did.

After an incredibly awkward moment working his brain for anything to say to his apparent spawn, thankfully, his mind did think of something to ask the monstrous entity below him, before the silence dragged on any longer. And it was something that, thinking back on it now, did pique his interest. "That power you used against me before, when you sent me flying away… Until I rid myself of it, it was able to stop me from healing, just as my power is capable of doing against others… Did you have it naturally, or was it something you had to train for?"

Typhon tilted his head at him, almost like a child trying to comprehend the words that'd just been spoken to him, as the brows on his less than pleasant, human-like face furrowed. And for a brief instant, as they did, Beerus grew concerned that his supposed first-born lacked the intelligence to even understand something as simple as that, which would only make things even more awkward for him.

Then, after waiting what felt far too long, Typhon did reply, though not verbally, as Beerus had hoped, but with one of his serpent-formed fingers, as he raised it up toward him, to indicate the number one.

"That's his way of telling you it's the first one, in case you were unsure." Gaea, who was either used to this kind of communication, or was just hazarding an educated guess, spoke up in the creature's stead. "Typhon has never trained himself at all, Beerus. He was born with that kind of power and, as I said to you before, he has only been growing stronger with time, as well, as he himself grows larger." She said with a note of pride in her tone. "And even I don't know when his natural growth shall end."

"He's doing it instinctively, then, as he grows…?" The surprise was evident in Beerus' tone, as this information was relayed to him. To have gotten to a point already, where he'd forced him to ascend just to take him down, in a fit of rage, with a destructive power identical to his own, all on nothing other than instinct, without even a sliver of guidance…

Before Gaea could reply, Typhon, seeming to understand what had just been asked, nodded his head in the affirmative, as he somewhat sluggishly raised himself up. The mere act alone of him doing so causing the air to whistle loudly, almost screeching as the earth itself trembled beneath him, and shook as he pushed himself up using his elbows. The many bestial heads covering his torso letting out their own awful whines and screeches, while the snakes that made up his 'legs', for lack of a better term, and his fingers, coiled and hissed in an ear-grating fashion that had Beerus wincing, as the monstrous giant sat up. His more human face, along with the draconic heads that sprouted from his shoulders, now coming within a matter of a dozen or so metres from where the primordial goddess and the destroyer floated in the air. His human face's eyes narrowing, as a calm expression of curiosity that Beerus recognized made its home on his features, perhaps for the first time in his life.

Seeing this, Gaea beamed and hugged Beerus just a little closer to her, something he didn't mind at all, as she watched their son making the effort to communicate in a completely peaceful fashion, for once! "I definitely should've brought you down here to meet our child sooner, Beerus." She said to him with glee, her words a whisper that wasn't picked up by Typhon, no doubt because of magic, as she lay her chin over the GOD's head in an affectionate manner, before she squealed giddily in the way only a mother could, when seeing something from their progeny that they were exceptionally proud of. Her eyes laying on her son, as she continued speaking to Beerus. "Ohhhh, just look at our dear boy! With how he's been, I didn't think you'd manage it as quickly as this, but you've got our precious son finally communicating in a way that doesn't involve needless aggression or violence!"

"Ngh!... Is that so…?" Beerus wasn't sure about the usage of the word 'precious', there, given it included him in reference, but he chose not to comment on it, as the being he'd downed mere moments ago, met his gaze with his far larger eyes.

Once again, Typhon didn't say anything. He just stared at the god of destruction like he'd known of him before, but only distantly, and now that he was more up close and personal, to the giant, for the time being, he was the most fascinating thing he'd ever come across.

It was kind of comparable to the look of an innocent child whose extremely limited personal world had just gotten something brand new added to it, breaking up the status quo they'd gotten used to, but in a way that left them highly interested in knowing about it, as opposed to being offended by its presence, which Typhon had certainly been of him, earlier.

"Well? Go on, Beerus! What are you waiting for!?" Gaea suddenly prompted, before tilting her head enough for Beerus to actually see the face-splitting smile of joy she had, and was aiming down at him. "Ask your son something else! This is the first time I've seen him so willing to reply in a peaceful manner, and I want to see it more! I want to see you two bonding!"

Not sure you can call this 'bonding', but I suppose this is a good change of pace, at least, from his prior behaviour… The reborn deity thought to himself with a sweat-drop, firmly of the thought that Gaea was overblowing this interaction, but was unable to fault her for it, given what she'd had to put up with from Typhon, until now. Compared to that, this might as well be 'bonding', in a sense.

"Soooo…" Beerus spoke up, addressing Typhon again, as he quickly wracked his brain for something else to ask, as per Gaea's wishes. "Other than Gaea – ergh, your mother, that is – being with you, have you been by yourself here, all this time…?"

Typhon once again tilted his head at that question and glanced away, and at first, Beerus assumed it was because he had to think of a reply, as he may not be the brightest. This assumption was proven false, however, when very soon after, he did get an answer to the question he posed. Though, it didn't come from Typhon, as he was expecting, or even Gaea, whom he'd have thought would readily answer, if their spawn chose not to reply to him, in this instance.

"Of course not, oh great destroyer. Your progeny has had me to keep him company, for quite some time…" A new voice, sultrily feminine and vaguely snake-like, with the way it hissed at the end, struck the purple-haired deity's ears, as it spoke up for the laid-out giant.

He could tell whoever it belonged to was below them, but also further back, and right in the direction that Typhon's gaze had gone. Knowing this, the god felt the compulsion to turn his head in the voice's direction to get a look at the newcomer, before realizing the position he was in, again, and that trying to turn would only result in him rolling his face deep into the tender, gravity-defying, jiggly flesh of Gaea's enormous boobs mushrooming over and around his head. And the only thing his eyes would be seeing, at that point, would be her sublime skin, and perhaps, one of her nipples, which he was sure he could feel prodding against his scalp.

The more horny side of him, still quite strong, but manageable, thanks to his mother's blessing, failed to see an issue with that, as his manhood throbbed uncomfortably. He then felt a desire bubble within him, just as it had, when she'd appeared during the doling out of punishments, to take her pert nipples into his mouth and suck them dry of all the dairy he could force out from her jugs, as his hands subconsciously twitched with the urge to maul them. Just as he had numerous other goddesses, while drunk out of his mind.

The god of destruction resisted this again, though, and successfully pushed those desires down, with the aid of Rhea's blessing, while cursing his body for jumping back toward that, at a highly inappropriate time like this.

"Ah, Ekhidna! I'd wondered when you were going to make your presence known." The goddess of the earth called out, recognising the speaker, as she turned herself – and by process of holding him, Beerus as well – sideways, as her gaze fell to the ground, where she saw her daughter's approach from the opposite.

Thanks to the shift in direction, Beerus got to lay eyes on her too, bearing witness to the serpent-tailed lady, as she slithered closer to them, leaving a trail of an oily substance behind, which carried with it no odour, to the destroyer's strong sense of smell.

Inwardly, he groaned, as despite the distance away from her, with how high up they were, he could still see every detail about her perfectly, once he focused his vision on her. And that was annoyance-inducing for his more rational side, because as soon as he fully took in her appearance, primarily her upper-half, which actually held the appearance of a sickly pale-skinned, but otherwise attractive nymph, he was forced yet again to smash down his body's more aroused and, quite frankly, depraved side. Because, of course, her upper-half had to be bare, and with her natural size dwarfing that of the Titans' natural size, leaving aside the rest of her curvaceous top half, her gargantuan breasts stuck out to his traitorous and aggravating eyes even more, as they jostled and wobbled about, with her movement.

And how could they not? With her size, each of those planetoids that defied gravity just as much as Gaea's did, without sagging in the least, were unironically bigger than he was whilst he was in his more natural size. Her ghastly-pale nipples alone each being around the size of his head, and, to the depraved side of him still trying and failing to take control of him, were begging to be fed on.

Once again, his and Themis' little rendezvous really couldn't come sooner, at this point, once this little meet and greet was finished, because he really needed an outlet to take out all these damned urges on, as he was not putting up with this much longer. His patience was beyond paper-thin, at this point.

"Forgive me, mother. I had merely been having a rest, in another part of the cave, until I heard all the commotion, and made my way here with great haste." Ekhidna answered back with another hiss, before her eyes, which Beerus just now noticed weren't just black in the irises, but completely pitch black in general, like the abyss, zoned in on him. And as soon as they did, her smile stretched all along her face in a way that was somehow both creepy and seductive. "And it looks as though I should've been here much sooner, as because of that, I missed such a wonderful altercation between father and son, based off the sounds that my ears could pick up!"

"Huh? Wonderful…?" Beerus' expression briefly shifted to one of bemusement, at her choice of words.

"Mmm… Yes, wonderful, indeed! Such a brief clash, but one that led to the use of your True Divine Form, in all its destructive splendour~! Oh, how I wish I could've seen that, with mine own eyes, as much as I felt it… The very form you unquestionably took, when you put an end to your father, Kronos, in the single most exquisite form of destruction I've ever had the pleasure of feeling! Alas, it was not meant to be, just yet, but that is only a minor matter, given that your presence is finally gracing us down here. And oh, it's so good to have you finally here, I must tell you…" Ekhidna hissed at him with delight. Her long, forked tongue scything across her lips with desire, at both feeling Beerus' distinctive presence within hers and her consort's abode, finally, as well as seeing him now, in the flesh, for the very first time. "The father of my consort, the mighty bringer of destruction himself, Lord Beerus." She remarked with nothing short of adulation, even going as far as to address him with his preferred title, without having been told to, as she briefly stopped and slung one of her arms across her midsection, as she gave him a deep bow of respect, which had her mounds shaking once more, in a way that very much felt intentional. "It is truly an honour to have you down here, with us. Words cannot describe how much of a pleasure it is to finally make your acquaintance~."

Why do I suddenly feel the same vibe from her, that I get from Bia, only much worse…? The god thought to himself a little uncomfortably, despite a certain side of him being otherwise attracted to her, in his current state, for obvious reasons.

"Hhhhhnnnn…" Typhon made an indistinct noise with his more humanoid throat, as he saw his mate do this. His eyes gazing upon her in puzzlement.

"Oh? And what is this, I see? My dear consort appears to be in quite calm spirit, for once…" Ekhidna commented with another hiss, this of great joy, as she came out of her bow and briefly turned her attention to the monstrous giant. "My, my… what a pleasant surprise…"

"Yes… Beerus was able to temper his and my son's rage, for the moment. And though he did so in a way I can't say I'm all that fond of, there's no denying he has managed to do in but moments, what I've been struggling to do, since our dear Typhon was born." Gaea revealed to her, as she looked between the destroyer in her arms, and the entity she'd sired from the former's seed. Not a hint of bitterness, as one might expect from such an admission, but just naked relief at such a positive outcome. That, and a form of pure pleasure, as she not-so-subtly snuggled Beerus into an even more comfortable position, within the expansive sea of fleshy delight, that was her bosom. "And for that, he has my sincerest gratitude, once again."

"Egh!... You're… welcome…" The eldest male Olympian acknowledged, his expression somewhat strained, as he now suddenly had to resist not only the renewed, perverse desire to do to her breasts what he'd done plenty of others, while intoxicated, but also the equally as strong urge to push the back of his head even deeper into the ultra-soft, pillowy mountains and lose himself to slumber in them. For their touch upon him was so tender and all-consuming, that the more primal part of his nature, which had crossed over from his old body, was stroked just as much as the new, more perverted side that his current body had come equipped with.

"So… I take it that means my consort has had some… 'discipline', beat into him, already?" The snake-nymph asked with seeming innocence, though the crooked smile she threw up at her mother, before passing her far from wholesome gaze down to Beerus, was enough to let Gaea know right away what was going on in that head of hers, as she glanced back down at her.

"In a manner of speaking… yes." Mother Earth replied earnestly, though with narrowed eyes, as she gave her affirmation. "Even still, though, dearest daughter, I know what you're thinking, and now is not the best time for it."

"Oh, I don't know about that,mother." Her forked tongue scythed over her lips again, as they settled into a depraved smile. "Such a decision should be Lord Beerus' to make, should it not?"

Best time for it? My decision to make? What on earth are these two talking about…? Beerus pondered in total puzzlement, which shone clearly on his face.

And he wasn't alone, for when he chanced a glance toward him, he saw that, just like him, Typhon, had also gained a similar expression, not understanding what the heck was going on here, as his gaze shifted between his parents and his lover. And when his and Beerus' gazes met, specifically, the bestial giant honest to heaven shrugged, as did the draconic heads on his shoulders, and even all the beast heads on his torso, in unison, with much the same expression, somehow, as his humanoid face. An act that, admittedly, Beerus found slightly amusing inwardly, as if the behemoth had gone to the trouble of using all its heads at once, just to further communicate to the destroyer that he was as in the dark, as he was.

"Dearest destroyer, now that you and I have become acquainted, and it seems as though what mother needed you for has been handled, if you would indulge me, I'd like to extend a request to you. One that, should you accept, will bring great rapture to yourself, my consort, and I…" The half-serpentine progeny of Gaea started, her smile only broadening, as she slithered up close. Her snake half suddenly extending in length through the use of magic that didn't quite feel like hers to the destroyer's keen senses, as he saw a faint glow of power around her outline that reminded him of the primordial goddess currently hugging him close.

It took barely a moment for Ekhidna to swiftly rise up from where she'd began, to reach the height that he and Gaea were floating at. The much larger frame of her torso and head dwarfing the duo, at their current size, as she got up close… very close to Beerus himself. Her face but mere inches away from his own, as she leaned in, with large globes rattling and jiggling, as she folded her arms beneath them, and rather purposefully pushed them up, so as to make sure that if the destroyer wasn't looking at her face, he'd absolutely be looking at them.

"Rapture, you say…?" Beerus asked cautiously, forcing his eyes to remain on her face, for the moment, as he felt the treacherous bastards' desire to dip, against his conscious will, and ogle the pair of gigantic gazongas that were intentionally being pushed up to grab his attention.

