How not to drive a new SUV?


Castle named Kate a contributor to his latest book, so she got a big check. Not wanting it but stuck with it she bought a luxury SUV with all the bells and whistles and took time off to think about her and Castle


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The helo set down softly and was met with a small army of medical people with a mountain of equipment. They quickly moved Kate to their Trauma One center on the roof level, then to the OR.

Rick was swept up and moved off to the side as if he was a piece of lint. It was only when Kate was being prep for surgery that someone went looking for answers and found him. He supplied as much information as he could, backed up by Jim her dad. Neither knew her present doctors or what meds she was on. Both men who loved her sat and waited for word of her fate.

After an hour Alexis and Martha arrived with coffer for Rick and Jim.

"Dad have you have you heard anything yet?"

"No, a damn word?

"Kate still in surgery they are trying to repair he airway so she can breathe then they are going to try to see if they can make her whole again ."

"Lanie! Where did you come from?"

"Did you think I would not hear about my best friend almost dying in the sticks and having writer man come jumping out of the sky to rescue her."

"Lanie love I knew some how you would find out. I was waiting for more news before calling anyone, really I was hoping for good new, only,"

"That OK Rick I still love you, and I too have people. My people are in there with our girl working to make her better, so how about a hug?"

"Do you have any idea of just what is broken in her?"

"Just a little, she has a concussion, a FX hip, two ,or more broken ribs and a FX left foot and ankle."

"I am that all, or just the highlights?"

"Just the majors Rick, she has many minor small injuries that will be taken care of after the major are dome. The major is keeping her alive for now."

"Lanie you know anything I can do, I will do, just ask. I love that woman more than life itself."

"Everyone know that Rick and do not think for a minute I will not ask for anything she needs. She does love you Rick she is just afraid of being left alone again."

"That never going to happen ever again after this, if I have to tie a rope to her."

After another hour everyone but Rick went out for something to eat. Twenty minutes later they returned with food and good coffee, and some more friends. Esposito, Ryan, and his wife Jenny, along with Chief Gates. All were worried about Kate and Rick, mostly about how Rick would take it if Kate did not make it.

Twelve hours later , the same waiting room:

Rick was napping on the floor, Lexis was on the small coach, and Martha was on the larger coach. The remainder had let at different times sent on their way be Rick who told them they had things to and families to take care of and he would inform them of any change in Kates condition. When a nurse knocked lightly on the door and open it.

"Mr. Castle I'm Sara Lockwood Head OR nurse. DR, Chambers ask me to tell you he is just closing on the first of many operations on MS Beckett, he will come out and see you in about twenty minutes to give you an update. Before you ask, she is still alive but in an induce coma, so thar in no sense try to see her yet, please be patient."

"Thank you, Sara."

A half hour later a tall thin man in blue surgical gown enter the room without knocking.

"MR. Richard Castle, and MR Beckett, please."

Both stood up and walked two steps to stand in front of this man.

"I'm Rick, and I'm Jim Beckett Kates father."

"I'm DR, Chambers, she alive and will be for a long time, but her life is going to be ruff for many months to come. They are now putting her right hip and pelvis back together. Later they will repair her leg and foot. I know you were told a concussion and she does. It a stage three, with a small bleed. We , I mean the neurosurgeon made a bore hole and relived the pressure and everything seems fine. We are going to keep her in a coma for thee day to let her heal without using high dosing of drugs."

"Can we just see her?"

"She still in the OR it will be an hour or more, then to recovery. Go have something to eat, or drink and come back in two hours and I try to get one, or two of you in to see her, it just to see, no touching allowed. Understand that?"

"Yes, we do we just need to see her. Thank you, Doctor."

Two and a half hours later They have returned from eating a meal, witch none of the seem interested in finishing, brought good coffee and sat waiting. The door open and in came DR, Chambers.

"Jim, Rick if you will follow me I will tale you to MS Beckett. Remember look , no touching. She looks awfully bad but looks are deceiving she is in much better shape than when I first got her in Vermont."

When they open the door, they were greeted with a sight that almost made Rick lose what little was in his gut. The only thing that stop him was the fact that in the corner of his eye he saw Jim going down. Turning quickly, he grabbed him and pulled him out of the room ware medical staff took over and revived Jim.

Back in the private room Rick briefed the others then left the room. Rick went to the chapel. This is ware Lanie found him later, he was in tears, that seem to have been going on for a long time.

