Rachel POV- "There's a first time for everything, Captain Cold. I will shoot you" Cisco said pretending he was holding a large cold gun up pointed at Leonard.

"Let him go Lenny" Rachel said finally speaking up she saw Leonard stiffen slightly at her voice.

"You win kid. I'll see you around" Leonard finally said lowering his gun away from Barry as he turned to walk away.

"Hey leave the diamond" Cisco demanded.

"Don't push your luck" Leonard replied as he walked past them.

He stopped in front of Rachel and gently took her hand in his. Then looking into her eyes he placed the diamond in her palm.

"Only for you" he said before he walked off.

After returning the large diamond to the museum Rachel went home and did a quick search through the house.

Making sure no one was there she double checked all the locks on the windows and doors. Not that such a simple lock would stop him from getting inside if he wanted.

She knew team Flash would demand answers from what had happened tonight. Not only had she gotten him to spare Barry's life but she also got him to give back the diamond he stole.

Rachel couldn't stop the memories that flooded her.


Rachel was taking her free time to plan her next day's lessons while also enjoying the nice day outside. True, being a college professor by day and stopping criminals at night was a great way to keep balance in her life but she still took time to enjoy little things like the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers in the spring breeze.

She was looking around when she saw him staring at her from where he stood by the Egyptian wing of the college. He was a few inches taller than her with his hair buzzed short and slightly brushed with grey. He wore dark jeans ,black shirt and a grey jacket.

Rachel couldn't help herself, she simply couldn't look away. He captured her attention and held it tight. Slowly he started to make his way over to her a smile teasing his lips.

"Hi I'm Leonard" he said when he was close enough.

"I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you" she replied smiling.

One and a half years later.

"I have something for you" Rachel grinned when Leonard brought her lunch on her free time.

"And what might that be?" he asked smiling.

"Close your eyes."

After a brief hesitation he did. She knew little about his past and he didn't know much about her's because it was now that mattered most. She did know that he didn't trust easy. He trusted her. She held up the shiny new key, that she'd just made yesterday, to her home.

"Okay open."

When he did his blue eyes settled on the key.

"Will you?" she asked softly.

"It would be my honor" he smirked slightly when he took the key from her.

Then he cupped her jaw lightly and kissed her softly, slowly.

"I'm making you dinner tonight to celebrate this" he said.

"Good. Surprisingly you're a better cook than I am" she chuckled.

"Then I'll make breakfast too" he grinned.

She kissed him deeply with a smile on her lips. "I love you Leonard Snart."

"I love you too…Professor Stone" he grinned.

A year and a half later.

Rachel had a feeling tonight was going to be THE night. Leonard was taking her out to a fancy restaurant and had her dressed in her best.

"You look amazing" Leonard said pulling her chair out for her.

"You clean up quite well yourself" she smiled.

"So you probably guessed tonight is special" he said after their main course.

"Just a bit" she smiled at him. She couldn't keep it off her face.

"There's something I want to…" the sound of his phone ringing cut him off.

He checked the screen but went to put it back in his pocket.

"No it's ok answer it then do whatever you were going to."

Slowly he answered the phone. "Dad…" he said no emotion in his voice.

She watched as he paled then rage entered his eyes.

After a few minutes he spoke again just one word. "Fine."

He hung up and signaled for the check.

"Lenny is everything okay?" Rachel asked.

"No. Sorry this is not how I wanted this to go. My…dad needs help. It's for my sister" he explained.

"Family. You'll do anything for them" she understood.

"No, just for my sister. I'll see you back home. I promise. I love you" then he kissed her, paid the bill, and left.

Once back home she let her platinum blonde hair out of the elegant braided bun so it now flowed down her shoulders comfortably. She got dressed in her running clothes and headed out to clear her head.

She passed a high-end jeweler and had to stop. There were lights moving around inside. Cautiously she made her way across the street towards the building. Sure enough there were at least three guys inside she could see.

Rachel hadn't played hero in three years but she still knew how to kick some ass. She waited for all three men to turn away before she kicked in the door. Before she could do anything else she found herself staring down the barrel of a gun.

"Rach…" she heard Lenny's voice and the gun instantly dropped away.

She looked up and stared into the face of the man she woke up to this morning. The guy she was sure a couple hours ago was going to ask her to marry him.

She brought her hands up and used one of the many uses of her power and let off a super bright light flash to temporarily blind everyone while she ran away.

She ran all the way home and packed what she needed and left. She headed to Starling City. She stayed there for a while working with the Arrow before moving on to Central City to help the Flash.


Five years it had been since Rachel had last seen Leonard Snart and now he was back.

Leonard POV- Five years he'd been looking for her and it turns out all he'd had to do was come back to his home town. Sadly the first thing he did when he'd heard her voice, heard her call him Lenny, was almost drop his new cryo gun.

