Authors Note:

Greetings fellow authors and readers. To those who have read my content prior to this date have more than likely noticed the immense lack of completion or development of any sort. For that I apologies. For quite a while now, I have been bouncing off the walls debating on rather I should expose my amateur work to the public afraid of the possible backlash I may receive. Though I have learned that one of the grand challenges of being a writer is taking risks and excepting the evident outcome. In spirit of that, I am introducing what I call the Universal Concoction.

This concoction is a universe that I fabricated over many years that combines several traits and components form other sci fi and fantasy universes. For the sake of copyright related issues, I wish to make clear that I do not own any of the franchises recognized within this work. Though the characters and certain content I have created myself.

Before proceeding, I wish to thank my friends and fellow writing comrades who have made this work possible. To those who read, I encourage you to review and provide constructive criticism. Thank you all and be well. And now without further ado, I present to you; Stella Iter.