"Sssssss~! That's right…" Ekhidna sibilated with lust so naked, that Beerus was certain even Son Goku, at his most thick-headed, would've easily been able to catch on to it, as that tongue of hers lashed out from her lips briefly, and shook about with excitement. "You could even see it as a chance for you and your son to 'bond' some more, as mother put it." Her dark eyes twinkled at him, as said mother frowned. "Yes. It will be very… productive, I'm sure. Kukuku!"

Her salacious giggling only served to make Gaea sigh. "If you must do this now, Ekhidna, could you please just ask him, already, and get it over with?"

"Very well~." Ekhidna sighed back, before, without warning, she took her mother by surprise, in pinching both her arms her arms down together, with her bigger fingers, as she swiftly yanked them away from Beerus! The act, had Beerus not been naturally floating under his power already, would've caused him to drop down, but even if it had, she'd have done as she did next, in using her other hand to grab unto his torso, utilizing only her index finger and thumb, as she forcefully pulled him away from her mother.

"Ngah!... Wha-unnnmgh!?" Beerus barely got time to process being unceremoniously ripped away from the protogenos' body, and his head especially from the fleshy embrace of her chest-mountains, which he vaguely heard puff and bouncing back to their usual shape, before his surprised yelp was muffled, as his entire front was smashed into one of Ekhidna's heaving tits! The ghastly pale nipple topping it off, already erect, jabbing him in the gut and pushing some wind out of him, before it was flattened down into the voluminous, jelly-like flesh of her mammary, which caved inward as well, at the sudden intrusion of Beerus' body. The shape of it matching his outline, mostly, as her expansive titty-meat bulged and oozed out around his partially breast-buried body, coming not far off of submerging him wholesale within the wobbly, lively fat of her highly malleable mamba.

The destroyer himself, as this was happening, felt a powerful scent invade his mouth and nostrils, as his vision was overcome, and could see nothing but the she-serpent's skin all around him. The giant snake-lady's aroma being the single most confusing and bizarre mix of toxic and sweet that his sense of smell had ever picked up, across both his lifetimes.

So strong was it, in fact, that in the back of his head, he wondered how in the hell she'd hidden it from him, until now, given how remarkable his smelling ability was, even in his current body.

Meanwhile, more front and centre on his mind, was the way his body instinctively twitched and felt the desire to curl up against and inside her boob-flesh, as its incredible sponginess, matched up with its perkiness, as it swallowed him up, made it feel like the softest and most pleasant of mattresses in existence. And he would know, having slept on the best of them back in Universe 7, and also, more recently, in his room on Mount Olympus, which surpassed all of those, and now, may very well, be surpassed by the inviting and indescribably comfortable 'bed', that was Ekhidna's silky-smooth funbag.

He barely managed to push that desire back, just as he did the comparable urge to, yet again, go after it and the nipple that'd jabbed his torso to milk her dry, as well as throw all restraint to the wind, and use the she-serpent, or Gaea, or whoever else came toward him here, that was female, to satiate his other carnal urges. And quite frankly, Beerus was getting to the point where he was wondering why he was even bothering to do that, at all, deal with Themis waiting in the wings, or not, as his manhood throbbed with re-energized vigour.

"Ooooooh~! Looks like our mighty destroyer is already quite excited!" Ekhidna noted, as her hand pressed into his back, and kept the god firmly shoved deep against her mushrooming mound, allowing her to feel his erection punching past his tunic and against her chesticle, as well as his hands, as they kneaded deep. An action that, whether it was subconscious or conscious, on his part, mattered little to her, as regardless, he was still doing it. "This should make things easier, then, seeing as you're in the mood, as it is, for what I've been dying to ask of you, since I first felt you destroy Kronos~." She hissed giddily, with her forked tongue wagging out of her mouth yet again, as a blush settled on her cheeks, and her snake half began to wiggle in anticipation.

"Mmrrph!... Hrrmph!..." Nobody could tell what it was Beerus had tried to say in response, as all they got was the muffled noises he gave in return to her words. His mouth being too far pressed into her boob-flesh to get out any intelligible sounds, much less actual words, as the god, rather tellingly, whether he was aware of it or not, made no attempt to break free from her, to any extent, even though he could easily do so, if he was so inclined.

"I want you to fuck me, Lord Beerus." The half-snake nymph proclaimed with all the bluntness of a sledgehammer crashing into a stone wall at full force. "I want you to lay with me, alongside your son, without restraint! Without remorse! Without pity or concern, even as I break! Especially as I'm breaking, in fact! I want you, who embodies the domain that brings the most excitement to my existence, and the wonderful seed of destruction that you helped bring into my life, in my consort, to come together and destroy me with your carnal appetites! To use my body in every sensually destructive way you can imagine, until my mind goes blank, and my body goes limp and lifeless!" She went on with fanatical zeal, her voice rising and becoming just a little more monstrous-sounding with each exclamation, echoing across the cave as her expression mirrored the insanely depraved desires she held, and the intense arousal that gripped her for it. "I want your destructive wrath to punish this body of mine in all the best ways! To expose my spirit to that which you showed Kronos in his last moments, as you take me beyond the edge of the bliss that comes through pain and pleasure, which only the embrace of destruction's embodiment can bring to my wicked being!"

"Oh, goodness… This is even worse than I thought you'd be…" Gaea muttered, more to herself than anyone else, in a less-than-pleased fashion, as she watched her daughter launch into her brand of offering… could it even be called companionship? Certainly, a twisted form of sex, at the very least. The very same one that, until Typhon, had turned off virtually every male she'd ever tried to entice, for despite the beauty of her upper-half, and the non-dealbreaker her lower half was for plenty, this particular side of her was just too much, too 'crazed' and 'unsettling', with what she wanted, as one of her other children had put it.

Another had come up with a new word to describe it. Two, technically, in fact, that previously had not existed, not even when Ouranos was at the height of his power, and had come up with a plethora of insulting verbiage to refer to their children with. Words that fit what they called Ekhidna's more vile nature, and what they believed fit her soundly, in their mind, even with her outer beauty, and words she wished hadn't been ever uttered.

Monster and monstrous. Two words which the meaning of, when she learned of it, upset her to no end. Ekhidna, on the other hand? She'd been nothing less than thrilled to be called such things, wearing them like a silky-smooth garment of pride. Gaea hadn't understood it, and she certainly couldn't understand why her daughter felt the way she did about bringing harm and destruction unto everything, including herself, because she somehow derived extreme satisfaction and pleasure in it.

And yes, that indeed meant that Ekhidna wasn't exaggerating anything she said. There was no hyperbole in any words she uttered. What she asked for, which was always a similar flavour to this, just a little more tame, was what she genuinely wanted to happen. She was just that extreme, in her strongest sexual desires. Or desires, in general.

"So, what do you say, Lord Beerus?" Ekhidna asked, completely ignoring the mutter of her mother, as her gaze mostly rooted itself on the god of destruction, though it did slip over to her consort, as well, who'd gone eerily silent, with fists clenched by his sides, as she grinned at both in a most inhuman, amorous way. "How about we cast aside the silliness of 'civility' that you have to show the rest of those you know, up above, and let out your wilder side, which dear Typhon most likely inherited from you, so you and him can ravish me as freely as you want, in whatever way you want, until we're all completely satisfied~!"

"Huuuuuuunh!..." Beerus let out a long breath that he didn't really need, but felt the lingering instinct drive him to do, mouth gaped and eyes wide and somewhat unfocused for an instant, as he was pulled back enough for his front to be released from the pliable prison that was Ekhidna's pale hooter, from which he had been submerged into. The breast puffing out to its normal shape and jiggling as he was, which his body felt every bit of, as it was still pressed against the gelatinous globe, just not enough to make the flesh cave inward and surround him, as it had before.

That didn't stop his hands from continuing to gnaw into its flanks tightly, however, causing what little he could manage to get his hands on of her titanic tit to seep through and envelop his palms, fingers, knuckles, and dorsal sides in their entirety with how deeply his mitts squeezed down and sunk into her flesh. Something that Ekhidna was more than happy to see and feel, as to her, it showed she absolutely had his interest.

"Say yes, won't you?" She probed, blushing like mad, as she held him against her chest, her tongue whipping out, but this time, sliding all the way down to his face, where the slick, forked appendage touched the side of his face very brazenly, moistening it with her saliva, as she began to drag it over his skin, making him involuntarily shiver. "If you do, seeing as you like my breast so much, you can start with it! Grapple with it and my other one, as much as you like! Suck on my nipples and drink from them, if you so wish, and at your current size, if you desire it so, for I know I do," Intentionally, as she spoke, she shifted him upwards, so that his crotch pushed against the centre of her erect nub, now no longer flattened, as she let out a heated hiss. "you may plunge yourself inside my teat and ravage my breast with your cock, until it goes numb! Then keep punishing it, even as its milk gushes out and over you, until it is battered to a mangled, soggy pulp!" She moaned in a way that most would consider bestially delirious and without shame.

"Uuuuuuh…" Gaea groaned audibly, face hidden now by the palm that slapped over and gripped it in second-hand embarrassment, as she cringed. She may love her daughter, as she loved virtually all of her children, sans Kronos, but this major aspect of hers was one she wished would be toned down, at the very least, if it couldn't be parted with.

Idly, she wondered if it might be somewhat her own fault Ekhidna had turned out like this, for she had been in a rather spiteful and dark mood that day she'd lain with Tartarus for her conception, who himself, by his very nature, was not pleasant in the least. It hadn't mattered to her then, though, as it'd been during the time Ouranos reigned, and she'd known she couldn't break her children out from the pit, without him knowing, so she'd taken what comfort she could, having sex with the very primordial who was the pit. Someone she knew didn't get along with her then-husband, despite the latter having willingly shoved her children into him. All just in an attempt to hurt Ouranos even a fraction of the way he was hurting her, by hurting their children.

She'd succeeded, but that had only made his treatment of their children even worse, deepening her sorrow before eventually, she'd had enough and hatched that plan to remove him from power, using the Ophiotaurus, along with her Titan children's aid. And the rest, as some of her children had put it, was the story that led to where they were now. To far more pleasant times than back then, for sure, despite the hiccups, as far as she was concerned.

Bloody hell… This one's a freak!... Beerus, meanwhile, hearing her desires and what she was fully down for, despite his intensified arousal, couldn't help but wince in disbelief himself, along with some disgust, at just how dangerously depraved this snake-nymph was exposing herself to be. For it sounded a lot less like she wanted mere sex to him, and more to be brutalized in a manner that the vast majority would recoil at the notion of.

He'd like to ask what kind of putrid upbringing caused her to be this way, but something told him this behaviour and thought-process of hers had nothing to do with nurture, and everything to do with nature. Something that felt far too natural to the snake-nymph for it to have been hammered into her by another.

At this point, he really should've just pushed away from her, but… damnit, his body wasn't responding to him. Her boob was just far too comfy to him, for its own good! For crying out loud, if it weren't for his other urges and his arousal, right now, he didn't doubt he could take a nice, long nap on this damn thing, even with her blasted snake-tongue licking him like this!

"Ahh~! Do you enjoy my tongue?" The serpentine dame questioned in a way that let him know she already believed she had the answer, as she misinterpreted the wince that he gave for something else, alongside his general lack of action in stopping her. She then giggled again with wicked glee that was distinct to her, as she trailed her forked appendage down his neck and over his chest, leaving a river of spit that spilled down, where it went, soaking into his tunic, as it did his skin, and even dripped unto her own tit. "Kukuku! You're heating up, the longer I have it on you! Perhaps, instead of starting with my breasts, you'd prefer to engage with my tongue, instead~?" Teasingly, her tongue managed to slip inside his tunic, getting a jolt out of him, as it bulged out the fabric, straining it to its limits, all the way down to his pelvis, just above where his throbbing dick was. "My, how inter-"

"Grrrrgh…" Before Beerus could do anything in response to Ekhidna's obvious advances, which appeared to stem from her thinking he was non-verbally giving consent, an aggressive growl was let out, which silenced all other noise in the cave.

Hearing it, Beerus, Ekhidna and Gaea all turned their heads toward the creature – his son, Beerus had to remind himself, to his own chagrin – who'd let it out, with a furious expression. Though, not quite like the hostile one from before, when Typhon had attacked him. No. With the way the giant's more human jaw was shifting around, as it made such a sound, it was more like he was…

"Fa…ther…" The giant uttered in a resounding, warped, inhuman voice. One that was like listening to the cry of every beast head that protruded out from him all at once, mixed in with the booming, ear-grating cadence of a hurricane up-close, as it resonated throughout the cavern. This being much to the shock of Gaea, and the surprise of Ekhidna, as his jaw moved awkwardly, clearly not used to what it was doing for him.

"Can it be?" Gaea gasped, as her eyes went wide with surprise, and her hand fell from her features. Tears beginning to well from motherly pride, as she turned her attention toward the destroyer. Her previous expression over her daughter's antics having fizzled away, and was replaced by one of pure delight. "Beerus… our son is trying to actually speak!" She remarked excitedly, despite the situation and Typhon's clear anger, as the draconic heads huffed fire, and the other bestial heads snarled. So apparent was the sudden jubilation in her tone, that Beerus could practically feel the bright, pure smile now on her face, before he even glanced over at her, bemusedly, as her gaze turned back to Typhon. "Oh, what a wonderful surprise, my dear son! I finally got to hear your first word!"

"His first… word…?" The destroyer pulled a face at that, baffled. This monstrosity hadn't even spoken a word to her, or his supposed consort, blatantly coming unto him, yet? He might not have questioned that, when it came to the former, in particular, had this been in his old Universe, and Typhon had been but a baby, but the damn creature was clearly quite well grown. Not to mention the fact that he was born in a world where babies speaking and holding some proper intelligence mere moments after leaving the womb of a goddess, was seemingly a very common thing. Meanwhile, Typhon, his first child, according to Gaea, whom he knew wouldn't lie to him this long, about something like this, was relegated to grunts and growls, up to this point, no different from that of a mostly mindless beast, in contrast?

Somebody, please, make this make sense to him!

