Family Entries:

Universe Identification: Confidential.

Universe Genre: Pokemon

Overseer/Representative: Arceus

Initial Visitor: Ghost

Profile Label: Ghost's Pokemon

First member: Aegislash (Shiny) (AKA: The Kingmaker)

Bio: While Ghost initially spent roughly a year assisting Professor Oak's lab and familiarizing himself with the local populace and culture before leaving on his "official" journey, he had already obtained his starter Pokemon the second he entered the world in the form of his shiny Honedge.

Much like a certain boy and his Pikachu, Ghost rarely kept his starter in his pokeball, instead carrying the sword Pokemon on his back. Because the Ghost Steel type is rarely seen or discussed in Kanto, few ever recognize the creature for what it is at a first glance, which enables its owner to play tricks on them, as is his usual M.O.

Despite being a weapon, the Pokemon does not have a particular desire or yearning for battle, instead preferring to oversee its fellow teammates' progress. It is among the more mature Pokemon in Ghost's roster, and is often seen by the others as their substitute leader and commander when their trainer is not around.

That said, Aegislash does have a set of personal quirks that make it stand out among its kin, but fit perfectly among its teammates, and anyone else that has been exposed to Ghost's insanity for an extended period of time.

Primarily is the fact that, even when as a Honedge, it has developed a particular taste (i.e. addiction) for Ghost's life energy. It is known to never miss a chance to sneak a taste whenever possible. It has been witnessed to get drunk off of its trainer's power if left unchecked for an extended period of time (note: Aegislash is apparently a giggly and clingy drunk).

Aegislash is also one of Ghost's designated keepers. While many of his other Pokemon are well experienced in keeping an eye on their rather spontaneous trainer (see Greninja), Aegislash is the one that essentially put the methods into practice for the rest to follow whenever Ghost is too eccentric or is getting ahead of himself.

Said methods involve, but are not limited to, strangling Ghost from behind with cloth like appendages, smothering him, stabbing him, and using weak powered moves while distracted.

While Aegislash is renowned for its high offensive and defensive properties, much like the rest of its kind, his true potential is only unleashed while teaming up with other Pokemon. It allows itself to be used as genuine weaponry. Without the need to focus on moving its body, it can prioritize raw damage and resistive abilities to the point that, when with the right partner, it is both the unstoppable attack and the indestructible defense.

Its moniker as "the Kingmaker" comes from the fact that, while many of its kind are known to determine those that are worthy of being "King", Ghost's has been known on more than one occasion to go out of its way to make kings. Not only with both humans and Pokemon either. It has taken measures to enhance leader like qualities in those it sees fit, be it via giving them arduous tasks, directly confronting them, or challenging their character. Many top ranked Pokemon and trainers have admitted that they experienced a large growth after encountering the infamous sword and shield spirit, and will not hesitate to express their gratitude for the lessons learned.

Said Pokemon and trainers often have less gratifying words to say about his trainer, but that is expected. Ghost's a bit of an asshole.

o. o. o.

Second, Third, and Fifth Members: Blaziken, Greninja, Scizzor (AKA. The Girls)

Bio: For the sake of time, Ghost's three member strike team will be covered simultaneously.

Ghost encountered the first two members of "the girls" while he was assisting Professor Oak during his tenure. The Professor had obtained samples of the starter Pokemon from different regions for research, and Ghost had been responsible for taking care of them in the meanwhile. During this time, the man had grown close to the sample Torchick and Froakie there, playing with them frequently and growing a bond with them.

When Ghost left the Professor's ranch to start his journey, he was allowed to take only one of the starter Pokemon with him. While officially he had taken Torchick with him, there is reason to suspect that he had convinced Froakie to run away from the ranch not long afterwards to catch her in quick succession while travelling. Ninja frog and all that.

The third member of the infamous triad was caught in Viridian forest. Details are scarce on what happened, however Ghost has mentioned on occasion that the event entailed a small herd of Scyther and "establishing the pecking order".

