I am a person who has a lot of ideas of stories. So yeah. I'm always interested in crossovers and new OCs, Enjoy the story. 😀😊 👍

Lily and Audrey moved into Bootsville with their foster parents, they found a house that was for sale and bought the house and moved in, Coop and his friends saw it)

Coop: Look, I think their new.

Millie: I think.

(After they packed off their stuff, they notice Coop and his friends)

Lily & Audrey Foster Mom: Come On Lily and Audrey, you can make new friends.

Lily: Okay Mom.

(The two walked toward Coop and his friends)

Audrey: Hello.

Fiona: Hi. What's your names?

Lily: I'm Lily, this is my sister Audrey.

Audrey: Hello. Pleasure to meet you.

Millie: Nice to Meet you, by the way, I'm Millie.

Coop: I'm Coop.

Dennis: I'm Dennis.

Fiona: I'm Fiona.

Lorne: I'm Lorne.

Harley: and I'm Harley.

Millie: Tells us about yourself.

(The two girls sighed)

Lily: Me and Audrey had a abusive family. But our parents don't love me, they only loved Audrey because she's perfect for them.

Audrey: Yeah, I bullied her along with my mom and dad. Even I stole her dream of being an actress.

(Coop and his friends were shocked)

Audrey: I saw my parents beating up my sister and my mom told her to put her up for adoption. The studio owner find out about it and called the police on my parents and I was sent to an orphanage, I stayed their for 2 years.

Lily: Then I found her at the train station and told my foster parents that she deserved a second chance.

Lorne: Interesting.

Lily: Then me and my foster parents let her stay with us. We are 11 now.

Coop: I'm 11 to.

Dennis: Me too.

(Lily and Audrey foster parents came over)

Lily & Audrey foster dad: Glad you guys made news friends.

Lily & Andrey foster mom: Why don't you girls spend time with them.

Audrey: Okay mom.

(So Lily and Audrey spend time with Coop and his friends)

The End