Azur Lane: Fallen Stars

Chapter 1: Isekai Mode



The Siren Observer flinched as an alarm began shrinking behind her, shattering her concentration. The petite Siren couldn't help but growl in annoyance at the interruption as she turned towards the noise. In the command room behind her she spotted one of her compatriots, Purifier, standing next to the trans-dimensional tether controls.

"THE TRANS-DIMENSIONAL TETHER CONTROLS!" Observer's mind screamed at her as she double took, her annoyance drowning in a wave of panic. "What are you doing!?" Observer couldn't help but shout.

"N-nothing..." Purifier stuttered as she gingerly tapped at the control panel. "Just a little experiment...haha"

"Multiple signatures locked." A mechanical voice reported.

Purifier cringed "Uh, I only wanted one?" The young Siren continued haphazardly pushing buttons.

"Compiling Personalities for targeted ships" The mechanical voice continued.

"SHUT IT DOWN!" Observer cried, realizing what the machine was doing. She attempted to leap from her chair to do it herself, only to have it slide out from under her. "Oof!" The white haired girl exclaimed as she landed in a heap on the floor.

"Preparing to manifest target ships humanoid forms" The voice announced, mocking her.

"Off button... off button... uh..." Purifier tugged on the collar of her sailor cadet outfit nervously as she searched for an off button. "Oh! I know!" The destructive girl suddenly had an idea. She calmly took a step back from the control panel, composed herself, and then punched the machine as hard as she could.

*Crunch!* The metal buckled under the blow as Purifier buried her arm up to the elbow in the control panel.

"Error! Error! Catastrophic failure in tether targeting! Fail safe activated! Manifesting looooooooooo... crzzzkkk..." The machine fizzled and died mid operation.

"Fixed it!" Purifier announced, pulling her arm free of the destroyed device. "Gack!" only to emit a choking sound as an inky black tentacle closed around her throat, hoisting her into the air.

"What. Did. You. Do." Observer spoke each word distinctly as she carefully contained her rage.

"I was just... urk.. trying to get some new Laser weapons." Purifier choked out. The long haired Siren tugged weakly at the tentacle around her throat as she struggled to free herself.

"You were trying to get a new gun!? Are you stupid!?" Observer was shocked at her compatriot's petty reasoning. "You've risked the integrity of the entire experiment! Do you know what Empress will do to us when she finds out?!" Observer's voice rose in anger, and she dropped the taller girl.

"It's OK! I had it set to Isekai mode!" Purifier landed on her feet and quickly responded.

"We'll be scrapped! Torn apart, melted down, and used for spare parts!" Observer initially ignored Purifier, but paused as her compatriot's words registered. "What the hell is an Isekai mode anyway?"

"It's that setting, the one where the tether automatically grabs ships that have recently been destroyed..." Purifier made a pulling motion whit her hand "... and pulls them over to our dimension for tests and stuff." Her amber eyes sparked as she continued "So the original dimension loses nothing because they're basically already dead, and we get to keep them with like no consequences! It's super cool!"

"Aah..." Observer sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose "Why am I not surprised that you know the fine points of some esoteric targeting mode and not how to turn the damn machine off."

"I just skipped all the dumb boring parts of the training manual." Purifier said.

"But... if the original universe isn't disrupted..." Observer continued as if Purifier hadn't spoken "Then all we need to do is find whoever got dragged over and eliminate them." The smaller Siren nodded to herself "Yes... yes! We can cover this up! We just need to kill a couple stray Kansen and we'll be fine!"

"Well that should be easy enough!" Purifier was confident in her destructive abilities "It's probably just a couple of Cruisers, what's the worst that could happen?"

She had failed. She had been destroyed, and without her the blockade most certainly failed as well. All the guns she could bring to bear and all the fighters she could muster had not stopped her enemy's final suicidal charge. Her hull had been pierced to her very core, obliterating her in a single blow. Only the black void of death should have awaited her.

Instead, she felt a new sensation. Gravity.

A shriek of fear burst forth from deep within her chest as she tumbled through the air. Her bulky rigging caught the air, flipping her around uncontrollably as she plummeted towards the earth.

"The carrier ring. I need to drop my carrier ring!" The idea came to her from sources unknown, as if produced by instinct. She desperately clawed at the harness clasped around her waist. Several seconds later she finally found the release and felt the ring detach from the small of her back.

The much heavier carrier ring accelerated past her as her own terminal velocity fell drastically. Suddenly the rigging's auxiliary communication dish broke free, striking her as she fell past it. The blow stunned her, blurring her vision as she shot through the cloud layer.

By the time her vision returned the only thing there was for her to see was the blue of the rapidly approaching sea.

Fwoom! A massive pillar water suddenly shot from the sea.

"CONTACT! Incoming fire to my port side!" Javelin shouted over the comms. The purple haired J-class destroyer turned hard in that direction, making use of the strategy to "make for the spout" of enemy shell impacts to undermine their attempts at range finding.

"Where's the fire coming from, I can't see anything!"

"Sonar is clean!"

"Scout planes and C.A.S. don't detect anything either!"

The rest of the fleet began chattering over the radio as they reacted to Javelin's call-out. For her own part, Javelin continued on her chosen course, scanning for targets as she advanced. Then she saw it. Bobbing it the water if front of her, right where the shell had hit was a girl.

"I've got something! There's someone in the water over here!" Javelin reported over the radio. She approached the figure cautiously, inspecting her as went. The unconscious woman floated face down in the water. Her long black hair splayed out in the water around her. Javelin could see that the woman wore extremely fine clothes, though those clothes were scorched and bloodied.

"She's hurt! I think she might have fallen out of the sky!" Javelin continued her report. "She must've been the water spout I saw!" The Royal Navy destroyer quickly moved to help the injured woman.

"Javelin, pick her up. Everyone else prepare for an immediate course change. I'm calling off our patrol to investigate this."

"Already on it Ma'am!" Javelin acknowledged. "Oof... you're a heavy one aren't you..." she addressed the figure as she attempted to lift her onto her shoulders.

Author's Notes: It's always struck me as kinda weird that there's like ten Halo X Azur Lane crossovers I've seen, but zero Star Wars ones. Well you know what they say "If you don't like the fan-fiction selection, Start Writing!"... at least I assume they say that.

I decided to conceal the identity of the Isekai-ed star ship for this first chapter, though I did give a few hints... This resulted in me playing the pronoun game for the entire middle section. Sorry about that. This is also why I didn't attach any names to the radio chatter coming from the rest of Javelin's fleet, because I haven't completely decided on who they'll be yet. (Illustrious, Formidable, and Javelin are in. I'm probably gonna have them spent some time at the base on Malta initially as well, and I defiantly want a few non-Belfast maid to be present but that's as far as I've got so with the fine details.)

Going forward overall, I'm planing on having three star-ships appear. They'll have all been destroyed in the same battle and Isekai-ed near simultaneously. One, from this chapter, will end up with the Royal Navy. One will end up with Akashi and Shiranui, who I plan as treating as their own "traveling merchant" faction rather than members of the Sakura Empire. The last one will end up with Iron Blood, thus putting one character on each side of the war and one Neutral.

I'd like have updates biweekly, but who knows if I can pull that off. I'll Also be keeping the chapters shorter for that reason as well