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Chapter 5

Solok observed as T'Pemm input the correct information into the computer so that it would administer the next dose of pain receiver to the humans. Solok admitted that seeing Carrot's face smooth out into a peaceful expression soothed him like meditation never had.

Solok knew that shortly his Carrot would suffer another phase shift which would be exceptionally painful for her, and did not want to leave her but knew in this Doctor T'Pemm would not conceded to him. He would be removed in no uncertain terms by either his own two legs, by hypo or by phaser if necessary. Doctor T'Pemm highlighted to him that by leaving of his own accord he would be able to be back to Carrot's side quicker than if he choose to fight as he had stated he would do. When T'Pemm requested he leave, he noted she had come prepared with a hypospray and security. It was this that convinced him to leave even as his beast screamed at him to not.

Solok stayed outside science lab 3 with the security guards blocking the entrance to the lab while he paced and tried to centre his thoughts. It was during this that Solok reached the conclusion that Carrot was not leaving the T'Kumbra after this unless it was with him. Solok found this conclusion agreeable and spent the next 8.972 minutes putting together arguments and points to force Carrot to agree. He would not back down on this point.

Solok continued to plan in his mind whilst also calculating the least risky position on the ship and also the safest location to work. In the end Solok realised that the best option was for Carrot to resign from Starfleet and stay on board as a civilian. Solok also considered if it would be possible to move his quarters to a more centralised part of the ship, after all it was logical to put ones mate's safety first and Carrot was more fragile then Vulcan's.

Solok now needed to consider what incentives would be conducive to Carrot's easier agreement. Solok had briefly considered if there was a way that he could force Captain Sisko to hand Carrot over, if the Captain had survived that is. Solok quickly disregarded this route as he knew humans could be spiteful and vengeful. Solok realised it would relie heavily on Carrot wanting to transfer in order to get Captain Sisko to agree. Solok started to think of things that he knew Carrot would want to make her comfortable here and it a more desirous location. Solok delved deeper into his memories of Carrot to remember anything of relevance from when they were at the academy, after all when they had reunited Carrot did not voice superfluous things as she did when she was a cadet.

Solok remembered that Carrot at the academy was a romantic, though on Deep Space 9 she had just seemed happy he was there and at times would comment that she 'must be in a dream'. Solok upon considering this over two months ago realised that that was part of the damage he had done to her self esteem. Carrot did not complain when he had to reschedule and she did not try to encourage him into activities or tasks he was not interested in like she had at the academy. Solok knew this and two months ago had considered how he would slowly repair the damage done but now with his new goal in mind this method would not be affective enough. He was unsure what he could do that would be acceptable from a human's point of view. Solok did not personally know any humans well enough to ask for their council except Carrot and maybe Sisko, though both were out of the question. Solok again made a note to research romantic human gestures and how to repair one's self esteem.

Solok continued to think of other items and admitted he would have to have his replicator programed with a variety of meat dishes and chocolate desserts and sweets. Carrot still had a strong propensity for chocolate that was above average even by human standards.

Bath! Solok as he thought the word stopped his pacing so that he could focus on keeping his composure, his inner beast was similarly startled by the thought and showed an appropriate emotional response, fear. The thought of submerging oneself in enough water that one could drown themselves in was very unsettling to a Vulcan and Solok was no exception. It did not help ease his discomfort that he remembered Carrot deriving a great amount of pleasure as she described the experience once at the academy, nor how she became wishful at the thought of one. However, on this point Solok would conceded if it meant he would be closer to reaching his goal, he would have a bath installed. There would of course have to be safety features implemented that monitored heart rate so if Carrot started to go to sleep it would wake her immediately.

Solok was pleased with himself and fort the urge to preen in front of the male security present. He remembered that Carrot complained on a couple of occasions at the academy how she missed having long relaxing baths. Solok knew that Deep Space 9 did not have this facility and Solok admitted the knowledge he held of Carrot and her career so far, he could think of only two assignments that would have potentially place her in quarters with such facilities. Solok made a note to request a padd when he was allowed re-entry into the science lab, he had research to do on baths, it would have to be efficient, Solok would compromise on the waste of a resource but he was still Vulcan and as such could not condone a completely superfluous waste. He reasoned that Carrot's bath helped her to calm and as such was similar to Vulcan meditation.

Solok was about to consider how he could change his quarters round to accommodate Carrot when the science lab door opened and he was informed he was allowed back in. Solok had to suppress the urge to reprimand the ensign with a sharp remark that it was his ship and he was able to go where he chose, but one look past the ensign to Doctor T'Pemm quickly changed his mind that this would not be a logical course of action.