"Yes! Yes! Indeed, it was! And it was to address you, his father! Oh, what an honour!" Gaea, ignorant of his inner thoughts, all but squealed giddily, as Ekhidna, taken off-guard, slithered her tongue back into her mouth and out from his tunic, before it was torn, and blinked at the monolithic monster, as it bared its glare down on herself and Beerus. Her form quivering under his white-hot gaze, as she wondered with a sense of increasing arousal, if destruction was on his mind for her, as he most definitely did not look happy with her. All while the goddess of the earth herself was filled with the same glee and pride a regular, loving mother from Beerus' old world would have, for their own baby's potential first word or words.

As for Beerus himself, outside of being stunned that this was his first-born's first time actually talking,not to mention his first word had been addressed to him, he felt the glare from his spawn all too well. It didn't make him cower in any way whatsoever, though, as instead, he mostly remained relaxed, while pushed up against Ekhidna's mound, getting the sense that Typhon wouldn't be stupid enough to attack him again. At least not right now, anyway, with how it'd ended for him before. Though, admittedly, again, it'd probably behove him to push away from where he was, as he highly doubted it was helping any to remain fixed to the breast of his son's supposed consort, like this. At least not when it was obvious to him, based on the glare, after all, that her closeness to him was likely what was upsetting him now.

And he would do so… in a moment. Maybe.

Okay. If anyone ever tried to judge him for his lacking response, in the future, first of all, he probably wouldn't care, but second of all, in his defence, again, it just simply felt too comfy for him to move away from it on his own. It was a lot harder than one would think, damnit!

"Oh, my dear boy! It's alright now, don't be shy!" Gaea called out to the many-headed giant, with her arms spread wide, as if ready to accept him physically, with a hug or something, as he continued working his jaw around, as though trying to get used to its new motions. "I can't tell you how overjoyed I am to finally hear you say your first word, but I want to hear your wonderful voice more! So, please, let your thoughts be heard!" She exclaimed, seeming to forget their situation, and her son's bubbling rage, being too distracted in her happiness over him speaking, for the first time.

Within an instant, Typhon's hand shot out, grabbing tightly unto Ekhidna's snake-half, with a grip hard enough to make her expel some air from her lungs, as pain shot through her, and her hand that held Beerus to her bosom involuntarily twitched away. And as soon as it did, the depraved serpent-nymph let out a gasping yelp, as she was suddenly yanked toward him with unbelievable force! The sheer power behind it enough to kick up an intense gout of punishing winds that whistled obnoxiously through the cave, and irritating Beerus' ears enough to make him slacken his grip over her honker, which led to him being removed from her mid-trip to Typhon's side.

"Woah!" Beerus let out his own gasp, as his body twirled through the air a bunch of times in rather dizzying, comical fashion. His base form taking time to adjust to the crazy speed he was sent spiralling at, before he steadily forced his own momentum to be put to a stop, and go back to floating in the air normally, while clutching his head, as he felt it ring like a telephone. "Uuugh… Damnit!" He groaned, before levelling a fierce glare right back at the glowering giant. "Hey! A little warning next time, you big oaf!"

"Beerus!" Gaea shouted out to him with wide eyes, sounding scandalized.

"What!?" He reared on her, while pointing at Typhon, admittedly somewhat childishly in aggravation of his own. "You saw that! He-"

"Father!" Typhon roared, his utterance of the word coming out smoother than the first time, though it still sounded horrendous to Beerus' ears, given what his voice was like, as the destroyer winced again, and was cut off from whatever he'd been about to say. The god, alongside Gaea, returning their attention to Typhon, as he used his free hand to point at Ekhidna, while he held her almost like a toy. Something that didn't seem to bother her in the least, based off the disturbingly pleased expression she held, at what he was doing. "She's… Mine only…!"

An immense amount of raw power was unleashed from such a proclamation, as he bellowed it out in possessive outrage, producing a mighty shockwave that momentarily shook everything around them, and buffeted Beerus' and Gaea's bodies. The force of it pushing the former back a little, as his face pinched and squinted against the waves of strong, explosive air crashing against him, whilst his ears rung yet again from the sound of his son's voice.

"Oh my~! How assertive of you, my precious consort!" Ekhidna shrieked, not in fear or terror, but in pure elation, as she felt his grip become even tighter around her, once the shockwave of his voice dissipated. The pain coursing through her only making her hornier, as her smiling maw stretched wide, allowing her tongue to scythe out freely. "Such anger! And oh, your desire for destruction, I can feel it in the way you hold me so… You've got me ready to burst!" She cried out with bliss of all things, as, true to her words, which were not exaggerative in the slightest, her snake-half that could still be seen, crinkled horridly and became severely discoloured around where his fist grabbed unto, a sign that she, indeed, may've been not far from having serpentine-half pop like a grape!

Typhon's gaze shifted to her for a bit, his eyes having some of that destructive desire from earlier returned to them, before his snarling visage returned to Beerus, as he pointed at him. "Stay… away… from what's mine, father… or I'll… destroy you…!" He bellowed, before rising up more to his 'feet', if they could even be called that, and turning his back to his parents, wings spreading and flapping behind him, almost causing ferocious tornadoes, as he raised himself up and flew away with his consort in hand. Her extended tail flapping uncontrollably behind him, as the draconic heads on his shoulders, as well as the beast heads near enough to his sides to look behind him, and the serpents that made up his 'legs', all hissed and screeched at the destroyer like an animal that just had their territory invaded, and were voicing their displeasure.

"Destroy me…!?" Beerus muttered angrily, as he felt his eye twitching in annoyance. His teeth gritting from the audacity of his supposed progeny spouting that to him, both commanding and threatening him in such a manner, after he'd basically knocked him flat on his back with one punch, as soon as he got serious. Who did he think he was fooling!? "You actually think you can destroy me!?Looks like somebody's dumb ass already forgot what happened a few moments ago, when you tried to do exactly that! Oh, and in case your eyesight's failing you, she's the one who came unto me," He continued loudly, while jabbing a thumb at himself. "not the other way around! I didn't initiate anything with her!"

"Oh, but I wish you would! I wish you both would, together!" Ekhidna, having heard him, hollered out shamelessly in reply, as she waved for the purple-haired deity to come to her, while still in his sight, as Typhon carried her off. All while her other arm hugged her under-boob, and pushed her radically quaking breasts up with an added jiggle-fit, as if to offer them and herself up to him. "The request is very much open still for you to agree to, any time, Lord Beerus! Because whilst I love the idea of you two coming to blows over me, and causing untold destruction in your wake, it'll be even better if you turn all of that aggression on me instead! So, don't be afraid to come back, so we can get started soooooooon!"

Ekhidna's voice echoed throughout the cavern, as she made sure her stance was known. Her final words seemingly bouncing off every wall countless times and into Beerus' irritated ears, which brought another cringe out of him, as Typhon and her seemed to round a corner, disappearing from Beerus' sight altogether, with his own furious growl echoing just as much.

It couldn't quite be said that silence reigned, from then on, as no matter how far away the giant travelled from them, his hulking mass caused each movement to make an enormous sound that filled the cave in his wake, as he most likely took Ekhidna away to begin mating with her, on his own. Very brutally, Beerus was sure. Just as that messed up snake-nymph seemed to like it.

"Ohhhh… And that was going so well, at first…" Using her magic to block out vibrations travelling near them, and thus, whatever sounds her children were about to make, as she knew what was coming with them, Gaea groaned somewhat disappointedly, while sending Beerus a look of disapproval for his behaviour at the end. "He looked so receptive, for once, and now he seems to have become hostile again…"

"You can blame that daughter of yours, for that. She was practically begging for trouble to happen, with her antics." Beerus shot back with a frown, as he glanced toward her, sending a silent look of thanks, as well, for blocking the sound, as he began dusting himself off, while using a brief pulse of his power to destroy the saliva left behind on him, both on his person, and his tunic.

"She's certainly at fault for her antics, true, but you didn't help matters by doing nothing to remove yourself while she had you in her grasp, Beerus." The goddess of the earth rebuked with a dry, unimpressed expression, as she crossed her arms beneath her bosom, earning Beerus' stare, despite his attempt to fight it. "You could've easily mitigated that situation at any point, just by telling her no. Instead, you gave her hope by not saying anything, and allowing her to get more aggressive with you, which convinced her that you might be willing to go along with what she wanted!" She admonished, before a more pleasant visage took over her features, as she thought back to her son's response, with a proud smile. "Of course, that did lead to our son finally speaking, for a change, and that's definitely some good progress with him, moving forward, provided it continues."

"Hmph. Yeah, well, in any case, I'm done here." He said, as he prepared himself for teleportation. The golden aura seeping through, as he, naturally, did not want to stick around here any longer, while being left a mix of rather frustrated, disturbed, uncomfortably aroused, and miffed. All of which, was thankfully going to be taken care of soon, once he got back to Olympus, and didn't need to hold back in any way, anymore.

"I trust that you only mean that for now, and that you'll be assisting me with our son again, in the future?" She asked politely, as she floated forth and touched a hand to his shoulder, while holding a hopeful, yet also somewhat pleading look. "Please, Beerus, I'm sure I'll need your help again. If nothing else, today has certainly convinced me that our boy will need his father in his life, just as much as he needs me, if not more so! Leaving aside the mishap with Ekhidna, who I'll be sure to keep away next time, so she won't make things difficult for you two, you really did do a decent job with him in those brief moments! And I'm sure that, with enough time, you and I can get him ready, for whenever he finally goes up to the surface, and I no longer have to worry about him, to the extent that I have to keep him here, for fear of what he'd do otherwise, as wild as he can be."

Once more, at her words, the imagery Beerus had seen in his vision sprung to mind, and he felt his eyes narrow sharply in concern, as he looked away from her. For while there was still a part of him that felt excitement at the prospect of such a challenge, there was another, larger part that didn't want such ruin to be brought to his new family and what they'd achieved, so far, if such was the cost.

Typhon hadn't grown to such heights, both figuratively and literally, just yet. There was still time to course correct and move away from that potential future, if he put in some genuine effort here. And if he did good enough, on the upside, it may also be possible to get a battle with his kid, regardless, once he was fully grown, but on far less hostile, world-ending terms, which could possibly sate his desire for a worthy opponent. And all he'd have to do, is put up with whatever bullshit may come from having to help Gaea with him, no matter how much it may potentially annoy him. And he was sure it would.

"Fine…" Beerus ultimately sighed, brightening Gaea's expression immediately, as he closed his eyes. Mostly to stop his damned peepers from zoning in on her chest, and having any of those funny ideas from before take front and centre in his mind again. "I'll help out, when I can…"

"Thank you…" She uttered with the utmost sincerity, as she gripped his shoulder. "Your support really does mean a lot to me. It'll be great to finally have a partner that's actually there for our spawn, proper, instead of being distant or actively opposed to their existence…"

"Right…" Beerus recognized the bitterness at the end of that statement for what it was, and he didn't even have to use his brain to know who she was referring to, at least in part. "Well, if we're finished here, I'll be off, then." Under his breath, he added, "About time I got to deal with all this frustration…"

Catching that last bit, even with how low it was, Gaea felt another emotion take over her, as she grinned at him, sensing an opportunity. "You know, Beerus, I'm aware you have my daughter awaiting you, on this occasion, but next time you're feeling such 'frustration', don't be afraid to come to me about it, if you want." She spoke up boldly, getting him to still slightly in reaction, as she let him know she was available, now that the moment to deal with their son, which she'd brought him for, had passed, until the next time. "I would not mind your company, in such a capacity, and believe it could be a great experience for us both." Particularly for her, as she'd not engaged in sex with anyone for some time now, and could certainly use the relief and joy such a passionate act brought, even if only once, just to take the edge off what she'd had to go through raising Typhon, so far, and would have to continue doing for a while yet, with things hopefully continuing to improve.

"You know what?" Letting out a breath, just as his teleportation was about to fully activate and send him back to Olympus, Beeruss reopened his eyes and managed to keep their stare on her face just long enough to answer her, as he quickly came to a decision, which he'd fully admit later on, was strongly aided by his current condition, right now. One which had worsened significantly from what it had been, when he first arrived in this cave. "At this point, I think I'll take you up on that offer."

"You… will!?" Despite everything, Gaea found room to be somewhat astonished at how fast and readily he agreed, given how she'd known him, as her eyes shot wide open.

She didn't get any further response from the destroyer, though, for his body broke away into countless particles of gold, even as she was uttering those two words, leaving her by herself, not counting her two children far off in the distance.

"Heh." After a moment though, to collect herself, the protogenos let out a pleasant giggle, as she brought back the hand that'd been on his shoulder, clenching it near her bosom. A satisfied and anticipatory smile making its way on to her features. "Guess I have that to look forward to, then, my dear destroyer…"

She couldn't help but think, if he turned out to be even half the lover, that he was a warrior, such an engagement was sure to be an unforgettable experience for them both.

Meanwhile… Back on Olympus…

"Hmm… That should just about do it…" Themis smiled, standing tall and proud, with hands on her hips, facing the bed, as she made the finishing touches on the magically walled-off room, while waiting for Beerus to arrive.

At first, she'd been fine to simply sit on the bed and wait for him, but with him taking longer than expected, with whatever her mother needed him for, the Titaness, to pass the time, had taken to sprucing up the room a bit with her magic, as it had been a tad bit plain, in her opinion.

Now, the floor and walls sparkled with an almost reflective sheen, despite being made of finely cut rock, with how polished they were. The bed itself, which had already been set up fine, now looked like it couldn't have possibly been anymore neat and tidy, with how it was, after her care, with nary even the tiniest of wrinkles in sight on it. And the air itself, pure as it usually was, she'd taken to using a little of her power on, in order to make it hum a soft, pleasing tune that one could consider romantic, if they so choose, while carrying the faint, but noticeable scent of a white-petalled flower she and many other deities were most fond of. One that had yet to be named, but which held a distinct smell to it that, along with everything else she'd done, better made the moment to come feel special, in her mind.

He probably won't notice any of this, and even if he does, probably won't care, but I think it sets the tone quite well, for the beginning. She thought with a pleased hum of her own, as she turned her head to give the room a final once-over, holding appreciation for the place that would see the soon-to-be-king of the cosmos' first true act of passion, without anything to interrupt.

