Warning: This story contains graphic content, bloodshed, cruelty, avarice, sin, demons, swearing, sexual content, and a lot of other terrible stuff. Viewer Discretion is advised.

This is a | REMASTERED | series of the original fiction, published after reading several reviews to make enough meaningful changes. Hopefully there will be a drastically positive rise in the quality of the fiction! I will try to be consistent with this, but it will be based on viewership and whether I become busy with other projects in the future, so don't expect consistency with this. Keep in mind that this story follows ONLY the plot starting from the end of the 30 minute pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel and the end of DOOM 2016 (before DOOM: Eternal) in terms of plot.

Something else to keep in mind. I intend to pour every fiber of my writing ability into making this truly a worthy remaster. I want to make this what it is meant to be: A badass mixture of violence, crossover development, character growth, romance, and ACTION! So give me enough time, and I will deliver to you something you will want to rave in the reviews for.

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REMASTERED | Chapter 1: THE Most Unwelcome Guest

"Found you, rat."

(Music: "All In My Head (feat. grandson) - Saint Punk Remix")


The blindfold was roughly removed from around the heavily-beaten imp's yellow eyes, his eyes blurred from the prolonged darkness; His dimly-lit surroundings gradually came into view, and fear leapt up into his bruised throat as he realized what grand office he'd been dragged into against his will. The ornate stygian-black onyx floors, the ornately-carved wooden pillars that stood at each corner of the large office intimidatingly, the intricately-designed wall decorations; lined with marble wall lights that completed the room aesthetically. The full-window view of Imp City's mind-bogglingly massive, bustling metropolis to his left... Fear turned to dread, as the concussion in his head lightened for just a moment, enough for him to fully understand the gravity of the situation he was in. The well-dressed black imp crouched in front of him, large burning cigar in his mouth, dressed to the nines in a black suit with a wilted rose in his outer coat pocket, and wearing a second white dress suit over his shoulders like a cape. On top of his horned head sat a grey flat cap, pierced through by his angled dark horns. His size dominated the captured Imp, for he was as tall as a human, while the vast majority of Imps were no taller than a human's leg; and it made him all the more controlling of the atmosphere.

As the captured Imp processed the words spoken by his menacing captor, he tried to protest in panic, struggling against the binding of his legs and arms.


The captured imp was gagged by a cloth ball shoved into his mouth and bound around his jaw by duct tape, and unable to say anything coherent. He began to hyperventilate; How had it come to this?!


The captured Imp nearly lost consciousness from a sudden and powerful blow to the right side of his face; The dressed black Imp had assailed him with the blunt end of a glistening Exterminator's Spear; A long, onyx-black staff ordained with a harpoon-like tip glistening with the power of the heavens. It had the ability to truly eradicate most demons from this plane of existence; Though where the soul ended up, no one in the infinite realms of Hell knew. Despite the fact that Imps could die naturally as opposed to most other demons, just seeing that weapon in his presence threw the captured Imp into a state of abject horror; For eras past, the Exterminator's weapons were feared throughout the material world of Hell, by all of its evil residents equally. Now, it was being wielded so casually in front of him like any other spear, by one of Hell's creatures.

"Oh, I would bet my whole enterprise that you know what this is, Sonny. After all, you've seen plenty enough to run your mouth, haven't you?"

The black Imp's scratchy voice murmured the sentence ominously. Sonny, the captured Imp in question, could only cower further into the onyx floor as the spear tip was pointed at him more closely. The dressed black Imp grinned ever so slightly, revealing rows of perfectly-sharp teeth that glistened with murderous intent.

"Mfffff! MMMMmmmmFFFFF!"

Sonny's world was collapsing in on him; He knew he was here because he'd attempted to give over Don Adamino (his captor) to the ruling Overlords of Imp City, in an attempt to have his mafia enterprise shut down before its leader tried to overthrow the city's Overlords with a city-wide armed revolt. Untold millions of Imps would die, along with his own family, in this futile war against the hierarchy of Hell, and Sonny felt he had to do something before unspeakable bloodshed broke out in untold proportions. Unfortunately for him, his plan had been found out when he tried reaching out to a higher ranking member of one Overlord's personal retinue, only for Sonny to be ratted out by that same demon; a double agent of a demon whose loyalty was proven to lay with Don Adamino.

After getting nearly beaten to death, dragged into a black van and driven to this hellscraper, Sonny was fearing for his life, and the lives of his family. With every horrific second that passed, he deeply regretted his decision more and more, wanting to kill himself a thousand times over for his incredible stupidity. He tried looking out the window to calm his nerves, but the blood-red sky and crimson landscape only served to heighten his anxiety and deathly panic exponentially.

