Co-written by Amy L./AnkhsAngel

Naga entered the kitchen and approached Stinger who was sipping coffee at the table.

The other ranger smiled softly at him, his eyes soft. "Hey."

"Hey," Stinger could tell that Naga was a bit nervous.

"Something wrong?"

"I just had a question.."

"Don't feel weird. Just ask."

"I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date.. With me.."

Stinger sat there in shock, the words repeating over in his head.

After a minute of no response, Naga quickly added, "It's alright. I understand." And started back toward the door.

"Naga! Don't go." Stinger quickly rose and grabbed his hand. "Of course I'd like to go on a date. You just surprised me by asking."


Stinger kissed him deeply. "Yes really."

Naga looked surprised at the kiss for a moment then gave a small smile, "There's a planet close by that has some fun things, we could head there?"

"Lead the way."