Leo POV- After spending the last week pretty much locked in their room talking and other things Leo decided it was time to help the other Legends. He set up in the Library and asked Gideon to send Amaya to see him.

"Gideon said you wanted to see me" Amaya said from the doorway.

"Come in have a seat" Leo said sitting down behind the desk as Amaya say across from him.

"You comfortable? I know the Legends have lost a friend. I've been there. I wanna help you guys through the grieving period" Leo explained.

"Oh that's…that's very sweet of you" Amaya smiled.

"I wanna give you the chance to get anything off your chest anything at all. What would you like to say…to Professor Martin Stein" Leo asked pulling out a large Muppet of Martin.

"I…I think that everyone copes in their own ways" Amaya said staring at the Muppet.

"It's clear the Legends are ill-equipped to cope at all" Leo looked at the Muppet.

"This way? This is wrong" Amaya told him before she got up and left.

Leo asked Gideon to send Ray in to see him. He repeated the same question he had to Amaya.

"Uh actually there is one question I never got to ask Marty" Ray smiled.

"Great" Leo replied smiling back.

"When I reduce the Waverider's coefficient of sinusoidal depleneration it seems to inversely hyper-celerate…" Ray went on but Leo tuned him out already lost.

"Let's hear it again" Nate said after Ray left.

"What would you like to say to me Nathaniel" Leo asked for the fourth time.

"Still a little too nasally. Remember you speak very precisely" Nate instructed.

"This is therapy not acting class" Leo said getting annoyed.

"Nice! That's the right level of frustration. That's very Stein. Now just do it with the puppet" Nate grinned.

"My goodness you're really working out some rage issues with uh Professor Stein" Leo smiled as his next person on the list Mick slammed the puppet onto the table and began punching it.

"No I just hate puppets" Mick replied as he continued to pound on the puppet.

Unsure still how to deal with Sara and Zari refusing to meet with him Leo finally called Jax in to see him. Before he could ask Jax a single question Rachel walked in quickly clearly upset about something. She had his undivided attention.

"Oh my God you ARE using a puppet. Leo…no" Rachel said.

"But it's a part of helping with grief" Leo reasoned.

"You're not helping them with that , you're creeping them out. Please put it away" Rachel begged.

"All right I am… I am putting the puppet away. I…I get it. This wasn't the best tactic" Leo said as he put the puppet away then he turned back to Jax.

"Look Jax I think that you, even more so than the others, must be in pain about this" Leo said as Rachel sat on the edge of the desk silently.

"He died so I could live. End of story" Jax said.

"It wasn't your fault."

"I should never have given him that Firestorm cure. I should've been strong enough for both us. I… all right you know no. we're not doing this" Jax said getting up.

"Jax…" Rachel said but the ship jerked and lights blinked and Leo caught Rachel when she fell off the desk.

"What was that?" Leo asked.

They headed to the lounge area on the bridge. Most of the team was already there waiting for an update. Leo leaned against the doorjamb one foot against the wall. Rachel was at his side with her arm around his waist.

"An Anachronism caused a disturbance in the Temporal Zone which created a Timequake" Nate explained walking into the lounge.

"And this is where Marty would've said 'fascinating'" Ray said glumly as Amaya rubbed Jax's shoulder.

"All right everybody I know you're sad so this is what we're gonna do. I want you to take all of your feelings about Martin and put it in a box and then I want you to close the box and then you're gonna lock the box" Sara said walking in.

"We're not all cold assassins Sara" Rachel said glaring a little at Sara's lack of compassion.

"Yeah that plan sounds real healthy" Leo said.

"Maybe not but we got a job to do. Gideon the Anachronism please" Sara snapped.

"Uh Level 12?" Zari asked as the Anachronism appeared on screen.

"Level 10 didn't do it justice. Leif Eriksson's Vikings set up a colony in the New World around 1000 A.D." Gideon explained.

"Little known fact the Vikings 'discovered' the Americas 492 years before Columbus but due to Eriksson's adoption of Christianity the Vikings decided to pack up their bags and head home. Sorry Gideon you were saying" Nate said.