"Yes, find solace in this grim land with your gaze, Sonny. You are going to die here regardless if you have made your peace or not."

Hearing those words, Sonny burst into a sobbing fit, crumpling to the ground and shaking violently as he realized his life was coming to a violent close; It had been expected in Hell, but he had far more hoped to die in a fiery tornado with his family on his farm than in the cold, menacing room of a mafia boss' skyscraping office. The Don allowed him to sob for a few moments, wanting Sonny to soak in every second of fear and terror that was assaulting his mind in overwhelming waves.

"Consider yourself lucky, you long-faced fuck. I've committed to not killing your family off, but keep in mind that at any point in this little interaction, I can have that done in the same minute you choose to piss me off."

Sonny continued sobbing at hearing that statement, though he was still deeply horrified at the fact that he would be killed here; Unable to wish his family a final goodbye. As he raised his head once more, he saw the Don gliding his fingers along the shaft of the spear, admiring its ethereal quality and seemingly contemplating.

"You know, this weapon is capable of killing even the highest caste members of Hell's royalty... yet Imps can die from pretty much anything. So one's gotta wonder..."

Sonny leered back nervously as Don Adamino pointed the tip of the spear incredibly close to his face, which sizzled painfully just from being near the spear's blade.

"...What happens when you kill an Imp with a weapon meant to kill higher-caste demons?"

Silence passed, and for several moments Sonny feared he would be slain right then and there. His adrenaline, heightened stress and realization of death sent him into a catatonic state of shock, and Don Adamino withdrew the spear with a frustrated sigh.

"Too bad for you, you're not going to have the luxury of dying so painlessly. We have to make an example out of rats, or everyone's going to get the fucking idea in their heads."

He leaned down next to the broken Imp, baring his teeth as he whispered in Sonny's ear.

"What do you take me for, you fucking insect? You disgust me. You are so, so weak that you can't bear to risk your life for a worthy cause? You want to stay in the mud, being robbed of what pride you have as an existing being left by those fetid caste-loving tyrants? Your wife was a fucking clown to let you fuck her, bear her offspring, beholden to such a PATHETIC FATHER!"

His voice echoed throughout the room, and quickly fell back to isolated silence; Standing at attention near the entrance as a duo were members of the Grey-Snake Clan, renowned for their adherence to discipline (despite being demons) and their proficiency with quick-reaction time, they excelled as personal bodyguards and security in Hell's lower castes of demons.

Even despite their employer's verbal lashing, they remained vigilant to other matters, potential threats or other matters that regarded the safety and well-being of their boss. Adamino grunted in anger, delivering another blow across the broken Imp's cheek before gesturing to his guards.

"Make him suffer."

The Grey-Snakes nodded robotically, their forked tongues darting out from their mouths in occasion as they hauled off the catatonic Sonny. Don Adamino inhaled deeply from the cigar as he walked over to get a better view of the hellish municipality- a city which he, Don Riley Adamino, was on the very cusp of conquering. The lowest-caste of Hellspawn, the Imps, had been trampled upon for far too long now. Adamino contemplated quietly, remembering ages ago when he'd once been a Sinner; But by some twisted ritual of an Overlord he'd pissed off, he was converted into that of a young, meager Imp.

His tolerance for this subservient caste of society had grown weary quickly; And he spent decades building up his criminal connections in the demonic underworld to reach this moment; Having ignited a quiet rebellion among the vast majority of Imp society, with a simple message: They, the Imps, would no longer tolerate this systemic bottom-feeding caste system.

In life, it was difficult to compel others to violence unless there was good reason, even in the 1920s crime wave he'd lived through; But here, in HELL, there were few of these denizens that didn't crave chaos, murder and wanton violence; Whether their feelings were borne out of spite for their circumstance, or out of malicious excitement to cause mischief; Neither reason mattered to Adamino.

He just wanted to RULE. As he did when he was a powerful Sinner, and as he did in life, when he'd served as a mafioso for the Romano Family. He was a man of ambition.

"M...Mister Adamino?"

Adamino tensed up and nearly choked on the cigar smoke as he heard the familiar timid tone of one of his secretaries, Annie; A red imp, with perky ears and small horns that jutted upwards, her face sporting a set of thin round glasses and wearing a typical secretary's outfit. She was one of the taller Imps but even she only reached up to Adamino's chest. His daunting figure among the Imps, combined with his twisted ambition and easy inclination towards violence, had been the masterful mixture that led to his rapid rise in power. Hell, in this existence, was nothing more than a primitive "Might is Right" mega-civilization masquerading as a fragmented empire ruled by feudal warlords.