This would be the place where, to her knowledge, his virginity would be given up, and with that honour he was giving her of being the one to take it from him, it was only right that she made the location for it as fitting as she possibly could. To give them both as idyllic and special of a memory to look back on, as she could, long into the future, when their children were born and grown, having their own stations in divine life to attend to, as she now did, thanks to their agreement.

And what roles they will have, if my dream about them proves to be accurate, as I feel it will be… The Titaness mused silently, feeling a swell of pride for her and Beerus' children before they were even born yet, at what they could be, right as she felt a golden light briefly prickle against her from behind, and a presence she knew all too well appearing in the room with her.

"Welcome back, Lord Beerus." She greeted kindly, using his title, as she turned to him with a smile, while one of her hands gripped the other and fell below her waist. "I trust that what mother needed you for has been settled?"

"For now." Beerus replied curtly. The look on his face, along with the strong gaze of his amber eyes solely focused on her, making it clear to the Titaness of divine law and order that he was in no mood for chatting, and that his patience had long since worn thin.

With this information, Themis let the questions of what her mother had even needed him for, and he meant by 'for now', slip away, as she regarded the eldest male Olympian with a saucier glint, in her dazzling, lilac eyes. "Right then. Shall we get started?"

"Is that a serious question?" He asked with the lightest smirk she'd ever seen on him as, without looking for an answer from her, his body glowed hints of purple and gold, before a pulse was sent out, reaching only as far as the walls that surrounded them.

She felt the wave rush over her. Felt its intensity, and had to control her shudder from how assertive it was, carrying his will with it, as her tunic disintegrated off her person in an instant, no different to how it'd done, when he drunkenly put up his curse the other day, and so too did his.

Hands unclasping, the Titaness drunk in his naked form with her judging pools, reflecting the nude form of the destroyer, which she now personally bared witness to, for the first time. His chiselled, perfectly toned body, with a broad chest that had pecs seemingly cut in marble and six-pack abs that looked to be sculpted to perfection by the Cyclopes themselves, with strong-looking, bulging biceps and broad shoulders to match for his upper half. And upon the lower half, his legs, top-to-bottom, looked positively crafted to hold his ground and be unshaken, unmoved by even the greatest of calamities thrown his way, with how thickly muscled and primed they were, all without getting too excessive outwardly, in their appearance.

A part of her couldn't help but compare him to Atlas and his physique, as while the latter was definitely bigger in near every other area, whether he was their current size or his natural Titan size, there was something about Beerus's that felt more to her tastes. The phrase 'less is more' came to mind, as far as it went aesthetically.

Well, that was the case for the body overall, anyway, for there was definitely one part of the destroyer's anatomy that was bigger than the Titan general's and which she was definitely not going to be complaining about, or wishing had been smaller, as she let out a gasp.

Well… It appears you were blessed with more than just remarkable power and potential… She thought, as her awed gaze took in his third leg. The one that stood, but which he did not stand on, as it jutted from his pelvis toward her face, perfectly straight and defiant of gravity, despite its bulky mass throttled by veins, reaching close to half a metre in length, with a girth broader and thicker than her wrist. The bulbous, pinkish head that capped it off almost winking at her, as the massive organ twitched and throbbed with need. Need for her, in this moment, as the huge pair of fist-sized balls that hung beneath the mighty blade appeared swollen full of an obscene amount of his essence, enough to make the dangling sack look ready to burst. His genitalia practically oozing a fierce amount of virility that would have even the most hyper-lustful of Satyrs envious.

It had been a long time since she'd felt it, but the sensation of sexual ardour was unmistakeable for her, as she felt her body heat up at the prospect of what was to come, in the next few moments.

Speaking of her body, though, while she had been feasting her eyes on her soon-to-be latest lover's form in the time it took one to blink, Beerus was doing the same with her and her hourglass figure, now that it was no longer covered by her more conservative clothing.

Without anything to cover her, her curvaceous, pale-skinned body almost seemed to glow under the light of the room, making the way her lilac eyes stared back at him all the more captivating, as a result. She, rather expectedly, had not a single blemish upon her creamy-white flesh, from head-to-toe. A light bit of muscle definition could be made out throughout her body, blending in sublimely with the softness of her curves to create quite the alluring sight, and which instantly drew a comparison to the other goddesses whom he'd seen nude. The Titaness walking the perfect middle-ground between Bia, whose body was the most toned and lithely muscular of all the goddesses he could recall, and that of the average nymph.

This was demonstrated well by the slimness of her waist and the fullness of her sexy hips being accompanied by a taut belly showing the vaguest outline of abs, which led up like a silky path toward her impressive D-cup breasts. The perky pair of round mounds, just as her mother's did, though less impressively, on account of smaller size, defying any semblance of sagging, as they were capped off by light pink areolae and nipples already so hard, that as they jutted forth, they probably could've rivalled diamonds. Beerus' mouth was already salivating on instinct, in his current state, knowing he wouldn't have to hold back with them, and despite how he'd rather do without such a hunger, he could allow himself to feed into it here, and sample from her boobs, just as he'd done for the rest, during the celebration.

Eyes falling from her tantalizing tits though, they slipped beneath her hips and took in the shapeliness of her smooth legs. The tall, twin towers of curvy delight seeming to go on forever to Beerus' peepers. Her thick, tasty thighs travelling down into slimmer, but sublimely toned calves, before eventually reaching her feet. Right between her thighs, in particular, though, Beerus' eyes zoned in on another part of her that made his mouth water like her breasts had, along with making his stomach groan this time. Her pussy. Those succulent-looking lower lips already moist, from what he could see, showing just how excited the Titaness herself was for this, even though she was containing herself. His nose able to pick up the sweet scent of it and the juices it was waiting to spill, invading his nostrils, overpowering the other scent he'd instantly picked up when he'd arrived in the room which wafted everywhere and demanding his attention, more than anything else, at the moment.

The god swallowed subconsciously, as his arousal rose higher, but his thirst climbed with it. The very same one that'd driven him, while drunk out of his mind, to taste the folds of more than a few goddesses, along with others breastmilk, and which he'd had to resist before arriving here. His desire to sample such nectar, and then her milk, given he'd had neither yet, growing unbearable by the second, until his lust for fine delicacies that he'd inherited from his old body melded completely with his new body's lust for the feminine form, and he acted on the impulse. Something he was going to be doing plenty of, now that he could cut loose, in whatever way he pleased.

"B-Beerus!?" Themis called his name in alarm, eyes widening and her bodacious body starting slightly, as his form all but blurred closer, only to crouch down as he reached barely half a foot away. His cock spasming as his hands reached out and around her, clutching against her plump ass that his eyes hadn't yet seen, but that his mitts could now certainly feel, and were quite happy for it, as his fingers spread out and kneaded deep into her springy butt-flesh, bulging it out through his digits' gaps. The act swiftly drawing a sharp gasp from her, after spouting his name, as she felt his palms press in with them and squeeze her creamy cheeks as if he owned them, and was but simply making that clear to her.

"Don't move away." He ordered offhandedly in case she'd have thought of it. Then, without saying another word to her, he drove his face forward, while pulling her forward, and the Titan goddess let out an involuntary squeal, beautiful face scrunching up and blushing bright, as his hot breath washed over her clitoris, before his hotter mouth sealed over her honeyed lips!

"O-Oh my!..." She blurted in surprise, eyes closing shut for a moment, as a moan escaped her, when she felt his tongue lash out from his salivating maw and plunge into her depths, spreading her walls apart, as he gave a strong suckle to her clit. Her titties jiggling as much as her legs did, as she felt her whole body shudder from the new experience, and an act she'd personally witnessed him doing to others the day before, while intoxicated. "Y-You're doing this first…!?"

Her cry was met with what felt like a growl of acknowledgement into her humid hole, as his tongue began probing further inside, wriggling against her inner-walls without restraint, lighting her nerves on fire with a sensation the Titaness had never gone through before. This being the first time she'd ever had a sexual partner who'd ever done something like this with her, and it wasn't lost on her that this was the first time Beerus was committing to doing this with someone, while completely sober.

"Schlick!... Schlick!... Schlick!... Schlurp!... Schlup!..." Themis' groaning features darkened by her cheeks with her blush, hisses falling from her, whenever her teeth would briefly clench, as sounds of such salacious and crude a nature, which would in any other situation be most vulgar, rang out as he plundered her cunt like it was his personal snack. The destroyer ravenously swiping his impressively dexterous and agile muscle along every contour of her sweltering, drooling enclosure, as his lips allowed such reverberations to pass, hitting her ears hard, and her vulnerable pussy-lips even harder, in a way she quickly found herself being excited by, as he held her in place. His hands crunching themselves deeper into her ass-cheeks, as he did, almost painfully so, but not quite, in a gesture that very much conveyed ownership of them, in a sense, as he performed cunnilingus on her.

"Ahhh!... I suh-suppose some of that behaviour yuh-you showed while drunk, was not muh-merely a by-product of the naahh-nectar's influence on you at the time, ahh-after all...!" The elder Titaness moaned in realization, as he explored every millimetre of her shivering snatch that he could. The goddess beginning to recognize that all the nectar's influence may have done, is revealed a part of him that perhaps even he hadn't known existed, until now.

It wasn't long before she was quivering on her feet, and Themis found it a struggle to remain standing within but a moment more, as her pussy was dined on, in such a fashion, like a favourite meal of his. A flame burning stronger in her core, the longer he slapped and smacked that slab around within her tunnel, which tightened around his wild, thrashing beast, as she felt more vibrations from his mouth pass into her nether regions. Her dampening depths almost ringing from the sounds his jaws emitted, as he abused her hot hollow and its entrance with his starving sucks and slurps.

Hips jerking on their own, after another moment, with her bountiful breasts bouncing and bobbing blithesomely, and nipples swaying to scribble erratic lines in the air, Themis, forgoing her passivity that she'd maintained until then, found her hands grabbing Beerus' head. No less than an instant later, she began to buck against him, as he tasted her nectar directly from the source! His nose squishing against her pelvis, flattening down as his face pushed as far as it could into her skin, taking in more of her scent, as his slippery appendage pushed just a little bit deeper, as far as it could go, as it slapped, thrashed and swirled all around her inner-sanctum. The appendage merciless in its assault, as its owner licked and slurped up the juices that spilled forth as a result of his ministrations, swallowing it all as greedily as he vigorously forced even more of it out of her cooch. He was practically worshipping it, with how far he was going!

"A-Ahhh!... And here I thaaah-thought you and I might… Nngh!... Begin with kissing…!" She panted out, partially in humour, as technically speaking, he was kissing her, just on a different set of lips than what she'd expected before his arrival, and mostly in disbelief mixed with pleasure at just how good this actually felt! "Ahhn!... Oooh!... So, this is what it feels like!... Nngh!..." The Titaness would fully admit to having been curious, ever since she'd seen him do this to those other goddesses during the celebration, during his intense inebriation, as the reactions he garnered from them spoke volumes of how effective it was, but actually feeling it for herself now was something else! Especially given that he was probably even more coordinated with it on her, then he was with them, on account of him not being madly drunk, and thus, better capable of focusing on doling out such pleasing motions with his maw and tongue. "I-I can see why-hngh!... Why the other goddesses-sssnh... responded as they did, druh-drunk as they were, tah-to this…!"

Themis had no clue where he'd learned to do this, or if it was something that just came to him instinctually, somehow. Either way, though, she didn't care, as she felt her dainty fingers brush through and clutch strands of his purple hair between them, while she held his head. Her legs spreading themselves further out from where she stood, to give him just that tiny bit more of room to push his face just that little bit more against her, and send his tongue just a small bit further into her saturated depths, where it wormed and lashed around, striking every sensitive spot it could, within her sacred garden, and driving the Titaness increasingly into a fit of squeals and moans.

"Mmmrrmph!... Hggnnh!... Sllluuuurp!... Schlup!... Schlup!... Schlup!" Louder, lurid noises filled the room alongside Themis' throaty tones of venereal delight, as Beerus' gob and the lubricious, slithery organ it held became more and more animated with each second, as the deity took in the tang of the Titaness' warm, pink cavern and the rich, clear wine that seeped out from it. Like every other goddess, she tasted incredible, but also held her own distinct flavour that made her stand out, which like the others, only made him want more. Made him want her to wash him down with a gush of the fine fluid that only she could produce, as he worked his tongue like an animal inside her, twisting, turning and thrusting it back and forth, which more easily allowed him to suck in and savour the juices her spasming, clenching walls were producing more of, in response. All as his wrists began to shift and gyrate, his pawing hands lifting, pulling and rotating the pinkening butt-cheeks in his grip, savouring their soft and vivacious flesh almost as much as he did the running rivers and drops of paradise right past his puckered lips.

The others were but a memory he recalled, not being allowed to enjoy such a thing in the moment, as unbecoming it was of him to act the way he had, during the celebration. Here and now, where he could truly enjoy it all in real time, the embarrassment he'd felt at himself for his earlier actions was run down and swept away like the unyielding waves of a tsunami, just as his unpleasant emotions following his time down with Gaea and their son did, as he participated in doing this, for the first time, completely un-inebriated. The god's eyes glazing up in bliss, the raging twitches of his cock begging for its own release going ignored, for the moment, as he remained crouched and lapped up the heavenly liquid that glazed his tongue and washed into his mouth like a starved cat to a bowl of milk.

It was a sublime blend of sugary sweetness with just the right hint of acidity to add, rather than take away, punctuated with a tang he was unfamiliar with until now, but one that commanded his attention, like that of an order given forth that he could not disobey. It was almost like the essence that poured forth from her, as it did for his sister's milk, and his mother's fluids, carried a part of her nature with it, which made it as unique as it was, and made it feel so magnificent to his gourmet tastebuds, as it swam over the floor of his suckling maw and was gulped down his needy gullet.

She tastes just as good as the nectar did...! Maybe even better...! He thought in his haze of passion, almost surprised that this was the case, before this experience caused him to better recall what Rhea had tasted like, for her juices had also brought out such a comparison, and though a part of him tried to war with him not to, he found his lustful mind comparing the two Titanesses personally. Something he shouldn't have been doing, as he hadn't wanted to think of his birth-mother of this world in such a fashion, but his aroused state had his brain conjuring it up, despite the protests of his more rational side.

