Violet was in Jack-Jack's room in a rocking chair feeding him a bottle. She heard Jack-Jack crying in another room. She left her room to see him. He was crying because he was hungry so Violet got a bottle for him and started feeding him.

Helen came in smiling and said "Look at you. Future mom."

"Yeah. Jack-Jack was getting hungry so I decided to feed him." Jack-Jack finished his bottle as Violet got a towel, put it on her shoulder, and patted Jack-Jack on the back to make him burp. After he burped he spit up. But luckily Violet had the towel on her shoulder so it didn't got on her clothes.


"Well I learned from you."

"Adorable. Can you go to the store and pick up some stuff for me?"


"Here's a list." Helen gave Vi the list as Violet gave Jack-Jack to Helen. Violet was about to walk out until Jack-Jack started saying "Vi-Vi! Vi-Vi!" and started whimpering.

"What's the matter Jack-Jack?" She took Jack-Jack as he stopped whimpering.

"I think he wants to go with you."

"Okay." Helen changed Jack-Jack as Violet changed her own self. When they were both done Violet got the stroller out and a bag for Jack-Jack as Helen gave her money for the stuff and Violet and Jack-Jack went out.

While they were walking a woman came up with a pregnant belly and says "Aww. Ain't he adorable? What's his name?"

"Jack-Jack." Violet says. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"A girl."


"Thanks. He's such a cutie." The woman says as Jack-Jack giggled. While Violet and Jack-Jack were walking down the street everyone kept stopping to see Jack-Jack. They got to the store and as they walked in Jack-Jack started whimpering.

"What's wrong?" Violet said as Jack-Jack stated sucking on his thumb. Violet got his pacifier and he calmed down.

"There we go." They kept moving as they kept picking up the stuff. Jack-Jack wanted to help as well so he said "Vi-Vi! Vi-Vi!"

"Are you okay?" She took Jack-Jack out of his stroller as he said "Vi-Vi help."

"You want to help me?"


"Okay. Can you take the cereal box please?" Violet says as he took the cereal and gave it to her. "Good Job Jack-Jack. High five!" Jack-Jack gave her a high five as he kept on helping her with the stuff that they needed.

When they were done Violet payed for the stuff as they left but Violet smelled something gross. She looked down and saw that Jack-Jack needed a diaper change.

"Oh dear." They went to the bathroom as Violet changed him. She was worried because Jack-Jack wasn't in control his powers so she was nervous. But when she changed him he didn't have any powers shown. So that was lucky.

After changing him they went home as Jack-Jack's stomach stared growling as he whimpered.

"You hungry again?" He took his bottle as she fed him again. They were walking home as Jack-Jack kept drinking his milk.

When they got home Violet folded the stroller and went inside with the bags with Jack-Jack in one arm.

"Hi Mom." Violet says walking in.

"You got the groceries thanks honey." Helen said as she got the groceries from Violet's hand.

"Anywhere I went with Jack-Jack everyone would stop and just say how adorable he is."

"We he is." Jack-Jack started to yawn and fall asleep in Violet's arms.

"Speaking of adorable. That yawn was so cute. I'll put him down for his nap." Violet went upstairs to Jack-Jack to his room as she put him down for his nap. And probably for the rest of the night. And she was right he was asleep for the night.

Violet woke up just to see Jack-Jack. She went into his room quietly and saw him sleeping soundly. She smiles, kisses him on the forehead, close the door on him and went back to sleep knowing that her little brother is safe.