"I think we should break up."

Reggie's smile quickly disappeared as she looked at her boyfriend. She had not seen this coming. They were coming up on their three month anniversary, which she wasn't planning on making a big deal about, but she thought he would since he had the last two months. That's why she thought he'd been acting strange, because he had a surprise planned for her. Well, this was certainly a surprise.

"I mean, you're great and all," he continued when she didn't say anything. "I just don't think it's working out. And graduation's coming up in a few months, we'll probably end up in different places..."

Well, she definitely wasn't about to let him see her upset.

"Yeah, I totally agree," she said in a normal tone.

"You do?" he looked surprised.

"Yeah," she said trying to convince herself of it. "Really. It's completely fine."

"Wow," Declan said with a smile. "You really are the coolest."

Reggie smiled back, desperate to get away so he wouldn't see how not-cool she actually was. "Well, I guess I'd better go."

She didn't want to go to her dorm room. Risking crying in front of her roommate was not an option. Instead, she went to her car and cried. She felt so stupid crying about Declan too but she couldn't help it, she was totally blindsided by the breakup. And who breaks up with someone over lunch anyway? Isn't it a rule of thumb to do it at the end of the day? Now she would be missing her last two classes and she'd be bailing on the paper. She was glad that at least she had sent in her article early so she didn't have to worry about that too.

Once she was finished crying, she decided she wasn't going to let some stupid guy get her down. She went back to her dorm and changed into skinny jeans and a nice top. She pulled her hair up into a bun and put on some mascara and then headed for Otto and Twister's dorm.

Twister answered the door. "Why do you look all nice?"

She rolled her eyes at his confused attempt at a compliment.

"You and Dex going out tonight?" Otto asked from the futon.

"No," she said flatly. "I thought you guys might wanna do something."

"A Dex-free Friday night?" Twister asked.

Otto dramatically said, "I never thought we'd see the day.

The two of them laughed and simultaneously said "bust."

Reggie kept any emotion off of her face as she said, "well, get used to it. We broke up."

The reaction of her brother and Twister were nothing less of what she would expect from them.

"Finally," Twister tilted his head back, looking relieved.

"We thought you would've dumped him forever ago!" Otto added.

"Thanks for the bode of confidence, bro, but he dumped me."

Twister looked like he felt bad about making those jokes with Otto but he didn't say anything, he just got his phone off the bed and started dialing.

"Who are you calling?" Reggie asked but he didn't answer her, instead, he spoke into the receiver.

"Squid, hey man. You're done with classes for the day, right? Cool, you gotta come to OCU. You can crash with me and Otto. Dude, no, it's important."

Reggie heard the faint sound of an annoyed Sam asking what was so important.

Twister smiled. "It's karaoke night at Wilson's Pub."


Reggie had known Sam would say yes. Just like she had known that Twister understood exactly what she needed post-breakup. The boys being subjected to public embarrassment had turned out to be a very effective cheer-up technique for Reggie in the past.

Otto and Twister treated her to dinner at her choice of restaurant. They stayed in the booth for awhile after dinner, continuing to snack on tortilla chips and queso. They knew it would be at least two hours before Sam got to town.

Sam called Twister back to see where they were and they told him to go ahead and go to Wilson's. They got up and started walking that way too. When they got there, someone was singing some country song off-key. They scanned through the crowd and spotted Sam, holding a table and waving at them.

"Hey, Reg, you okay?" he asked sympathetically as he hugged her.

These were the moments she preferred Otto and Twister's reactions but she appreciated Sam asking. She just didn't really want to talk about it. "Yep. Just excited to see you guys sing."

"We're gonna need some drinks first," Otto said.

Reggie gave them a mischievous smile. "That can be arranged."