T'Pemm observed the Captain as he re-entry the science lab and could see he was struggling to suppress his frustration at the situation. She observed him calm slightly upon seeing his bond mate to be, before he appeared to become visually distressed. T'Pemm expected this and allowed herself to feel a small amount of empathy for Solok. She had agreeable information to inform him of but it came with negatives.

When Solok turned to her she could see the panic he was trying to suppress. Solok also appeared to be in a state of shock and trying to master himself.

"There is positive news Captain, Lieutenant V'Lilk believes they have found a way to safety remove the energy coursing through the humans bodies. Doctor Xikk has attempted to explain the process to me but my field of expertise is medicine and as such I can only inform you in simpler terms of the process and assure you from what I have been informed their is a high chance of success. If you desire a more in depth explanation I can have one of the science department provide this, or if you are agreeable, I can proceed to explain in a simpler form the procedure that will take place?"

T'Pemm watched Solok blink slowly before nodding his head once in a motion that implied for her to carry on.

"Unfortunately it appears we are required to wait for the next phase shift discharge before we can attempt an extraction of the partials. The particles appear more pliable to manipulation at that time. Just before the extraction begins a defibulater will be used to stop the human heart and a reconfigured cortical stimulator will be used to dampen all brainwaves. This is to prevent further damage being done to the brain and also the body. The partials will be extracted using a similar method that Doctor Xikk has used for the radiation, in order to remove the tachyons whilst a phase variant pulse will bombard their bodies.

"Understandably there is a risk with this, it has never been done before but the theory appears sound and simulations are already starting to be run with promising results.

"We are also running out of time, Crewman Wilson's body and brain functions have shown a massive amount of deterioration which we believe is related proportionately to the amount of physiological changes he has gone through which is more so than Lieutenant Commander McCormick and Ensign Zhao."

T'Pemm noticed Solok look around the lab for the first time since re-entering before his eyes stopped on a child of about 12 Earth years. "How long does Crewman Wilson have?"

T'Pemm realised the Captain's mistake indicated with her head another body which was much smaller, proportionate to a toddler. "If we do nothing during the next phase discharge then it is my professional belief that Crewman Wilson will not survive."

T'Pemm noticed at her prognosis that Solok appeared to move 34mm closer to the Lieutenant Commander after seeing the crewman she indicated. The Captain also gave his agreement that they were to proceed with the proposed treatment for the crewman during the next phase discharge as long as the simulation results were still favourable. Both T'Pemm and the Captain agreed that not as many simulation as preferable would be run due to the lack of time but it was also the crewman only chance at survival.


Solok having seen what had happened to Crewman Wilson could not help the relief he felt that Carrot had not de-aged by that amount. He also reassured himself that a treatment method had been found that his crew were refining.

Solok spent the next 1.937 hours observing Carrot before he was disrupted by doctor T'Pemm telling him he needed to leave, as he heard the computer administer another dose of pain relief to Carrot. Solok left quietly, not even his inner beast protested, both knew this was Carrot's best chance at survival, and ultimately his.

Solok waited outside for longer this time though that was most likely due to his crew focusing on Crewman Wilson. When the door did open it was Doctor Xikk there and he appeared sober. The Doctor explained that Doctor T'Pemm had emergency transport with Crewman Wilson to sickbay but the prognosis was not optimistic. Doctor Xikk then continued on his way out of the lab quietly commenting he needed a break.

Solok moved through the doors and approached Lieutenant V'Lilk first before he could loss his resolve. Solok went so far as refusing to glance in Carrot's direction as he knew he would be unable to resist the temptation of not immediately returning to her side if he did.

Lieutenant V'Lilk informed him the procedure was a success though they did need to recalibrate a few times during the extraction process. Lieutenant V'Lilk was hopefully that they would be able to next preform it on Ensign Zhao next.

Solok immediately asked why not the Lieutenant Commander next to which Lieutenant V'Lilk explained that it was due to the ages of the individuals involved. Ensign Zhao had an approximate 78.307% higher chance of survival if he was next but that that percentage would sharply dropped if they waited for the Lieutenant Commander to go first. Solok though not liking this understood that it was logical even as his beast though of ways to change it so that Carrot was first.

Solok returned to Carrot's side and sat down, he noticed even more lines had disappeared and her face was softer. Carrot only looked to be a year or two older than when they met at the academy. Solok felt a flood of shame as he felt his inner beast rejoice in Carrot being more youthful. Solok knew there was an age difference between them and that he would outlive her. Solok accepted that he had wasted 21 years of the time they had available and that he would only have Carrot for another 60 years approximately. Solok now did not know how long they would have, had Carrot gained an extra 20 years of life or had the strain placed on her by this experience shortened her life. These were thought that plagued Solok until Doctor T'Pemm arrived back and informed him that unfortunately Crewman Wilson had not survived.