As stated before, "the girls" are Ghost's offensive strike team, excelling in high speed high power blitzkrieg tactics. Each one is capable of using the move Extremespeed to a near artful mastery, despite the former two members being species that are incapable of learning it. While individually they are a force to be reckoned with, together they have been known to take down lesser Legendaries with their tactics and cooperation.

All three members are exceptionally attached to their trainer, frequently hugging, protecting, and staying close to him whenever possible outside of their pokeballs. Scizzor in particular has been known to cut off bits of her trainer's hair and chew on it affectionately. Since female Scizzor tend to consume their male mates on occasion, it is likely a sign that this behavior is a substitute for her instinctual desires.

Blaziken has a brawler style of combat, and while theoretically impossible, has shown on multiple occasions to have developed the "kick" versions of various elemental moves, and some elements that shouldn't be applicable (Examples include Thunder Kick, Ice Kick, Dragon Kick, Zen Kick, and Shadow Kick). The striking power of her blows has been known to cripple Pokemon with ease, to the point that she is specifically refrained from using her kicks against lesser opponents out of fear of causing permanent damage.

Blaziken is the most outwardly affectionate of the three, never hesitating to embrace her trainer whenever released regardless of the situation, and never hesitating to deal excessive damage to anyone that might get in his way. She sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her, and is prone to getting jealous of her "sisters", but once a battle starts, she follows her Master's words to the letter.

Greninja is, much like her species, a hit and run style combatant. A master of evasive and status moves, Mist, Water Shuriken, and Bubble of all things, she is a literal nightmare to deal with once she has established a field to control. It has been proven that she has terrified Ghost Type Pokemon on occasion with her methods and habit of sneaking up behind people (which she does for personal amusement).

Described as a "kuudere" by her trainer, she often lurks in the background, and is the one most responsible for halting Ghost's madness and perverted antics in its tracks. Often with a water shuriken to his forehead or strangling him with her tongue before pulling him up into the trees or rafters. In public. While not as outwardly emotional as her teammates, Greninja is loyal to a fault, and there is no mistaking the ease at which the others can read her emotions, and vice versa.

That said, it should be noted that Greninja and Blaziken have a bit of a perpetual rivalry, and at first glance it would not be difficult to assume that they do not get along. Especially when they start attacking one another in public for no reason.

Scizzor on the other hand is the vanguard of the three. She can hit and tank where the other two cannot, and essentially serves as the "spearhead" to their "hammer" and "whip". She has mastered virtually every bug and steel move there is to the point that she has developed moves that fuse the two, enabling her to pierce through defenses that would otherwise be considered impenetrable, such as the natural aura that is known to envelop most elemental Legendary Pokemon.

Unlike other members of her species, Scizzor is not aggressive, and would just prefer to stay by her trainer's side and relax. When that isn't possible, she is particularly fond of spending time with Aegislash and leisurely honing their steel type limbs as a form of relaxation and to prepare for the next battle.

The true danger that comes when fighting the Girls as a team though comes from the fact that Ghost has shown, on multiple occasions, the ability to Mega Evolve all three of them. At once.

It doesn't happen often, but the fallout and collateral damage left behind whenever a situation does call for them to pull the feat off is on average… extensive. Very extensive.

Their ability to accomplish such a feat is the only one of its kind, as there has not been a trainer that has been capable of Mega Evolving even two Pokemon simultaneously. And lived. It is primarily because of this that many in the scientific community are wary of Ghost and what other secrets he might be hiding.

Unfortunately, as stated before, the Girls are extremely protective of their trainer, and have shown extreme… displeasure, whenever anyone comes after him directly.

o. o. o.

Fourth member: Pidgeot

Presence: The Great Wings of the Heavenly Older Sister


Pidgeot is the only Pokemon in Ghost's possession that has been taught Presence, and as such he explicitly refuses to use her in conventional battles against other trainers or Pokemon unless another Legendary is present. No exceptions.

