Greetings, Lads. This is the newest installment to Stella Iter Imperium. Has I am sure you have all noticed by this point, I am applying a new point of view to a variety of events in the Star Wars Saga in this case the Clone Wars. If you want to see me write up a new take to other events in Star Wars or any other franchise just say the word. I hope you guys like the unique P.O.V I have created with the Supreme Imperator and his outlook on all of these events. Thank you for reading and ENJOY!


Date: 10. 18. 2363

Locale: UDF Operational Headquarters, Earth

I gazed off towards the glistening Golden Gate Bridge, delving far into my thoughts. My mind had become increasingly wary over the course of the passed six months. Has I sat there, doing nothing but staring, a dense fog descended upon the city. I was barely able to see the other skyscrapers built adjacent to this one. The atmospheric conditions matched my mood perfectly. My senses in a haze of readiness, practically acting outside of my own control, fragments of information forming in my subconscious and slowly coming together like an abnormally complicated jig-saw puzzle.

In the past half-year, several thousand star systems had formally declared their intentions to secede from the United Federation of Planets, forming a full scale Separatist movement. Has tensions grew, the President had doubled military spending ordering me to invest greatly in the increase in clone troops. What was originally a special shock troop organization used since the Third World War was now becoming a dedicated army. Though what disturbed me greatly was the Presidents inclination to involving the Jedi Order in political and military affairs. That would be problematic considering that the Jedi are peacekeepers not soldiers. They should not be expected to serve has competent military leaders.

Furthermore, the UDF was having a public relations nightmare, the people accusing us for instigating war purposefully. Things were deteriorating quickly, and a violent confrontation seemed inevitable. Despite this eventuality, the Federation Council still believed it held a modicum of control and had planned a vote for today.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by a strong knock on my door. I turned back toward my desk and straightened my uniform.

"It opens," I shouted. The door opened and an armored Clone Trooper stepped in and stood at attention by the door, saluting stiffly.

"At ease, Tessarius. We will have enough time for formalities later." Tessarius Rex of the legendary 501st Legion relaxed his stature and walked over to the desk, removing his finned helmet and holding it at his side.

This soldier was the oldest of his kind, the first clone I had successfully created all the way back in the XXIst Century. He and his legion had served humanity and ultimately the entire Federation for the passed centuries. Clones were formally only created on Earth but due to the pressing circumstances and far larger operation had been opened on the extremely remote world of Kamino. I had been reluctant on placing the cloning process in the hands of the untrusted Kaminoens, but it was a necessary sacrifice.

The 501st Legion, prominent for its direct attachment to High Command earned it the title of the Will of the Imperator. Tessarius Rex was held in high respect especially amongst all of the fresh rookies being shipped over every day. The man was a trusted advisor and friend to me and all of High Command.

"What have you come to report, Rex?" I asked him. With a raspy tone Rex explained.

"Twelve combat legions are armed and ready to be called upon at any moment along with the necessary naval components to transport them." I took the time to consider what this meant. For the first time in the entirety of the Federations history, it held a standing army. Violence felt even closer by the second.

"Excellent. If conflict breaks out, we shall be ready." Rex nodded, clearly not very enthusiastic about these things either. Feeling his sense of dread and being reminded of mine I rose up from my desk and fell into an erratic pace. I strode across the office in circles, doing what was possible to ease my erratic mind. Rex, respectful of my need for privacy, vacated the room without awaiting my order. I was not in a good state of mind for giving orders, and that was a problem. Fortunately, just I began to descend into hysteria my saving grace entered the room.

"Hey, Luis. Are you ok?" Mily asked, noticing my less then healthy behavior. Recognizing the problem (Not that it happened too often), Mily rushed to me and hugged me. Her steady heartbeat soothed my mind and reminded me of how fortunate I was. Mily held my face in her hands, looking into my eyes.

"Talk to me." I swallowed, struggling to effectively put together a coherent response.

"I am worried. Worried that everything we have worked for may be destroyed with the coming violence. That we may perish and fade into history everything we did and represented lost to vanity," I admitted. Mily listened quietly, transferring her soothing warmth into my subconscious.

"Politics and extremist idealism is killing the core of this Federation, destroying what we represent. Condemning us to failure, and I feel powerless to stop it." Mily sighed and massaged my temples. Surprisingly enough, her mind remained calm imparting tranquility to mine.

"Luis. You are the strongest and most intelligent person I know. If anyone can get us through this its you. God has given you a mission and he wouldn't have if he didn't think you were capable of upholding it." Mily leaned forward and our foreheads touched.

"Even if we lose we will continue fighting. Even if it is in a new way." Mily giggled and punched my arm playfully.

