So I am actually not an MHA fan(theater nerd fur-ever!). This fanfic was a sort of present for my friend who is obsessed with anime, but I decided to post it because it wasn't terrible.

Enjoy. (I don't own BHNA or the characters, i only own the cat)

"Here he comes."

The gravity manipulator, Ochako Ururaka, whispered to her friend, Momo Yaoyorozu.

Momo tucked a loose strand of midnight black hair behind her ear, fitting it neatly into her ponytail. "I noticed, Ochako." She replied coolly.

"He" was a boy, in the standard MHA uniform. Overall, he appeared to be a regular student on his way home from school. The only thing out of the ordinary was his face and hair: one half was a fiery red, the other a snowy white. His right eye had a irregular splotch of red as well, a sign of his fire and ice quirk.

Ochako smiled at her friend one more time before leaping over the wall of the alley, obviously aided by her zero gravity quirk.

Momo peered around the corner again, her amber eyes widening. Shoto Todoroki was her loose acquaintance, as far as he knew.

But to her, he was so much more than that.

They had such similar personalities: serious and distant, but friendly enough and willing to encourage their peers. In fact, Momo would never forget the time he had encouraged her when she was in a particular rut after being defeated in her match with Denki. They both disapproved of the violence that Katsuki Bakugo tended to exhibit.

They were practically made for each other.

Momo watched him stroll down the sidewalk, observing everything around him with a quiet intelligence.

Plus, he was so adorable.

Momo felt a smile tug at the corner of her mouth when he nudged a pebble with his toe, cocking his head curiously similar to the way a cat would.

And then she stepped on an aluminum can that had been unfortunately in front of her.

Shoto's head shot up at the noise, and Momo tried desperately to move out of his line of vision before he saw her watching him.

Too late. Shoto stepped over and spotted her crouching behind the dumpster.

"Um... Momo? What are you doing?"

Momo straightened, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. "Oh! Hello, Shoto." She said, trying to gloss over the awkwardness.

Shoto smiled. Actually smiled. "Hello, Momo." He replied.

Momo inched away from the trash bin. "So.. uh... what are you doing here?"

Both MHA students stepped out of the alley and began to walk down the street. Momo found herself following him even though she didn't know where exactly they were headed.

"I might ask the same about you." Shoto countered.

Momo shrugged. "Just... out for a walk. What about you?" She asked.

"Heading home. I wouldn't mind company, though." Shoto added, with an unintentionally heart melting smile.

Momo nodded, and the pair continued on.

They walked in silence, quietly taking in the world around them. Momo noted that they were walking very close together, so close that their fingers brushed the slightest bit.

Screw it. She thought, reached out, and grabbed his hand.

Startled, Shoto turned to look at her, catching a flicker of nervousness in her slanted onyx eyes.

She expected him to pull his hand out of her grasp. Demand what she was doing.

But instead, he tightened his grip on her hand, interlacing their fingers.

Now Momo was experiencing a mixture of shock, relief, and extreme pleasure.

She didn't know what to say.

Shoto smiled a little at her, as if he had read her mind. "We don't have to talk. Silence is just as satisfying." He said, in a softer tone.

Momo squeezed his hand with a little smile of her own.

They continued on until they reached a small apartment. Shoto pulled out a key from his pocket, unlocked the door, and stepped inside.

It had four rooms: a kitchen, a small living area, and two bedrooms. Momo spotted a russet colored cat sleeping on the stove, a bell faintly tinkling every time it breathed in.

Shoto followed her gaze. "That's Kaen." He explained.

Momo looked back into his eyes, amber meeting green.

"You're welcome to stay for a while. Mom won't be home for another few hours." Shoto offered.

Momo tucked another loose strand of hair from her face with her free hand. "That's a kind offer. But," she gulped a little. "I have to get home. Homework."

Shoto smiled again. "Of course. Maybe next time?" He asked. "We could... watch a movie here."

Momo blinked. Was he asking her out?

She quickly shook herself out of it. "Yes, please... I'd love that. Saturday at seven?" She proposed.

Shoto gently squeezed her hand, then leaned in to press a quick kiss on her cheek. "Saturday at seven." He promised.

Momo felt a warm rush of color flood her face again, and she was sure she was as red as her hero outfit. "Then I'll see you later." She managed with a smile.

Shoto slowly let go of her hand, letting his fingers slide along hers and leaving tingles of electricity. "You will."

Momo smiled again, waving goodbye to him before letting herself out the door.

Though her composure was thoughtful and serious as it always was, everything inside her was a flamboyant celebration.