Co-written by Amy L./AnkhsAngel

Naga quietly left his room, heading toward the kitchen. It was late and quiet, and the rest of the team was all asleep. Or so he thought. He walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see Stinger sitting at the table. He wasn't sure if the Sasori ranger would want to talk, so he just quietly made himself a small snack and sat down.

"Did I wake you?" Stinger's voice was raw and scratchy sounding.

Naga shook his head, "No. Surprised you are awake."

"Couldn't sleep anymore."

Naga nodded slightly, "I tried to go back to sleep but.."

"You too?" Stinger sighed. "They just keep coming back."

"I wish I knew how to stop them.." Naga sighed, "I'm still not the best with emotions but I know the nightmares upset me."

"That's why they're called nightmares. They are created from bad memories and your fears."

Naga looked down and worked on eating his snack. Eventually he admitted, "I wish she'd quit haunting me."


Naga nodded quietly.

Stinger growled under his breath. "Wish I could kill her again."

Naga gave a small smile, "Me too. But I just keep seeing all the things she made me do.. Attacking everyone.. Terrorizing people.." He trailed off.

"I understand. I have dreams about when Scorpio gave me his venom and I almost killed Kotaro and Lucky." The scorpion shuddered.

"It wasn't your fault though. Unlike me, who went with her willingly.."

"I wouldn't have been in that situation if I hadn't been so stubborn. So set on trying to fix stuff alone. Champ should have kicked my ass."

Naga chuckled slightly, "At least you know now to trust them to help you."

Stinger grinned ruefully. "I still struggle with that. But I'm trying. my dreams..he kills all of you just because you're with me. Says I'm just putting you guys in danger. Says I'm selfish for not leaving…"

Naga shook his head, "It's not true though. The team needs you."

"Don't know about that. I hinder more than help." Stinger stared down at the table.

"You've helped all of us in one way or another. You're strong and brave and try your best."

"Doesn't feel like it. I got Champ almost destroyed, got you, Kotaro and Lucky hurt."

"You didn't mean to. None of us blame you for it." Naga said softly.

"I blame me. Because I fell for my brother's lies, then tried to go after him alone. It is my fault. Just surprised no one wanted to throw me out."

Naga sighed and looked down, "I know how you feel, to blame yourself for things. I abandoned the team to try to gain emotions and then ended up hurting Balance. I don't know why the team wanted me back after that.. But your situation was a bit different. You just wanted to trust your brother and then try to fix things afterward. It's understandable and I think many of the team would have done the same if they were in your situation. That's why everyone wanted you back."

"Doesn't mean I deserve to be back." Stinger got up and filled the teapot with water. "Tea?"


Stinger pulled two cups down, then added teabags. He waited until the water was ready, then poured it over the bags. "Do you want anything added?"

"No thank you." Naga said quietly.

Stinger nodded, bringing the cups over and setting one in front of the silver ranger.

Naga stayed silent, staring down at the tea and watching it darken.

Stinger retook his seat, staring into his own cup for a moment. Then he hesitantly spoke. "Do you.." He cut himself off, choosing instead to sip from the cup.

Naga looked up and raised an eyebrow, "Stinger? What were you going to ask?"

"Do you want to sleep together?" Stinger flushed a deep red. "Not like that..I just mean..the nightmares may stay away if another person is there…"

Naga nodded, "Alright."