"Rick let me help you, cry it out. I know how much you love her, and how much its hurting you that she so hurt. Let it we all feel the love, and the pain for both of you."

"Lanie she bought that damn car because she was so mad at me. And that almost kill her and put her in that bed with a hundred tubes sticking in her. I cant even touch her to kiss her, to hold her hand."

"Come back to us your extended family so we can share our grief and draw our positive vibes for Kates recovery, please?"

"OK Lanie I'll do it for her, but she looks so, so bad in that bed my heart stop if Jim had not fallen, I would have."

During the next three days Rick and Jim stayed in the private room till Kate was brought out of her coma. On that day both were in the room when she woke up. They lowered the room lights as the woke her up when she could she the first signs of problems surface.

DR, Chambers.: "Helo Kate I'm Doctor Chambers. Can you see me?"

Kate: "Yes I can see you. ware, am I?"

DR, Chambers.: "New Presbyterian Hospital, NY."

Kate: "Why?"

DR, Chambers.: "You were in a car accident."

Kate: "Ware?"

DR, Chambers.: "In Vermont, you bought a new car and were in an accident."

Kate: "I do not remember baying a car and going to Vermont. I' a rookie cop I can't afford a new car."

DR, Chambers.: "What year is it?


Kate: "2002."

DR, Chambers.: "Kate 2018"

Kate: "That can't be right, so I am not a rookie cop."

DR, Chambers. "No, you're a Captain, engaged to a millionaire."

Kate: "This is too much I need rest, and I hurt."

DR, Chambers.: "OK enough for today. Tomorrow I let you see your father and your millionaire."

DR, Chambers led both men out of the room all three somewhat shocked.

The next day in Doctors Chambers office at the hospital Rick and Jim sat

And listen to what he had to say.

DR, Chambers. " Kate has suffered retrograde amnesia ; she does not remember anything beyond December 2002. She does not remember you Rick except you are an author of books she and her mother both like. Jim she still thinks you have a drinking problem. That aside her physical condition she will be out of work for a long time and have a lot of physical therapy."

Rick "Can I see and talk to her today?"

DR, Chambers. "She has asked that both of you not be admitted to her room. She only wants to see Lanie, and no one else for now, I'm a sorry but that is her wishes."

Kate "Will you keep we informed of her condition?"

DR, Chambers. "Until she tells me not to I will. If she does tell me to stop telling you information I will stop. So, you two cannot go on the floor she on and can not ask the staff any questions ok?"

Rick "OK but I am not happy as to why she is doing this. Jim, I must get away I cannot be here and hold my breath waiting. I am going away to think, I will call you frequently."

Kate remained in the hospital three more weeks then was transferred to

a private , high end rehab center in the Catskills. Kate never call, or wrote

Rick the entire time, but Lanie did keep him informed weekly by phone. He as

her many time to have her call or let him call her but every time she refused.

As three-month time after she entered the rehab Rick grew restless. At a poker

game he caught a comment between. Espo, and Kevin about a doctor who had

the hots for a patient at the rehab. Who seem happy to see him again? Rick

caught Lanie alone in the lab the next day.

Lanie: "Lanie can I talk to you for a minute?"

Rick: "Sure Rick, come into my office."

Lanie: "Your boyfriend had lose lips last night."

Lanie: "Stop Rick, I know I should have told you, but she asks me,

no told not to tell you or she would stop see me."

Rick: "So Josh is back. She can't remember me, but she remembers the turd, and not what he did to her."

Lanie: "She remembers the shouting, and the operation, and him saving her life. She thinks he her hero."

Rick: "Do you know that Josh was not the one who operated on her, and saved her life? It was Doctor Dave Salven who did the operation, he kicked Josh out of the OR."

Lanie: "I did not know that does she?"

Rick: "The Kate I was going to marry knew, this Kate no. She does not remember him beating her up either."

Lanie: "She never told me that."

Rick: "That was the extra long weekend on the beach she took so she could be able to function to work."

Lanie: "I'm so sorry Rick. Should I tell her?"

Rick: "No she not in a place she will believe you. I will get you proof of the facts and when its right you can show her. For me I' done I am going away to reset myself. I fought hard for her and it seems for nothing she just go back to her old times that made her happy, it's without me so I will send the info to you and I will call you sometime later, by Lanie"

Lanie: "Rick, Rick, Rick,"

All Lanie could heat was a dial sound Rick was gone.