Caught on route 2 as a pidgy, the common bird Pokemon was somewhat of a personal experiment and project for Ghost for fun. She was not raised as a combatant, but as an overseer for any and all Pokemon he caught in the future. A guardian to ensure that no harm would come to them, and that they would not cause trouble in return.

Her unusual means of growth and power has led to inadvertent effects, primarily being the aura of power around her that resembles that of a legendary, and her body and feathers mutating to that of the Mega form of her species in spite of a lack of the normally required stones.

In terms of power, Pidgeot is considered nothing short of a monster that should not exist. It has been proven that a single flap of her wings at full power can blast away small towns. She has on one occasion held her own in a dog fight against the three legendary birds in the Shamouti Islands at once for a short period of time before the local Lugia stepped in.

It is unknown just how many flying type legendary Pokemon are aware of her existence, but those that are have been known to treat her as kin.

Despite not being used in battles, Pidgeot does have a history in Pokemon contests. Widely considered one of the most beautiful bird Pokemon in the world, she has won many competitions, but has never officially made it to the professional circuit.

While Aegislash is second in command among his team, Pidgeot has absolute final veto power, and has an authority that the rest of the team cannot hope to match unless backed by their Trainer. She is without question the most powerful monster raised by Ghost, widely believed to be among one of the most beautiful bird Pokemon on the planet, and is considered a force of the sky only matched by Rayquaza himself. (Rumors that the Sky Pokemon is infatuated with her are still unverified).

That said, Pidgeot is one of the tamest, humble, and dare we say normal members of Ghost's Pokemon entourage in terms of personality. She plays the role as the older sister of the team, and often assists the others when troubled with advice or physical comfort. She has been known to do the same with other trainers and their Pokemon as well on occasion, allowing her power and presence to provide a temporary peace and stability for those that need it.

o. o. o.

Sixth member: Alakazam (AKA: Zel)


It should be noted that for the most part, Fairy and Psychic type Pokemon avoid Ghost like the plague. The man's innate nature for the other side of reality makes him the pure antithesis for the inquisitive and naturally peaceful species that litter both types.

That said, his Alakazam, otherwise known by his nickname "Zel", is one of the two exceptions on his team.

Caught as an Abra near Saffron City, Zel has not changed much since the time where he was stealing food from trainers using his teleporting abilities and sleeping the day away.

In short, he's a lazy kleptomaniac.

And then he met Ghost, and, in his words, everything went to the unwiped ass end of hell.

Unlike virtually every other Abra, Zel had the peculiar disposition and genetics to have what could only be described as perpetually active Miracle Eyes, enabling him to peer into that which made Dark Types near untouchable to Psychics. However, this disposition also prevented him from noticing just how peculiar of an entity Ghost was until it was too late and he caught the madman's attention.

He tried to get away. He really did. Unfortunately, Ghost is one of those rare individuals that teleporting doesn't work on.

Zel is by far one of Ghost's most infamous and annoying Pokemon to deal with. A world renowned "blink spammer", the time between his jumps is so short that even other members of his species have trouble telling how many times he can warp at a given moment, and even at his earlier evolutions has shown the ability to force teleport opponents far beyond the norm.

One of his most notable feats as an Abra that underscores this trait was during one battle where he teleported a Rhydon thirty meters into the air and dropped it on its head.

Five times.

In addition to his unheard warping proficiency, Zel has shown remarkable precognitive prowess as he evolved, enabling him to abuse Future Sight to the extent that most trainers treat his approach to the move like a rain of delayed and near unavoidable psybeams coming from all angles.

His most infamous display with this skill, one that almost every Psychic type specialist around the world has attempted to recreate for themselves at least once since hearing of it, was during a battle with an Elite four member. While Zel's fight was first of a six on six, his final gambit before getting knocked out was using a Future Sight that didn't manifest until the FINAL battle in the competition, completely blindsiding his teammate's opponent and scoring an easy win as soon as the fight was starting.

However, in the competitive circuit, by FAR Zel's most infuriating trait is his previously mentioned kleptomaniac habits. His ability with the move Thief is the source of many horror stories, as he is infamous to steal held items and mega evolutionary stones off of his opponents so quickly that many don't realize they have been robbed until their strategies are already failing.