I… Nrgh…! Can't decide which tastes better between them… He realized soon, as his voracious tongue dug out and batted against her increasingly wet and smouldering folds, shame being little more than a distant memory, and it failed to register to him just how concerningly and disturbingly easy it had been discarded, as he ate her out. His strong sense of hearing delighting, in his current state, to the sublime sounds her voice made in reply, and how much more inflamed they became, as his actions grew more spirited, egged on by them, as much as he was his own instincts, driving her closer to what he knew would be her first orgasm.

He'd probably get his answer then, as to whose was better, or if they were on par, but one thing he did know, as her grip tightened on his head and hair, and felt her seemingly desperately try to push him even deeper against her, despite him already being as close as he could go, as her hips jerked about, was this.

The nectar, as it were, that came from her, was on another level from what those nymphs gave, just like with Rhea's, and even sober, he found himself fast becoming addicted to the taste of it, as he drank it down with all the gusto of a mortal man who'd been stuck in the desert for too long without anything to sate his appetite. Maybe even more.

Idly, he also wondered how it was that what secreted from each goddess's teat or honey-pot was as delectable as they were. Was it simply due to the nature of their divine bodies that had these specific fluids their bodies produced be so unbelievably delicious? He imagined that had to be it, as it was the only reason his mind could proffer up, especially for the waters that released from the lips between her legs, and that of any other goddess or woman that had them, in this or any other world. For he sincerely doubted, in his old world, that mortal or immortal, the women's vaginas, which they also peed from, could pack such a scrumptious drink for his palette.

"Hah!... Hah!... Unnnh!... Oh, Earth below!… Hohh!... Hohh!... I can feel it coming!..." Themis found herself wailing, as his eating out of her stretched on in time. Something she'd already lost track of, and was unsure, but also uncaring, for how long he'd been swabbing her deck, as she got lost in the sensation. The normally composed Titaness, now with divine sweat starting to peel from her every pore, as she was pleasured in a way she'd never conceived of before Beerus, leaned herself over the god of destruction, pressing her weight down on him, which he easily supported, even with just his face alone. All as hotter and hotter breaths flew faster and faster still, from her open, full lips, as she rocked her hips over him. One of her long, sexy legs rising with shakes and curling around his head, to hug it to her crotch, even as her hands near-strangled strands of his hair between them, and she began tugging his face – which he allowed her to do – left and right, shifting the angle with which his mouth and tongue double-teamed her jellyroll. "Fuck!..." The expletive, typically uncommon to her tongue, rushed out of her in another panted breath uncontrollably, as her eyes watered, and her eyes fixed themselves hungrily on the deity lunching himself on her most private area. "Kuh-Keep going!... Stronger ahh-and faster!... I know you can!..."

She could feel her own tongue folding out past her lips and dangling, as he obliged, his tongue and mouth's movements, their lashes and laps, somehow growing fiercer at a greater momentum than before, as he punished her quim. Some of her juices, despite his efforts, managing to spill down her thighs and his chin, alongside some of his own saliva, as he pushed her moaning form closer and closer to her first climax. "Yes!.. Hah!... Hah!... Yes!... That's it!... Oh, by the tides of time, thah-thah-that feels so good!..."

If only she could see her reflection. She could feel her face twisted into such an otherwise shameful expression, and he had yet to truly deign her with his fullest might, which would come when he finally made use of his wrathful weapon that convulsed up at her with such intensity, as if with a mind of its own, dying to be inside of her, as his tongue was now. Just what had she gotten herself into, when she'd set up this rendezvous with him!? At the rate he was going, if this start was any indication, she could only imagine the kind of stupor he'd leave her in, when he started actually fucking her, for real!

She saw the look of bliss on his own face, the pleasure he himself was going through, as if he was also being stimulated, by taking part in an act that shouldn't have brought him any such sensation, for by its design, it seemed like something that could only pleasure the one receiving his ministrations. A selfless act meant purely to push one's partner to ecstasy, with him kneeling before her, putting himself in a position that some could mistake for him being subservient to her, when he was anything but, and snogging her vulva while stroking her canal with his slick morsel of flesh.

But yet there he was, relishing in eating out her clunge perhaps just as much as she was relishing him putting her through it.

Did seeing her be driven to such exaltation cause him to feel the same way, proud of himself at what he was bringing out of her?

Taking a closer look, which was hard, with how her vision blurred, as her orgasm neared, she saw how his face twisted with such joy, both depraved and pure, as paradoxical as that sounded, with every motion of his tongue within, and with every gulp his neck made, as he swallowed down what her femininity dispensed. It then clicked for her, and she almost laughed at the fact it'd taken her this long to piece it together, especially having seen what he was like, with the other goddesses, Rhea especially, when his mouth had plopped down on their nether regions and gleefully drunk in every drop he could, when their cum had pulsed forth.

"Ha-aah!... Yuh-You love the taste of it thah-that much, hmm~?" She teased through her ragged breaths, taking in heavy inhales of air with her sweat-dripping nose, only to exhale in several short bursts from her mouth, as she tried, in vain, to steady her breathing even slightly. She was smiling despite that, though, her gaping lips with tongue dangling out like a canine's only making her look that much more lewd herself, as Beerus gazed up at her, while very much enjoying his little 'feast', and also enjoying the sight of her sweat-glazed globes dancing about above him, flicking moisture from her rock-hard nipples. "My, now… Weh-With how I've knuh-known you up until recently, I-I'd never hah-have guessed you'd be suh-such a naughty, degenerate god uhn-underneath it all!..."

Heh… Did she just call me the degenerate, with that face she's pulling, along with those sounds…? Beerus took no offence to what she'd called him, sensing no malice behind it, but instead found humour in someone with the expression she had now, panting the way she was, referring to anyone else, in such a manner. She definitely knew it too, and knew how much such a statement applied to her, as well, with how she normally carried herself, with the way her lilac eyes glimmered down at him. All as she cast out one visible, heated breath after another, while her bobbling, bouncy pair of melons set into such a frantic set of jiggle-quakes as they swung about on her person, occasionally clapping into one another for his ever-hungry eyes to watch.

How cheeky of her. She should know well by now not to taunt someone like him. He had plenty of ways of making people regret such a choice, after all.

Then again, maybe that was her intent. Provoke him in a way that would result in him really letting her have it. How foolish of her. He was going to be doing that anyway. Though, he did suppose her attempt at dirty talk gave him a slight bit more motivation to give her his all.

When he was done, he'd make sure even the act of walking would be a struggle for her, for some time. That is, if she could even find the strength to rise after he was through with her, because her healing factor wouldn't save her, here.

And to think, they'd be doing this a second time, at a minimum, at some point, so she could have that second pregnancy, after he gave her the first impregnation here, soon enough. She really did have no clue what she'd signed up for with him, but she would, very soon. He'd make sure of it, just for her.

"Ahh!... Ahhn!... Haah!... Haah!... Hnngh!..." After another minute or so, Beerus heard the Titaness let out her final few moans, each like a sensual musical note leading up to the final beat, before she let out her loudest and longest cry yet, at the very end. Her melodic voice deafening in a way that didn't irritate his ears, as she threw her head back to the heavens themselves with pure rapture coating both her features and her voice. Her first orgasm finally tearing right through her.


At the exact same instant, whatever magic was used to keep her hair in a neat, tidy and regal bun came undone, allowing her long, dark, gorgeous mane to burst forth like a flower in bloom and then cascade down to around the middle of her arching back, as her cunt clamped down around his tongue. Her body leaning over his head even more, breasts doing perhaps their best sweat-flinging bounce yet, though he unfortunately couldn't see it, as a proverbial flood of her clear cum became his reward for his efforts, blasting into his maw with more force than anticipated. Her juice rinsing every inch of his cavern from roof to floor, striking his tonsils like a strong, but welcome jet, as she held him close, with hands and leg. Her fingers and toes curling as her nectar surged out, squirting down into Beerus' gullet with as much vehemence as the destroyer's tongue, which persisted in plundering her pussy, even as she came, no doubt so her release would last longer, with the added stimulation.

"Mmrrhmph!..." Beerus gave a muffled groan of jouissance, as he drank it all from the tap, allowing none to spill past his lips this time, even as his slippery appendage still dug its way through her love-tunnel. The convulsions of his restless member between his legs not registering, as he savoured what his first lover in, quite frankly, a very long time, if he counted his past life, gave to him. Her holy honey, now that he was tasting so much of it at once, downing it like his life depended on it for sustenance, definitely tasting better than the standard nectar he'd had, before it'd gotten switched with the other kind that'd intoxicated him. Heck, it was better than that version, too. He could feel his stomach practically dancing with delight, as her essence poured down into it from his throat, warming it up like a bonfire within him.

He really could drink from this all day long, and probably would too, if it could last that long, because he didn't care how he'd look having his mouth pressed like this to Themis' cooch for that long, if it meant he got this kind of constant thirst-quencher from it. Not right now, anyway, with the haze increasingly covering his mind, as he just let his instincts out more and more.

Alas, it didn't last the whole day. It lasted but a minute, before it began to peter out, which in itself felt like a lifetime for Beerus' enhanced senses, and was also incredible, as the handful of mortal women he'd been with throughout his eons in Universe 7 had never cum this hard for this long. Not even close, from what vague memories he could pull up, with how long ago it'd been since his previous encounter with a woman that was to his tastes enough to bypass the old Beerus' usual disinterest in intimate or sexual matters, back when his old Universe was still around. Tens of thousands of years, unless he was mistaken.

Mmm… If only the women from my old Universe tasted even a fraction as good as this… I might've been far more 'active' with these kinds of activities then, if only just for the meal. He thought, as he lapped up the last few violent squirts of the Titaness' twat.

Vaguely, with such a thought, he recalled a lime-skinned girl, a princess, if he remembered right, from near an eon ago who had been kinky enough to want him to drink her milk, which she'd put in a cup for him. It'd been done both as her weird way of letting him know she desired him, and also as an offering for him to not destroy her planet, which up to then, had not coughed up any food or drink to his liking. He couldn't really say he'd liked the taste of it all that much, and even comparing it to what he'd sampled recently from the goddesses here, and was currently doing now, felt like an insult to cuisine itself, but she'd been plenty cute enough for his standards to let her and her planet off, just that once for her efforts. Right after he'd gotten in bed with her, of course, as she'd been his type, making her one of the exceptions to his otherwise disinterested attitude toward intimacy of such a nature, and clearly wanted him.

He could be plenty reasonable, even back in his earlier days, as Whis had teased him more than once, provided they had either good food, or his type of woman, as part of their best accommodation. The latter of which, sadly, coming around far, far less often than the former, which in itself, until he'd revisited Earth, wasn't all that common, either.

Regardless, Beerus let that brief memory of his old life fade, with the encroaching of the haze all around his mental-scape pushing him back to the now, where he honestly was preferring to be, as the final salvo of cum from Themis graced his mouth, which gobbled it down gladly. The Titaness leaning over him with all her weight, at this point, stuck shuddering in the afterglow of her orgasm, as her sweaty skin pressed against him, perspiration dampening the rest of his face and some his hair, along with his nape, as he felt a few drops fall unto his scalp.

Her sweat was warm, just like her body against him. Then again, he felt like he was on fire, right now, as his tongue wormed its way out of her clam. "Ahhhhhhhh!..." An audible sigh of satisfaction marched away, long and drawn out, from his throat, as he pushed his face away from her crotch. Her hands and leg's grip on him having slackened enough to allow it without any resistance on the elder Titaness' part, as his hands ceased their pawing of her reddened half-moons and slipped over to her hips, to better keep her in place, as a string of her cum mixed with his spit connected his wet muscle's tip to her entrance. "Delicious~!"

Cum and spit string splitting, as he turned his head to the ligament still planted on the ground, Beerus hoovered the slim rope of fluid into his piehole, before he brought his tongue back out. And then, with no shame at all, not wanting any of her nectar to go to waste, brought his face lower so he could slap it over her leg – both of which were trembling still – near her knee. The deity trailing his pink muscle up her sweat-coated skin from there, where the excess juices had fallen before. All so he could scoop up what'd spilt too, as he left lines of his own spit behind where his organ dragged itself, with its avaricious licks. SLLLP! SLLLIP! SCHLLP!

As he did this, he also got the taste for her divine perspiration, which tasted salty, yet also saccharine, and on its own, would've been the weakest tasting out of what he'd helped himself, but when combined with her small rivers of nectar, only added to and punctuated their tang even more, if only slightly.

He was vaguely aware that he was technically grooming her a little, now, like he'd done to the goddesses during the celebration, but he couldn't find it in him to care about the tinge of awkwardness he felt inside from doing it again, this time without the excuse of drunk out of his marbles.

Slowly coming down from her sexual high, Themis shivered a little extra, catching her breath with some difficulty, as she felt him do this, as much as she heard him do it, for he wasn't trying to be subtle. The destroyer repeating this process with the leg still slung over him, but to a lesser extent, starting closer to her upper-thigh this time, before transitioning over to near her glute, before he finally stopped licking her, swiping his own tongue over his lip to signal the end of his 'snack'.

"I… I know not why you're aware of how to do something like that…" Themis started, in-between taking breaths to steady herself, as she gazed down at the god of destruction with a sense of awed lust, and a heady craving for more, which carried with it a dash of pride. "But I must say… I would definitely not be opposed to such activity, again, in the future…"

"Heh." Beerus let out a small chuckle at this, before a smirk came over his features, as he rose up from his crouch. The motion lifting Themis' slung leg up high, as it uncurled, but remained perched over his shoulder, toes pointing toward the ceiling. The deity able to feel the active quivers still running through her body, as he stood to his full height, looming over the near six-foot goddess by a good six inches, as he made no attempt to wipe the rest of his face, too horny to care about how bestial it might make him look, as he looked down at her blushing, panting features. "Don't you worry. I plan on sampling from there again, the next time we're doing this."

As he said that, he felt his cock bent slightly, with its shaft, riddled with monstrous veins all over, coming up and pressing against the soft mound his lips and slick pink organ had just had their way with. Its hard flesh rubbing against her clit, as it protruded out the back of her legs at a downward angle, allowing the Titaness to feel its impressive weight, along with the heat it emitted, against her most sacred area.

