A/N: So it's my first Wendip week since I began frequenting the GF section of the website more often and after going through the prompts this was one that I was confident in writing about. This is day 4's prompt for Wendip week - what if Dipper and Wendy were the same age? I decided with this prompt to write about the summer we saw during the series, just with the twins the same age as Wendy. So instead of a three year age gap between Dipper and Wendy, this story has the age gap at 3 months, with Wendy turning 15 the day before Dipper and Mabel came to Gravity Falls and the twins during 15 their last full day in Gravity Falls. Pacifica, Grenda, and Candy are also the same age as the twins in this story, and Gideon can be a couple of years older as well. Everyone else is the same age as they were in the series. I know, not the most creative idea out there, but hey it works for me and my writing style. I do apologize if the story seems to have too much recap of the series, it wasn't my intent but that's how it turned out. I did change some events up a bit, along with changing dialogue where I could. Also for those wondering, I did delete my Dipper senior year of high school story. I lost all motivation for it, wasn't really liking how it read, and I wasn't really looking to do multichapter stories anymore, just one-shots. Just wanted to pass that along for anyone who did read that story while it was up.

I hope you enjoy the story. Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING.

"WENDY!" screamed Dipper when he saw her lying motionless on the ground after running down into a cave part of the bunker.

"No, no, no, no, no," a frantic Dipper said as he immediately ran towards her to see if she was ok. "Can you hear me? Oh please be ok, please be ok," he said while checking on the redhead, but she remained motionless, causing him to gasp horrifically. "Oh no, oh no, this is all my fault. If I would have told you while we were in the closet we wouldn't be in this mess. But I was too scared, and now you could be hurt or even worse, and I didn't even get a chance to tell you I'm like in love with you Wendy."

Dipper sighed and covered his eyes as he started to cry, not even realizing what he had just said. It was the first time he had admitted his feelings for Wendy like this out loud and in the open, for all to hear (if others were around). He hated that it took her possibly being hurt or worst to reveal this.

Ever since coming to Gravity Falls, Oregon at the beginning of the summer with his twin sister Mabel, 14-year-old Dipper Pines had a huge crush to the redheaded lumberjill. She was different than any other girl that he had ever met, which wasn't too much of a shock since there weren't any lumberjack families in the suburban Oakland town of Piedmont, California where the twins resided with their parents. Wendy was easily the coolest person he had ever met, and they became fast friends, something Dipper wasn't used to since he didn't have any female friends back home. Most of the girls in Piedmont, sans a few of Mabel's friends, thought he was a big dork and had no interest in being seen with him. Wendy was different though, she didn't seem to mind Dipper's dorky side. While she would call him a dork, it was never in a mean way like the kids back home would, it was always in a sweet and affectionate way all her own.

Dipper had never felt this way about a girl before. He wanted badly to reveal his feelings to her, or even just ask her out on a date, but his fears and nerves would get the best of him any time he thought about it. He didn't know why either, they were basically the same age and in the same grade of school. Wendy was exactly three months older than the twins, having turned 15 on May 31st, the day before the twins came to Gravity Falls, and they would turn 15 on August 31st, their last full day in Gravity Falls before returning to Piedmont. All three had finished their freshman year of high school the school year before. Knowing they would only be here for the summer was something that would also stop Dipper from revealing his true feelings to Wendy.

One night when going to check out an abandoned convenience store that was supposedly haunted Dipper and Mabel got to meet the rest of Wendy's friends - Nate, Lee, Thompson, Tamby, and Robbie. From the moment they met, it was clear Dipper and Robbie didn't like one another, as it was obvious the other had a thing for Wendy. Dipper had his opportunities to tell Wendy how he felt but continued to blow them. Instead of just asking Wendy to dance at the Mystery Shack party like a normal person he instead created a complicated plan to try and dance with her. His best shot ended up being when not following his plan and just starting a conversation with Wendy, and even showing her his birthmark that gave him the nickname Dipper (something he never showed anyone). All the progress there was gone though when his clones he created to complete his crazy plan turned on him for not following the plan. His next chance came when he asked Wendy if she would go to the Mystery Fair with him, which he was counting as a date even though he didn't use that word when asking her. Dipper was ready to tell his feelings to her at the fair, only for his plans to blow up again when the baseball he was throwing in a game to try and win her a prize ricocheted back and hit Wendy in the eye. Robbie just happened to be there with a snowcone to place on Wendy's eye, and then he crushed Dipper's hopes when he finally asked Wendy to be his girlfriend and she said yes. Even with Blendin Blandin's time machine Dipper couldn't prevent the baseball from hitting Wendy in the eye. The one time he could it cost Mabel her pet pig Waddles, and in the end, he couldn't crush his sister's feeling like that.

