"Item? Well-"

Kate then closed Humphrey's mouth again."No."

Marcel laughed."You wolves are funny!"

Kate sighed."We have to get home now."

Garoche raised an eyebrow."What's the hurry? What's back home in your pack?"

"There's gonna be trouble if I don't get back to Jasper." She said, worried. Garoche had to admit that he was a little curious as to why she needed to get back urgently.

"Right. All right, you're freaking out." Humphrey said calmly.

"I'm not freaking out!" Kate snapped."I just have to get home." She ignored Marcel and Paddy walking between them.

"Is this about Barf?" The grey wolf asked. Garoche and Shale looked at each other in confusion.

"It's Garth." Kate corrected."And it's about responsibilities. So, I don't expect you to understand."

"Huh." Was all that came from Humphrey. It was clear to Garoche that he was in love with Kate but Kate didn't seem to have the same feeling towards him.

"Can you help me?" Kate asked the two birds. Paddy was massaging Marcel's bird feet."I need to get home fast."

"All right, miss fast." Marcel said as the massage happened next on his back. Garoche heard his back crack a little thanks to Paddy."Where is home sweet home?"

"Jasper Park, Canada." She told them.

"Jasper Park? Get out of here. We love Jasper Park!"

Paddy nodded as he moved Marcel's long neck around."Oh, yes, yes. We've toured it many times."

"Paddy, please. We've toured it many times." Marcel repeated.

"I dated a pintail from Jasper once. She never stopped quacking." Paddy reminisced. Garoche and Shale looked at each other again."Drove me nuts."

"Drove her right to me." Marcel chuckled."Bound to happen. Bound to happen..." Garoche looked at the odd position the goose's neck was in.

"So, you can help me, then get home," Kate said, sounding hopeful.

"We haven't played Jasper in quite a while. I think it would be a smashing idea." Paddy smiled as he pulled Marcel's leg up, making him yell.

"This is true. So, of course, I will help. I like you two. You make me laugh and I've never really talked to humans before either." Marcel said, looking at Garoche and Shale and Saro."And you didn't eat me or shoot me, so I owe you a favor."

Paddy continued the massage.