Chapter 0

Hey, everyone this is the per tutorial chapter for my Gamer idea. Now this a prototype chapter so I can get a feel for it. Incase if anyone is wondering if my OC will have a team or go solo, I don't know yet. If he has a team then he would someone to help watch his back but then I have to work out their LVs and Stats which I have to do for all Characters and before I forget everyone has a lower EXP per LV needed to LV up (example RWBY character at LV 1 will need 100 EXP to LV up to LV 2). The team might be OCs, Characters from other series (they died but was given new life in Remnant or they have a background change) or both (which means there will be a OC or 2 or 1 or 2 characters from different series or I or someone could create a OC based on a character from a different series, which basically you choose a character change their eye and hair color, personalities, history, and clothes). Of course, I could just make him a part of a canon Team by adding him so it's a 5-member team. If I choose to do a team I was thinking of adding Illyasviel Von Einzbern (the version of her that died in the "Unlimited Blade works" Route) and she will be grown up a bit to about 17 since she is a little older than Shirou (I think she is 19 years old). I need to figure out her weapon(s) and write out her Skills and Stats. I was playing "Devil May Cry" while I was working on this and while playing trying to get some Red Orbs so I can buy Blue and Purple Orbs and buy skills and I thought of what if instead of using SP I use Black Orbs (basically Red Orbs but black because you can only get them from the Grimm) and use them to purchase not only Skills but use them to have a skill gain 1 EXP per Black Orb. I might use a store tab so the OC can buy weapons and stuff from other series, but you must have Lien and Black Orbs to purchase them. I also need to write the description of some of the Skills so if anyone can with that so I can write the Tutorial I would appreciate it .Alright on to the story.

Normal speaking "Right"

Thinking 'Right'

System (Right)

Other "Right"

(First POV)

"Okay, where am I?" I said as I woke up and open my eyes only to see a white void.

"Okay Tommy what the last thing you remember? You woke up, got dressed, made breakfast for you and everyone, helped everyone get ready to go, went to school, went to classes, left school, saw a little girl about to get hit by a car, and I didn't have enough time to get her and me out of the way so I push her out of the way and I got hit by the car. Crap I'm dead, now aren't I? Well hopefully the girl's okay". I said as I remember what happened.

"She is." Said a male voice.

"Wait she is okay? Thank God." I said relived that I saved her in time. Hopefully, she doesn't blame herself for my death.

"That is correct." Said another male voice.

"So, what's going to happen to me now and before I forget who you are you guys? My name is- "

"Who know who you are Thomas "Tommy" Jackson. I am Alaya collective unconsciousness of Mankind and these two are the God of Light and his younger brother the God of Darkness, but you may call them Light and Dark for short." Said a female voice who identify herself as Alaya. Wait Alaya from the Nasuverse and the two God brothers from RWBY?! How are they real?! Oh, wait if I correctly remember anything that can be thought up like a story for example it can be real in a parallel world somewhere in the multiverse.

"That is correct. As to what is going to happen to you well you have a choice." Said Light.

"What kind of choice" I said nervous as to what it is.

"You can choose to go to the afterlife, reincarnated since you did save that little girl's life at the cost of your own, or you can help us." Said Dark.

"What do you mean help you?" I said being curious.

"We will send you to a version of Remnant where Salem wins and rules Remnant." Said Light.

"So, you want me to defeat her and free Remnant?" I said

"Not exactly. You will be sent to the past right about 14 days after the "White" Trailer to gain strength, wisdom, experience, and whatever else you might need. In case you are wondering why I said 14 days after the "White" Trailer well it's the timeline for you to train since the "White" Trailer premiered on February 14th and the first episode premiered on July 5th so you would have 118 days to prepare for Beacon." Said Ayala.

'Okay that makes sense since I am 16 so I need to be able to get into Beacon a year early and I might to be able to change some things before Beacon.' I thought to myself as I nodded to Ayala showing I understand. "So why is Ayala here if you don't mind me asking?" I asked.

"I am here to give you something to help you if you choose to go to Remnant." Said Ayala.

"If you choose to go to Remnant, you'll be granted the ever popular "Gamer" ability." Said Light.

"Wait the "Gamer" really!" I said being excited.

"Yes, you will be granted the "Gamer" from us and from Alaya you will be granted the abilities of her Counter Guardian EMIYA and his 3 signature weapons the "Married Blades" and his bow." Said Dark.

"EMIYA? Sweet." I said since EMIYA is one of my favorite characters.

"So, what is your choice?" Asked Ayala.

"I'll do it." I said determined to go and defeat Salem.

"Then let us go to the Tutorial." Said Alaya with a sense of happiness in her voice.