Dipper still got to be friends and hang out with Wendy while she was dating Robbie, but he always seemed to be around to ruin Dipper's time. The two boys almost got into a fight before a video game character Dipper brought into the real world caused even more chaos. Dipper thought the moment he had been hoping for finally occurred when Wendy broke up with Robbie at the Mystery Shack because he blew off their date from the previous evening. That was short-lived though when Robbie played a song he claimed he wrote for Wendy and she agreed to give him a second chance. Dipper thought the whole situation seemed fishy, and thanks to the help of Grunkle Stan they found out that the song had hypnotizing powers. Dipper and Stan head towards lookout point to reveal to Wendy what they discovered, and this time Wendy broke up with Robbie for good as he had lied to her, telling her that he had written that song for her. As Wendy got out of Robbie's van and started to leave Dipper made what he still considers the dumbest decision of his life.

"Um, hey, uh now that your night is free, me and Grunkle Stan were thinking maybe bowling or something," Dipper said to Wendy after catching up with her.

"Are you serious? Right now? Ugh, what is wrong with guys? You only think about yourselves. All of you should just leave me alone!" Wendy cried before running off. While Robbie cried in his van and Stan kinda sorta tried to make him feel better, Dipper had an absolute pit in his stomach. What had he just done? He considered Wendy to be his best friend, and not only did he meddle in her personal life, but he asked her if she wanted to go bowling with himself and Stan not even a minute after she broke up with Robbie. Dipper felt like the biggest idiot in the world right now, and wouldn't blame Wendy at all if she never wanted to see him again and ended their friendship.

The pit continued in Dipper's stomach as he didn't see Wendy over the next few days. It was only after Gideon got control of the Mystery Shack and kicked the Pines family out that he saw Wendy again. She revealed that she needed her job at the shack or her dad would send her upstate to work at her cousin's logging camp. Dipper wanted to make amends with Wendy, but they had to get the shack back before she was forced to leave town the and twins were sent back to California since Stan could no longer provide for them. Once Stan had the deed back and Gideon was arrested after Stan revealed him to be a fraud, it was time for Dipper to make things right with his best friend. As everyone was getting ready for the Mystery Shack grand re-opening after-party Dipper saw that as the chance apologize to Wendy.

"Hey, could we talk for a minute," Dipper asked the redhead when it was just the two of them getting the shack ready for the party.

"Of course, what's up dude," Wendy responded to his question.

"I just wanted to apologize for everything that happened at lookout point a couple of weeks ago. I shouldn't have been meddling in your personal life, and I really shouldn't have asked you to go bowling less than a minute after you broke up with Robbie. That is one of the dumbest things I have ever done," Dipper said.

"It's ok dork, I promise. I know your heart was in the right place. I just needed a few days by myself to realize that. I accept your apology." The two then shared a hug, and Dipper thought about finally revealing his feelings to Wendy, only for Mabel to call out for him. As Dipper ran off to help his sister Wendy could only smile at him. She was beginning to have feelings for him the way she knew he had them for her. Wendy just wished Dipper would actually reveal that to her, instead of just under his breath where he thought she couldn't hear him.

"Uh, Dipper," the crying boy heard that familiar voice from behind him.

