As I was thinking Of the name of White chapel sense it was first mentioned by a friend. I could not stop thinking about it.

So what did I do well of course I moved in well really not moving in more or less building in I bought a plot of land when I turn 16 and start to build on it on April 12, 2010 as I just turned so I moved out and built a house.

You're probably wondering how did I afford it. Well that simple A little programming here and there

Like App development search engine development social media sites development I quickly made a fortune I sold it on the condition I get 2% of profits for as long as I have descendants and as long as I shall live.

So I made a fortune That is how I paid for six bedroom six bathroom three living rooms six desk rooms

Two kitchens Three garages three garages A big pool and hot tub and a big plot of land 200 acre.

This house cost 40 million dollars to build but I pretty much told the companies technology behind it so I had a lot of money.

On September 1 the house was done so I packed up I moved into the house September 2 the day before school starts