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"Grayson! You imbecile!" Damian voiced harshly to the oldest. "That plan will never work."

Currently, the duo was sitting in uniform at the bat-computer trying to figure out how to disarm the jokers newest contraption. Dick turned in the chair to face Damian.

"You have a better idea then? Because I'm all ears." Dick commented sarcastically.

"Tt, of course I have a better idea." Damian scoffed "Who do you take me for a simpleton like you?" Dick merely rolled his eyes in response and turned to look at the plan he had set up. This mission would normally not be hard, but there was a had been taken by the insane man on their last patrol. So, they need to figure how to disarm this weapon Joker talked about and rescue Tim without letting anyone get hurt.

"Well, what's your brilliant idea?" Dick asked with a small laugh. Damian was silent for a second.

"Same as yours, except without Todd." Damian remarked arms crossed. At that Dick turned to look at him once again and gave him a questioning look. "We simply cannot trust Todd to do anything." Damian continued with annoyance. Dick simply stood up from the chair and walked to his motorcycle.

"I already told you, with Bruce gone with the Justice League, we are short a person. So, we will need help." Dick reminded him as he mounted his bike.

"Tt, we to not need help, you want help; and from Todd of all people." Damian remarked while following Dick's lead. Putting on his helmet, Dick flipped up the visor to speak.

"Jason already agreed to meet at the coordinates I sent him, and you know that Barbras not in Gotham at the moment so we have no choice anyway." As Dick revved his engine and shut his visor, he heard Damian simply reply with a "tt." Oh what was he going to do with this kid, dick mentally asked himself as they sped out of the batcave.

Time skip

Leaving there bikes camouflaged in an alley, the duo made their way across the rooftops towards the rendezvou point. Once on the appointed building, they waited in the shadows for the third member. About 30 seconds later they watched as said person landed a few feet from them.

"About time Hood." Robin commented dryly. The Red Hood simply ruffled the ex-assassin's hair harshly.

"Hate to see you too, demon." He responded and turned to face Nightwing ignoring the death threat from Robin. "Remember," Hood remarked while loading his gun. "I am only here because I somehow owe you a favor. When it is done I'm out."

"Yeah, yeah nice to see you to. You remember the plan with no fatalities?" Dick spoke while giving Hood half a bat glare under his mask.

"Yeah, yeah." Hood brushed off quoting what the other said. " I'll stick to your stupid rules... maybe. Nightwing was about to say something back, but Hood already jumped off to the next building. Robin gave the oldest an 'I told you so look' and follow in Hoods footsteps with the blue clad hero next to him.

Another time skip Red Robin-

Great, just great. RR mentally shook his head. Stuck in some old, abandoned building, captured. Just what he needed to brighten his day. He wasn't hurt to much, well except maybe his pride. All he knew is that he was taken by surprise when they were fighting Jokers' goons. He was injected with some sort of knockout serum, at least he hoped that's what it was, and now he sits here, tied up in a metal chair weapons gone, and mouth gagged. Well we all have been here at some point, but, to be honest, he was more embarrassed then scared at this point.

Hearing the door next to him open, RR shot his head up to see who it was. It was almost pitch black in there, but with that voice there was no mistaking who it was.

"Hello birdy." The voice spoke in a creepy sweet tone. RR tried to respond, but forgot the gag on his mouth and it came put all muffled. "What's that?" The man asked "can't quite hear you." He grinned. "You don't sound to happy." He continued with a low laugh. "What's the matter don't you want to play with uncle J?" The Joker's laugh grew more sinister as he moved towards RR grasping something metal in his hand.

Back with the trio--

Once they reached the Joker's hideout, they split up. Robin and Red Hood were to find Red Robin, while Nightwing work to disarm the so called weapon. Since they didn't know what the machine was capable of, then voted to best keep radio silence.

Nightwing's approach needed to be more subtle as to not attract unwanted attention, so he disable the so called security and crawled through the air vents.

Unlike Nightwing, the other two didn't need subtlety so much and literally walked through the front door, against Robin's wishes. Inside the building, they were greeted, unsurprisingly, by many henchmen.

"Good evening gentlemen." Hood commented with fake sincerity as he moved to grab his gun, which was, thankfully loaded with rubber bullets. "Is this a private party, or can anybody join?" (You are welcome to anyone who got the movie quote:P)

With the two of them the battle lasted no more then 5 minutes.

"Where's your boss?" Hood threatened with his gun against the goon's head. Damian almost made a move to stop him, but the man at the end of the barrel spoke first. Once they had the Jokers and RR whereabouts, Hood knocked the man unconscious and continued down the hallway. Damian followed close behind.