Still, even in this insane, horrific world of demons with powers and a hellish landscape, there were plenty of moments like these, where Adamino had to drop his gritty persona to interact normally with his subordinates or everyday people. The demonic societies were a chaotic mixture of sudden violence and long periods of relative peace- aside from the occasional violence. Most of the Overlords ruling had to establish some form of order, and with order came organization, which led to a standing military, a formed economy, development in technology, and the fundamentals of social contracts.

Imps and Sinners were the vast majority of the population, and they were also the vast majority that adhered to what one might coin to be the 'Hell's Law' of each Overlord's territory. While they warred like savages and ruthless conquerors, their territories functioned as modern-day societies that paid a tithe to their Overlords, who then paid tithe to the royal family and 'Duchy Demons' like the Ars Goetians and the Seven Deadly Sins. For Adamino to seize power as an Imp, he would need to prove his might through his cunning and vast resources and manpower by toppling the current Sinner Overlords and pledging fealty to the royal family, all the while executing dissidents (with Exterminator weaponry if they were Sinners, and normal firearms if they were Imps), as well as keeping Imp City stable enough that the royal family would not think it necessary to personally get involved; Because that meant the Ars Goetian demons and Deadly Sins would also get involved. That was one thing Adamino was sure he could not handle, no matter what resources he had at his disposal.

And yet, knowing all of this vast information that led him to this crucial moment of imminent takeover, he still found it difficult to properly speak to this particularly-cute Imp!

"J-Just... call me Adams, Annie."

Annie nodded in such an adorable way that Adams had to contain the urge to grin stupidly; He cleared his throat in self-defiance, waving his hand at Annie.

"So, what is it, then?"

"Oh! Uh..."

Annie flipped through her clipboard notes frantically, placing her finger on the page and sliding it down as she read off Adamino's schedule.

"So, um, later tonight you have a 9:30 conference call with Mister Kichi from the Tanuki Clan, and a one-on-one interview with some of the new distributors for the weapons, since, you know, we're arming half the city-... Uh... Mister Adamin- I mean, Mister Adams?"

Adams' attention was entirely focused on a distant light, dotted in the sky as a lone disturbance among the crimson-darkness of the atmosphere. For some unknown reason, a gradual, existential kind of dread crept up on him, washing over his skin and bones like an acidic wave. Moments passed, and the bright disturbance grew larger in size, until it discerned itself to be a massive comet heading in the direction of the distant mountains that lay to the east of the expansive metropolis.

Adams was an Imp of cunning and quick judgement; And he spared no time rushing frantically over to his private room, searching maddeningly through his belongings and locating a stored parachute he'd kept on him after he'd bought the office in this skyscraper; He had always been paranoid that someone or something would be knocking over this massive building, and today would seem to prove just that.

"Wh-What are you doing, Mister Adams? Why are you wearing a- Ah!"

Annie yelped in pleasant surprise as Adams swept her off her feet, until she saw them barreling towards the windows that overlooked Imp City, and her yelp turned into a prolonged scream of terror as they broke through the glass, flying through the open air. They were just in time to see the massive comet make contact with the ground behind the distant mountains.


"This is Irena Imeenya with Demonic News Network, it's been thirty minutes since the freak comet crashlanded behind the Hellachian Mountains, and already the casualty count for nearby residencies is over five hundred-thousand! A drop in the bucket compared to the Exterminators, but a serious threat to our existence nonetheless! Our camera crew, along with a dispatch from the Imp City Army courtesy of our great Overlord Olix, are headed towards the crash site with great haste! We hope to uncover the phenomenon behind this, so stay tuned!"

"Okay, that was good."

Irena dropped the news reporter act, huffing a sigh as she moved a strand of auburn hair behind her pointed ear.

"I can't believe this shit had to happen right as Happy Hour started at Sleepy Joe's!"

"Hey, look at it this way," Her cameraman responded positively. "We'll get a commission from this news report, so you can pay for our next round of pints."

"Fuck that." Irena said with a grin. "I'm buying some good liquor off of this check."

"Hey, you two!"

The news crew was interrupted by one of the military personnel, who was standing off the edge of the nearby military convoy as he yelled at them over the loud droning of the tires.

"Keep back a ways from the site until we fully clear it. We don't want you reporting shit that the Overlord doesn't want, you get me?"

The news crew nodded compliantly; They would be suicidal to defy an Overlord or any of their shotcallers. The convoy continued on towards the crash site, before eventually arriving at the massive crater that formed around the exploded comet. The military teams moved to canvass the area, while the news team set up their filming equipment to prepare for another report.