Outside of battle, Zel has not changed much personality wise from his time as an Abra. Unlike other Alakazam, he has not grown out of his desire to sleep as much as possible and will use whatever means available to him to achieve it while escaping the chaos that his Trainer normally supplies to just laze about. More often than not, he fails in these endeavors.

That said, Zel does grudgingly respect his trainer, and acknowledges that the madman's methods do yield unnaturally effective results. Under duress.

When push comes to shove, Zel is widely considered to be one of Ghost's dirtiest fighters and will not hesitate to use cheap shots to end a fight faster. In terms of raw telekinetic prowess he is actually slightly below average compared to other Alakazam, but in every other field he is nothing short of unnerving to those that are familiar with psychics, and absolutely terrifying if his family is put into any true danger.

o. o. o.

Seventh Member: (Alolan?) Dugtrio (AKA: The artist still known as Napoleon)


Until Ghost's next Pokemon came about, it was widely believed that his Dugtrio would be the most likely of his team to get him arrested or labeled a terrorist.

Caught in Diglett cave, this normally generic creature has been the source of so many headaches for researchers, civil engineers, and artists that Ghost is legally obligated to keep Napoleon inside his pokeball at all times when within city limits unless it is for healing at a pokecenter or for a battle. He is a theoretical and obnoxious nightmare that few can tolerate for long periods of time without giving up and begging to get away from.

It is only fitting that Ghost finds him hilarious and finds as many occasions to let him loose as possible.

Napoleon from the beginning fancies himself as an artist, taking any and every opportunity to create statues and engravings on whatever surface he can find. While his work is surprisingly outstanding and impressive, the true impact of his work is often only realized in battle.

Using Earth Power, the Dugtrio is capable of moving the statues he makes, often within seconds, into titanic puppets that do his bidding in battle. He has been known to make multiple copies of Rhyperior at once to gang up on his unfortunate targets at once, however his most common tactic is to make a lone statue of whatever Pokemon he desires and control it by replacing its head with himself. While this normally should not pose much of a threat to stronger Pokemon, Napoleon has proven time and again that his constructs are somehow stronger than mere dirt and stone, as when he once overpowered a rampaging Tyranitar by himself with ease.

The reason why most researchers scream to the skies above whenever Napoleon is the matter of conversation though is the fact that he was born, and registered as a generic Diglett. And then he evolved into a normal and generic Dugtrio. Yet somehow, for some reason that even Ghost cannot explain, over the course of a single uneventful night, Napoleon had managed to change his genetic makeup and turn into a Steel Ground type Aloan Dugtrio by sheer will.

Psychic Pokemon that have translated Napoleon's ramblings summed up his reasons for invoking this change as simply "He wanted hair".

If that wasn't frustrating enough, Napoleon has shown on multiple occasions to be able to separate his three heads and make them travel in different directions as though they were individual Diglett, despite the fact that it has been proven that Dugtrio as a species have only one body. For some reason, Napoleon does not see anything wrong with this unnatural and disturbing ability of his, which only makes his trainer even more amused whenever people drive themselves mad trying to make sense of it.

Napoleon is extremely opinionated, and rumored to speak with a "snobby French accent" if ever translated from pokespeech to human, often conversing and agreeing with himself out loud to the point that he frequently forgets about others around him. If left alone for any amount of time, he will go off and make more "art", be it in the form of statues of stone pulled from the ground, or modifying and carving up the preexisting buildings and statues that are already around him. If anyone other than his trainer or fellow teammates try to stop him, Napoleon is prone to retaliating rather violently, which tends to cause severe collateral damage to the area. Caution is advised when dealing with him.

o. o. o.

Eighth Member: Blissey


Without question Ghost's most controversial catch, Blissey has been the main cause for the police being called on him throughout his entire journey. Even the list of his sexual harassment accusations pale in comparison to the compiled charges he has relating to her.