"W-W-W-Wendy, wait then whose..." before Dipper could finish his sentence the Wendy that had been lying motionless attacked the Wendy that was behind him. The Wendy that he thought was hurt actually turned out to be the shapeshifter. The day began with Dipper asking Wendy to join himself, Soos, and Mabel on their latest mission in the woods to try and figure out the author of journal 3. This included more teasing from Mabel to her brother, but she also tried to give him encouragement to tell Wendy how he felt. He obviously wanted to but was afraid Wendy wouldn't feel the same way. When they discovered the bunker Mabel took the teasing a bit too far by locking Wendy and Dipper in a closet, and saying she wouldn't let them go until Dipper revealed his secret to Wendy. There attempts to escape lead them to find the shapeshifter in the form of a mascot from a can of beans, pretending to be the author to get the journal. When the four reunited they attempted to unleash a flood of water on the shapeshifter, only for that to not work. The shapeshifter, in the form of a half Dipper half Mabel monster, tried to take the journal again, only for Wendy to stop it. The water finally came from the pipe and when it finally receded only Dipper, Mabel and Soos remained in the cave they had been in, along with Wendy's ax. That's when Dipper ran off to try and find Wendy, only to find who he thought was Wendy, but was actually the shapeshifter.

As the two Wendy's fought Dipper picked up Wendy's ax, ready to strike down the shapeshifter, but he didn't know which Wendy was the real one and which was the shapeshifter. He cried out for a sign, and one Wendy winked at him, while the other zipped her lips closed and threw away the key. That was their thing, and Dipper knew which was the real Wendy as he swung the ax into the shapeshifter Wendy's stomach. As the shapeshifter returned to its "normal" form the two pushed it back into its pod, and Mabel and Soos made sure the pod closed, locked, and froze the shapeshifter again.

As the four left the bunker Dipper knew he had to finally tell Wendy the truth about his feelings now that he knew she heard them. As Mabel and Soos started heading off to get breakfast, the time had come to talk to Wendy again, this time for a different reason than before the Mystery Shack reopening party.

"Hey," Dipper said to Wendy

"Hey," Wendy responded back.

"So, about what I said earlier when I thought you were hurt," Dipper started, as he felt butterflies in his stomach along with nerves running throughout his body. Wendy thought about stopping Dipper and telling him she had feelings for him as well, but she wanted him to say it first, knowing that he had a crush on her for a while.

"I've been wanting to say this for a while Wendy, but my nerves always got the better of me, and then you were dating Robbie. I like you, Wendy, I like you like you. I've had a crush on you since pretty much the minute I met you. You are the coolest person I've ever met, you enjoy going on adventures, you don't mind my dorky tendencies, and I'm happy pretty much any time I'm around you. I don't know if you have the same feelings for me that I have for you, but after I revealed my true feelings out loud in the bunker its only right that I tell you in person now." Dipper held his breath as he finished, awaiting Wendy's response.

"I have to admit, I kinda already knew," was all Wendy said in response.

"You did, how?" Dipper asked.

"It was kinda obvious dude, especially with you and Robbie not getting along from day one, I could tell it was because each of you had a thing for me. Plus, did you think I couldn't hear those things you said under your breath." Dipper smacked his forehead as Wendy revealed that the things he said under his breath could be heard by others. Dipper was ready to ask if she had feelings for him, but Wendy beat him to the punch.

"Yes, I have feelings for you too Dipper. It actually started not too long away, when you apologized for everything that happened the night I broke up with Robbie. I thought it was super sweet that you apologized for that even though I wasn't showing any hard feelings about it. I always thought you were a cute guy, in your own dorky kind of way. While I thought it was odd that you would say things under your breath and not out loud when it came to your feelings for me, I was super flattered by the things you did say. Knowing how long you have had feelings for me, I wanted you to be able to tell me that in person before I let you know how I felt." All the nerves slowly left Dipper's body as he heard the words he was hoping to hear, that Wendy had feelings for him too.

"So now what?" Wendy asked for a smile.

"Wendy Corduroy, will you be my girlfriend?" Dipper asked confidently.

"Of course I will be dork," Wendy responded as the two shared their first kiss as a couple, and what was also Dipper's first kiss (unless you counted saving Mermando's life as Mabel did). Speaking of Mabel, their kiss was interrupted by a flash of light.

"YES!" Mabel and Soos exclaimed at the same time as Mabel had taken the perfect picture of the couple's first kiss. Mabel continued loudly with how happy she was that the two were finally a couple as Wendy and Dipper walked hand in hand back into town following Soos and Mabel.

As the young couple began going on dates and continued on adventures to try and learn who the author of the journals was, Dipper still remained nervous about what would happen after summer ended and he and Mabel returned to California. Wendy promised him that this would not be just a summer fling and that they would make their relationship work long distance. Even at this early stage of their relationship, they made plans for either a phone call or video chat every night once Dipper was back in Piedmont. Also included in that was continuing one of their favorite activities, weekly bad movie night, which would continue via video chat on Friday or Saturday night after the summer was over.

