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Hello- Thoughts

"Hello"- Edward hearing thoughts


After Edward and Orion went to get food, they reluctantly separated to get to their next class. Orion was disappointed that they didn't have any more classes together because being around his mate helps with his empathy. His mate. What would his dad think? Would he approve?

(Short time skip to his last class, he's still worrying about his dad)

Orion was more worried about his dad's reaction than anything else. He just finally settled and got to know his dad and he didn't want anything to disrupt the peace that they had. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't see Bella Swan approach him. He was currently in the back of the class, sitting in his seat. It was the last period of the day and he wasn't listening to anything the teacher was saying. In fact, he wasn't even aware of what class it actually is. Math? History?

Bella cleared her throat and Orion rose an eyebrow at her. "Yes?"

Jealousy. Wonder. The immense amount of jealousy she is feeling is leaving Orion with a bitter taste in his mouth. It's her first day as well. Why is she so jealous?

"How do you know the Cullens?" Bella asked straightforwardly.

Orion smiled. "I don't see how it's any of your business, but if you were paying attention to what I was saying earlier, you would know."

She turned an ugly shade of red. He felt that she was stunned and turned to his left to look out of the window. He loved that this town was always so cloudy. The Dursley's would always make him go outside on the porch when it rained and it became a sort of haven for him. Vernon didn't beat him when he was outside. Orion was eternally grateful that he has his dad. All he had to do now was tell him about his mate.

He jolted in his seat when he heard the bell ring. He packed up his stuff and started to walk out the door. Bella was in front of him, so when she stopped right outside the classroom, he almost rammed into her. "This human is testing the limits of my patience," Orion thought.

When Orion went to snap at her, he felt his empathy mute. Relaxing, he noticed this as a sign that his mate was outside the classroom. Now all he felt was annoyed because now he knew that Bella was distracted because of his mate.

Muttering under his breath about crazy plain girls, he walked past the stunned girl and approached Edward. "Hey," Orion smiled.

"Can we hurry and leave before I curse her?" he thought to Edward.

Amusement. "Come on Orion, I'll walk you to your car," Edward held out his arm and Orion shyly grabbed onto it.

As Edward led him out of the school, Orion looked behind him and smirked. Bella was standing there with her mouth hanging open. "I hope she got the message that you're taken." Orion was particularly smug about this.

Edward chucked. "I'm sure she did, Ry." Orion blushed at the nickname. "How is your empathy? Are you doing okay now that I'm with you?" Edward asked.

"Yes, it's fine, Ed. The emotions are muted when you're close to me or when we touch," Orion explained.

Orion felt adoration coming from Edward. He frowned in confusion before his grey eyes widened. Orion blushed some more when he realized he called Edward, "Ed". He hoped he liked it and didn't think he was childish.

Once they reached his Jeep, Edward faced Orion and grabbed his hand. "I could never think of you as childish. If you are then I am to since I called you Ry," Edward said sincerely.

Orion smiled widely and he kissed Edward on the cheek for the second time that day. "You're sweet," he blushed. He wished he could just stop blushing because his fair skin made the it so easily noticed.

"Only for you, Ry." Edward smiled widely.

Instinctively leaning forward, Ry found himself wanting to kiss Edward. He felt Edward's hand move up to the nape of his neck. Before anything could happen, they both heard someone clearing their throat.

Jumping apart, they looked to where the sound came from and saw Edward's siblings. All of them. They all looked at Edward and Orion amused as Orion turned bright red and tried to stutter out an excuse.

Before he could say anything that they could understand, Rosalie seemed to burst. "Orion can you get me the potion that can help me have a baby?"

Orion shot her a grateful look. "Of course, I can. I'll have to ask my um friend if he can brew it for you."

Rosalie lit up with excitement and Orion didn't have to be an empath to know how happy she is. She seemed to look at him with expectant eyes and he waved his wand over his body quickly before opening his arms. He didn't say anything as he felt Rosalie hug him. Feeling Edward tense behind him, he reassured him. "Don't worry Ed. That spell I cast makes me impervious to vampire strength for a short time. She's not hurting me I swear it."

That seemed to relax Edward and Orion looked to the rest of the siblings. Emmett was gazing at his wife adoringly as Jasper held onto Alice.

"If you like, I could tell you more later when we meet. I would now, but my dad is waiting at home for me and he might freak out if I'm not there soon," Orion said.

Letting go of Orion, Rosalie cleared her throat and straightened up. "Of course, Orion. We'll see you later."