That said, Blissey is also Ghost's most loyal Pokemon, and the most affectionate to him out of his entire team, which is saying something given his relationship with The Girls.

Ghost did not catch Blissey, but hatched her as a Happiny. As such, the large pink Pokemon sees him as her father figure and treats him as such. While it can't be confirmed, it has been stated frequently, and recorded that Ghost came across her egg at the Safari Zone, alone, abandoned, and notably with a deep crack on one side. Unsure of what he should do, as the safari zone rules for catching Pokemon pertained to the monsters specifically, or what creature's egg he was looking at to begin with, he contacted the rangers in the grounds to explain the situation and kept watch over the egg to ensure its safety.

When the rangers had arrived, they had thanked him for his efforts but more or less written off the egg as a lost cause due to a lack of mother's presence for so long and the crack. Ghost argued against the abandonment and decided to claim it for his own if no one else was going to do anything, using his position as Professor Oak's assistant as the final push to convince them to let him keep the egg. This supposed history matches with claims from the Safari Zone staff and records of Ghost carrying Blissey's egg later on.

It should be noted however, that one Ash Ketchum was present when Blissey first hatched. According to the boy, Ghost's first words when his Happeny was revealed were "I'm so going to hell for this."

While it isn't unheard of for the Blissey line to be owned by Pokemon Trainers and used in battle, Ghost's Blissey in particular is considered to be an abomination of its kind, and is widely considered one of, if not the most terrifying of its species to ever be recorded, which has led to many to call the police on Ghost on sheer principle whenever she is seen in action.

Blissey does not particularly differ physically from the rest of her kind, and does not have much natural attack power. Personality and tactics wise, she is a horror that terrifies and unnerves most Dark type Pokemon.

Even as a Happiney, she has shown a remarkable proficiency for double edged and explosive moves. Ghost claims that for some reason she knew the move Self Destruct right from the start, but few people actually believe him.

In her infant state, she had little control over her powers, and has been seen on multiple occasions tackle hugging her father figure before exploding uncontrollably. She claims that she just gets so happy when she's with her daddy that she can't contain herself, which leads to the very common boom.

It should be noted that even as a Blissey, she still occasionally "can't contain herself" when around Ghost, much to his dismay.

What is known is that Blissey has constantly shown to have an extreme sado-masochistic personality, displaying euphoria while being hurt or hurting others. While she is proficient in several generic healing and defensive moves that her kind is known for, Blissey is even MORE skilled in moves that harm herself in the process, such as Take Down, Double Edge, Self-Destruct, Explosion, Curse, Substitute, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, and Bide. The fact that her species shouldn't even be capable of learning some of these moves does not seem to register to her in the slightest, as she has shown to be able to learn them as if it was only natural.

She also has an attachment for the move Egg Bomb, which she uses very, VERY liberally.

Due to her physiology, Blissey can tank most hits from even the strongest Pokemon and come back for more, often loudly and in a manner that makes everyone uncomfortable. While she does not have significant attack power on her own, her move set and nature enables her to get around those hurdles with surprisingly horrifying efficiency.

In fact, she is known for having one of the absolute highest damage outputs out of the bulk of Ghost's Pokemon. This is done by combining the move Bide with her incredibly tanky nature, somehow storing it into a Substitute body, and then somehow making said supercharged body use Explosion. It is usually known when Ghost is giving the ok to use this tactic when he shouts out "NUKE IT ALL! NO SURVIVORS!"

Blissey is legally banned from using the aforementioned tactic in public locations for the safety of the local environment, and the locals.

Between her unconventional battle style and natural vitality, Blissey's record in the Pokemon League since evolving to her final form has become something of a legend, as she has not once flat out lost a battle without taking at least one of her opponents with her, even against ones that are fully aware and prepared for what she can do. It is nearly impossible for a Pokemon to take her out before she can complete a Destiny Bond or Perish Song due to her high vitality, as several members of various Elite Fours have shown.