"Now then," He continued with a growl, as his eyes cast down to her heaving tits, a hair's breadth away from grazing his own front. Her titillating twins glossy with her moisture, as they rose and fell with unbidden jiggles before his glare. His thirst returning strong for her other fluid that could be obtained from them, while his desire to enter into her with his dick was higher than ever, after performing cunnilingus and leaving to grow angrier. "How about we-mmrph!?"

Beerus was cut off, somewhat surprisingly to him, by Themis, who showed quite the gall in not letting him finish, though he felt no drive to be annoyed with her, as her hands, which had still been locked to his head and hair, forcefully yanked the former, as she smashed her lips against his!

There was nothing chaste about it. Nothing even approaching orderly, either, despite the primary domains she represented. It was hungry, quite like he was, and it burned like lava with how much passion was packed into it, as her kisser all but melded into his. Her eyes focused on his, in a way that reminded him of the first time he'd ever seen her captivating pools, but also held a potent gleam of yearning. Yearning for his body, he swiftly realized, as her hips began to move back and forth, grating her netherlips over the bridge of his veiny slab of meat in a way that had both genitalia shudder with anticipation and stimulation. Her juices soon spilling out again and leaving a path of it over his shaft, which spread down in multiple jagged streams over the circumference of his cock, reaching all the way around and drizzling down to his tip, as it began to drip unto the floor.

Their kiss briefly broke, after a short time, with both letting out a rough breath, as the Titaness beamed at him, full of her own libido, melded together with a touch of defiance born from her pride, which had the ichor circulating through his phallus boiling hotter with a need to take what he desired. Especially as her haunches continued to grind up and down, on his rod. "Call it bold of me, but… I can't just stand back and let you dominate me that easily~!" She crowed, enjoying the fact she was able to stun him momentarily, before she smashed her lips back against his in another searing smooch, giving him no time for a verbal reply.

"Mmmmm!..." Her voice, muffled and drawn out as it punched down his gob, was mellifluous as her full, red lips kissed his own a second time, embracing them tightly and with abundant enthusiasm, as her own tongue soon came out to play, sweeping into his inviting cavern, which carried as much of her own scent, as it did his, after duelling with her minge for so long. Her moist muscle seeking to explore him, for a change, as it brushed over his gums first, then over the roof of his maw, near his tonsils, before it whipped down and met the destroyer's own instrument of tasting.

As soon as it did, Beerus' tongue fought back, not tuckered out in the least, after its intensive adventure inside her most consecrated chamber. His wider, but hers a little longer, as they wound around each other like wrestling vipers, and Beerus felt both amusement and arousal, at how in this instance, both of them were vying for dominance. And amazingly enough, the Titaness was the one gaining ground, after a moment, if by nothing else than sheer experience, for it became obvious to him that she'd done this act more than he had, in his entire existence, and her earned skill shone through for it.

He could feel it. What'd once started as a battle for supremacy, quickly became a fun little game that Themis' beatific eyes sparkled for, as she herself recognized she had one thing over him, with the way her pink muscle agilely darted, twisted, slapped and danced all over his, despite its best efforts to fight back. Despite the power advantage he held over her, it was rendered naught, with the way her tongue was able to masterfully wrestle his own into a submission hold, and have its way with it, which only seemed to excite her more, knowing her tongue could win out over his, after what he'd made her feel with it, when used on her cooze.

What could he say? His tongue, when in use, was more meant for grooming – and also pussy-eating and nipple-sucking, apparently – than it was for snogging like this. He could copy what Hera had pulled on him before, and had done so with her, but it'd purely been with brute power on his end, lacking any sort of finesse. And while he found his movements to be a bit improved, since then, likely from all the use he'd made of his tongue lately, it clearly didn't match up to someone who wasn't caught off-guard and inexperienced herself, like Hera had been.

Themis right now, was the aggressor, much like Hera had been, during her 'revenge kiss', but she did so without the benefit of him being too stunned to do anything in return. Her slick utensil's motions as skilful as her body was horny. And speaking of her body, he felt an added dose of zest, when her top half pushed forward while her hips kept shunting back and forth to grind her petalled orifice along his sword, her breasts pancaking themselves over his pecs, as she rose to her tiptoes. Those tender, but perky pillows feeling like their own kind of heaven, when squashed against him like that, her hard nubs pricking against his own, rubbing against them, as her hips' bucking motions caused the flattened funbags to ripple and rock over the contours of his frame. Their supple flesh teasing his own and reminding him of Gaea's and Ekhidna's, which he'd been smothered into earlier, but had not been able to – or allowed himself to – capitalize on.

A small part of him chuckled inwardly at such strong urges, which he was in the process of playing out now. He'd only been in this reality, with this new body, for a little over a year, and look how much he'd changed. Even with the current horniness aside, his lack of interest in sensual matters was effectively dying, as was his qualms with intimacy, for the most part.

That part of Beerus faded away into the background of his subconscious, when Themis removed one of her hands from his head and slid it down his form. First, caressing it over his cheek, before trailing her fingertips over his chin and down his neck, in a way that had him shivering for a change, as she then glided her fingers over his upper-chest, just above where her boobs were mashed and ballooning outward in every other direction. Her hand then shifting and brushing down his side, taking its time to admire his muscles, before finally reaching where it'd been aiming for, as her soft fingers stroked over his cock, as if to tease his raging beast, much like her lower lips were doing, before they wrapped around his bulky mass near the base. Her palm and digits not able to fully wrap around his broad blade, with a good bit of room left between her thumb and middle finger, but that inability to fully reach around didn't stop the goddess from jerking her hand up and down, up and down, giving him a brief hand job while she continued to also grind her sensitive clit against his polearm. A two-pronged attack meant to stimulate and rile him up further.

And both of those, it certainly did, as Beerus grew tired of letting his member be a passive participant in this, despite enjoying her ministrations, and started to move his hips as well, pushing forward and then pulling back with sharp, brutish, lively thrusts like an animal in heat. His motions, remarkably, matching up well with the tugs of Themis' wrist and the stroking of her mitt, with him propelling his penis forward, just as her hand was gliding up toward his pelvis, then yanking back as her fist was pumping down toward his twitchy cockhead.

Audible FWIPS, SCHWIPS and CLAPS resonated out for both their ears, as she jacked him off, alongside the dampened, but heated hisses and groans of the two into each other's mouths, as their snog persisted, only growing more impassioned, just as their other actions did. Beerus' balls even began to swing back and forth, as he thrusted faster and harder, occasionally throwing themselves up high enough to CLOP against Themis' curled fingers and his own sausage trapped in their stroking embrace. The obscenely bloated balls churning with his cum, as they did, and he couldn't help the large dollop of precum that began to ooze out of his glans, before long, which soon dragged down precariously, before snapping off his prick and dropping to the floor with a SPLAT!

It might as well have been like a loud bell tolling for his heightened hearing, even above all the other sounds, and feeling himself leaking like this, Beerus' eyes glazed over again, as something well and truly snapped within him, and something even more primal than before fully overtook him. Its grip on him tightening like a noose around his very soul and body, snuffing out the blessing his mother had granted him. A snarl then launched from the deepest depths of his lungs, expelling into the Titan goddess' maw and startling her a bit, halting her tongue in its place, coiled around his own, for just a split-second, alongside her hips and hand.

That teensy timeframe was enough for him to act, no longer with any thoughts in mind, just the pure instinct to breed, as his hips dipped down and back. His rod pulling away from her hand and her front-bottom, with some resistance, as more pre was beginning to peel out from his bulb, glazing down the tip, as the angle of his cock, dripping in her fallen nectar, changed to a more upward angle, once it was freed from her hold. All the while, one of his hands slid down from her hips, right between the ass-cheek and thigh of the leg slung over his shoulder, and latched on tight. Fingers kneading almost painfully into her smooth and flawless flesh, while the other clawed deeper into her hip, sure to leave marks behind, temporarily, as he effortlessly pulled her up. The Titaness gasping from this, as the tips of her toes of her other foot barely grazed the ground, and she soon felt the head of his monster-cock press up against her molten-hot, saturated sex.

Glaring into her widened eyes with his now glowing pools, radiating a mix of gold and purple, Beerus gave her a look that simply read, 'Prepare yourself', before the flats of his feet dug themselves firmly into the ground… and he rammed himself forward without a second thought!


"Hggnnnnh!" Themis' let out a muffled cry into his mouth, her face scrunching up, with one eye partially closing and the other shooting wider, as a shock of pleasure vibrated through her deiform body, when she felt him enter her. His dickhead punching through and gaping her outer folds wide open, as a third of his prick shoved itself inside, stretching out her inner walls in a way his tongue could never come close to, and had her lubricated, fleshy enclosure almost instantly squeezing down on the intruding tool with all its strength. Her pussy seeking to strangle the enormity that had shot its way into her hallowed hall, meeting quite the resistance with its ascent inside, as a harsh sprinkle of nectar from her outer lips followed such a powerful plunge, splashing into the swinging nuts of the destroyer, along with his thighs and pelvis.

"Gggggnnh!" The Titaness felt the air within her mouth vibrate from the mighty destroyer's growl, both at the pleasing sensation of her cunt wrapped around six inches of his terrifying steed, and of his aggressive want to go further. To root himself inside her wholly and subjugate the beauteous babe with pitiless pummelling, that would not cease, until he alone was content again. However long that took, and however badly he broke her, in the process!

And so, with nothing left but the drive to satisfy himself, Beerus body went into motion. His hips becoming like a machine, as they pulled and pushed. The sweet, squelching sounds of Themis' snatch becoming like a new tune to his perked ears, as his steady thrusts drove his knob back, to where only half of it remained inside her suckling socket, before it stabbed deep into her opening orifice with a spritz of her sap. Each brutal belabour sinking more and more of his meat inside her oven, basking in more of her heat and wetness, as each blow brought out a jolt from the Titan goddess and a yawp from her lungs, as she held on to him.

"Ungh!... Ungh!... Hah!... Hah!..." It didn't take long for the Titaness' lips and tongue to break away from his own, spit and slime dangling and shaking in stringy ropes that connected both together, with her mouth gaped almost as much as her muff, as she cried out with every thrust he gave. "Ohh!... Beerus!..." She hollered his name, the nails of one hand scraping over his chest, near where her squished boobs jostled and rippled, while the other clutched a clump of his smooth, purple hair, just as she felt the tip of his meaty spear strike against her cervix, seeking to penetrate through it and into her uterus.

Had he the capacity to do so in that moment, and better recalled his few sexual partners from his past, the god might've taken note of how that final barrier was deeper in her than in any of them, taking nine inches to reach like he had, as opposed to between three and six. As it stood now, he paid such a small anatomical difference no mind at all, as within another rear of his pelvis backwards, he roared out like a wild beast about to pounce on prey, as his hips leapt forth with greater force than ever and his cock slammed in hard and true!

"Ahhhhhhhhhn!..." A more guttural howl escaped Themis, easily beating out his own, eyes going unfocused and bleary as she felt his broad, beefy bulb crash through the final, fleshy wall acting as obstruction with the soggiest-sounding SQUELCH yet! Her womb now invaded, with his cockhead kissing against the top end of her chamber, as it was forced to stretch around it, much like the canal that led to it had, becoming little more than a fleshy glove for his dipstick to wear and be swaddled most pleasurably by.

The rest of her shuddered, as she nearly came riotously on the spot from it, clinging to him as she was filled up and felt her innermost cavern be widened in such a manner, clenching and grasping like a vice around the invasive pike, as her head fell chin-first to his shoulder, opposite of where her leg was. The bridges of slime connecting the two's lips splitting once again, because of this and splattering over the jaws and chests of them both, as the goddess sucked in air as much as she could, while her tongue rolled out below her lower lip like a pink carpet. The divine being needing a small moment to regain her bearings.

She didn't get as much time to recover herself as she'd like, though, as Beerus didn't stay still in her like that for long. Barely even a second, in fact, to take in the sensation of sheathing himself from the start of her velvety tunnel, where the petalled doors had been stretched wide open, from his bestial blade, all the way to her silken vestibule. Had he more wits about him, he might've, just to savour the moment a little longer. Instead, having surrendered himself entirely to instinct, his whole body, not just his hips, whirred back into action!

PLAP! PLAP! PLAP! PLAP! PLAP! PLAP! SCHPLAP! SCHPLAP! SCHPLAP! The propulsions of his pelvis renewed with a near doubled sense of lechery, as his schlong ground its way to and fro her soggy inner-walls, which contracted and expanded to the beat of his ardent pumps. The bedroom filled with the perverse, sopping noises of the elder Titaness' pussy being ploughed out by twelve inches of hard, fat, vein-riddled steel to briefly drown out the sounds of her enchanting ululates, as her head tossed back again, satiny hair undulating as much as her body bounced with his every jab. His tip now repeatedly whacking against her womb's end without relent, before hauling back, leaving only the head inside her swallowing slot, only to charge back inside, and smash his bulbous head into the deepest end of her snug boudoir, that lay beyond her crumbled cervix. His gonads slapping against what remained of his shaft on the outside of her, as they rocked up with each plunge, grazing the yawning rim of her juice-spitting lower lips.

"Haah!... Haah!... Haah!... Haah!... Huoghh!..." Wailing like a banshee now – but with a euphonious voice laced with sensuality, that any red-blooded man would want to hear all day long – Themis clenched her eyes shut as she took a hellacious pounding, which only seemed to be getting more puissant with each slam his prick gave into her quaking quim, rattling her being itself with how much force was packed behind each of them. It was a testament to her own willpower that no matter how potent his bombardment was becoming, as her minge desperately slurped on his schlong with every pull and push, hoping to get him to cum soon, as it spilled and splashed her juices frantically over herself and him, she fully held on to her sanity. Though it was certainly far more difficult to do so here, then it had been when his mouth and tongue had graced her velvet-like inner-sanctum, some time before.