"You're always trying to control things. Just go with the flow man!" I couldn't help but chuckle at the abrupt change in tone.

"Got it?" Mily asked, an amused grin decorating her features. I shook my head and smiled.

"Got it." Mily sighed in relief and pinched my cheeks playfully.

"Good boy." Our little goofy moment abruptly concluded when my comm panel beeped. Reluctantly freeing myself from Mily's comforting embrace I moved to answer the call.

"Yes?" Gwen spoke on the other end.

"Sir. Councilwomen Padme Amidala has just been attacked." My brain seemed to go on auto-pilot as I spouted orders with barely a thought.

"I'll be on sight in five minutes. I want the prime High Command officers present in ten."

"Yes, Sir," Gwen responded immediately. Not bothering to end the call I grabbed my uniform jacket and sprinted to the door. Mily followed close behind. Outstretching my hand, a hilt of metal like material flew into my hand. The hilt was a device of ancient design, at its heart was a kyber crystal but not like the ones used by the Jedi in their lightsabers. This was Custos Spiritus crystal, the only one of its kind created solely for my use. This tool allowed me to amplify my powers and use them in a practical setting.

"Sir?" Rex puzzled, noticing me running towards him.

"Tessarius. Prepare a support team. Meet me on Landing Pad 01 in one minute. Hurry," I ordered, not slowing down a bit.

"Right away, Sir." Mily and I continue running as fast as we could, time being critical. Has I did so, my mind analyzed the limited information I had and formed points of inquiry. How did this happen? Who did it? Why was it done? I was nowhere closer to coming to a determination when I arrived at the landing pad. Waiting for us was a LAAT gunship packed with a squad of senior 501st veterans including Rex. Mily and I joined them, and we took off into the San Francisco skyline.

Has we proceeded to the scene of the attack; I noticed a pillar of black smoke rising into the clouded sky.

"We may need an incendiary team in addition to the bomb squad," I told Mily. She nodded and got on the comm. We landed on sight a few moments later and immediately got to work. Rex and his troopers drew their weapons and deployed themselves around the ruined landing pad in defense of the Councilwomen. The head of the Councilwomen's security detail approached me as I neared the ruined ship.

"Imperator." I moved passed the eye-patched man and moved on to examine the wreckage. Judging from everything that stood before I knew exactly what happened.

"The Councilwomen was…"

"Attacked, yes. A state of the art ship doesn't just implode upon landing. Clearly whoever did this wishes to sabotage the vote." I noticed Councilwomen Amidala herself across the platform huddled over the body of a dead women in an ornate dress. Please, don't tell me she did that again. I walked over the politician with a severe expression.

"Madam Councilwomen, this location is dangerous. I must insist that you vacate this platform immediately." Amidala shook her head.

"No. I must remain with her. It is my fault she has perished." I furrowed my brow at the young Councilwomen.

"You miss understand, Madam. I was not asking," I grumbled. Amidala glared with fiery eyes. I countered with one worse. Her bravado quickly crumbled under my intense gaze.

"Tessarius, escort the Councilwomen to her assigned chambers and place her under guard," I ordered bluntly. Amidala stared at me with shock.

"But I must honor her!" she insisted. I shook my head in her direction.

"Her body will be taken care of," I assured her. Amidala resisted as Rex and his deputy Fordo took her by the arms, shielding her with their armored bodies.

"But she will not be buried on her home planet!" she spit back. I sighed, annoyed by the Councilwomen's naivety.

"That would not be so if you had asked us for help instead of trading lives!" I growled at her. Amidala seemed offended by my statement.

"What do you mean by that!" I clasped by hands behind my back and looked down at the Councilwomen as if she were a child, which in a way she was. I was nearly four-hundred years old and she was still in her twenties.

"You, in order to ensure your safety, put one of your underlings to take the risk in your place. I consider that cowardice." Amidala glared at me.

"You wouldn't understand," she mumbled. I grinned rather harshly.

"You are correct, Councilwomen. I would not understand bringing one of my comrades to death when the risk is mine. Your near constant state of risk is a responsibility you must face instead of sending someone to die in your place." I punctuated the word "die" to get my point across.

Leaving the Councilwomen in shock I walked back to the gunship with Mily at my side.

"Ensure her safety, Tessarius. Report back in an hour," I called.

"Yes, Sir." Without another word I boarded the gunship and left the scene. Now I know I may have been mildly harsh but my patience for politicians who manipulated their own people was limited to say the least. Though something in my mind told that that would change. For an era was ending and a new one was rising in its place.

And their we have it. What do you think? Was the Imperator too harsh with the Amidala? Or was he right?