Without another word, she turned and grabbed Emmett. "See ya later kid!" he yelled before he was dragged by his wife.

Orion snorted and looked to Alice and Jasper. "We'll see you later today. I can't wait for you to meet our parents, Carlisle and Esme. Esme will absolutely adore you. I mean how can she not! You're so cute and adorable and-" Alice was cut off by Jasper putting his hand over her mouth, while he tried to keep himself from laughing.

Orion on the other hand, was staring at her with a blush and his mouth slightly open. He snapped out of it and laughed. "Well I hope they both like me seeing as how their son is my mate."

Jasper and Alice laughed out loud before saying a final goodbye. That just left Edward. Orion felt a hand go to his waist and he turned. "You know you'll have to give me your address seeing as how I have no clue where you live."

Orion saw Edward's eyes widened before smiling sheepishly. Edward quickly gave him his address before saying his goodbye. I'll see you later tonight, Ry." Edward kissed Orion on the corner of his mouth and gave his mate a hug. Orion relaxed in Edward's arms and said goodbye.

Orion got into his Jeep and drove to his home.


Arriving home, he saw his dad standing outside the house waiting for him. Once Orion parked his Jeep, he ran out the car and hugged him.

"Hey dad! You won't believe what happened today," Orion exclaimed.

His dad laughed and wrapped an arm around his son's shoulders as they walked inside. "What happened today that made you so happy, Pup?"

Sirius saw his son hesitate and was immediately concerned. "Is everything alright?"

Seeing his dad starting to get hysterical, Orion blurted it out. "I met some vampires at school today and one of them is my mate."

He saw his dad's jaw drop and his eyes widen. Shock. Wariness. Hope. "Did you say mate?" his dad squeaked out.

Orion took a deep breath. "Yes, I did dad. He's really quite nice and he's really sweet. I didn't even know people were so kind and he helps my empathy. I only lost it once all day today and when I'm around him, he mutes the emotions. Please come with me tonight, so you could see that they're not dangerous. Their eyes are gold dad. They only feed on animals."

He paused to catch his breath and stared at his dad in shock. Once he finished his long-winded speech, his dad burst out laughing. "Why were you so worried Pup? Finding out that you have a mate is a wonderful thing."

Orion sighed in relief. "Thank you, dad. I was worried about what you would say. I didn't want anyone or anything to mess with the peace we've had."

Sirius hugged his son tightly. "Nothing will come between us ever again Orion. I promise you that."

That just made Orion hug his father tighter. "So, you'll come with me later?"

"Of course, I will! I do have to meet my son's mate and his family. What's his name?" Sirius inquired.

Orion blushed. "His name is Edward."

Sirius nodded his head in mock seriousness. "Well this vampire needs to know that if he ever hurts you, he will find out how exactly a Black gets their revenge."

Orion's grey eyes sparkled with mischief. "Well, better not show him your Animagus form dad. Don't want him to get the idea that the Blacks get their revenge in the form of a sweet animal."

His dad stared at him for a moment in disbelief before laughing so hard he was clutching his stomach. "Good to see you have a sense of humor Pup."

Orio rolled his eyes. While his dad was still laughing, his eyes were drawn to a regal looking owl coming through the open window. I wonder if that's Kingsley's letter he thought. Orion has been waiting two months for the Minister's letter. He wanted to know what happened to the people who betrayed him.

"Dad, do you think this is Kingsley's letter?" Orion asked.

Sirius was now quiet as he studied his son. He knew how much Orion wanted peace and he knew in his gut that what was in that letter was going to devastate his son. "It might be Pup. Why don't you go ahead and open it," he encouraged Orion.

Opening the letter, Orion took a shaky breath before reading.

Dear Orion,

I apologize for not sending this letter sooner. There were some... shocking information that came to light when you left the courtroom. After seeing how strongly opposed Ronald was to you, Madam Bones decided to question Hermione. What was said, was alarming. We found out that Hermione conspired with Dumbledore against you since the beginning of your first year. Dumbledore placed heavy loyalty charms and Imperio potions on Ron to make him hate you so much. Hermione saw how you and Ron got along on the train and when questioned by Dumbledore, she told him all about it. Seems that she was so desperate for knowledge, she spied on you and took money from you. The money Ron seemed to have stolen from you, was for Hermione. Ron was innocent. We managed to cure him of the potion and break the charms off of him, but his mind seems to have broken. He has gone into an almost catatonic state, only answering to the rest of his family. I strongly advise you not to go see him. I'm afraid that if he saw you, there wouldn't be any hope in saving him from the painful memories Dumbledore gave him. I'm not going to bother you with details, but they were bad.