That said, despite her disposition and nature, she still shares much with the rest of her species. She is responsible for healing the rest of her teammates whenever possible, and is highly protective of them. When not in battle or "triggered", she is as kind and friendly as any Blissey found in medical facilities. The only difference at face value that most Pokemon or trainers would be able to detect that she is off at a glance is her higher levels of energy and the rather uncomfortable, nigh euphoric, looks she gets when examining patients.

Some Psychic Pokemon have also stated that speaking to her for long periods of time make them wonder if she is a Zororak or other Dark Type in disguise, as there should be no way that a member of her species would say the twisted things she does so easily.

o. o. o.

Ninth Member: Alolan Ninetails (AKA: Maev)


As stated before, Psychic and Fairy type Pokemon are extremely unnerved by Ghost's existence, and as a result stay away from him whenever possible. Likewise, while Ghost has shown to have a very conflicting personality at times, he does not go out of his way to catch Pokemon that clearly do not trust him.

That said, it could only be bad luck that the prize that Ghost had earned during a rural Pokemon tournament was an Alolan Vulpix.

Every seasoned Pokemon Trainer has a story when it comes to dealing with "that one" Pokemon that just wouldn't listen, and for Ghost, it was Maev.

The difference is that while most trainers have trouble with their latest catches not listening out of respect, she did so out of pure terror, trying to escape from him whenever possible. Even during Pokemon battles.

While Alolan Vulpix as a species aren't specifically Fairy types until they evolve, they possess enough insight of their second nature to perceive things that others normally can't.

And what Vulpix saw in her trainer did not leave her with a good impression.

It is not known when or why Maev finally started trusting her trainer, only it took place nearly half a year after her acquisition, and that Ghost in question refrains from going into details, only admitting that "it was close".

Maev is, much like many of Ghost's other Pokemon, considered very attractive amongst its kind. She frequently uses her Fairy and Ice powers to keep her perpetually enshrouded in a glimmering Snow Cloak to gain more attention for herself, and her ego is such that she often looks down on her opponents as if she were a queen. She has very expensive tastes and is often the primary reason why Ghost runs out of money if he ever decides to splurge on his team.

That said, her confidence is not without merit. She is an extremely dangerous battler with a wide and diverse array of abilities at her disposal. Despite the fact that Alolan variants of her species are supposed to exchange their Psychic gifts for those of the Fae, Ghost's Ninetails has been known to enjoy liberal use of both esoteric abilities to great effect, along with her Ice element, causing many to accuse her of being something akin to a tri type Pokemon, much like how people frequently mistaken Charizard for being a Dragon type on top of its primary two.

Unlike most of her teammates, Maev is an indirect battler, preferring bombarding her enemies with mental and status effects from a safe distance while passively turning her surroundings into a frozen wasteland to further cement her advantage. She can summon hailstorms at will with literally no effort that cover city blocks, and once in her natural territory it is near impossible to find her without fine-tuned extrasensory abilities.

More dangerous is her habit of interrupting her opponents as they attack. Armed with a vast array of Fairy, Psychic, and Ice moves, she is infamous for her stun locking tactics and watching imperiously as her prey slowly fades away in front of her. An ethereal and untouchable white queen that is guaranteed to take ones breath away. One that Dragons in particular are extremely wary of being near…

She has also proven that, despite previous assumptions, the move Charm can in fact work on Pokemon of the same sex, and ones without gender.

Within her inner circle, it's known that she's a bit of a tsundere, and she will, eventually, forgive Ghost for nearly anything and everything he does if he comes at her with her favorite grooming brush. She's a whore for that brush.

Ironically, she is closest to Blissey out of everyone on Ghost's team despite their feelings for their trainer. She respects Aegislash more than anyone else for events that she will not speak about, and she has a one sided rivalry with Pidgeot on who is the most beautiful member of their group.

By a narrow margin, she actually wins most of the time, but some of the other Pokemon swap their votes to tilt the scales so she doesn't get a fat head.

In Ghost's words: "She's a bitch, but I made sure that she's a bigger bitch to the guys that piss me off."

o. o. o.