They reached a big silver door, which the man told them about, and set explosives around it. They heard a stifled scream come from behind the door, which made them move faster. They stood back and watched to explosives knock the door off its hinges. Running inside, they were greeted by a bloody RR and a surprise Joker.

"Ah, two more bird brains." Joker spoke quickly regaining his composure. "Would you like to join in on the fun." Joker grabbed the bloody crowbar once more. "You remember this, don't you hoody?" Red Hood scowled at him from under his hood and bared his teeth.

"Why you little.." Hood spat while drawing his gun and aiming it at his head. Joker quickly dropped the crowbar and put his hands in the air in fake surrender. Damian saw this, and even though he would not mind the Joker dead, he could not allow it.

"Hood pull yourself together, you know you can't kill him no matter how much he deserves it."Damian voiced trying to reason without hurting him."

"And why is that? He questioned harshly, "Because golden boy said so?" Damian came so close to punching him in the face for being such an idiot.

"Because it makes you just like them. I know he hurt you, but that gives you no right to decide who lives and dies. And we don't have time for this" Damian remarked surprise that he wasn't already choking the Joker to death. At this Damian made his way over to Red Robin, still keeping an eye on Hood. Said anti-hero considered his words, and though he hates to agree with him, he was right about one thing. They didn't have time for this. Putting away his gun, Hood came up towards the Joker and grabbed his purple collar. With a devilish smile, Joker taunts him.

"I knew you didn't have it in you. Your just like pretty boy himself. Speaking of blue blunder, where is he?" At that moment, alarms rang throughout the building. "Oh." The Joker laughed, "there he is." Hood knock him out cold and turned towards Robin who untied RR and was helping him stand. Hood groaned in annoyance.

"Take Red back to the cave. I'll take care of Joker and find Wing." Though Robin would generally argue with him, he decided it was best just to keep his mouth shut and leave just as he said. Red Hood tied the insane man to a stone pole outside for the police to find, and came back in the way Nightwing first did. "What have you got yourself into this time?"

With Nightwing

The way to the machine was fairly simple to find for it made such a load sound. He made it to the grate above it and started to observe it. The loud noise was not expected to come from this. The mysterious machine was no bigger than a laptop and had no buttons on it. Looking around the room, he noticed no one was here. Strange. He thought to himself. Gently, Nightwing opened the grate and jumped quietly on the floor. He started to make his way towards the device to fine a panel to open. He grabbed it carefully, but, unfortunately, his plan was interrupted when he heard the door open. Faster then the flash, the acrobat flipped backwards behind a shelf to avoid being seen. Watching from the shadows, he observed non other then Harley Quinn make her way towards the computer. Cracking her knuckles, she quickly pressed a few buttons and took her leave. Once Nightwing waited a moment more, he made his way back to the device. Surprisingly, when he grabbed it this time, a spray of some sort hit his face. In disgust, he reeled back only for an alarm to start blaring.

"Well that's just great." The hero spoke to himself. Wiping his face of the liquid, Nightwing turned back to the machine. His eyes widened when the once blank screen started to count down from 2 minutes. "And that's even better! A bomb!" Sighing to himself he went to work on disabling it, but the stupid panel wasn't wanting to come off. Just his luck. One minute left. When the panel final came off he started to cut the wires in the correct order, when he heard a voice above him. Looking up, Nightwing noticed Hood coming through the same grate he did.

"Hood! What are you doing here get out!" Nightwing spoke in worry.

"Well I came to save your sorry self, soorry!" Hood remarked sarcastically.

"No, this is a bomb, a very frustrating one!" 30 seconds. Hood's eyes slightly widened under his mask, but then relaxed when he saw Wing was almost done.

"Come on, you're just about finished." Nightwing cut the last wire at 5 seconds and sighed in relief. Putting the device down, Nightwing stood up to face Hood.

"Is RR and Robin ok?" Wing asked as his vision started to become blurry.

"Far as I know, I sent them to the cave. I'm ok too. Thanks for asking." Hood answered set to leave, but paused when he noticed Nightwing didn't respond. He saw Wing starting to breath heavily and sway as if he was going to pass out, which he started to. Hood grabbed him as he fell to his knees.

"Whoa, whoa, Wing are you ok? Wing wake up. What happened?" Hood asked with a hint of worry. Nightwing heard the vigilante but it was muffled as if he was speaking through a glass box. Slowly, Nightwing became tired as even each breath he took exhausted him. What was happening? Soon nothing made sense as his world dissolved into darkness.

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