Dipper had never been to a concert before, so when it was time for the Woodstick festival to come to town Wendy was super excited to take her guy to his first-ever concert. Out of that event came the shocking development of Robbie and Tambry becoming a couple (with a little help from Mabel and the Love God's love potion). Wendy was conflicted at first about her best friend dating her ex, thinking about how it could make things real awkward for their friend group, especially with Wendy dating Dipper and Robbie and Dipper not getting along. However, Dipper and Wendy's dating had a different effect on Robbie. He was angry at Dipper at first, but the more he saw how Dipper treated Wendy, he became angrier at himself then he was with Dipper. He had totally blown it with Wendy, and he couldn't blame her for dumping him. After he started dating Tambry, Robbie actually came to Dipper looking for dating advice to not blow it with Tambry. Dipper never expected this given his history with Robbie, plus the fact that Wendy was the first girl he ever asked out, let alone dated. The two couples even went out on a few double dates, and with this change in Robbie Dipper began to consider him a friend.

As the end of summer came closer it was revealed that Stan's twin brother Stanford was the author of the journals, and he had been trapped in another dimension for thirty years until Stan reactivated Ford's portal and brought him back to their dimension. When not hanging out with his girlfriend Dipper made sure he was with Ford, learning so much more about the weirdness of Gravity Falls and the threat that Bill Cipher was. Then one day when exploring the UFO crash site that was below Gravity Falls, Ford shocked Dipper when he asked him to stay in Gravity Falls and be his apprentice. Without a second thought, Dipper said yes. Not only would he get to continue working with his great uncle/author of the journals, but he would get to stay in town and continue his relationship in person with Wendy instead of long-distance. Dipper, however, did not consider his twin's thoughts and feelings when making this decision, as Mabel heard Dipper accept the apprenticeship over their walkie talkies while she looked for somewhere to have their 15th birthday party. When Dipper returned to the Mystery Shack an argument ensued that ended with Mabel running off with Dipper's bag, a bag that contained the interdimensional rift, the only thing keeping Bill Cipher from entering the physical world.

About five minutes after Mabel ran out of the Mystery Stack Dipper and Ford heard it become very windy outside, and the sky now looked like it was red. As the two ran outside they saw a giant rift open up in the sky.

"What's going on? What is that?" Dipper asked as they saw the rift continuing to open.

"We're too late, its the end of the world," Ford responded as the two could hear Bill Cipher's evil laugh in the distance.

After Ford's attempt to defeat Bill failed, Bill captured Ford and burned the journals. Dipper didn't know what to do. He wanted to help free Ford, but he couldn't do it alone, and he had no idea where his sister, his girlfriend, Grunkle Stan, or Soos where. After getting away from two of Bill's hench maniacs Dipper ended up at the Gravity Falls Mall, hoping to find any of them there. He would find his girlfriend after he was caught in a trap Wendy set with a plate of nachos. Once out of the net Dipper ran to Wendy and shared a hug and kiss with his girlfriend, so happy to find someone he knew. She revealed to Dipper that Robbie, Tambry, Nate, Lee, and Thompson had all been captured by the floating eyeballs. After locating Mabel's prison, getting past Gideon and the auto mart warriors, securing the key to Mabel's prison, and finding Soos the trio entered into Mabel's bubble to free her. It wasn't an easy task, especially after the twin's fight, but after telling her he wouldn't take Ford's apprenticeship and proving to her that they can get through anything together, Dipper and Mabel made up, and the four escaped and destroyed Mabel Land.

They then made their way back to the Mystery Shack, where they found Stan, the rest of the townsfolk who hadn't been captured by the floating eyeballs, and some of the magical creatures hold up in the shack, thanks to it being protected by Ford's barrier made of unicorn hair. Against Stan's wishes, those who were at the shack helped turn it into a robot fighting machine thanks to Old Man McGucket's blueprints. After finishing work on the robot, everyone enjoyed some downtime around the fire as a way to relax before the battle to take back the falls began the next day.

After an argument with Grunkle Stan about the plan for the next day Dipper needed some alone time away from the group. He was sitting on a log alone when a pair of arms wrapped around him from behind.

