"This volcano is exactly what I needed," Dry Bowser explained while enjoying a dash around the volcano side of the Hailfire Peaks, dodging the various fiery enemies that populated it and shooting back even hotter flames at them with ease. "Kudos to that bear and bird for telling me about this place."

"You sure sound confident." Mr. Patch laughed while the giant vibrant balloon dinosaur was casually walking around in the yellow and red lava, with it not doing much damage to him. "You sure you have your skull on right?"

"Who are you to talk." Dry Bowser spoke back while climbing up the volcano and pausing to get a brief look around of the molten area. "You're just walking in magma."

"That may be true," Mr. Patch continued on after coughing up several beach balls. "But there's more to size than what I appear. None of my patches have to worry about the lava below me!"