Twister hoped Otto wouldn't say anything else when they went to go to bed. Luckily, Otto decided to go take a shower (probably to avoid having to talk to Twister.) Once he left, Twister sat down on the bed and leaned back in defeat.

"What do I do, Squid?"

"You should tell her the truth," Sam said plainly.

Twister wasn't sure that was a great idea. "You heard Raymundo. He said she was really upset the last time they told her about the amnesia."

"You don't have to tell her she has amnesia. Just tell her you two aren't together; tell her she got confused."

Twister laid his head down on the pillow and there was a brief silence. What did Sam even know about relationships? More than Twister did, probably.

"I don't want to hurt her."

"Look Twister, Reggie thinks you two are together. Psychologically speaking, it would appear that she likes you. It seems like you like her too. But what do you think is going to happen when she gets her memory back and realizes that you let this go on? I don't personally see that situation turning out well for anyone."

Twister stared at the ceiling as he processed what Sam had said.

"I'll tell her."


The next morning, Twister walked into the kitchen to find Reggie making coffee while Otto sat next to Raymundo on the couch, watching a snowboard competition.

"Hey Reg, can I talk to you for a minute? Alone?" Twister asked quietly, worried Otto would hear.

She gave him a confused smile. "Sure," she said walking over to her room and shutting the door once they were both inside. She sat on the bed and he sat next to her, carefully leaving plenty of room between the two of them. "What'd you wanna talk about?"

"Oh, you know," he said vaguely. "Just stuff."

"Mhmm, I see," she said as she inched closer to him, her face getting dangerously close to his. "Stuff."

He knew he should fight it but he didn't and they were kissing again. As their lips moved together, his brain kept telling him to stop. He was enjoying it so much though and he didn't really want to stop. But even though she was kissing him, he couldn't take advantage of her while her memory was gone. He abruptly pulled away, backing up to the far end of the bed.

"We can't," he tried to gather his bearings. "We can't do this."

"What's wrong?" she looked concerned.

"I have to tell you something."


"You, um, remember hitting your head, right?"

"There are some blank spots in there, but I remember snowboarding and ending up in the hospital. Tito and Raymundo filled me in on what happened."

"Oh, right. Okay." He couldn't think of how to word this. He really just didn't want to do it. "Well, um, so what do you think we are?"

Reggie laughed. "What do you mean what are we?"

"Uh, like what are we to each other?" he asked tentatively.

Reggie rolled her eyes and scooted closer to him. "Boyfriend and girlfriend," she answered placing her hand on top of his.

He slid it out from under hers and watched her expression change to concern.

"That's the thing, Reg." He really really didn't want to say it. "We're not."

Her eyes narrowed as she spoke. "What are you saying?"

Her voice was angry but steady. He hated doing this to her, but Sam was right. It would be worse if he didn't tell her. "I'm not your boyfriend."

"You're breaking up with me?" her voice was still angry but was getting shakier.

"We weren't together, it was the accident, you got confused," he tried to explain. He was hoping she wouldn't cry but he could see her fighting it.

"Twister," she said sternly.

"Really! I didn't, we weren't, we never-" he tried to explain but she cut him off.

"Don't! Just stop!" She was furious. "I thought you loved me!"

"I do!" He replied too quickly before realizing what he had said. Of all the times he pictured telling Reggie that, this was not the way he thought it would be. "I- you don't remember. You hit your head. We were never together."

A tear escaped her eyes and she looked at the ground, steadying her voice before speaking. "I hit my head, fine. But you still love me. I love you- you know I do. Why can't we be together? Who cares if we were before? Let's be together now."

"Reggie," he said slowly. "We can't."

"Why not?" she choked.

"You think you want this right now, but you have..." he couldn't tell her about the amnesia. "We just... can't."

She stood up and opened the door for him to leave. He felt awful. "Reggie," he tried although he didn't know what more he could say.

"Don't talk to me."


"Why the long face?" Tito asked as Twister carried his suitcase out to the car.

"Tito, I think I messed everything up."

"Let me guess," Tito started. "You told Reggie you weren't really dating and now she's upset."

"How did you know?" he replied in amazement.

"One does not need to carve a face on a coconut to know what's inside. And she's been locked up in her room all morning," he added.

"I was just trying to do the right thing."

"And she'll understand that," Tito reassured him. "It might just take a little time."

Twister was about to reply but stopped when he saw Otto and Sam walking out with their stuff. Reggie came out shortly after, making a point not to look at him. She still looked really angry. She put her suitcase in the back and climbed in without saying a word. She was quiet for the whole car ride and went straight into the house when they got back. He didn't see her for the rest of the day or the following day.