A dense smoke clouded the area surrounding the fragmented comet, and so the fireteams moved in tandem to sweep the area, though they didn't particularly expect anything from a rock that came crashing down from space. After a few more minutes of searching, they came filing back to the Platoon leader to report confirmation of no hostile presence.

"Alright then," The Platoon Leader, a burly Sinner demon with dark-grey scales and an orcish face, grumbled to his infantry. "I'll go tell the Shrimps they can start filming, and-"

"Uh, Sergeant, sir-!"

The Platoon Leader looked with annoyance at one of the younger soldiers, who was standing at attention nervously.

"What is it, Private Hunter?"

"My deepest apologies Sergeant, b-but, I seem to have dropped my flashlight in the crash site, Sergeant!"

"You fucking idi- GO GET IT!"


The soldier stumbled back down the crater incline, moving through the dense clouds to try and scrounge for his flashlight on the ground. After several moments of thorough searching, he eventually found the flashlight lying in the middle of the ground, and leaned down to pick it up with glee.

"Oh, thank the devil!"

As he stood back up, he turned it on quickly to check that it was working-

(Music: "Uac Report File; Shto36u3", by Mick Gordon)


The flashlight gleamed over the fog, only to reveal a mass of green armor in the soldier's view; He quickly stumbled back in terror, feeling his eyes deceived him as he discerned a murderous presence emerging from the fog; He quickly realized his eyes did not betray him, as a muscular, green-armored monster stood in front of the cowering Sinner demon, wearing a turtle-like green helmet with an orange visor that tried to hide a burning rage behind its thick tint.

The Sinner demon sensed death impending, and like any other soldier, aimed his gun at the threat-


-And with a single punch, the demon's head exploded outwards, painting the broken ground with crimson blood. The body immediately burst into fiery blue flames, and the essence of the demon soaked into the green-clad hostile like an oily gas floating through the air, sinking in through the crevices of the armor and sending shimmers of dark energy over the aura of the menace. The rest of the platoon had suddenly noticed the interaction, and with haste they raised their guns to the target, shouting in panic and disarray. The news crew noticed the commotion from afar and were beginning to panic themselves, unsure of what to do.


Their machine guns and rifles fired a large barrage of bullets towards the menace, only for the green hostile to dodge at supernatural speeds with unnatural ease. The hostile immediately broke into a full sprint for the platoon, sending waves of panic through their ranks as they desperately tried to get a shot off at the green-armored enemy closing in. Yet they only had seconds before the hostile slammed through one of the soldiers completely, exploding their entire body into red paste across the landscape. The others gasped in horror, but their military training kicked in and they quickly recovered from the traumatic experience- But none were able to get a single shot off before the green menace suddenly unslung the chainsaw around his back armor and cut entire swathes through the unit in mere seconds. His killing was quick, efficient, brutal and aimed at one goal: To eradicate.

Not even ten seconds had passed before the corpses of the dead soldiers littered the battlefield, only for their bodies to burst into fiery blue flames as the first did and absorb into the menace's armor. The news crew, who were still at a far distance from the commotion, had seen the military team slaughtered clear as day, and were rushing like mad to escape from the scene.

"Holy shit, holy shit, holy fucking shit- WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" The cameraman squealed in sheer fright and horror. Irena was equally as terrified; She had rarely seen that kind of cold, calculated slaughter before, and it rocked her to her foundations. What's more, she was completely freaked out by how the corpses of the Sinner demons had liquified and meshed into the hostile's suit- But it was the last thought on her brain, before the priority to simply run for her life.

They were only able to make a few steps away from the scene before the green menace landed on the ground next to them, sending dust flying through the air with his impact. Irena and the cameraman turned pale with sheer, abject horror as the menace stared at them for what felt like an eternity. They could say nothing, do nothing that seemed as if it wouldn't get them killed- The very aura of malice and violence that radiated off this armored maelstrom of a being was so immeasurable and indescribable that Irena's mind simply unraveled at the sight of the monstrous figure before her, and she crumpled to her knees in shock and pure fear.

"P-Please, don't k-kill me. Please, don't. Please."

She could only quietly beg for the continuance of her life, and that of her cameraman, but in the middle of their pleading, the menace suddenly turned around, ignoring them completely, and launched himself from a single powered jump off the ground and several meters into the air, leaping along the mountains and out of sight. Irena looked up and around at her surroundings, almost as if unbelieving of what had just happened. She looked at her cameraman, who was still cowering on the ground in fear.

"Y-You pussy! Get the camera, quick! We need to report ALL of this!"

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