"In this version of history the Vikings stayed and conquered all of North America or as it's called now New Valhalla" Gideon said showing a Valkyrie statue in place of the Statue of Liberty.

"Cool hat" Mick commented taking a swallow of beer.

"How many beers is that? It's not even noon yet. You have a problem Mickey" Leo told him.

"I don't have a problem. Now shut up" Mick replied.

"All right let's go" Sara ordered.

"I don't think the Legends are ready for the field" Leo said softly to Sara.

"Listen Leo kicking ass is how we heal" Sara said pushing past him.

Leo turned to Rachel for some help in dealing with the team but she was already headed out the door. He followed her back to their room where she started to change into warmer clothes for the upcoming mission. He watched her for a moment forgetting what he wanted to say. She was so beautiful. However once she was fully clothed he remembered his main point.

"Do you really think this is the best course of action for the team?" Leo asked.

"Yes Leo I do. We need a distraction right now. We need a win before we deal with our loss. They will deal with it just…their way" Rachel replied taking his hand giving it a squeeze.

He got ready as well accepting that Rachel knew her team better than he did.

Rachel POV- Sara Time jumped them to North America 1000 A.D. Nate and Jax went out to scout the area when they landed. Mick and Sara went in another direction while Leo stuck with Rachel.

"The Anachronism isn't a weapon" Nate said.

"Uh guys we're dealing with some kind of Blue God" Jax explained.

"Found him" Mick replied.

"Is that…Martin?" Sara said.

"Martin's the Anachronism. They use his genius to conquer the New World" Nate guessed.

"Jax has gone AWOL" Rachel informed seeing Jax headed toward Sara and Mick's location.

"Jax back into position now" Sara ordered.

Jax refused to listen as he ran toward Martin who was in a net hung from a tree. Jax cut Martin down as the others ran to meet up with Jax and now Martin.

"I haven't had a bath or a change of clothes for over a week. I… I could've died. Was it something I said?" Martin asked when they all looked down or away awkwardly.

"No nothing it's fine. We just gotta get out of here before the rest of the clan comes" Sara replied.

"Uh no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait we have to go back" Martin pleaded.

"Go back for what?" Nate asked.

"My Beebo" Martin answered.

"What the hell is a Beebo?" Jax asked.

"As in Cuddle Me Beebo?" Nate asked.

"It's a Hanukah gift for Lily" Martin explained.

"I don't think going back would be wise" Leo said.

"Yeah we're not going back for some damn toy!" Mick said grabbing Martin dragging him away.

"You don't understand! That damn toy is gonna change history!" Martin tried to explain.

"How?" Sara asked.

"Beebo…blue plushy that talks right? Blue God" Rachel guessed as Mick charged back to the ship and they were all forced to follow.

Martin explained the situation as he was led to the MedBay so Gideon could make sure he was completely okay.

"So the Vikings think that Beebo is a God. Beebo as in 'wah wah Beebo love you'?" Sara said in a high pitched voice earning her a curious look from Rachel.

"Hush" Sara told her.

"As preposterous as it sounds that obnoxious toy is the only reason I survived. The Vikings who found me in the woods were about to kill me when Beebo spoke. It…it was like a spell was cast over the barbarians" Martin explained.

"Here this should warm you up" Jax said eagerly as he came in with a mug.

"Earl Grey?" Martin asked.

"With a little bit of brandy" Jax confirmed.

"Ah my favorite. Thank you Jefferson" Martin smiled.

It hurt to watch and Rachel looked away. They had just lost Martin and now here his younger self was simply chatting with them. Jax was trying so hard to please and just be around him it made her eyes tear up slightly. She could only imagine what might be going through Jax's mind right now.

"It does make sense, Norse mythology is filled with creatures like Beebo: trolls, gnomes, tumptens…" Nate listed.

"Okay sure but thinking he's a God who wants them to conquer the New World?" Zari asked.

"You see at first the Vikings thought that only I could make Beebo talk but it soon became clear that my translations were not what Leif's sister wanted to hear. Freydis usurped my position and twisted Beebo's words for her own agenda" Martin said.