"What are you doing all by yourself Dip?" Wendy asked her boyfriend as she took a seat next to him.

"Stan isn't sold on the plan, and we argued a bit. I just needed some time alone," Dipper responded as he wrapped his arm around Wendy's waist. She then proceeded to lay her head on his chest.

"I'm sure he is just nervous about everything and wants everyone to be safe," Wendy said.

"I guess I can't blame him if its that. I couldn't imagine what I would do if something terrible happened to him, Ford, Mabel, or you." Wendy couldn't help to blush a bit knowing just how much Dipper cared about her.

"Dipper Pines, I have seen you do some pretty amazing things this summer, and I know that whatever happens tomorrow, you will find a way to lead this group we have to victory over Bill. We are going to save this town and the universe," said Wendy as she sat back up and gave her boyfriend a hug.

"Mason, my actual first name is Mason," Dipper responded, surprising his girlfriend with his response to her pep talk. Ever since he had shown her his birthmark Wendy was curious as to what Dipper's real first name was, but she thought it was not her place to ask, he would tell her when he was ready. "I felt like it was the right time to tell you, in case something bad does happen tomorrow.

"I appreciate that Dip, or should I say, Mason?" Wendy asked, clearly teasing him on the last part.

"Well everyone back home calls me Dipper too, but you can call me either, or just Dip, or dork, whichever you prefer," responded Dipper with a laugh.

"Think I will just base it off the situation," Wendy said before giving her boyfriend a kiss. Dipper then decided it was the right time to tell her something else as well.

"I love you, Wendy," said Dipper, surprising his girlfriend yet again as her cheeks turned red and a few tears formed in her eyes. She was hoping he would say those words before he left for the summer. She wasn't expecting it to be during their current situation, but she was happy none the less. Wendy smiled as Dipper took his thumb and wiped away the tears from her eyes.

"I love you too Dipper," Wendy responded and then gave her boyfriend one of the most passionate kisses either had experienced.

As night became day, it was time for the final battle with Bill. After turning the shack into their fighting robot the Mystery Shack crew was able to defeat Bill's minions. Bill's attempt to attack them was thwarted by the shack's protective shield, and they were able to incapacitate him by removing his eye. This allowed the recuse team of Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Old Man McGucket, Stan, Wendy, Pacifica, and Sheriff Blubs to make their way to the Fearamid to rescue Ford and the rest of the townsfolk. Once they were all freed Ford drew the zodiac on the ground of the Fearamid, having finally figured out the meaning of the symbols on it. He knew the correct ten people were currently there, and if they held hands together they could use the power of the zodiac to defeat Bill.

However, a fight occurred between Stan and Ford, just as a recovered Bill returned to the Fearamid, having found the weak spot in the Shackatron and defeating it. While the rest of the townsfolk who had been captured were able to escape, thanks to the older Pines twins fighting Bill was able to burn the zodiac, capture Stan and Ford, and turn those non-Pines family matters of the zodiac into banners. Bill then locked Dipper and Mabel in a prison, demanding Ford tell him how he could spread Weirdmaggon worldwide. Spraypaint to the eye from Mabel broke free Stan and Ford from Bill, while Dipper used the growth crystals to make their cell big enough for him and Mabel to escape. Bill captured the older Pines twins again before going after the younger ones. Stan and Ford finally made amends, and then prepared their plan to defeat Bill. After Bill caught the kids Ford gave in and made a deal with Bill for him to enter Ford's mind. However, the older Pines twins changed outfits while Bill was chasing Dipper and Mabel, and it was actually Stan's mind that Bill entered. With Bill in Stan's mind, Ford used the memory erase gun to wipe Stan's mind, defeating Bill in the process.

With Bill gone Gravity Falls returned to normal, but at a cost, as Stan had lost all his memories and didn't remember who he or anyone else was. The people of Gravity Falls cheered as they saw Stan, Ford, Mabel, and Dipper enter into the downtown area from the forest, but instead of happy faces, they saw three sad faces and a confused one.

"Dipper!" Wendy yelled as she finally saw her boyfriend and ran to give him a hug. While Dipper returned her hug, his face remained sad. "What's wrong?"