The scariest and yet also most exciting part, for her, was that through the haze coming over herself, as her eyes reopened with vision blurred and tears pricked at their edges, feeling herself be stuffed so thoroughly with sensuous glee, the immortal personification of divine law and order was still sharp enough to recognize one thing. One simple fact, as she cast a glance down with eyes that could no longer see clearly, for now, at the massive monstrosity charging in and out of her squelchy snatch, battering it and her closer toward the edge of carnal destruction.

H-He still hasn't… fully entered me…! She thought, still able to make out six whole inches of dick-mass that had yet to reach inside her, along with the bastard-sized, cum-swollen testicles that'd yet to slap against her flesh, from him actually bottoming out inside her. And that was more damning proof than anything else that despite him constantly ramping it up, he was by no means close to showing her the full power of what he could do with his phallic weapon, and something about that reality re-stoked the fires of her pride, and certainly, the defiant side born from it.

She wasn't about to allow herself to completely submit to him, the Titaness decided, until he gave her his all! She wanted no less than his best, after all, if they were to be lovers, for a time, and she felt that was more than justified. So, no matter how badly his 'all' might end up wrecking her for a while, she fought back, seeking to garner that from him.

Her hips started to move first, too, seeking to match the rising tempo that his thrusts into her held, and the Titaness allowed herself to feel proud, when she somewhat managed it, after a moment of getting his rhythm right, and syncing hers up with his. Her hips lashing forward when his did, so they met in the metaphorical 'middle', and then wrenching back when his did too, before driving back in again, and again, and again! The goddess soon bounding into him and shovelling his sausage into her crying depths as much as he was bouncing her along the majority of his bitch-breaking instrument, and for her efforts, she felt the air escape her lungs in piping hot gasps and pants, as she forced in three more inches, with her efforts.

Her womb was getting punched up now, with each strike. His cockhead pushing up her precious place and, though she couldn't quite see it herself, she could feel her belly bulging outward substantially, up in the direction of her flattened pair of wobbling wonders. The shape of his mastodon imprinted through her soft skin as it did, before its shape receded, when the horn of the destroyer retreated, only to return with a vengeance, when they'd both launch their hips toward each other. The elder Titaness was even sure she could feel the bulging skin of her tummy begin to redden from the onslaught, as his penis pounded her silly. So much so, in fact, she found herself having to cheat a little, by utilizing her own domain's power, to enforce a temporary law upon herself, where she wouldn't fall to an unbelievable orgasm, like her body was prepared to do.

It wouldn't last, she knew, what with who her partner in this was, but it would keep her from plummeting before she brought the best out of him. Because she just knew, the instant he brought her to a climax this time, she would be helpless, and completely unable to handle his attack from then on, if he still a load of energy to spare on her, for there wouldn't be any moment of reprieve granted to her. He'd just keep smashing into her, even as she came her brains out, never relenting, as he drove her beyond the point of no return, until she was nothing but a writhing mess, unable to think or hold awareness of her surroundings for a while to come.

Heck, that last part was likely to happen, anyway. Very likely, indeed. But if so, she'd at least make him work up a big sweat for it!

All that in mind, she didn't just leave her counter-assault at matching his pumps, for with added strength, she forced herself away from his shoulder, and reining in control back over her wayward tongue that shamefully drooled like a slobbering dog, she recaptured the growling god's lips with her own. It felt like she was melting into him, as she did, but she pressed on, impressing her will upon him, to coax out his full might, as her slippery eel darted back inside his maw, exploring the depths of it once more, before his tongue lashed out with an energized fury, and engaged with hers once more in a wrestling match for dominance. One that proved to be much more difficult for Themis to win, because of how much effort she had to put in just to matching Beerus' tempo without getting stunned by each ramming she took from him. With pure grit and determination to not crumble to his will before he even gave it his all, she persevered, with her tongue's more sluggish and less refined movements still holding enough technique and skill to out-spar his, making his appendage dance to her tune, as her pink muscle wrangled together with his.

Were Beerus still thinking, in that moment, he'd have silently given props to the Titaness. For despite the battering she was taking, she managed to keep some form of wits about her, as she maintained her lips' current embrace of his, and despite the convulsions her body underwent with each vicious, unmerciful thrust of his masculine pillar into her passageway, her tongue did contest and win out against his. Her ability being spoken for, when even under such intense waves of forceful exultation permeating every fibre of her bodily being, she not only managed to keep up with his tongue's greatest assaults, at first defending well and even counter-attacking with her own motions, but actively overwhelmed him! His more animalistic twirls and jabs simply unable to keep up, even with her weakened performance, as she refused to be beaten in not just this area of 'battle' so easily, but also in their coital one, too, as she all but hammered herself into his unforgiving thrusts.

PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! SCHPLOP! SCHPLOP! SCHPLOP! The glow in Beerus' eyes intensified alongside the groans and grunts of his piehole, as Themis' thin slab of flesh conquered it with almost enough zeal to match his feisty fuck-pillar, as it pillaged her cunt. The sounds of the latter drowning out all else, as they only got even louder and lewder with time. And as they did, a tingling sensation eventually overtook his cojones, letting even the primally-driven destroyer know that his climax was slowly approaching, as they bashed off both his remaining, unsheathed shaft, as well as Themis' hindquarters, producing mini-shockwaves, in their wake.

The future law-maker of the gods sensed a shift in him, then, as their bodies sexually warred against each other, correctly guessing that he must not have been too far off of ejaculation, as sweat started to peel off his body, just as it did hers. And it wasn't as if she couldn't see the look in his eyes, which radiated with his power. Another expression being conveyed without words. The very one she'd been hoping to draw out, and she'd have smirked in triumph, if she could, when she saw a thin aura of gold and purple outline his frame. Something she fearlessly replicated, allowing her own pure grey aura to manifest, as once more, her way of challenging him to throw his all at her, as they meshed together with a chorus of flesh clapping on flesh.

Her radiating aura clashing against his own, as she glared back again with provocation, giving him her final dare to do something about it, appeared to be the final trigger for him. She noticed it in an instant, with the way his muscles tensed, before he garnered a semi-surprised gasp from Themis, as he suddenly pushed them both forward. Their bodies tipping over unto the bed itself, finally, with the Titaness' luscious hair splaying out beneath her, as she was laid out on her back, glutes raised somewhat above the sheets. One of Beerus' hands dove down then and clutched the ankle of her other leg, which wasn't propped on his shoulder, and wrenched it up to place it over his other shoulder, in much the same way as its sister. The god leaning over her, as he did this, bodies pressed close together, his hair cascading down around both their faces, with her breasts squished further against his pecs, their lips still sealed together, and tongues still entwined, as he hunkered over her, forcing her long, creamy legs to bend and her feet, spread wide apart, to hover not far above her head.

Clutching the other leg that had already been on one of his shoulders, he held the twin towers of femininity in a tight grasp, having her trapped beneath him in a mating press, unable to escape and in a harder position to 'battle' against him, as he let out a beastly noise that nearly sounded like a war-cry. His hips rising as high as he could get them, while maintaining a good bend to his own muscular ligaments, and his cock slurped out of the goddess' trembling twat, leaving only a scant few inches lodged within, before he plunged down with force that put all his previous thrusts to shame!


Themis' latest lip-lock with him, however long it'd lasted, broke like the ones before, as her face turned and she hollered with such undignified bliss beneath him, her body involuntarily writhing, as his scrotum slapped full-on against her, for the first time, crashing against her groin and glutes with an ear-splitting impact. One that shook the bed beneath them, made the air itself ripple all around them, and even had the room itself rattle, quite like the Titaness' soul and form, as the god of destruction finally plugged the remaining few inches into her, totally burying the full mass of his dong inside her dangerously damp depths.

"Haaaahnnh!..." Wide-mouthed, Themis had to suck in Aether's pure air, with spit and slime hanging between hers and Beerus' maws one again in droopy bridges, as she took in the sensation of being rooted in completely. Her plate-wide eyes shooting down, unable to see it, but the goddess felt the new protrusion from her belly, as her flesh kicked up and actually tapped against the underside of her tits! "By… the stars!..." She shakily huffed out, barely able to meet Beerus' gaze, as her aura already started to waver, but she stubbornly kept it up, just as much as she stubbornly kept his fearsome glare shooting into her lilac pools, as her hands fell from him and to the sheets of the bed.

She didn't hesitate to bend her fingers and latch unto them, crumpling up the silk, as she managed one last bold stare, before she vociferated precisely what she wanted, with each harsh breath she took. Each word a struggle, as they hissed out of her lips, with all the force of will she could put behind them, as she allowed herself the gall not to ask, but to command her superior, in this one instance. And all with but three simple, yet potent words.

"Do… Your… Worst…!"

Being as best prepared in what little way she could, in what little time she could, she knew once the last syllable had left her mouth, and saw the way his face twisted into the most savage snarl she'd ever seen on him, that she was going to be getting it now.

And she wouldn't want it any other way.

"Hrrrrraaaaaaaaaagh!" His next bellow was deafening, supercharged with magic far stronger than her own, as his body stirred, his feet almost ripping apart the mattress, with how they stamped down on it, as his hips surged to life like never before! His pelvic region rising up and then dropping back down again and again and again, without reprieve or remorse, with such insane speeds that, before long, even if Themis had had perfect vision, it would've become an incomprehensible blur to her.

"Agh!... Hggk!... Kuh!... Kuh!... Khuh!... Annh!... Hohh!... Hohh!..." Eyes rolling back into her head, before long, Themis panted and screamed in ways that would leave her voice hoarse and useless in mere moments, were she not a divine being, as she felt the full might of the destroyer upon her. His hair whipping and flying about around her, as he was fucking her senseless! His slam-hammer vanishing inside her cunt with an immense CLOP of his heavy nuts into her bottom, sending a tremor unlike any other through her body, before he rocketed back with blistering momentum that would leave near anybody dumbfounded, almost dragging her soggy folds out with him, before dropping his full weight down on her like an anvil. His meat-pike shunting down and barrelling into her vulnerable womb with immeasurable impetus that had her flushed face twisting and turning over the silk sheets.

The skin of her tummy warped and distended to whack against her pancaked, perky pillows with every bone-shaking impact he gave, dropping himself down on her like a wild fiend, as if seeking to crush her rolled up form under his weight, as he drove down all eighteen inches of dense meat into her mushy gorge with each propulsion of his sweating body. The obscene chorus of his beef-blade stampeding its way in and out of her pussy ringing throughout their room, as he pounded her out in a fashion no other partner she'd had in the past had been able to, and not just for merely lacking his size, but also the raw power he could put into each mind-blanking blow. Power that, realistically, should've also been hurting her, as her aura dimmed, becoming barely perceptible, as she squirmed underneath his bludgeoning bombardment, and yet she wasn't. All she felt, was stupendous, sensual gratification, as he viciously abused her hole.

"Hhhhrgk!... Hhhhrgk!... Hnnngh!... Hnnngh!... Haaaagh!..." Grunts and barks flew from his wide-parted lips with the same frequency as a bird's wingbeat, as he jounced and jerked, bounced and bashed, sprung and smashed himself over her. The fleshy THWACK and CRACK that pulsed like sirens into every nook and cranny of the shaking room, as his pelvis exuberantly struck her juicy derriere, balls banging down with enough brawn to have themselves folding in and vibrate against her springy, rippling buttocks, before they swung back, when he reared back up for another thunderous thrust. His hands eventually moving further down her legs, grasping her ankles and shoving them down, until the backs of her toe-curved feet touched the fabric case on either side of her head, as he flew into a frenzy. His torso straightening out and upward for added leverage, freeing her titties from his pecs, and allowing the now jubilantly jouncing jugs to puff back to their usual, glorious globe shape, as they swung and clapped enticingly into one another at every impelling he gave her.

The bouncing betties gave an extra high hop toward her face, every time they dropped down and were met with his cock bashing forth within the distorted layer of her dancing gut. Them colliding as such causing her knockers' supple flesh to cave inward, folding the excess around it like an oozing set of marsh-mellows stuck close together, before sending the pliable pair pouncing up with waves shooting over the super-smooth texture of the rosy-peaked hills. The stimulation from constant grinding against Beerus' steely front, along with their current jolting jig, helped by the womb and stomach-stretching staff currently pulverizing her goddess-hood, being enough to have her troubled teats ready to secrete the contents stored in her boobies, with but the lightest of suckles to either.

WHAP! WHAP! SCHPAP! PWAP! PWAP! SCHPLAP! PLOP! SCHPLOP! SCHPLOP! PAP! PAP! SCHPAP! SCHPWAP! The concupiscent clashing was almost like a debauched choir, with Beerus' spirit-sundering slams making up the music, and every varied noise that slung from their throats together making up the licentious lyrics. They might as well have been creating their own personal, wordless hymn to pruriently praise each other for the copulation they were taking part in. The collisions of their pelvises sending their droplets of sweat blasting off their glossy-sheened figures, dousing the shaking sheets beneath, as the bed strained and creaked below them. The quaking furniture struggling not to crumble under the explosive shockwaves produced from their union. A wicked one that held little virtue, but plenty of fire, as Beerus stirred her insides with his sausage, battered her reddened ass-cheeks like drums with his family jewels, and produced further cracks in the spell she'd put on herself to hold off her second orgasm.

What felt like forever passed in their tumultuous plap-hammering, and to their perception, it might as well have, for in the ten proceeding minutes in which both managed to hold on, as Beerus pile-drove her ruinated vaginal chute, each second alone felt like millions of moments flying by. Inevitably, though, the end arrived with a metaphorical fireworks display, when the god of destruction charged his hips down one last time, crushing his pelvis against her upturned, beaten-up rump, bottoming out inside her, pushing up her reddened belly with his insertion to send her milkers flying high on her chest. His rambunctiously rippling nuts clenching like they never had before, against her soft, equally rippling cantaloupes, right as Themis' magic finally shattered, no longer able to hold itself up, and with the spell gone, the dam that'd been squeezed shut finally broke apart, letting loose a surge unlike anything the Titan goddess had ever felt during sex before!

"Hyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" An unearthly scream tore its way through both, Themis' high-pitched and feminine, while Beerus' gruff and masculine, as the folds of the former's pussy coiled and strangled all around the latter's fully-sheathed shaft, and both of them came. The Titaness' clear cum spraying out from her clitoris all over Beerus' front, splashing and splatting from the groin, all the way up to around his pectorals, not just from the angle she was at, but also because her cunt's fountain of nectar arced up and down, with no semblance of control. Her sap soon dousing back down on her front, as the fluid rebounded off of him, drenching over her juggling jugs, as they fell back down and her swollen-out tummy like a fine sauce.

Despite how whited-out her mental process was, she still intuitively took in the sensation of his white-hot jizz blasting out into her horribly reshaped uterus, and a bomb might as well have gone off inside her, for her belly bulged further, not long after he began releasing his baby-batter into her. The swell of her middle feeling surreal, as he dumped his large – and emphasis on the word large – load into her depths. The tide so stupidly fast and strong as it unleashed itself into her, that despite how utterly crammed up with cockmeat she was, some of his spume back-blasted out all over their conjoined crotches, thighs and abdomens, along with the bed itself, fusing with her own spewing liquid, as they climaxed.

Themis' blushed features were a tongue-draped, open-maw mask of ecstasy, as she ascended to cloud nine, while being inseminated. Her womb expanding rapidly in size from the intake of sperm it was forced to house, as the seconds ticked by, and it wasn't too long before she looked heavily pregnant, with the distension of her middle caused by his buried bitch-breaker becoming mostly hidden.

She wasn't sure when, but Beerus began gyrating his hips, shifting the remaining dick-bulge against her tig ol' bitties, squishing against and causing the duo to jiggle, as it batted away at them, making them sway side-to-side, as he stirred himself within her bullied sex. The Olympian doing what he could to help her orifice wring out as much spunk from him as possible.

Themis was the first to cease in her ejaculation, though that didn't mean her orgasm had petered out any, with her twitching and spasming beneath him, well after the last rope of clear cum flew from her punished pussy and splashed over them both. Beerus, meanwhile, did not finish releasing into her his copiously stored seed, until about a full minute had passed. By that point, the flanks of her stupendously swollen stomach breached out well beyond the gap between her shaky legs, pushing up her breasts, submerging his cock-bulge completely and squashing against his abs, seeping out around his sides and partially over her own, as he leaned on it. The midsection having ballooned out to comical proportions, as a jiggly, sloshing cum-gut.

"Haaaaaaaa…" A long sigh of relieved gratification leapt out of Beerus, as he felt the load be fully drained from him, dick convulsing as it shot out its final few ropes into the sea of cream he'd pumped into her womb. The god returning to his usual senses enough, that he could truly take in and bask in the afterglow of what he'd done, as he felt himself be racked with more pleasure than he'd ever thought possible from having sex. "Damnit… That feels good…"

Relaxing now, at least momentarily, Beerus blinked, before turning his head about, as he finally took note of something. "Huh…" He huffed, as he gained control over his breath without too much effort. "Were the walls and floor this… sparkly before?" He asked, awed a tiny bit by how clean they were, before a smell he'd ignored tickled at his senses. Weaker than the stench created by the sex between him and the Titaness, as well as their intermingled juices, but still more than capable of being picked up by his particular nose, even beyond the stronger odours he and Themis had made. It was the scent of roses, yet he couldn't spot even a single petal of said flower in this room. Had she made the air itself naturally have this smell?

"Hrrrgk!... Khhhgk!..." Unintelligible gurgling noises came from his charge trapped below him, mouth drooling out slime, as she lay a brain-fried mess. And having regained his wits, Beerus turned his gaze back to her, pushing aside his curiosity over the room's overall cleanliness, bed aside now, along with the air's scent, and drank in the obscenely lewd expression she now wore over her face. One he previously couldn't have quite imagined on her, but now that he bared witness to it, there was a part of him that felt great satisfaction at having been the cause of it.

"Heh… You definitely enjoyed that, now, didn't you?" He couldn't help but tease with a smirk, still feeling horny as hell, as he felt her shudders below him, racked by pleasure from her orgasm, which much like his own, was lingering even now, like a fine quilt over their forms. "Look at you. A refined goddess reduced to looking like this… How shameful..." He said, though there was no bite or malice to his tone. There was only lust, as he felt the fire in his loins still burning as strong as ever, with his manhood having remained just as hard, while plunged inside her honeypot.

Staying where he was, for the moment, settled in over her bulging belly, which his front pushed down the centre of, allowing the sides of her middle to ooze out almost like a beanbag around his ribs and over his back, it felt comfortable, he had to admit. Though, he was aware enough to pay mind to the whimper that left the goddess' mouth, as the pressure from him pressing down on her newly-given jism-swelled tummy, on her heavily inflated womb, caused ropes of his baby batter to spray out sporadically from her schlong-filled cooze, around the edges of her gaping rim.

"Just remember, Themis… You asked for this." He spoke down to her as if he'd warned her this would happen, which he supposed he technically had, though not to this kind of explicit extent, as he eyed her moan-stretched features, unable to help the gleeful grin that came over him. His gaze then trailed down, however, and he found the thirst hitting him again, even as he was still on his own sexual high, for the wonderful pair of breasts now perched up on the flank of her spume-engorged belly. The nipples standing out like glistening diamonds and puffed at attention, just begging to be given the treatment they needed.

The impulse couldn't be ignored. Not that he had any intention of doing so, to begin with.

Before acting on it though, Beerus chose to give his partner a shred of mercy, this time, as he steadily pulled himself out of her slorping snatch, his meat coated in both his own cum and her juices. And then, with an audible, wet POP his dickhead tugged itself free, whipping his cum-covered cock up, as he let go of her legs and moved off of her and to the side, seeing her cunt undergo vehement contractions, as her massive, cum-inflated belly puffed up with a series of wobbles, now no longer compressed beneath him. A mound that at its highest, reached a staggering three feet tall.

Damn… The destroyer though in amazement, as he kneeled by her body on the bed. I knew this new body could expend plenty of seed, but seeing it puff someone up like this… It looks absurd… He could scarcely believe his nutsack had been packing that much given their size, huge as they were, and was even more bewildered that his penis was still fully erect, and his balls felt like they could expend another deposit, just like this one already, maybe even several more, and that was crazy. Crazier still, was that Themis had taken it all, without her womb and midsection bursting from the strain, because there was definitely no way that any of the women he'd been with, few in number though they may have been, in his old Universe could've withstood anywhere near this much fattening up before popping like a balloon. That was yet again something he'd have to attribute to the godly bodies of this realm just being cut from a different cloth.

"Oooooouuuuuh…!" What was also crazy, was what he saw next, having sensed it coming before he'd even fully pulled out of her, as he heard her let out an instinctive wail to herald its coming.

SPPPLLLLLLRRRRRTTTTCHHH! A geyser of salty-white yogurt quickly launched itself then from her poor pussy, blasting out in an arc as if fired from a full-power hose all over the edge of the bed and the floor beyond it to form a large puddle of thick, viscous sludge that spread out several feet in all directions. All while her legs remained raised where they'd been, body smuttily staying in the mating press position as she pissed the majority of Beerus' milky ambrosia back out of her. Her expanded uterus and gut slowly receding down, until only a smaller, few inches high swell stayed on her once flat abdomen, as the torrent of back-blasting sauce shrunk down, until only tiny ropes sprayed out for a few seconds, and then, it fully stopped. Her tortured twat twitching still, by no means recovered, and unquestionably left even more sensitive than ever, after such a throttling.

She was breathing heavy. Cross-eyed and delirious in a way that made it clear, despite her peepers being open, she wasn't conscious anymore. Not entirely, anyway. She was mostly out of it, and would likely take some time for her mind to come back to her.

Good thing he was here, he thought with a chuckle, as he placed a hand on her head, sending a small pulse of his destructive power through her, not to destroy anything, but to give her his blessing. Something he realized he probably should've done since the start, but there was no use crying about it now, and it wasn't as if it'd led to any disastrous scenario, anyway, so who really cared?

His magic had its intended effect, as, without removing any of the sensations she was going through from being battered by him, it more easily allowed her to rid herself of the after-effect of her mind being overloaded from such stimulation. This being evidenced by her jolting back into reality, despite all the pleasure still coursing through her being.

"Hgghk!... Wh-Wha…?" Her eyes rapidly blinked, as she continued to inhale and exhale heavy gulps of air, her hands that'd been gripping tight to the sheets going slack, as she came to. Able to feel the strange, but pleasant warmth brought on from Beerus' blessing taking root within her.

"Oh good, you're awake again." Beerus playfully remarked, snapping the Titaness' delirium-addled eyes to him, as he grabbed her ankles again and pushed them down, so they fell back over and beyond the bed, dangling limply over cum-soaked covers while saturated in both their fluids.

"Buh-Beerus…?" She managed to pant his name out, as her tongue slowly slipped back into her mouth, though that didn't stop her from continuing to drool out of her lips. Not that he commented on it, though.

"Expecting someone else?" He quirked a brow, just messing with her, at this point, as he unsubtly threw his stare back at her waiting melons, which rose and fell with softer wiggles, now that she wasn't being pounded into.

"H-How long was I… out?" She asked, clearly having no semblance of the passage of time, even now, as she barely took notice of the small swelling of her gut and the sensation of her being completely filled up, among the ocean of other sensation floating through her, at the moment.

"Eh. About a minute." He answered with a careless shrug. "Thought I might as well give you a little boost to better handle what I can dish out."

Themis swallowed audibly. "I-I see…" Lips coming closer together, he saw the way she smiled at him, even in her state. "Th-Thank you, then. Y-You were something else, I have to say… M-My whole body feels like its drowning in euphoria from our passionate intercourse, right now…!"

"You speak as if we're finished." He smiled toothily down at her, especially as confusion blinked through her lilac pools. He then made a deliberate show of his goo-glazed rod, leaning it into her view, right over her face and allowing a dollop of the mixed fluids to drip down from the tip unto her features, right by her lips, as he narrowed his eyes on her. "We're far from done here, believe me. I've still got another round or two in me. Maybe more, and I intend to get it all out of my system, before I leave this room."

To say Themis appeared shocked at this revelation, was an understatement, as she sputtered in disbelief, while ogling his cum-coated cock. "Yuh-You still have… that much left in you…!?"

"Oh, you bet your ass, I do!" He exclaimed, before he pulled his pole away from her face. He then leaned down and brought his hands unto her udders, still glossed in her essence, and gave the saturated, semi-sticky twins a surprisingly gentle squeeze at first, which elicited another steamy gasp from the 1st generation Titaness, due to how tender and tingly she felt, after his first proper fornication with her. "Better prepare yourself, Themis, because it'll be quite a while yet, before I'm done with you." His commanding tone at the end had her shivering, both anxious and wanting, as his fingers kneaded down into her malleable mambas, having both her erect nubs pinched between his index and middle fingers, as excess boob-flesh oozed through his finger gaps. Her ample, delectable D-cups shifting their shape with little resistance in his moulding hands, as his palms began to get more animated, and his fingers sunk deeper into her succulent, sensitive titty-meat.

Beerus felt a rush come through him, eyes alight with delight identical to when he'd sampled from her pussy nectar, when he saw her teats expel hefty dribbles of milk that spilled out over her slippery flesh and into his hands. His face soon dipping too, as his tongue lashed back out, and began lapping at both her buds, one after the other, stimulating and only causing more of her milk to pour out for him. The destroyer all but crooning, as he tasted the heavenly dairy that escaped her girls, seeming just as enamoured by it, as he had been her nectar, which he could also get a taste of right now, after she'd cum on him and herself.

"Mmm…! Exquisite!" He opined without ignominy, finding the tang, yet again, comparable to Rhea's, before he quicky repositioned his hands, grabbing around both her hooters like they really were a pair of udders and pressing them together. The voluminous, creamy flesh of both flattening at the inner-sides, bringing her nipples close together, while causing her mounds to bulge out at the top and bottom like rolled-out pastry dough, with the fat seeping out through and over his coiled fingers, which made it about halfway around the duo.

Themis hissed, squinting her eyes, as Beerus' mouth wrapped around both her nubs. The Titaness' finding one of her hands, which was shaking along with the arm itself, snaking its way around Beerus' head and holding it in the strongest grip it could, almost of its own will, as he sucked hard on her peaks, while slapping and stroking them with his fast-moving, pink muscle. Something that only made her hiss morph into a high-pitched puff, as her breasts showed they'd had enough. Her teats soon seizing up, before the ducts let loose twin jets of magnificent milk for the destroyer, who very happily guzzled it all down, while drawing out more and more, as his head lightly bobbed back and forth, all while his teeth got involved too, grating on her spurting buds when his face came closer, and then pulling on them, whenever his head pushed back. The latter stretching them as long as they could go, while his vacuum of a maw ruthlessly slurped them, much as it had her fanny.

With her vision cleared, thanks to his boon, she saw the same level of bliss in his eyes, as he had when he drank from the fountain of her sex. And beyond the renewed noises that came from her throat, she relaxed underneath his touch, making no attempt to resist him.

There was zero chance he hadn't ensured a pregnancy already, but that reasoning for why she'd gotten herself into this didn't matter right now. What mattered, was that her king-to-be was, as he'd said, far from done, despite having already put her through the wringer. Whenever he was fully satisfied, she was sure, more than ever now, he'd leave her ruined on this bed. Utterly devastated carnally.

Today was set to be a long one, for her, it seemed. One wrought with her being repeatedly fucked beyond all reason, by her current lover, until total satisfaction was achieved on his end, which could potentially take hours. And with how hard and well he went, there was no telling what sort of state she'd been in, when he truly was done.

Instead of feeling anything like apprehension at this, though, the Titan goddess submitted herself to this fate rather easily, regardless of her initial shock that he still had so much left to give. Not even Atlas at his best had been able to dick her down as severely as this. It was a whole other level of euphoria, and one she was keen to feel as much of, as she possibly could.

And if she broke, or went comatose from it? Well, she was sure Beerus could just give her another boon, if the one he'd already given wasn't strong enough to help her.

Yeah. That would do, she mused, as she stroked his hair. His purrs into her boobs, as he manhandled and drank from them being oddly soothing to her ears, as she waited for him to finish feeding and begin his second round on her, with that monolithic manhood of his.

And then, however many after that.


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