"All right sounds like we gotta get that Beebo and send the Vikings packing" Sara stated.

"Zari can you take young Stein to where he can get cleaned up?"

"Come on" Zari said patting Martin's shoulder.

Rachel and Leo walked out followed by Zari and Martin. In the hallway they ran into Ray, Mick and Amaya.

"Mart…Marty…Mar…Martin… you're looking young and lively. Uh good to see you" Ray stumbled along shaking Martin's hand.

"You too Raymond. Uh one question: where's me?" Martin asked.

"Uh you…" Amaya started.

"At peace" Leo said making Rachel lightly elbow him in the ribs.

"With your family for the…for the holidays" Zari quickly added.

"Ah I almost forgot. Happy Hanukah" Martin smiled before Zari led him away.

"Uh Happy Hanukah" Ray called back.

"I'll drink to that" Mick said taking a drink as the others walked off the way they were originally headed.

"Ah! That's disgusting! What's wrong with this beer?" Mick yelled spitting out his mouthful and looking down into the bottle suspiciously.

"What did you do to it?" Rachel asked Leo softly as they walked away from Mick.

"No alcohol" Leo replied smiling.

Rachel didn't smile back. She kept forgetting Leo wasn't Leonard and times like this proved it. Yes she was in love with him because he was still Snart but she wished he'd wouldn't try to change Mick or that he'd be able to read the team better.

With a small sigh Rachel smiled, time he needed time to get to really know how the team worked. She couldn't expect him to come in here and know how everything ran.

Leo POV- Leo left Rachel to deal with her team while he went to check on Mick. Leo got the feeling Rachel wasn't happy that he'd messed with Mick's beer so he felt the need to explain to Mick why he did it.

"Gideon! The beer tastes like sewage water!" Mick yelled inside the kitchen following the sound of glass shattering.

"Was that a question Mr. Rory?" Gideon replied.

"Don't get smart lady."

"I adjusted the fabrication settings. The Waverider's now a dry ship. No alcohol allowed" Leo entered the room.

"You son of a…"

"You said your drinking wasn't a problem. If you can go a couple of days without booze you've proven your point" Leo explained.

"A couple of days? 42 hours?" Mick asked.

"48" Leo corrected.

Mick got flustered and walked out. Sara called the whole team to a meeting on the bridge. She had gotten a call from the Time Bureau and asked Ava Sharpe for help. They were simply going to attend Leif's Yuletide feast and grab the Beebo while the Vikings were distracted. That meant they had to dress in appropriate Viking attire.

"Hail Leif son of Erik. I Nathanial son of Henry" Nate greeted the Vikings.

"Hail Nathanial son of Henry. A Yuletide surprise" Leif replied.

"Are you sure this is wise brother? We know nothing about these people" Freydis said.

"We brought booze" Sara grinned.

Leif's clansmen cheered and the feast began. There was so much food and drink, that the team was actually enjoying themselves. Amaya walked with Leif and his sister while Sara and Ava walked around the perimeter of the feast.

"Give me that!" Mick demanded after a Viking filled his horn with mead.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No booze means no booze Mickey" Leo said walking over to him.

"Stop calling me that" Mick growled.

"You have 35 hours left. Can you handle it? Are you ready to admit that you have a problem?" Leo asked.

"You're the problem!" Mick replied before walking out of the Longhouse.

"Anyone have eyes on Beebo? Short, blue, looking for cuddles?" Ray asked.

"Yep we're working on it" Sara replied.

Her and Ava were in a drinking contest with the Vikings. Rachel was explaining albeit modified versions of her past battles to an enthralled group of Vikings. Suddenly Mick was forced back into the Longhouse.

"Fellow warriors…our guest has been stealing mead from the Blue God and now our God will render judgement" Freydis announced making Leo roll his eyes.

"Beebo, Beebo" the Vikings chanted.

"How judge you Beebo?" Freydis asked rubbing Beebo's tummy.

"Beebo hungry" the toy said.

"Our God demands justice. To the pyre!" Freydis cheered.