"We had to erase Grunkle Stan's mind while Bill was in there to defeat him, but now he doesn't remember anything," said Dipper sadly, tears forming in his eyes. As he did for her last night, Wendy wiped the tears away from Dipper's eyes. She then wrapped her arm around his shoulder and joined the four, along with Soos who found them as well, in getting Stan back to the Mystery Shack to try and figure out a way for him to get his memory.

It took most of the next week but the six were able to get Stan's memories back a chunk at a time each day thanks to Mabel's scrapbooks, trips around town, and showing him a variety of things in the Mystery Shack. All of this led up to the younger Pines twin's 15th birthday party on the last day of August at the Mystery Shack, which was also their last full day in town. It turned out to be part birthday party, part celebration for helping save the town as pretty much every in Gravity Falls attended the event that Soos, Wendy, Candy, and Grenda put together for Dipper and Mabel. Wendy was super excited to give Dipper the birthday presents she got him, his very own green flannel shirt and ax. Wendy even had a message inscribed on the handle - to D, heart W. Dipper loved his gifts as he shared a hug and kiss with his girlfriend. Eventually, the adult townsfolk left as the party ended, leaving just the teens - Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Grenda, Candy, Pacifica, Robbie, Tambry, Nate, Lee, and Thompson. They headed inside to play some games and watch TV. As nightfall came Pacifica, Robbie, Tambry, Nate, Lee, and Thompson said their final goodbyes to Dipper and Mabel for the summer before heading home, leaving just Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Grenda, and Candy. Mabel and her girlfriends were having one last sleepover for the summer while Dipper and Wendy had one last movie night of the summer. The young couple would eventually fall asleep in Stan's chair while watching I Think My Neighbor Might Be Frankenstein. Maybe, I'm Not Sure Though.

The next day Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy, Grenda, and Candy joined Dipper and Mabel at the bus stop as they awaited their bus home. As soon as they arrived at the stop Dipper and Wendy embraced in a hug, not planning to end the hug until the bus arrived. Each secretly hoped there was some kind of delay in the bus getting there. Dipper wore the flannel shirt Wendy had gotten him and had the ax in a holster that she had also given him as a birthday gift. All he needed was a pair of boots, a trapper hat, and red hair and he would look like a male version of Wendy. Once the bus did show up the two ended their hug and began their goodbyes.

"Thank you for the best summer ever," said Dipper.

"Right back at ya Dip," Wendy responded. "And thanks for being like the best boyfriend ever dude." Dipper could help but to blush at Wendy's comment.

"I promise to call you once we get home."

"You better man, I wanna know how your parents react to you having a long-distance girlfriend. And that you're wearing flannel. And that you have an ax." Dipper couldn't help but laugh at Wendy's additions. Wendy then surprised Dipper and took off his blue and white pine tree trucker hat. She then placed her trapper hat on Dipper's head and placed his trucker hat on her head.

"We're a couple, we gotta trade some piece of clothing, might as well be hats. Plus now your parents have to let you come back next summer so we can switch back." Wendy added with a laugh.

"I love you, Wendy."

"I love you too Dipper." The couple then shared another hug and a kiss.

Dipper then said goodbye to Grenda and Candy while Mabel said goodbye to Wendy. The twins then said their goodbyes to Soos, and lastly their grunkles.

"Oh almost forgot something," said Wendy to the twins right before they got onto the bus. She pulled out at envelope and handed it to Dipper. "Just a little something for those times you miss Gravity Falls." Wendy then brought both twins into a hug and gave Dipper a quick peak on the check before they got on the bus. "Later dorks."

"Bye Wendy, bye everyone." Dipper and Mabel then boarded the bus, waving goodbye to their friends and family until they could no longer seem them.

A little while later Mabel had fallen asleep with Waddles and Dipper decided to open the envelope Wendy had given them. Dipper couldn't help but smile and have a few tears form in his eyes as he saw what the note said. In large writing, it said see you next summer, but the part that brought tears to Dipper's eyes was that around those words pretty much everyone in Gravity Falls that they had met signed it. Dipper eventually fell asleep as well, only to be awoken by the stopping of the bus and an announcement.

"Piedmont Station"

Dipper awoke Mabel to tell her they were home and the two gathered up their belongings and Mabel grabbed hold of Waddles as the two got off the bus and began looking for their parents. Soon enough they heard familiar voices.