Tenth Member: Galvantula (Aka: Ricardo the Facehugger)


As erratic and terrifying as most of Ghost's team is, the majority of his opponents agree that they NEVER want to risk fighting his Galvantula if they can possibly help it after the first time, even though it is widely considered one of, if not his weakest Pokemon.

Ricardo has absolutely no sense of personal space, and will find a way to get onto your face, be you friend or foe.

A self-proclaimed ladies' bug with a supposed deep and sexy Spanish accent if converted to human dialogue, Ricardo has done what most people and Pokemon thought was impossible and racked up a sexual harassment complaint list longer than Ghost's. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with his behavior and his teammates has given up trying to rehabilitate him, instead settling for training him to minimize his poor behavior so it doesn't cause as many problems for everyone.

As per the usual, Ghost puts in a minimal effort when it comes to correcting Ricardo's behavior, and often times actually encourages it just for his own personal amusement.

Whether it was by his own disposition, or a result from all the other Pokemon he has angered during his lifetime, the fact of the matter is that Ricardo is an absurdly fast and agile member of his species. He is able to weave and dodge attacks that would blindside experienced and speed based fighting and dark type Pokemon as if it was natural, and his spatial awareness is just as developed. Like many other spider based Pokemon, he shoots and uses webbing at high speeds to maneuver in the air effortlessly.

When on the ground, he has shown to be able to think and act quick on his feet, laying down countless electroweb traps while dodging for his life to eventually trap, paralyze, and ensnare his targets.

It cannot be stated enough, Ricardo's infamy is not simply due to his lack of personal space. He is known as The Facehugger and he is feared because of it.

Once on his target's face, Ricardo will pull out every dirty trick available to him to either incapacitate or disable his victims. His prowess with thunder wave defies logic and is capable of paralyzing even ground type Pokemon. His Electroweb has a tensile strength several times stronger than that of his species, and he has no qualms about blinding, deafening, or even suffocating his targets at the drop of a hat if he feels it is necessary or his target is too resilient to put down by using Thunder at point blank range.

Ricardo has been known to wrap his female opponents in electroweb patterns that resemble shibari if he gets ahead of himself. As a result, Ghost has to keep an extremely close eye on Ricardo when battling in public or children, lest they break probation. Again.

Ricardo has a deep one sided infatuation with Ghost's Scizzor, who understandably does not reciprocate. He considers her to be the unobtainable grand jewel of his romantic efforts. In fact, his adoration of her is the reason why he allowed himself to be captured in the first place.

Conversely, Ricardo is absolutely terrified of Pidgeot, and she is the only one that is able to get him to behave immediately with no effort. According to some of the others on the team, he tried putting the moves on her once, and immediately regretted it. When asked why he doesn't persist like he normally does, he only responds "that bird is more woman than even I can handle".

That said, Ricardo's romantic escapades are not without results. Most forests that Ghost passes through tend to show increased populations of Joltick and Galvantula in the following months and years. And while Ricardo does give the impression of being a bit flakey at times, he is exceptionally protective of his young if they are put in danger, regardless of who the mother is… and if she still wants him around at the time.

Outside of battle, and philandering, Ricardo is actually quite studious and gifted when it comes to electrical physics and engineering. His output is less than many other high powered contenders on the professional circuit, so Ricardo has managed to overcome this disability by mastering his electrical generating organs and webbing to control the currents and frequencies he generates for maximum effect with minimal effort, or set up traps to make his opponents' own electrical attacks rebound and attack themselves.

He says that if he ever retired and went steady, he'd probably start working as an electrician for humans, reaching wires and systems that others can't reach easily for fast fixes.

He'd also moonlight as a gigolo, but everyone tends to ignore that part.

o. o. o.

Eleventh Member: Giratina (yes. THAT Giratina)


While most trainers would be ecstatic and proud to capture any legendary, much less the Antimatter Pokemon itself, Ghost is actually reluctant to acknowledge the existence of this catch.