She had a suit now. It was blue leather with white lightning down from her shoulders to her wrists. She looked stunning. As he walked passed her he gently took her hand and placed the diamond he just stole into her palm.

"Only for you" he said softly before walking away. He wanted to go looking for her to talk to her alone but he knew if he did she might run again.


Eight years ago Snart was casing the Egyptian wing of the college. They'd just gotten in some new artifacts that would get him a pretty penny once he freed them from their current home.

He turned his head to look out over the campus and check their security and that's when he saw her. Her hair was almost like liquid snow. It was such an intense shade of platinum blonde. He couldn't stop himself from staring not that he wanted to after all as a thief he was attracted to beautiful things and she was stunning.

She looked up and looked around before her gaze settled on him and he was drawn to her. Before he knew it he was walking towards her.

"Hi I'm Leonard" he said once he reached her. All thoughts of his heist gone. He was focused solely on her.

"I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you" she smiled.

One and a half years later.

He couldn't believe she was giving him the key to her house, not that he needed a key but this was big, it meant something. He'd never lived with anyone other than family and Mick before and he was honored she wanted to live with him.

In the year and a half they'd been together he hadn't stolen a single thing. He even got a fairly decent job as a mechanic. Snart never let himself get close to anyone before except his little sister. He never thought about having a family for fear of being like his dad. But now he believed he could change, for her.

"I'm making you dinner tonight to celebrate this" he said.

"Good. Surprisingly you're a better cook than I am" she chuckled.

"Then I'll make breakfast too" he grinned.

He couldn't believe how happy just the thought of making her dinner or breakfast made him. He thought about making her breakfast in bed and simply waking up every day next to her. She kissed him deeply and it was perfect.

"I love you Leonard Snart" she said softly.

"I love you too…Professor Stone" he grinned.

A year and a half later.

Tonight was THE night. He had his mother's wedding ring and he was going to propose. For once in his life he was nervous but also beyond happy. He wanted to spend his life with her and it was going to be a perfect night. He knew she probably knew his plan as he did ask her to dress up nice and he was taking her to a fancy restaurant.

"You look amazing" he told her as he pulled her chair out for her.

"You clean up quite well yourself" she smiled.

Just when their dessert was about to come out he got a phone call from his dad.

"Dad…" he said his voice full of ice.

"I need an extra man tonight. Jewelry store, high class, you're the only man in town. Say no and your sister won't be happy about it" his dad threatened just as coldly.

"Fine" Leonard replied.

He left as quickly as he could but promised Rachel he'd see her back home. He did not expect the next time he'd see her was when he was pointing a gun in her face.

The second he realized it was her he lowered his gun and promising to himself no one would ever point a gun at her again especially not him. Not that he planned to have a gun again as this was a onetime thing but still it was his vow.

Then she surprised him as she held up her hands and let out a blinding flash of white light. When he could see again she was gone and when he got home her stuff was gone.


He kept looking for her since that night to explain. After all she was the woman he wanted to marry. Even though he got back into his old life he looked for her. For five years he looked for her and tonight he'd found her.

Two years later.

Rachel POV- "Excuse me Ms. Stone" Rachel heard a man with a British accent say.

"One moment" she replied as she sent a stunning energy bolt at the criminal currently running away.

"One more ready for pickup in the park" she said knowing Team Flash was listening.

Then she turned off her com and spun around to face the Brit in the long duster.

"Now how do you know me and what do you want?" she asked letting energy bolts dance over her fingers and palms her blue mask still firmly in place.

"Just to talk. I'm on your side and your secret is safe with me Justice" he said putting his hands up.

"Talk fast before I change my mind and let my Team take you down."

"I need your help with a team of my own I'm forming" then the man, or Captain Rip Hunter, proceeded to explain everything about the future where he was from.

When that didn't convince her to help he showed her his space ship, time ship. When that still didn't work he had Gideon the ships, the Waverider's, AI tell Rachel everything about her past.

"O…kay so you want me to help you convince my ex, by telling him I'm going to help you, to join your team to save the future. Right?" she asked looking around the ship thinking Cisco, Felicity, and Ray would be in techno geek heaven.

"Correct" Hunter said.

"And I will have five minutes to leave the ship before you…time jump, while Snart stays on board?"


"You do know he's not a hero right? He's a thief" Rachel explained as she tried to wrap he mind around all of this.

"Yes well an expert thief could come in handy."

"Fine I'll help you so you can save the future. But, I'm not staying I belong in the now."

"Don't worry like I said you'll have five minutes before we jump. Plenty of time to slip away and off the ship. Promise" Hunter smiled.

"Then round up the team and I'll greet them and try to explain all this to them cause they won't trust you."


~Hope you enjoy the ride~