Don't worry about Ginny, Molly, and Hermione. They're all serving their sentences. Hope you are well.


Kingsley Shacklebolt

Minister of Magic

Orion stared at the letter in shock. Out of all the horrible things Dumbledore has done, he never expected Hermione to be a major instrument in it all. She always was a know it all and was really bossy, but this seemed to go too far. How desperate was she for knowledge? What kind of knowledge? Poor Ron. He couldn't help, but think that the rest of the Weasley's hated him. They lost so much because of him.

Sirius could see Orion getting depressed and wanted to know what the cause of it. He wouldn't let his son go back to how he was before. "What's wrong Pup?"

Seeing his son hand over the letter with a blank expression, he grew worried. Squeezing his son's shoulder, he started to read it. "That bastard!" he growled. "The both of them need to go straight to hell! How dare they mess with people's lives like that!"

Orion felt his dad's magic building and went to hug him. He himself had to get a grip of his magic and didn't want to have to release his magic when his dad needed him. "Don't worry. Kingsley said that all of them got punished. Even though he didn't say with what, I'm sure we can guess. That's behind us now."

Sirius calmed down and smiled sadly. "I'm supposed to be the one comforting you son. The Weasley's don't blame you. They're just trying to go back to their lives and leaving you in peace."

"What do you mean?" Orion asked.

"George sent me a letter a month ago and told me to tell you that they don't blame you. They're all just really angry at Dumbledore, Molly, and Hermione. Oh! And Ginny. They're embarrassed that their family has caused you pain and they don't want you blaming yourself. George, Bill, Charlie, and Arthur just want you to finally have peace. When you're ready they will be there."

Orion couldn't help the tears that escaped. Knowing that they don't blame him means everything to him. A sob escaped his lips and the next thing he knew he was in his dad's arms.

"Shh it's okay. Everything is going to be all right," Sirius soothed. "Don't you want to see your mate now?"

That seemed to calm him down and to Sirius' amusement he started to blush. "Yes, we should probably start to go over. Even if they don't sleep, we do."

"Mhmm I'm sure that's the reason you want to go over at 4:00 pm. What does he look like?" Sirius asked his son.

Orion blushed darkly. "He's about winches taller than me and he has bronze colored hair. His eyes, like his family, are a beautiful topaz. He can also read people's minds, but he can't control it. He walks so gracefully and he adores me."

Sirius smiled widely. "Adores you?"

Orion nodded without thinking. "His adoration washes over me every time I see him. Even now, I can feel the mate pull towards him. I never knew that mates can feel each other when they're not near."

"I never knew that either. What does it feel like?" Sirius asked curiously.

Sirius saw his son's eyes sparkle. "It's like all my magic is reaching out for Edward and it's wanting to wrap around him. At the center of my magic, I can feel him. Like now. He's feeling anxious and worried, but he's excited.' Orion paused and looked at his dad embarrassed. 'My magic wants me to complete the mate bond with him and it's getting harder to control the urge. I know we've only met today, but it feels as if we've known each other for ages."

Sirius stared at his son with barely contained amusement. "I'm happy for you Pup. Tell me about his siblings."

Orion brightened up. "Well he has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Rosalie is a very beautiful woman and her beauty is her gift. Emmett, her mate, I'm not sure what his gift is but I'm guessing it's his strength based on his size. Jasper is an empath like me and he said that he can teach me how to control it and how to develop it. His mate, Alice, is a seer. I haven't met the clan leader or his mate yet so I don't know anything."

Sirius' eyes widened. That's one powerful clan he thought.

Orion chuckled at his dad's awe. "Should we go now?"

"Yes, we should. I'm excited to meet them. I'm glad that Jasper will be able to help you. It's just so unbelievable on how much of a powerful can they are," Sirius said as he grabbed his keys to black Jeep.

Orion grabbed Sirius' arm. "Just promise that you won't embarrass me dad."

Sirius looked at him with mock hurt in his eyes and he dramatically clutched his chest. "What? Me? Why would I want to embarrass my own child in front of his mate and his family?"

Orion looked at him pointedly. At his stare, Sirius sighed. "Come on Pup! It's your mate! It's required of me to embarrass you at least a little."

Orion groaned. "Fine. But don't go too far!"

Sirius laughed and hugged his son. "Deal. Come on and let's go see your mate."

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