Primarily because he was piss drunk at the time and doesn't exactly remember getting the Legendary in the first place.

Nor does he remember the fact that, unlike the usual conventional method where trainers use their Pokemon to weaken their targets first before capturing, Ghost had actually personally beaten the shit out of the monster with his own bare hands over some petty grievances before capturing it just to add salt to the wound.

If ever directly confronted with the fact that he caught the legendary, he will firmly say that it was not his proudest moment, but seeing as this is Ghost, that's not saying much. Otherwise he will pretend to be ignorant of their relationship and act as though he never heard of the Legendary, period.

Needless to say, their relationship is not exactly as well founded and close as with most of the other Pokemon in his team.

Under most circumstances, Ghost does not even have Giratina on him, instead allowing the Legendary to continue to do its thing between dimensions. Because the monster has a tendency of holding grudges, it has taken a habit of occasionally entering the real world in attempts to murder Ghost, regardless of what trouble it may cause.

It should be noted that Giratina is the only Pokemon that Ghost frequently and liberally uses his powers on. It can be argued that Pidgeot is also a case, but for her he only does so for training.

The two clearly do not get along, which is understandable given the circumstances. There is a mutual understanding that Ghost is without question the dominant of the pair, and he does not hesitate to make that known whenever the situation calls for it. Likewise, Giratina is not exactly fond of his treatment, but knows that in the grand scheme of things Ghost is a monster it will never be able to defeat.

As a result, the Legendary is allowed to travel on its own, as mentioned earlier, with the condition that it does not cause too much trouble for the world. Failure to do so would, obviously, result in Ghost being obligated to step in, which neither of them want.

This agreement has not stopped several occasions where Giratina was witnessed in public causing some sort of event, only to be literally dropkicked by Ghost at terminal speeds, and sending them both into another reality before anyone has any idea what the hell just happened.

o. o. o.

Twelveth Member: Dragapult


Ghost's only Ghost/Dragon Pokemon (if he had any say about it), Dragapult is without question his most powerful member in his roster that he uses in public battle.

True to form, the man's primary reason for capturing this Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon in the first place was not to spite Giratina, but because "it shoots its own fucking children like missiles at people. What part of that do you people not get?" In fact, out of all the Pokemon he has, Dragapult is the only species that Ghost specifically went out of his way to obtain.

While the rest of his Pokemon are not weak in the slightest, Dragapult is the monster he calls out when he needs an absurd amount of power as fast as possible. The speeds it shoots its young at far surpass that of its kin, and as such the impact damage made is said to be akin to heavy military ordinance.

In the air, his speed is only surpassed by Pidgeot's, which prompts him to frequently challenge her to races. That said, he is equally at home in the water, where he takes pride in the fact that he can beat Greninja in a linear race. In short, he's a bit of a speed junkie.

Despite being the last member of Ghost's team, Dragapult tended to act like the group's caring older brother figure once he fully evolved, as his species is prone to taking care of others whenever possible. He is an incredibly laid back and accommodating to the desires of others despite the fact that he's one of the most powerful species of non-legendary Pokemon out there, and it takes an awful lot in order to get on his bad side. That said, he can never seem to get on even ground with Maev regardless of how hard he tries.

As a Dragon type, the diverse range of moves available to him is naturally sickening, however what few know is that he has managed to somehow infuse many of these elements and abilities into the Dreepy he fires off as projectiles to make things even worse for his enemies. Because official battling rules do not discourage his line for their coexisting nature, Dragapult takes full advantage of the situation and can often swarm his unsuspecting victims with multiple elements at the same time from different directions, something that even the infamous three headed dragon Hydreigon cannot do.

That said, it does not help his image that Ghost has a habit of shouting things like "Fire the children! They'll be fine! They're already dead!" whenever he battles trainers that are not familiar with his species.

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Hey guys. Don't get overly hyped. This isn't a story. This is more like an anthology of bits and pieces of the Family's other endeavors and adventures that I'll never have time to explore in detail. Just a way to get this all out of my head so I can get it over with.