"Dipper, Mabel," the twins heard their parents say when they finally found them. The two ran towards their parents, with Dipper giving his dad and hug, while Mabel gave her mom a hug. They then switched as Dipper gave his mom and hug and Mabel gave her dad a hug. Their parents asked how they enjoyed their summer and the two went on for a good ten minutes about the fun they had and the people the met (while excluding all the weirdness and Bill trying to take over the world).

"So son, I see you really embraced the Oregon lifestyle," their dad commented. Dipper was expecting a comment like that, ready to reveal to his parents that he now had a girlfriend.

"Yeah, a friend I met, she got these for me," Dipper responded with a nervous laugh.

"Oh, a girl you met," his dad responded with a smile.

"Does this girl have a name?" His mom asked.

"Yeah, her name is Wendy. She is actually my girlfriend," responded Dipper, not knowing how his parents would react to this news.

After a few moments of silence Dipper and Mabel's parents gave their son a big hug and congratulated him on having his first girlfriend. Dipper then explained their plans for having a long-distance relationship and then told them everything there was to know about Wendy Corduroy.

May 30th, 2013

Dipper and Mabel were excited to be back on the bus, ready to return to Gravity Falls for another summer. Their parents were even letting them head up a couple of days earlier since Wendy's 16th birthday was the next day and they wanted to celebrate with her, especially Dipper, you know being her boyfriend and all. Pretty much the entire now tenth grade class at Piedmont High School were shocked that nerdy Dipper Pines came back from a summer in Oregon with a girlfriend. The positive of now having a girlfriend and the adventures he experienced during the summer gave Dipper the confidence to make new friends outside of Mabel's friends. He now had a group of friends he got along with really well, that had a lot in common, and hung out together regularly. Some jerks still tried teasing him, but he no longer let him affect him the way it used to. And if needed, Mabel would scare them off by revealing the fact that both Dipper and his girlfriend own axes, and they know how to use them.

The last time they were on this bus ride Dipper didn't think we would see his girlfriend in person again until they made the trip back the Gravity Falls for the summer. Thanks to some clever and secretive planning the couple got to see each other in person twice since the end of summer. Dipper and Mabel's parents and Wendy's dad Manly Dan were in on the planning for both of these secret get-togethers. The first one was a surprise to the twins, as Wendy showed up in Piedmont for Christmas. Both Dipper and Wendy were excited to exchange Christmas gifts in person instead of having to mail them to the other. They got each other hooded sweatshirts, a Piedmont one for Wendy, and a Gravity Falls one for Dipper. Wendy also got Dipper some cheesy movies he had wanted so they could watch them for a movie night. Dipper's other gift for Wendy was her favorite, as it was purple and blue panda duck stuffed animal she had been wanting since seeing it at the Mystery Fair during the summer. The twins then returned the favor for spring break, surprising Wendy in Vancouver, where she and her friends went for spring break, as Robbie, Tambry, Nate, Lee, and Thompson were in on that surprise as well.

Once the bus stopped in Gravity Falls, at the same spot they left Gravity Falls almost nine months prior, the twins eagerly got their things together while Mabel grabbed Waddles and they made their way off the bus. There to greet them were the same people who saw them off last September - Stan, Ford, Soos, Candy, Grenda, and Wendy. The twins immediately hugged their grunkles, who had promised to take the summer off from adventuring around the world to spend time with their favorite great-niece and great-nephew. After greeting their grunkles and Soos, Dipper turned to his girlfriend. The two didn't say a word, they just smiled at one another, switched hats back like they did at Christmas and spring break, and hugged one another. The couple then shared their first kiss since March.

"Hey dork," Wendy said with a smile on her face.

"Hey yourself," responded Dipper, smiling just as much as Wendy was.

"I missed you so much," each said at the same time, causing the other to laugh. Once the laughing stopped the two shared another kiss. Each then grabbed hold of the other's hand and they followed the rest of the group back into town.

The End

A/N: Hope you enjoyed the story. I have another Wendip one-shot idea that I'm going to start working on soon. After not mentioning it at all in this story, and barely mentioning it in my first Gravity Falls/Wendip story, I think its time for me to bring my oh so favorite topic to a story that I write about Gravity Falls. Its time for me to bring a sports story to the Gravity Falls world.