Reign Frary Fanfic that begins when they first meet - Marie (Mary) at 6 years old and Francis at 8 years old. The fanfic will follow their childhood adventures, and rediscover their bond and adventures as children as they grow into adults. In this story Marie will not be sent away to a convent, she will always be beside Francis no matter what happens.

I do not own the Reign Characters, CW does, however the stories are my creation and are not to be reproduced or recreated without my permission.

I have spelled Marie's name in this way instead of the conventional Mary spelling because in history her name was actually Marie Regina (Marie R) as documents were signed.

Reviews are appreciated. I have loved to write since I was a child and a month ago I found the Reign show on Netflix and binged the whole thing. I fell in love with Francis and Marie and often wished the show producers had brought up more about their childhood.